What You Need to Know about My Perfect Resume (Reviews)

You found an ad for an awesome job that fits you like a glove. You know you need to make a stellar impression in order to get an interview. Your resume is going to decide whether you are rejected or if you have a running chance. With so much riding on your resume, it makes sense to seek professional help.

Resume services are all over the internet, so you may have come across My Perfect Resume. But is My Perfect Resume free? AdvisoryHQ’s My Perfect Resume review will cover that and all the other bases required to help you decide whether to use the service.

What Is My Perfect Resume?

If you are looking for customized resume help, My Perfect Resume is exactly that. It is a sort of do-it-yourself online resume builder. You supply the basic information about yourself, your education, your employment history and job duties, and myperfectresume reviews it. Then, it generates a resume template that the company’s researchers have determined would give you the most success, given your career field and stage in your career. As you plug in your data, you get several suggestions along the way.

My Perfect Resume offers resume help in a wide range of career fields, including:

  • Health
  • Childcare
  • Nursing
  • Military
  • Business

My Perfect Resume further breaks certain fields down to sub-fields for a more narrowed focus. Do the research and you will find that myperfectresume.com reviews include a larger company; My Perfect Resume is an extension of LiveCareer, a larger service for job hunters that includes cover letters and career tests.

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How Much Does My Perfect Resume Cost?

My Perfect Resume reviews may all sound great, but let’s face it. If you are looking for a job, you may be short on cash. Even if you are not, who wants to throw away money on something that might not work? The price of My Perfect Resume becomes a major talking point.

The website lets anyone jump right in and make a resume. All without a commitment to pay. From the looks of the website, anyone would ask “Is My Perfect Resume free?”

The short answer to the My Perfect Resume cost question is no.

is my perfect resume free - my perfect resume pricing

Image Source: My Perfect Resume

You can have access to the resume formatting tools, including access to all the tips and suggested wording without paying. You will see a polished, complete resume, specifically tailored to you, and then pay to have access to it for saving, printing, and emailing, according to a myperfectresume review.

My Perfect Resume cost is likely a concern because the website’s home page does not mention it at all. Users get clear pricing details when they finish their resume. The price includes a scan for mistakes, access to different formats, and generating a cover letter. On the same page, My Perfect Resume also advertises a refund offered within the customer’s first 14 days.

You have the choice of two different packages:

  • 14-day Full Access:

The service is advertised as $2.95, but you will be charged $24.95 every four weeks after the 14-day trial period ends. With this option, you can print and download your new resume as many times as you need. You can change up your template and other customized options at no additional cost. Myperfectresume reviews show that this is the most common option among buyers.

  • Monthly Access:

This option comes to $71.40 for the entire year or, $5.95 per month. It is a lot less than if you kept the above option for an entire year (More than a $200 savings, if you did the math). So those who like My Perfect Resume and want to keep it should consider this option. Plus, it offers a lot of flexibility, according to one myperfectresume review. If a great job opportunity shows up, your resume will be ready. The monthly access option is a one-time charge to your card, but it does automatically renew at the end of the year.

Both packages assure that the customer can cancel the service by calling a toll-free number provided at the bottom of the page.

How the Service Works

My Perfect Resume is completely self-directed, so the amount of time it takes to go through the entire process will vary from person to person. Aside from consulting My Perfect Resume reviews, anyone can go to the site and find three basic steps for using the service.

  • Pick Your Template

You will see dozens of resume photos in different formats, and you will be able to hover your cursor over each format to read advice on which industry best suits the particular format. You probably can’t tell from a myperfectresume review, but the site can use your information from an old resume or guide you through creating a new resume from scratch. Answer a couple more questions about your career field and you are on to the next step.

  • Fill in Your Details

The dreaded resume bullet points are the real meat and potatoes of a resume. But this section is often difficult to conceptualize. It can be intimidating, but My Perfect Resume takes you step-by-step through your employment history. You can adjust fonts, line spacing, and the size of your headlines for better readability. Myperfectresume.com reviews your progress and gives you keywords that relate to your career, suggested job duties, and tips for phrasing your skills, objective, and education.

my perfect resume cost reviewImage Source: My Perfect Resume

  • Review and Pay

After all the format fine-tuning and creating content, you will be able to see your final resume. The site will prompt you to choose a package in order to download or print your new resume.

If you need more help than the suggestions can give, My Perfect Resume has email or live chat options that show up on the screen as you work. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section on the site’s home page. Users who are having difficulty can first consult this list of questions for more immediate help. Despite what a few My Perfect Resume reviews say, the company also offers help by phone. The home page includes a phone number and operation hours for customer support.

While My Perfect Resume gives you the wording, it cannot give you all the details needed to make your resume stand out. According to studies, employers want candidates to specifically illustrate their past performance. In fact, it is imperative to have actual numbers in your work experience, according to a recent article in Forbes.

It may be tempting to skip those details entirely, but it persuades the employer to consider your resume more seriously by showing that you have hard evidence to back up your claims. Users seem to spend the most time on this step, according to myperfectresume.com reviews.

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My Perfect Resume Reviews

The biggest indication of whether a particular company will serve you well is how the company behaved in the past. A quick search for myperfectresume.com reviews will produce a mix of good and bad experiences from customers. It will still be up to you to decide if the reviews are an impartial assessment of the service or an isolated case of a discontented customer.

Most of the My Perfect Resume reviews are on popular consumer complaint websites. The company has not yet been evaluated on more credible consumer websites, like the Better Business Bureau. Besides customer reviews on unregulated websites, there is not much of an online presence.

The Positive

Some customers seem to really appreciate My Perfect Resume. It is listed as one of the top 10 resume builder websites with an overall 8.3 rating. One source for My Perfect Resume reviews particularly praised the service for its interface, calling it “extremely easy to use.” Consumers Advocate described the service as having a fill-in-the-blank feature.

The biggest positive My Perfect Resume probably has going for it lies in the common “Is my perfect resume free?” question. Some users put in all the work of constructing their resume, then decide they don’t want to pay for the service. They still want the resume and may decide to copy their work for later use. Plus, like most other resume builders, My Perfect Resume makes it easy for the job hunter to cover all of their bases without forgetting an important part of the resume.

Customers who wrote a positive Google review applauded the company’s customer service. The bulk of those customers needed a refund for service they didn’t want, which could be seen as a negative My Perfect Resume review. But the customers appreciated the cooperation from support representatives to cancel their subscription and get a refund.

my perfect resume reviews

Image Source: BigStock

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The Not-So-Positive

Of the negative myperfectresume.com reviews, an overwhelming majority of customers have qualms with the payment arrangements, not the service itself. People complain about the automatic withdrawal from their bank if they did not cancel the service after the trial period. To avoid this recurring problem, make sure you cancel the service if you do not want to continue to pay for it.

According to these negative Google reviews, many were unclear as to how much My Perfect Resume cost. They thought it was a free service.

Customers also found differences in how their resume’s final draft appeared on the site and how it appeared when printed. It may be helpful to note that, on many third- party review websites, My Perfect Resume directly responds to complaints.

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Should You Listen to The Reviews?

To have the best idea of a company, Consumer Reports suggests buyers refer to websites that include good and bad customer experiences. There are websites that only focus on customer complaints, and those sites could present an inaccurate impression. For example, Consumer Affairs has 72 reviews that include allegations that a certain customer complaint website publishes false and slanderous information on companies. Myperfectresume reviews might be considered the same way.

An article in the Small Business section of The Houston Chronicle gives its readers five ways to check a company’s legitimacy. The first four ways involve online research. The last suggestion is to use your best judgment.

If you consider the My Perfect Resume reviews and decide to take the leap, also consider their cover letter writing service. What’s a great resume without a cover letter? LiveCareer also has a website for creating cover letters. If you decide to use it, it should be a pretty easy process since you would already be familiar with the resume-building process.

All in all, My Perfect Resume seems to be worth checking out if you need to jump-start your job search or you are getting discouraged with your progress. Your only likely issue would be handling the My Perfect Resume cost. But if you are careful in picking your payment option, you should get just the product you want at the price you expect.

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