MyDivorcePapers Reviews: Is Right For You?

Divorce has become a modern-day fact of life. Forty to fifty percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce so it is no wonder that websites like have become very famous. is comparable to an online, automated lawyer. It helps users complete the paperwork necessary for a divorce and claims to make the process quick, cheap, and hassle-free. 

That’s right. boldly states on its website that it can help you complete your divorce paperwork online in less than an hour with its automated system.

However, is it really that easy?

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MyDivorcePapers – Reviews reviews from previous customers indicate that, although the website seems to provide a refreshing alternative to lawyers, there are several elements that you need to be aware of before using MyDivorcePapers.

The remainder of this MyDivorcePapers review will present you with a detailed discussion of the pros and cons of using to file your divorce.

MyDivorcePapers Review – How the Process Works

Ending a marriage can be a painful and emotionally complex process on its own, so it’s nice that MyDivorcePapers claims to simplify the legal process of divorce for its customers.

How simple is it?

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The first step is to fill out a questionnaire provided by the website to see if you qualify for an online divorce. If you qualify, you will be able to continue on with the paperwork process. If not, you will need to hire an attorney.

This is the paperwork process outlined on the website:

1) Select your state and create an account: Different states have different laws concerning divorce, so it is important to see what your specific state requires. If you and your spouse live in different states, suggests that you choose the state with the least stringent requirements. 

2) Answer the questions related to your divorce: This is the meat of the process. Needless to say, you want to answer the questions as accurately as possible so that you don’t create problems for yourself further down the line. It is important to note that, according to many reviews written by past customers, this step often takes much longer than the one hour that the website claims.

3) Print the forms and file the documents with the court: This step finalizes the divorce in the eyes of the law. After this, you and your spouse will be officially separated. Several reviews warn that, depending on your location, the court may not accept paperwork that is completed online, so make sure that your paperwork will be accepted or you may end up wasting your money. makes the process appear so simple, but is it really? Let’s take a look at what actual customers had to say about what it’s really like to complete your divorce paperwork online.

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MyDivorcePapers Reviews – The Facts

The fact is that, although is a top performing and easy to use website for filing your divorce, there are several factors that you need to be aware of before you invest your time and money into the service.

my divorce papers reviews - Pros and Cons

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From the graph above, you can see that while a large percentage of MyDivorcePapers reviews are positive, there still exist a number of dissatisfied customers.

The positive reviewers cite these factors as the reasons for their satisfaction:

  • Inexpensive
  • Quick
  • Hassle-free

Meanwhile, the negative reviewers bring up these points as the reasons for their dissatisfaction:

  • Poor customer service
  • Some instances of technical problems with the website

Whether or not the good outweighs the bad or vice versa is up to you and your personal needs. Now that you have an overview, let’s go into the details of the good and the bad of reviews.

MyDivorcePapers Reviews – The Good

The best part about is that it is cheap, in comparison to hiring an attorney, as well as fast and comparatively low hassle.

Cheap: At $159, offers some of the cheapest divorces out there. Similar websites run from $149 to $299, while attorney fees for a divorce start at $1,295. If you need to save a buck, this might be a good alternative. There’s no need to break the bank in order to break up your marriage.

Fast: You can’t beat completing your divorce papers in one hour, though some customers have found that the process takes a bit longer than that. Even so, compared to making an appointment with an attorney and sitting through a person-to-person paperwork session, is still faster.

Comparatively low hassle: Sitting at your computer and filling out an online form is much less hassle then getting dressed and going to an attorney’s office. The impersonal aspect of this process can be considered as positive because if you’re sure that divorce is the only option, then this takes a bit of the pain out of the paperwork process.

Here is an example of a positive MyDivorcePapers review:

“This website makes the process relatively easy, which is good when the divorce can be enough of a pain to go through. If you’re 100% sure that you need to make this major change in your life, it seems like a reasonable approach to a tough personal decision. Or, depending on your situation, maybe not such a difficult decision. Either way, it’s worked for me.”

The Guarantee

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A final positive aspect of is that they offer free corrections or a complete refund if you find an error in the paperwork that you have purchased from them. This guarantee can give you some peace of mind if you decide to order from them.

Now that we’ve looked at the good, let’s go into the bad.

MyDivorcePapers Reviews – The Bad

Based on reviews from verified past customers, here are the worst aspects of using to complete divorce paperwork:

Poor customer service: A few customers complained about long wait times when they had to speak with a customer representative.

Problems with the website: Multiple negative reviews reflected some technical issues when printing out completed paperwork.

Here are two examples of negative MyDivorcePapers reviews:

“I’m so disappointed with this website! I paid $35 for overnight shipping, and I still haven’t gotten anything in the mail at all!”

“Called the customer service, which went from a two-minute to a thirty-minute wait.”

Is MyDivorcePapers Right For You?

After going through the pros and cons of reviews in detail, you should now have enough information to make a decision. Remember that any divorce move you make is life-changing, and although has a few negative reviews, its overwhelmingly high amount of customer reviews makes it one of the largest online divorce networks in the US.

In addition, a lot of consumers find MyDivorcePapers very attractive because it offers its online divorce service in all 50 US states. The site allows a user to instantly file for a divorce in any state by simply registering, completing an online interview, and then downloading the instantly completed forms online.

Lastly, is the only legal online divorce service where users can have the paperwork completed, serve their spouse, and file for a divorce all from the comfort of their living room.

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