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A simple online search will result in dozens of Modcloth reviews that already exist online. This article will condense the Modcloth reviews online into one Modcloth review that covers the pros and cons of using this company.

We will provide a concise overview that covers Modcloth shipping, Modcloth returns, and the Modcloth app, and we will answer the question many consumers have on their mind: “Is Modcloth legit?”

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About Modcloth

For those wondering about Modcloth and what exactly the company is, this portion of our Modcloth review will go a little bit more in-depth about Modcloth and the company. The site carries a wide variety of women’s fashion apparel such as dresses, blouses, shoes, accessories, and even items for the home. Modcloth was founded in 2002 by high-school sweethearts, Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger, while they attended college. Susan’s love for thrift-store shopping was the motivation behind Modcloth’s unique and vintage-inspired styles.

Modcloth believes that fashion is for everybody, and that is why their line comes in a full range of sizes. Since Modcloth’s inception, the company has grown tremendously. There are more than 350 Modcloth employees located through the country. Modcloth has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh.

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 Shopping on or the Modcloth App

Consumers can shop on the Modcloth website or through the Modcloth App. The Modcloth app provides an optimal shopping experience if you are using a tablet or a smartphone. The Modcloth app allows shoppers to search for items and purchase them through the app. The Modcloth App is free and can be downloaded through the iTunes Store or Google Play.

There are some unique features about the Modcloth app. Shoppers can provide a detailed Modcloth review of items they purchase. They can also post photos of themselves wearing clothing purchased from Modcloth in the Style Gallery. Many Modcloth shoppers love this feature because it gives the consumer an idea of how the clothing looks on real people.

Consumers can search in the Modcloth app for styles based on body shape. They can favorite items and add them to a favorites list to view or purchase later. They can opt to be notified when certain items go on sale or arrive back in stock, and Modcloth app users receive notifications of app-exclusive discounts and promotions as they become available.

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Modcloth Stylish Surprise

Modcloth is not only a traditional clothing website where you can purchase items as normal, but it also offers a Modcloth Stylish Surprise, which is offered only a few times per year. For $15, you will receive a Modcloth Stylish Surprise box containing an item of surprise clothing—you don’t know what the item is until you receive it!

Customers can order a Modcloth Stylish Surprise much like a regular item, by purchasing it through the website or Modcloth app. The Modcloth Stylish Surprise costs $15 for a clothing item, or occasionally, the site will offer a $5 accessory Modcloth Stylish Surprise. The only thing customers can view from the screen before purchasing is the size—once they specify their size, a Modcloth Stylish Surprise will be shipped out to containing a Modcloth clothing item that can be anything from a shirt or skirt to a dress or sweater.

Modcloth Shipping

There are a variety of Modcloth Shipping options to suit the consumer’s needs. Shipping is offered to customers both in the United States and to international customers. Options for standard shipping along with expedited shipping are available. If your order total costs more than $75, you are eligible for free standard shipping.

There are four total Modcloth shipping options available in the United States. Orders below $75 cost $5.99 and are sent out via USPS. Consumers can expect to receive their Modcloth items within 4 to 9 business days. Ground shipping is available through FedEx for $7.99. Consumers can expect to receive those items within 2 to 5 business days.

There are two options for expedited Modcloth shipping. Modcloth customers can opt for second-day air shipping through FedEx for $13.99. Modcloth items will arrive in 2 to 3 business days. Overnight shipping is also available for $20.99 and items will arrive the next business day if your order is placed before 10 a.m. EST.

Modcloth Returns

The Modcloth website boasts about their “easy returns” policy. When it comes to Modcloth returns, you have several different options. Keep in mind Modcloth returns are only eligible for refunds within 30 days of the shipment date. However, customers can exchange their items within 90 days.

There are three different ways to do Modcloth returns. If you choose to return your item for a store credit, Modcloth will give you an additional $5 store credit to make things right.

If you choose to get a refund, Modcloth will issue a credit minus the $5.99 shipping fee. The last option is to simply exchange the item for something else, and this option is available to consumers for 90 days after the ship date.

Modcloth Reviews on

There are a variety of Modcloth reviews online. Many of the Modcloth reviews are good; however, some Modcloth reviews aren’t very positive. Those who love Modcloth rave about the products and the customer service. However, the negative reviews complain about the quality of Modcloth’s clothing and Modcloth shipping.

There are more than 2,000 Modcloth reviews on, and Modcloth is rated 2.05 stars out of 10 stars on Reseller Ratings.

A Modcloth review on Reseller Ratings from May 2016 complained about the quality of the clothes that were purchased through the Modcloth site. The reviewer was very frustrated that she purchased a pair of jeans for $50, and they didn’t last. She claims the jeans were washed once and worn only a few times. After wearing them three times, the seam started separating and the elastic started to fray.

Another Modcloth review posted by a frequent Modcloth customer in January 2015 raves about Modcloth. In the Modcloth review, the consumer says she always receives compliments on the items she purchases through Modcloth. However, she mentions she had to make a minor repair on shoes she purchased through Modcloth. Overall the consumer was very happy with Modcloth despite the minor repair, and she intends to continue shopping there.

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Modcloth Reviews on the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is a company that monitors different businesses and allows consumers to make complaints through its site. Companies are rated based on the length of time the company has been open and the number of complaints they have received in comparison to similar companies. The Better Business Bureau rates Modcloth as a “A+” company.

Image source: Pexels

A Modcloth review from March 2016 complains about the quality of the products and the shipping procedure. The consumer claims that she has received items from Modcloth that had missing buttons and are ripped or stained. The consumer requested her money back, but Modcloth only wanted to issue a store credit. It appears the case was never closed.

A review from May 2015 was written by an individual who complained about Modcloth returns. The consumer purchased several items and returned the items within the required time in order to get a refund.

When she contacted Modcloth’s customer service team about the status of the return, they only wanted to issue a store credit. Eventually Modcloth refunded the consumer’s credit card and let the consumer keep the original store credit in the hopes that she would give Modcloth another try.

The Better Business Bureau also allows customers to not only issue complaints but post reviews about the company. There are four Modcloth reviews on the Better Business Bureau Website. All four of the Modcloth reviews are positive, and the reviewers rave about Modcloth.

How to Save Money on Modcloth

There are several different ways you can save money shopping at Modcloth. By downloading the Modcloth app, you will receive app-exclusive discounts and notifications when a Modcloth promo code becomes available. You can also subscribe to the Modcloth email list and choose to receive email notifications about upcoming sales and discounts.

If you are shopping on the Modcloth website, keep a lookout for a Modcloth promo codes. They are typically on the main homepage, and the Modcloth promo codes also show up as you are browsing items. The RetailMeNot website is another source you can use to find a Modcloth promo code. You can view all of the discounts available in the Modcloth promo code section.

Is Modcloth Legit?

Modcloth has some mixed reviews online. However, like many products, you’ll find some individuals who love the product while others do not. That is clearly the case with Modcloth reviews. The majority of the complaints stem around the quality of the clothing and complaints about Modcloth shipping.

Modcloth has very fashionable clothing and attractive pricing, especially when combined with discounts. Many of you may wonder, “Is Modcloth legit?” Yes, Modcloth is a legitimate clothing site for women that specializes in carrying a wide-range of clothing sizes for just about everyone.

Tips for Shopping on Modcloth

Unfortunately, there are issues that creep up when purchasing clothing online. Oftentimes the buyer is unable to see and physically touch the product until they receive it.

As a result, the consumer may discover the product isn’t what they thought it was. Quality is difficult to determine by simply viewing a picture online and, unfortunately, is only visible once you receive the product.

Pay close attention to the Modcloth review you find on products. Make a point to download the Modcloth app so you can view photos from other customers in the style gallery to see how the clothing looks on real people like yourself. If you have an issue, be sure to return the item promptly to avoid issues with Modcloth returns.

When you purchase an item, pay close attention to your shipping options. If you are ordering on a Friday and need the item by Monday, overnight shipping may be your only option.

Call Modcloth’s customer service team if there are any questions about Modcloth shipping. With the 10 a.m. EST order deadline, even if an item is ordered Friday with overnight shipping, you may not receive it until Tuesday.

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Conclusion is website that many women will enjoy because it specializes in fashionable and unique women’s clothing. Consumers will like that there are a variety of ways to save when shopping through the Modcloth website or the Modcloth app.

Discounts can be found on websites such as RetailMeNot or on the Modcloth website, and by downloading the Modcloth app, you will receive app-exclusive discounts to help save on purchases.

While Modcloth certainly has cute clothing and attractive pricing, consumers should do their own research before purchasing anything online. Be sure to pay attention to Modcloth reviews before purchasing a product.

Downloading the Modcloth app will give you an advantage because you can see how the clothing looks on real people like yourself by viewing the Modcloth Style Gallery.

If you love fashionable and one-of-a-kind clothing, the Modcloth website may be a place for you to check out. However, as a consumer, do not forget to do your research.

Make your purchases with realistic expectations, and if you are unhappy with a purchase, return it promptly. All of these things will help you have a positive experience shopping through or the Modcloth app.


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