Naked Wines Review | What is Naked Wines and What is Important to Know About It?

In conducting our objective review of Naked Wines, we identified a wide range of factors that customers need to consider. We’ll go through all of them in this review of Naked Wines, but first, let’s take a look at the company’s history.

Let’s discuss some of the historical aspects of Naked Wines that most people are unaware of.

Events Leading to Launching Naked Wines (Review)

Naked Wines is a British company that acts as a marketplace between winemakers and consumers. The Naked Wine Club, which was founded in 2008 by Rowan Gormley, operates online and has clients from all around the world. 

Before launching The Naked Wine Club, however, Rowan founded Virgin Wines, which he then sold to another company called Direct Wines.

When Direct Wines bought Virgin Wines, they agreed that Rowan would remain at the helm. But when Rowan wanted to buy back his company from the parent company things began to unravel.

Indeed, one day Rowan was called into a meeting, where he thought they were going to discuss the purchase price he would need to pay to buy back his company. However, as soon as he sat down, he was informed that he was being unceremoniously fired.

But success is often born from hardship, and Rowan maintains that getting fired by the company he founded was one of the best things that ever happened to him. Without that incident, he would not have ventured into launching the brand and the concept known today as Naked Wines.

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How Does Naked Wines Work?

Many online reviews of the company worry that Naked Wines is a scam. Others want to know if Naked Wines is safe or legit.

It’s likely that people are asking these questions because of Naked Wine’s unique business model.

In this section, we’ll answer the questions: how does Naked Wines work? Is it a scam?

The firm’s entire business model is based on a concept called “Angel Funding,” where anyone (referred to as an “Angel”) can contribute money to fund indie winemakers.

Indie winemakers are small, independent, businesses, who, due to the nature of the wine business, often experience difficulty acquiring proper funding.  Naked Wines hopes to change this.

How does Naked Wines work? It is an online platform where Angels invest in indie winemakers. When you sign up as an Angel with Naked Wines, you agree to deposit $40 (U.S. Angels) or 20 pounds (U.K. Angels) monthly into your Naked Wines account. Your money is aggregated with the monthly deposits of other Angels, and the combined funds are provided as loans to indie winemakers.

In return, Angels are able to buy the wine produced by these indie winemakers at a much-reduced price.

This model saves everyone money. As stated by Naked Wine’s management:

naked wines voucher review

Review of Naked Wines – How Does Naked Wines Work?

 Importantly, however, an Angel can choose to withdraw all of his or her deposited funds at any time, for a full refund. But while your deposit builds up – until you withdraw or use it – it will be invested in indie winemakers.

And so, is Naked Wines a scam? Is it safe for Angels?

Based on our research, we found no evidence pointing to Naked Wines being a scam. Also, as proudly stated on their website, Angels carry no personal risk, and there are no membership fees.

Whenever you need your money, they’ll give you 100% of your money back.

is naked wines legit

Do you have any positive or negative experiences working or dealing with Naked Wines? Email us to share your experience: Contact AGS.     

So far, the company has around 350,000 angels funding the winemaking process.

In 2010, they introduced an airline-pricing model in which angels get better deals if they purchase wines in advance. For example, if an Angel paid for a certain wine three months before it was produced, they had the opportunity to buy that wine for a much lower price.

naked wines reviews

Naked Wine Club

These innovations have made the company very popular in the U.K., as well as in the U.S. Based in part on positive Naked Wine reviews by thousands of customers; the company was named Online Business of the Year in 2011 at the National Business Awards.

To review how Naked Wines works:

  • Angels (the customer), deposit $40 (US) or £20 (UK) every month into their online account
  • Naked Wines uses these combined deposits to fund independent winemakers
  • In turn, these winemakers produce and sell special wines just for the Angels, at reduced, ‘insider’ prices

And so back to the question: “How does Naked Wines work?” We’d say – it works as one of the most efficient online marketplaces for buying and selling wine. It brings together wine buyers and sellers, as well as wine investors and independent wineries, and does so in a way that makes financial sense for everyone!

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Naked Wines Review | Is Naked Wines Legit?

Let’s do a quick deep dive into the question of whether Naked Wines is legit.

Whenever a company requires an upfront payment for something, people often wonder if it is a scam – especially when they aren’t yet familiar with the company.

So, if you’re grappling with the options – is Naked Wines a scam? Is Naked Wines legit? Let us be the first to give you a straight answer.

No, it’s not a scam. Yes, it is legit!

In this Naked Wines review, we’ve tried to outline the factors behind our conclusion that Naked Wines is safe and legit.

While you do pay upfront, the Naked Wines offer of getting a product at a discounted price in exchange for a monthly fee is a business model that’s been used by companies all over the world.

As the company says, the money you’re giving to the site is actually going straight to the winemakers.

naked wines review

Naked Wines Reviews

If you’re worried that Naked Wines is a scam in which you pay your monthly fee and never see this money again, we can say that this is also not true. 

Any time an Angel wants to take back their deposit, they are welcome to do so. The money, which you would use to buy wine at a discount, only stays in the account if you want it there. 

Most customers who review Naked Wines admit that the company’s business model is a revolutionary idea for the winemaking sector.

Naked Wines Review | Getting a Refund

As mentioned above, the company works by using the money from Angels and investing the funds into small, independent winemakers across the world. They are not working with global or large winemakers.

Instead, they fund grape-growers and winemakers from different parts of the world, many of whom are from regions well-known for their grape growing culture. Winemakers across France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and other countries are all part of the Naked Wines club. 

How to get a refund?

However, if you don’t like your wine, or even if you don’t like the whole concept, you can easily ask for a refund.

naked wines angel

How to Cancel Naked Wines

As an entirely online marketplace, Naked Wines is built for ease of use, and you can cancel at any time from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the above photo and click on the little red badge on the top right corner of your account. If you have any issues, you can also contact Naked Wines’ customer support, either via e-mail or live chat, and they’ll offer you a full refund.

Naked Wines Voucher Review

If someone told you that they want to give you $100 worth of free products, you’d instantly ask – what’s the catch? The Naked Wines Voucher offers just such a scenario, which is why we’ve dedicated an entire section just for a Naked Wines Voucher review.

When you first log into their site, you have the option to take a short quiz, and if you do, you’ll be eligible for a $100 voucher. This voucher can be used to buy some of their many amazing products. If you like what you see (and taste), you can go on and become an Angel. 

This is not a Naked Wines scam.

Seriously, the Naked Wines voucher is real! You can use it to order from the wide selection of wines displayed on the official site.

naked wines voucher

Naked Wines Voucher

If you live in the US, you can choose from 159 winemakers coming from 14 different countries. The company usually charges around 10% for shipping. In the UK, some 120 winemakers and 400 different wines are available to invest in or purchase. 

Still worried that Naked Wines is a scam? Rest assured, we were not able to find any substantiated evidence of a scam either when we reviewed the company itself, or when the Naked Wines voucher was reviewed. The company has been around since 2008, and there are many Naked Wines reviews available online. They are overwhelmingly positive.

Do you have any positive or negative experience working or dealing with Naked Wines? Email us to share your experience: Contact AGS.

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Naked Wines Review | Why It’s Great to Choose from the Naked Wines Offer

Unlike giant manufacturers who churn out wine solely for profit, the winemakers working with Naked Wines are small, independent, winemakers. Often the team is quite small, which means that they know their business top to bottom. 

These folks aim for perfection, putting quality above quantity. That’s certainly the case with Carmen Stevens, the woman who founded the first-ever Black-owned winery in South Africa.

Her winery processes around 150 tons yearly, and after winning Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011, you can be sure it’s quality wine.  Getting a Naked Wines voucher will give you the chance to try some of her wines. She managed to get 2,000 Angels to fund her work in just 5 hours and raised $200,000 that contributed to her success.

Becoming an Angel allows you to support small businesses, and in the case of Carmen Stevens, you can say that you’re also helping a single mom who’s raising two kids. Not only that, but she also provides food to students at schools in 11 different communities around South Africa!

Naked Wines Review | How to Know Which Wine is Great?

Naked Wines is designed to function as a social network. On their website, you’re able to review each winemaker’s products, leave comments, give a score of their wines, and generally help the entire community.

When you log in, you get the chance to review a certain winemaker or wine. Leaving your review for the winemakers and their wines helps others make their choice.

You can also easily filter all winemakers by type of wine or country of origin, and you can sort by review score or number of followers. This is very helpful for those joining the community for the first time, as well as for those who are not sure what they are looking for.

What is the Wine Genie About?

The Wine Genie is an automated process that helps you choose the best wines based on your interaction with the platform. The Wine Genie is a smart system that keeps track of what you order and what kind of reviews you provide. Based on this, the system tells you what to try next.

It also gives you suggestions about what to avoid. For example, if you drink one type of wine and give good reviews on that type of wine, then the system will take that into consideration and try to steer you away from wines you may not like.

Another great part of the Wine Genie process is that you can get a case of wine based on just a few questions. The answers will tell the system what is best for you. 

Naked Wines Review | How Pricy are Naked Wines Products?

You’ve probably realized by now that members of the Naked Wine Club pay lower prices than ordinary shoppers. Every Naked Wine Angel gets an additional discount. 

Prices for a single bottle range from as low as $8.99 to as high as $77.99. Of course, new wines are produced and displayed on the site all the time, and there are always great deals.

Depending on the price of the desired bottle, a Naked Wines Angel can save over $50 in some cases. Sometimes the discount can be just a dollar. What is certain is that an Angel will always receive a discount of some amount.

Naked Wines Review | Is There a Downside?

Not a lot of people are searching for how to cancel Naked Wines due to the high level of satisfaction.

Reviews on show that most customers are extremely happy. Out of over 5000 reviews, 84% said they are excellent.

Still, another 6% left negative Naked Wines reviews, giving the company a 4.5 of 5 rating.

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Naked Wines Review Conclusion | Is it Worth Spending Your Money on Naked Wines

If you already have a certain type of wine that you prefer to drink, then Naked Wines reviews will mean nothing to you. People who don’t like experimenting and trying out different types of wines probably aren’t the target customer for Naked Wines. 

However, if you like experimenting, then you will find great value in this review of Naked Wines. Overall, we’ve found that the value and large selection of wines make Naked Wines legit, and worth your time (and money)!

Plus, the best part is that you can easily get a refund if you don’t like the concept. (See the section above on how to cancel naked wines and how to get your money back.) There’s nothing to lose.

Most people who tried this way of wine shopping and investing are thrilled by the way it works.  For those who like to take chances, this might be a great, cost-effective way to find the best wine you ever tried.

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