Is Modlily Legit? Everything You Need to Know about Modlily (Australia, UK, Canada, and the US)

The thrill of finding rock-bottom deals has caused many shoppers to leave the malls and shop internationally online instead. The latest trends and newest styles are often discounted deeply by overseas retailers.

If you love finding new styles at discount prices, you may have heard of Modlily.

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Modlilly Reviews

In this AdvisoryHQ Modlily review, we’ll give you a complete overview of what you can expect from Modlily including:

  • What is Modlily?
  • Where is Modlily located?
  • Is Modlily a reputable company?
  • Is Modlily a safe website for you to enter your credit card and personal details?
  • What are customers saying about Modlily bathing suits, dresses & tops?
  • Where Does Modlily ship from?
  • Is Modlily legitimate?

If you’ve seen their colorful ads pop up on social media but aren’t sure if you should click that button and start shopping with Modlily, read on. 

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Modlily Review | What is Modlily?

Modlily is a popular clothing boutique offering thousands of products on its e-commerce site at cut-rate prices.

As an international retailer, Modlily ships to over 200 countries and regions across the globe, including the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Advertised heavily on social media, Modlily is known for its affordable price tags and on-trend clothes, but how do you know that you can trust this retailer? Is Modlily trustworthy, or is it a scam?

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AdvisoryHQ Modlily Review – What is Modlily?

Modlily Reviews 2022 | What Does Modilily Sell?

Modlily clothes categories include:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Swimwear
  • Jumpsuits
  • Plus Size
  • Outerwear
  • Intimates
  • Sportswear
  • Jewelry & Accessories

In hopes of giving you a good overview of what to expect from Modlily’s official site and clothes, we’ll touch on the most popular categories that the shop offers.

As we’re going through multiple Modlily reviews and complaints, we’ll touch on Modlily swimwear reviews and Modlilly dresses reviews.

But first, let’s find out where is Modlily based out of? Is Modlily an American company?

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Modlily Review | Where is Modlily Located?

When shopping online, knowing where an item is shipping from can help you gauge how long it will take to get to you. While not always the case, location can play a significant role in determining whether it’s worth it to shop with a specific retailer.

Not only can location impact the amount of time it takes to receive your order, but it can also have an impact on the overall product quality as well.

So, where is Modlily located? Is Modlily from China? Are Modlily dresses Australia made?

The company’s website lists the Modlily location address in China as the primary place of business. However, it also noted that this is not the main Modlily return address in China, and that return items should not be mailed to the company address.

Note: AdvisoryHQ review found that Modlily shares the same Shanghai address as Rosewe and Rotita, one of many clothing manufacturers known for traits like unreachable customer service, complicated return and refund processes, stolen images, and low-quality products (according to a 2016 investigation by BuzzFeed News).

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Do you have any questions about the Modlily location or the Modlily store in general? We’d love to hear from you! Are you a member of the “is Modlily legit” Reddit group and have feedback to share with us? Contact us to let us know.

Modlily Store FAQs

Are Zulily and Modlily the Same Company?

We received a lot of questions about our Modlily review but there’s one that we get asked about a lot:

Are Zulily and Modlily the same company?

The answer is: NO

are zulily and modlily the same company?

Are Zulily and Modlily the Same Company?

While names may sound similar Modlily and Zulily are two entirely different companies. Unlike Midlily, Zullily is an American company.

Where Does Modlily Ship From? Is Modlily a Legit Site?

Have you been curious to find out where does Modlily ship from?

According to the company’s FAQs, Modlily ships from warehouses located in China and the US, with “multiple warehouses all over the world.”

Modiliy states that the warehouse your items ship from will depend upon which one stocks the products you’ve ordered.

Interestingly, there are two U.S. addresses for Modlily mentioned on the Modlily BBB profile. One is in Hyattsville, MD, and the other (noted “Headquarters”) is in City of Industry, CA. On Google Street View both appear to possibly be warehouses.

Is There a Modlily Store?

No, Modlily is an online-only fashion brand and doesn’t have a physical location.

Is There a Modlily Amazon Shop?

No. There is no Modlily Amazon shop. While it is possible that some sellers are selling Modlily Amazon, most of them are just tagging clothes as if it was Modlily official clothing in hopes of attracting more customers.

We have searched both Modlily Amazon UK and US and we couldn’t find any Modlily official clothing.

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If you have any questions regarding: “is Modlily a US company,” “About Modlily reviews NZ,” or wondering: “is Modlily a Chinese company” then this article aims to answer all your questions. If you still have questions afterward, do contact us.

Modlily Reviews 2022 | Shipping Methods & Pricing

So, how much does Modlily shipping cost and what can you expect in terms of Modlily shipping times and delivery?

Modlily shipping methods and pricing will vary based on your location. To give you a good overview of what to expect, we’ll break down Modlily US, Modlily Canada, Modlily UK, and Modlily Australia shipping options and pricing.

Modiliy USA

If you’re based in the USA and decide to order some Modlily clothes, you can enjoy free Standard Shipping on any orders over $69. Otherwise, the shipping will cost you $8.98.

If you’re in a hurry to get your hands on Modlily dresses and Modlily tops as soon as possible, you may be interested in opting for Expedited Shipping.

Prices for Modlily USA Expedited Shipping will vary depending on the total value of your Modlily clothing order as shown in the image below.

where is modlily shipped from

Shipping Methods & Cost for Modlilliy USA

Modlily Canada

Modily shoppers based in Canada will get free Standard Shipping when purchasing Modlily clothes over $99 CAD. If the Modlilly order value is less than $99, you can expect to pay $12.98 CAD.

For those that want speedy delivery, Modlily Canada Expedited Shipping will cost them between $6.98 CAD and $29.98 CAD.

Modlily Canada reviews

Shipping Methods & Cost for Modlily Canada Orders

Modlily Australia

Modlily Australia shoppers will be enjoying free Standard Shipping on all Modlily Australia orders over $95 AUD while Expedited Shipping pricing will cost between $7.98 and $32.98 AUD.

Modlily reviews Australia

Modlily Australia Shipping Information

Modlily UK

You can expect free Modlily UK Standard Shipping if your order is over £45. However, if your Modliliy order is under that value, you will be paying £6.99 for Modlily UK Standard shipping.

Our UK readers will be happy to hear that unlike Modlily USA, Modlily Canada, and Modlily Australia, shoppers will be getting free Modlily UK expedited shipping with any orders over £109.

Modlily UK reviews

Modlily UK Shipping Cost & Methods

Have you shopped for any Modlily dresses or Modlily swimsuits? How was your Modliy shopping experience? Is Modlily a reputable company from your experience? We’d love to hear your story!

Modlily Reviews 2022 | Overview of Modlily Returns & Customer Service

Before you start loading up your online cart with great fashion deals, you should know exactly what to expect if you need to make a return. So, what’s the Modlily return policy look like?

In the sections below, you can find a detailed overview of Modlily customer service and returns.

Modlily Review | Modlily Return Policy

According to the company’s return policy, if you are not 100% satisfied with your items, Modlily returns can be made within 30 days of receiving your package for either an exchange or a refund. The process for Modlily returns includes:

  • Logging into your online account
  • Submitting a ticket to Modilly’s customer service with the reason for your return

From there, requests for Modlily returns will have to be reviewed and approved by a customer service representative. Once approved, you’ll be given an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization) and the address you should ship the items to.

While Mod Lily states that it offers a “full refund on all items that have been returned,” shoppers should keep in mind that the buyer is responsible for return shipping fees.

With shipments coming largely from China, the fees associated with Modlily returns can often be cost-prohibitive, a fact mentioned by many Modlily reviewers (see below sections on Mod Lily reviews from the BBB, SiteJabber, and TrustPilot).

You should note that there are several return requirements and exceptions. These include:

  • Modily flash sale products and jewelry are non-returnable
  • Returned Modlily clothes must be received in new, unused, unworn, unwashed condition
  • Modiliy returns should be sent with no signature required otherwise they are “highly likely” not to receive it
  • You should mail the Modiliy items back through your local post office to avoid tax when it arrives to the destination country


modlily bathing suits

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Modlily Review | Modlily Customer Service

Because Modlily’s location is in China, shoppers can expect drastic differences in the ability to reach a customer service representative.

Shoppers can connect with customer service through:

  • Live chat
  • Facebook message
  • Email
  • Website contact form

There is a notice on the Modlily site about phone customer service that states, “We do not offer any phone support at the moment. Please don’t call phone number or leave your phone number on third-party website.

According to reviews from shoppers, Modlily customer service is either extremely difficult to reach or not helpful, with many Modlily customer reviews stating that the company’s customer service replies seem as though they are automated.

Other reviewers note that customer support just stops responding to emails after a while, and it’s very difficult to get an exchange or refund accomplished.

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We hope this Modlily official reviews article will answer all your questions about Modlily. But don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have more questions or are seeking additional reviews.

Modlily Reviews 2022 | Modlily Sizing Reviews

When ordering clothes from any overseas retailer, there are going to be some questions about the sizing.

Let’s look into what you can expect from Modliliy!

Modlily Sizing Reviews | How to Choose Size

With so many customers interested in Modlily sizing reviews, it’s no wonder Modlily official site has dedicated a whole section to it.

In hopes of minimizing returns, the Modlily store provides a guide on how to choose the correct size:

  1. Click on the “Size Reference” button on each Modilly product page
  2. Additionally, click on the “Model Wear” button on each Modlily clothes item page to find out the model’s size and measurements to be able to best evaluate the size

Additionally, a whole lot of Modlily sizing reviews point out there is a different size chart in each Modllily product, so you should go to each product page to find the correct size chart.

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Do you have any Modlily sizing reviews that you’d like to share with our readers? From your perspective and personal experience, is a legitimate website? We’re always trying to improve our content, so if you have reviews that you think would help potential customers, don’t hesitate to contact us. Reviews | Overall Customer Ratings

  • Modlily Reviews BBB – No Rating (0 reviews)
  • Reviews for Modlily on Sitejabber – 4.14/5 (3,678 reviews)
  • Modlily Trustpilot reviews – 4.5/5 (4,581 reviews)
  • Modlily Australia Reviews on – 1.9/5 (99 reviews)

In the sections below, we’ll go over each of the rating sites to see what customer reviews for Modlily have to say about the company.

Is Modlily trustworthy? Is Modlily a legit company? Let’s see what customers have to say!

Modlily Review | Modlily Reviews BBB

While in the past, the Modlily BBB profile has had several reviews and an overall rating of F, Modlily reviews BBB are nowhere to be found now and neither is the rating.

Additionally, the Modlilly BBB profile is not accredited.

Modlily BBB

Modlily Reviews BBB

Modlily Review | Modlily Reviews on Sitejabber

There are over 3,600 reviews of Modlily on Sitejabber, giving the retailer an overall rating of 4.14 stars out of 5. Approximately 59% of shoppers gave their experience with Modiliy a full 5-star rating.

It’s also important to note that about 29% of all reviews are rated 1-star.

We’re happy to see that Modlilliy rating has significantly improved since our last review of Modlily when the percentage of 5-star reviews was around 30%.

Summary of Positive Reviews on Sitejabber

Customers who leave positive reviews on Sitejabber profess that the site is a great place to get stylish clothing at an affordable price.

One such Modlily store reviewer states that she was “very impressed” with her purchases, saying that she loves the fit and believes that her Modlily dress looks even better in person than in the photos.

Interestingly, a large percentage of positive Modlily customer reviews come from shoppers who purchased bathing suits. Although some note that shipping does take a little longer and that sizing is smaller than in traditional stores, Modlily reviewers maintain that the quality of clothing is worth the wait.

So, what would Sitejabber reviewers that left a positive rating want you to know before shopping Modlily tops and Modlily swimwear?

  • “I sized up and absolutely love my Modlily bathing suits purchase!”
  • “Modlily swimsuits and Modlily tops are fabulous. I based it on Modlily size chart and I purchased a XL.”

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Modlily swimsuits

Modlily Swimwear Reviews

Summary of Negative Reviews on Sitejabber

Approximately 29% percent of Modlily customer reviews on Sitejabber give a 1-star rating, with shoppers recounting a wide range of issues with the retailer’s shipping, returns, and refund policies, as well as the quality of the products.

One reviewer uploaded photos of what she ordered versus what she received, which looked nothing like the product ordered. She titled her review “Horrible” and noted:

Ordered a swimsuit what came looked nothing like the picture. Can’t get ahold of anyone to return item. The second picture is what they sent me.

is Modlily legit

Modlily Swimwear Reviews on Sitejabber

Because Modlily customer service is difficult to get in touch with and there is no option for phone support, returns are equally as difficult to get approved. Even when a return is approved, it’s unlikely that the customer will get a full refund, as one Modlily reviewer states being offered only 80 percent of the purchase price.

Other critical Mod Lilly customer reviews point out that the overall quality of Modlily clothes is simply not worth what they paid.

One such reviewer warns to stay away from Modlily swimsuits and Modlily dresses entirely, stating “You wait over a month to get your order and receive cheap quality unfinished clothes, sizes are misrepresented…a large is meant for a child.”

By and large, Modlily complaints point to significant discrepancies with what consumers have come to expect in terms of responsiveness, product quality, and a buyer-facing approach.

So, what would Sitejabber reviewers that left negative reviews want you to know before shopping Modlily tops and Modlily bathing suits?

  • “I ordered Modlily bathing suits and received different ones with no tags on that appeared to be previously worn.”
  • I have ordered 2 Modlily bathing suits. The first Modlily swimsuit fit just fine. The second suit, which is exactly the same size, didn’t fit at all!

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What do you think about these Modlily swimsuits reviews on Sitejabber? Do you have personal Modlily bathing suits reviews that you’d like to share with AdvisoryHQ readers? From your perspective and personal experience, is a legitimate website? Contact us.

Modlily Review | Modlily Trustpilot Reviews

There are over 4,581 Modlily Trustpilot reviews, giving Modlilly an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and a ranking of “Poor.” Approximately 61 percent of shoppers rated their experience with the Modlily official site as “Excellent,” while only 25% percent gave a 1-star rating.

Positive Modlily Clothing Reviews

Modily reviews praise the site for offering well-made, affordable clothing, with many stating that they had no idea that the manufacturer was even based in China. For example, one Mod Lilly reviewer says:

I’m very happy with my Modilly purchase! The fabric is high quality, the construction is flawless, and the price was great! The delivery time was a little slower than we spoiled Americans prefer, (thanks, Amazon!) but, since I expected it was going to take a while, I have no complaints.

As seen in previous positive Modlily reviews, a significant number of satisfied shoppers mention purchasing swimsuits, saying that their suit fit perfectly and was made with high-quality fabric. So, this may be a product area where the clothing is of better quality.

One of the positive Mod Lily reviews noted they purchased two Modlily bathing suits and had to send one back because they didn’t care for it. They did not have any problem with their refund, stating that they were “refunded within a week” and they would recommend Mod Lily.

Overall, positive Modlilly reviews highly recommend shopping on the site, saying that although Modlily clothes may take a long time to ship, the wait is well worth it, and many felt that the shipping policies were honestly communicated on the site.

Note: This AdvisoryHQ review found some incidents where the same person wrote multiple reviews of Modlily. While this may not be an error on the retailer’s part, it is helpful to note, as these can unintentionally skew the ratio of positive to negative reviews for Modlily.

reviews on Modlily

Modlily Trustpilot

Negative Modlily Clothing Reviews

One of the most common elements throughout critical Modlily reviews on Trustpilot is that the retailer is not customer focused. Frustrated shoppers are quick to point out that refunds and returns are not only difficult to obtain, but they also end up costing the buyer more money in the long run.

For example, one of many reviews on Modlily, states that they were offered either a 50% refund or the option to pay for shipping back to China, a cost that was too high to justify the trouble.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a significant number of reviews state having to open disputes with their bank, their credit card issuer, or PayPal in order to obtain a refund.

The poor quality of the Modlily clothing is also highlighted in many Modlily Trustpilot reviews, with mentions of unfinished items without hems, terrible fits, and descriptions of embroidery that is really just screen printing.

As one of the Modily reviews warns:

Don’t order from Modliy! Terrible quality material and bad workmanship. They also “play games” when you contact them to schedule a return. Insist on a FULL refund and threaten to contact your credit card company if they give you a hassle.

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What do you think? Is Modlily reliable? Contact us to let us know. Also, do you have feedback on the often-asked question: “where are Modlily clothes made”? If so contact us.

Modlily Phone Number

Are you seeking a Modlily phone number? For example, +86 131-###-####. Unfortunately, the firm does not offer a phone number. But you can contact Modlily via email here: Contact Modlily (Email).

If you still prefer to find a Modlily phone number, then an alternative would be to chat with one of their representatives via the Modlily Live Chat.

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Modlily Review | Modlily Reviews and Complaints

While Modlily complaints can be found while looking through negative Modlily reviews, there are also a number of forums available for frustrated shoppers to voice their concerns and warn other Modlilliy shoppers.

One such website is Pissed Consumer, which has collected 1,720 Modlily reviews and complaints from shoppers across the globe. With an overall rating of 1.4 stars out of 5, the most common themes among these complaints are:

  • Customer service is largely unreachable, which makes the return/refund process impossible
  • Modlily clothing is very poor quality and often does not match the advertised picture
  • The size chart is way off, causing shoppers to accidentally order clothing that is much smaller than intended
  • Orders take months to arrive and are often sent with missing items of clothing

Modlily reviews complaints

Pissed Consumer Modlily Reviews and Complaints

Perhaps the most common element across all Modlily complaints is a warning to potential shoppers to avoid Modlily altogether. As one of the Modlily swimsuit reviews says:

I will NEVER order anything from Modlily again. I don’t recommend them at all. You can get better swimsuits at lower prices on several other websites that are legitimate and actually have a way for customers to reach them and get an answer to inquiries.

The majority of Modlily reviews & complaints address issues with the product or service, such as:

  • Being unable to cancel an order
  • Modlily customer service is only available through creating a “ticket”
  • Clothing sizing is significantly smaller than listed on size charts
  • Inability to receive a refund for a defective product
  • Modlily clothing being poor quality and not looking like the photo

Have you purchased Modlily swimwear UK or Modlily swimwear Australia? We’d love to hear about it! Share your Modlily swimwear reviews and give other consumers a better insight into the Modliy online store.

Modlily Canada, Modlily Australia, & Modlily UK Reviews

Are shoppers in other countries getting any better service?

Perhaps shipping is faster for customers of Modlily Australia because it’s so much closer to this China-based company.

We took a deep look into hundreds of Modlily UK reviews, Modlily Australia reviews, and Modlily Canada reviews, and here are some most notable excerpts from reviewers across the globe.

Modlily Reviews UK

In one of Modlily UK reviews, the shopper had a positive experience, stating they only had to wait 10 days for their shipment, and to ensure they got the right Modlily UK size, they chose Modlily dresses that were one size larger than what they usually wear.

Many Modlily swimwear UK reviews recommended ordering one or two sizes larger when buying Modlily swimsuits and Modlily tops.

Most positive Modlily swimwear UK reviews noted that bathing suits were of great quality and an amazing fit.

Modlily Reviews Canada

We found two negative Modlily Canada reviews on Pissed Consumer complaining about two different issues.

One had her Modliy shipment redirected to the U.S. and asked for a refund seven times, with no response from mod customer service and no mod order.

Another of the Modlily reviews Canada said none of the clothes they ordered fit, even though they ordered the clothing a size or two larger. They were frustrated at the lack of customer service and the inability to return Modlily dresses and Modlily swimsuits because of it.

Modlily Reviews Australia

On, it appears that several Modlily Australia reviews did not receive their items any sooner than unhappy reviewers in other countries.

Modlily reviews Australia also noted wait times longer than 4 to 5 weeks and lack of communication from Modilly and the inability to get in touch with anyone at the company to check on their shipment.

Not all is bad if you shop Modlily swimwear Australia, as we found multiple happy Modlily reviews Australia that swear on the amazing quality, durability, and fit of Modlily swimsuits.

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Modlily Review | Is Modlily Legit? Is Modlily a Scam?

Based on the positive reviews Modlily got from satisfied customers, Modilly does appear to have a strong following of repeat customers.

However, repetitive issues with customer service, returns, shipping, and overall quality detailed by frustrated Modlily reviewers have caused many shoppers to ask the questions: Is Modlily a legit company? Is Modlily a scam?

Even more troubling is that many reviews already assume that they have been a victim of a scam, primarily due to unresponsive customer service, difficulty obtaining a refund and the overall poor quality of Modlily clothing.

See the sections below for a detailed discussion on whether Modlily is a legit site, or if this retailer is looking to take your money and run.

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Is Modlily Legit?

One of the most important aspects of determining whether Modlily is a legit website comes from analyzing the security settings. Is Modlily legit and safe to enter your credit card information? has an “https” prefix and a small green lock. As such, your credit card information data is transmitted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), providing an additional layer of security that has now become a global online standard.

Additionally, there is a Norton Secured icon and SecureTrust icon at the bottom of the Midlily site, indicating they’ve taken proper security precautions for accepting credit cards.

Based on hundreds of Modlily reviews from shoppers who have received their packages and successfully communicated with Modlily customer service, Modlily is more than a website. It is a business with an address, contact information, stock warehouse, and customer service department.

In terms of online security and basic function, yes, Modlily is a legit website. However, just because will let you place an order, that doesn’t mean that you should. There are plenty of reasons to doubt whether Modlily clothing is the best way to spend your money, as detailed in the section below.

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modlily clothes reviews

Modlily Clothing Reviews

Is There a Modlily Scam?

With the majority of Modlily reviews detailing significant issues with customer service, shipping, returns, and the overall poor quality of Modlily clothing, many shoppers believe that they have fallen victim to a Modlily scam.

So, is Modlily a scam? Based on complaints and reviews across the web, Modlily certainly does not appear to care about the customer’s best interests.

Shipping is unreliable, refunds are difficult (if not impossible) to get, and for many shoppers, the quality of Modlily clothing is significantly lower than expected, while others receive items that look nothing like the product photo on mod

Although concerning, the above characteristics are commonly seen in retailers based out of China. Despite criticism, there has not yet been any legal action or proof to confirm that there’s a Modlily scam.

Is Modlily reputable? Is Modlily a legitimate website? We hope that our article has answered all those questions and more. If you have any reviews on Modlily that you think we should know about, get in touch with us!

AHQ Conclusion on Modlily Reviews 2022 | Is Modlily Clothing Worth It?

Is Modlily a reputable company? Is Modlily clothing worth the chance?

Although hundreds of satisfied shoppers would answer “yes,” there were also a lot of reviews on Modlily that would respond with a resounding “no.”

Unfortunately, as is the case with many other overseas manufacturers, Modlilly can be a huge hit or a miss.

Additionally, based on customer reviews, Modlily store customer service is practically nonexistent, a fact which is supported by the lack of response or attempt to resolve Modlily reviews and complaints online.

To conclude: Is Modlily a legit company? Is Modlily trustworthy? Is Modlily reputable?

Yes, based on our review and multiple other reviews on Modlily, it’s a legit company.

However, please note that while there is no concrete evidence from any of the reviews that the company is actively trying to scam shoppers, that doesn’t mean that you should blindly trust them with your money.

At the end of the day, when we balance out all the Modlily reviews and complaints, the company ultimately earns a 3-star rating

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