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If you spend a lot of time traveling, you probably already know a few tips for finding cheap flights. New websites consistently crop up, promising to be the best flight comparison site that will save you tons of money on your travel expenses.

One of these lesser-known sites, Momondo, has many frequent fliers beginning to wonder, “Is Momondo legit?”

According to various Momondo reviews on the Internet, this might be one the best flight comparison sites despite its new-kid-on-the-block status. Compared to your standby, whether it’s Expedia, Travelocity or Kayak, do Momondo flights and prices stack up?

This Momondo review will dive into questions like, “Is Momondo reliable?” and “What is Momondo?” Find out now if this flight comparison site will help or hinder your future travel plans.

What Is Momondo?

New websites designed to make your life simpler are always popping up, but what is it that makes Momondo different?

Much like some of the giants of the industry, the company’s aim is to create a free, independent online flight search that shows the pricing for several airlines in one clear and consistent place.

Momondo flights are not so much aimed at being the least expensive but at providing an opportunity for travelers to spend time in the real world instead of searching through multiple travel options.

momondo reviewsImage source: Momondo

Not only can you only book cheap Momondo flights, but the site also allows you to find great prices on hotels and car rentals. One Momondo review pointed out that the site is able to unearth cheaper flights than on other sites for domestic routes as well as solely international routes (when your departure and arrival are both outside of North America). No matter where you’re flying from, Momondo is reliable enough to trust for simple routes.

According to the same Momondo review in the New York Times, its ability to handle complex flight routes is a little fuzzier.

When tested with a complicated, multi-stop extravaganza, featuring stops in North America and South America, Momondo cheap flights were unavailable when it came time to book.

What is Momondo? What sets it apart from the other travel sites that already exist? The next section of our Momondo review outlines how the site sets you up with built-in tips for finding cheap flights and the other unique features you’ll need to plan your next trip.

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Momondo Review of Features

There are a handful of unique features that have Momondo vying for a top spot as one of the best flight comparison sites available today:

  • Price calendar: If you want to book a flight through Momondo, cheap flights are displayed on its price calendar so that you can maximize savings if you have flexibility in your travel dates. One of the best tips for finding cheap flights is to be flexible in your travel dates. You can alter the price calendar to show various dates throughout one specific month or throughout the entire year depending on just how flexible you can be. In AdvisoryHQ’s search, Momondo’s price calendar showed that a several dollars could be saved by choosing a departure date a few days later than the original one.
  • Airport suggestions: Trying to decide which airport to fly out of? Some Momondo reviews would consider this to be a winning feature. If you select a flight out of one airport when an alternative location nearby has a less expensive flight, Momondo is reliable enough to provide you with the suggestion. You can even opt out of particular airports that are nearby if you’ve had a bad experience with one. The filter options allow you to pick and choose which airports you’re open to traveling through.
  • Priorities:Momondo flights give you the choice of which is more important to you: your time or the price. You can find cheap Momondo flights, but they might also include a six-hour layover. However, the fastest flight may also be the most expensive. Rank your priorities to get a more customized search. In the example below, you can see how easy it is to find both the cheapest and the quickest flight as well as the Momondo recommendation.
  • Trip Finder: You want to go on vacation but aren’t sure exactly where you want to go. The trip finder can help you plan a trip around what’s important to you based on your budget, preferred climate, the activities you want to enjoy, and timing. The Momondo reviews will even recommend hotels, best travel times, and must-see attractions in a particular area.

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Momondo Reviews: Where Does the Site Excel?

In a review from the New York Times, traveler Seth Kugel experimented with fifteen travel sites, including some of the well-known names as well as some of the lesser-known. His aim was to determine which sites were best for which situations. The results? On Momondo, cheap flights were one of the biggest bonuses. His Momondo review concluded that it wasn’t the least expensive flight option, but it ranked only a few dollars above the cheapest option.

momondo review Image source: Big Stock 

Another Momondo review concludes that the ratings feature is helpful when sorting through results. Each flight is ranked on a scale of one to ten, based on the length of the flight combined with the price. A long flight with a high price tag receives a lower score. By choosing to sort your flights this way, Momondo reviews conclude that this feature makes your results more easily understood and filtered.

Indie Traveller reached a similar conclusion regarding the quality of Momondo’s search results in its Momondo review: the price calendar and ability to prioritize which features are most important to you make searching even easier. Its Momondo review even includes a new feature, known as flight insight, which is not yet available on all routes but certainly seems promising.

Flight insight’s primary goal, according to a Momondo review, is to help you better understand what drives the prices for the flight you are interested in booking. It offers helpful tips, like the cheapest time frame to book before your flight, which weeks are least expensive to travel, and which carrier offers the cheapest flights available. The charts and graphs let you see when you might want to schedule your next trip.

Momondo reviews can conclude that the site definitely has a lot of features that make it a worthwhile travel site. It offers plenty of tips for finding cheap flights, and they are frequently the least expensive site out there. However, where does Momondo leave room for improvement? In the next section, we will take a look at where the Momondo reviews say the site could stand to make a few changes.

Where Can Momondo Improve?

As with all things, Momondo might be the best flight comparison site, but any review will include a few ways of how the site could improve its services.

In a USA Today article detailing the benefits of flight comparison sites, Momondo frequently found the cheapest flights, but they involved at least one stop while others were able to provide low prices on non-stop flights. Similar to the view of the Momondo review in the New York Times, a more complex route is also not the ideal situation for a flight comparison on

Another Momondo review commented on the fact that it provides only pictures of the airline logos instead of the names of the airlines themselves. For unseasoned travelers, this can be a headache because not all the logos are easily recognizable.

Overall, not many Momondo reviews point to large areas of improvement. The minor adjustments they suggest could even be more of personal preference than for ease of use. Momondo reviews are fairly clear that the site works well and provides an excellent value to consumers who are searching for reliable and well-priced flights.

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Consumer Ratings

Momondo reviews from the users themselves are a helpful tool in determining if Momondo is indeed the best flight comparison site. Is Momondo reliable? Is Momondo legit? These are questions that only users who have used its services can answer.

Trust Pilot, a well-known consumer review site, collected Momondo reviews from over 600 travelers and granted the site an 8.9 out of 10 stars. Eighty percent of the Momondo reviews gave the site a full five-star rating while only five percent of reviews gave it the lowest possible rating. reviewChart from Trust Pilot

Blue Stacks, an Android app rating site, created a Momondo review for its mobile app. With many of the same user-friendly features and the ability to book Momondo flights on the go, it granted the app a 4.1 out of 5 stars. Its list of pros included:

  • Multiple sources for low airfare (the site has over 700 sources for Momondo cheap flights)
  • Suggestions for alternative travel dates
  • Options for selecting nearby airports for less expensive fares
  • An attractive interface

Blue Stacks’s one major source of contention was that not all flights are able to be booked directly within the app. Some flights may have this capability, but others will redirect you to the airline’s official website to book your tickets.

Is Momondo Reliable?

With many travelers feeling overwhelmed in finding the best flight comparison site, some are wondering, “Is Momondo legit?” Based on the Momondo reviews from well-seasoned travelers and the ease of discovering its benefits on your own, it’s easy to conclude that Momondo is reliable for booking your next trip. Whether you’re looking for a non-stop flight or the least expensive flight, Momondo cheap flights has something to offer.

Save a few dollars on your next vacation by taking advantage of Momondo’s tips for finding cheap flights. No Momondo review would be complete without emphasizing how useful the priorities and price calendar features can be. Plan your next vacation during the ideal time by making the best use of the features available through Momondo.

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