Intro: Missguided Reviews | Will Missguided Survive? Is It Worth Using?

Online retailers are emerging every day, all promising to deliver high-end fashion trends without sacrificing the contents of your wallet. Amidst a sea of fabric and laces, Missguided dresses and Missguided shoes appear to be perfect solutions for today’s budget-conscious fashionistas.  

On the whole, Missguided clothing appears to be on par with recent fashion trends, even featuring fashion photo bloggers and highlighting favorite Instagram feeds on its website. With the formation of Missguided UK and Missguided USA, the brand seems to be flourishing across continents through a combination of affordable style and cultural savvy. 

It’s hard to deny that Missguided clothing is tapping into a phenomenal resource.

Shopping online is a booming business. With 205 million online shoppers in 2015 and an estimated 211 million in 2016, the Internet has become a dominant retail fixture.

Still, shopping online can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when purchasing from a brand-new, unknown vendor.

When it comes to using, many online shoppers are debating the following questions:

  • Will the Missguided clothing retailer survive?
  • Is Missguided USA or Missguided UK worth using?
  • Can I use a Missguided promo code? Are they legit?

With nearly unlimited Missguided reviews available online, our Missguided review will be much more comprehensive than a typical Missguided review might be. We will strive to offer an overview of the company as a whole, instead of just one small aspect.

By evaluating its business plan and values, this review will determine whether the brand can survive in the long run. By analyzing the Missguided website, we will offer a thorough overview of the Missguided clothing retailer, including various Missguided reviews from current customers, and the Missguided promo code system.

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How Did Missguided Clothing Begin?

missguided reviews

NitinPassi, founder of Missguided. Photo courtesy of: Fashionista

In 2008, founder Nitin Passi decided to use his experience of working in the New York City and London fashion industries to expand to a broader audience.

Starting a new business amidst a widespread recession was a risky move, but there was strong customer demand for discounted clothing. As a result of economic recession, more people than ever began shopping online for discounted prices.

The embodiment of Missguided is what Passi calls rapid, not fast fashion. Rapid fashion is flexible, reacting quickly to evolving trends. Aside from closely following trends, this business model thrives on offering affordable options to a mainstream, global audience.

Global outreach certainly didn’t come easily and demanded that the company shift its advertising resources for varying audiences. With a push towards online marketing, Passi was able to successfully launch Missguided USA just a few years after Missguided UK launched. Despite having little business experience, Passi turned Missguided into a globally-recognized name.

With strong branding and competitive pricing, the Missguided clothing retailer has evolved into an $80 million dollar business.

With headquarters in London, Missguided has recently expanded to France, Australia, Germany, Spain, and Europe. Missguided dresses, shoes, tops, and bottoms are shipped to 160 countries worldwide.

Its value statement reflects this embodiment of a global community of fashion and affordability. The brand is defined by empowerment, social media interaction, global influence, and the right for all to access affordable fashion. A proclamation of confidence and wit, Missguided succeeds at targeting a young, fashionable, and self-assured generation of online consumers.

With humble beginnings, Missguided has been able to make a definite mark on the online retail world. It seems that determination, embodying fashion trends, and offering value has catapulted Missguided into financial success. Maintaining that success, however, depends upon a few key elements.

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Can Missguided Clothing Survive in Online Retail?

The current—and future—success of Missguided depends upon the following elements listed below. Amidst a flurry of other competitors, Missguided succeeded by embodying these five elements in its business model:

Of course, keeping up to date with fashion trends means constantly evolving and offering new products to the customer base.

Typically, Missguided strives to have a turnaround time of two weeks, but sometimes its turnaround time is as quick as three days. If a celebrity is seen wearing an innovative dress to an awards ceremony, you could find a similar style advertised amongst Missguided dresses three days later.

Rapid turnaround time has kept Missguided clothing up to date with the hottest fashion trends, increasing its fashion value.

Online catalogue selections are updated on a daily basis, constantly providing online customers with new merchandise. Repeat customers quickly learn that there are new products to browse through each time they visit the website. This provides a reason for customers to return, aside from simply offering the best deals on clothing.

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Many online retailers also provide affordable, stylish clothing at the click of a button. Retailers like Rosegal, Zara, and Wish are just a few examples. Competition is heavy, and some say that the market for buying discounted clothing online is oversaturated.

While offering aggressively competitive prices is easier for Missguided UK, the market for Missguided USA holds its own ground. For example, searching for sandals through the Missguided shoe collection yields results ranging from $8–$72 per pair.

Offering a wide array of products and price points allows Missguided USA to cater to a wider audience, enhancing stability over time. Value is not simply determined by individual price point but by the ability to choose between a variety of prices.

Employing in-house designers offers an additional leverage for an online retailer. Many of its items are products of its team of 15 designers, supported by 60 additional employees. If a supplier cannot pull through on a particular idea, the designers step in and create their own version. This ensures that in-demand items, like Missguided dresses and shoes, can consistently be supplied.

A quick visit to doesn’t simply show enlarged, colorful pictures of the hottest trends in dresses and shorts. Each caption is fun, attention-grabbing, and a little bit quirky. Descriptions are anything but bland, as they exude a sort of whimsical energy.

Marketing Missguided shoes is done playfully, saying “Chocolate is good, but shoes are carb-free.” If you’re looking for its new selections, just click on “Oh this? Thanks, it’s new.” Rather than utilize simple tabs for online selections, Missguided injects life and personality, employing a clever marketing tactic.

Purchasing Missguided clothing is not simply choosing a new shirt—it’s choosing a bit of life and personality.

If Missguided continues to follow these five elements, it is incredibly likely that both Missguided UK and Missguided USA will continue to flourish. Eight years after the initial launch, Missguided has managed to surpass all expectations.

missguided dresses

A London billboard announces the arrival of Missguided. Photo courtesy of: Drapers Online

In fact, the company is doing so well that a flagship Missguided UK store is set to open its doors in London by November. Last year, Missguided USA branched out as well, providing an array of Missguided dresses to be featured in Nordstrom stores as “Britain’s beloved trend brand.”

Despite a continuously growing market of online discount clothing retailers, Missguided continues to show durability over the long run. With the Missguided clothing brand moving into major department stores and creating its own store, these strong physical presences will enhance buyer visibility and stimulate future sales.

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Is Missguided USA or Missguided UK Worth Using?

Though certainly makes a good case from its business model and success alone, this question needs additional input. This review will look at the top Missguided reviews to evaluate customer satisfaction. Looking at an array of Missguided reviews can help determine whether Missguided USA or Missguided UK is the right retailer for you.

To determine whether Missguided USA or Missguided UK is worth using, we focused on the following top consumer concerns when using an online retailer:

  • Quality of products
  • Shipping rates and times
  • Customer service

Customers are most likely to review a product if their experience has either been particularly positive or particularly negative. To offer a fair picture of both company locations, we have analyzed various Missguided reviews from both Missguided UK and Missguided USA.

Missguided UK Customer Reviews

Comparatively, Missguided UK customers tend to post much more positive Missguided reviews.

  • Quality of products

A typical Missguided review praises the high quality of clothing, which offers improved fit and high quality for a low price. As a nice addition to quality and fit, some Missguided reviews offer praise for creative and attractive packaging as well. From a total of 60 Missguided reviews surveyed, not one review reported feeling that the product was not high quality.

  • Shipping rates and times

Customer reviews regarding shipping rates and times vary greatly. Some Missguided reviews state having a lot of difficulty receiving packages. Generally, the biggest problems seem to come from choosing expedited shipping and not receiving products on time. Compared to its American counterparts, UK consumers seem to experience fewer issues with shipping.

  • Customer service

Missguided reviews regarding customer service have been, on average, overwhelmingly positive. Online customers love the live chat feature, which helps immediately resolve problems. Even amidst frustrating order delays, Missguided UK customers find customer service to be friendly, prompt, and, above all, helpful.

Missguided USA Customer Reviews

Across the ocean, Missguided USA reviews tend to be much more negative than those from Missguided UK.

  • Quality of products

For Missguided USA customers, the quality of products does not seem to be an issue. One Missguided review states that her clothing came in perfect condition. Another customer reviewed a pair of ordered Missguided shoes, saying that they were a perfect fit.

  • Shipping rates and times

This is perhaps the biggest problem for American customers. With a total of 82 reviews, Missguided comes with a dismal approval rating of 22%. While some packages are delayed for weeks or months, others find that high, hidden customs fees prohibit them from receiving their order. Missguided reviews from USA customers are extremely negative when it comes to shipping rates and times.

  • Customer service

Unfortunately, Missguided reviews tend to disparage the customer service process as well. Without an American phone number, Missguided USA customers can only use the email and live chat. Many Missguided reviews state routine problems with contacting customer service regarding shipping times, tracking or refunds.

In the last three years, the Better Business Bureau reports that 17 cases were closed against Missguided, with 7 of those in the last year. It seems that when considering shipping rates and times, along with customer service, Missguided USA customers might face a litany of issues. If you aren’t willing to take the risk, you are better off visiting a department store, like Nordstrom, to pick up Missguided products.

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Is a Missguided Promo Code Available? Are They Legit?

Promotional codes and offers are a big part of securing return customers, and having a Missguided promo code at your fingertips could result in big savings. Students can automatically save 15% on any order, which only applies to those studying in the US. Its website offers free standard delivery, available without using a Missguided promo code.

Plenty of Missguided promo codes exist online, but few are met with much success. Out of 9 available codes, only one Missguided promo code was used, with an above average success rate of 79%. Although Missguided does claim to offer promo codes, the only evidence of an available Missguided promo code comes in the form of the US student discount.

Whether looking in the USA or the UK for Missguided promo codes, a coupon-generating website typically seems to offer codes that act as redirectors to the Missguided site instead of real discounts.

Conclusion: Missguided Reviews

Will the Missguided clothing retailer survive? It seems so. It has a successful business strategy, built on essential elements of providing value, timely presentation, company character, and control over production.

Is Missguided USA or Missguided UK worth using? While Missguided customers in the UK are experiencing very high levels of customer satisfaction, American customers are simply not. As the company expands, hopefully issues with customs fees and delayed shipping can be resolved.

For now, though, this Missguided review suggests that Missguided USA customers wait for some drastic changes in shipping policies before ordering online.

Is a Missguided promo code available, and are they legit? Although Missguided certainly does offer a wonderful student discount, whether the Missguided promo codes found online are legitimate is unclear. Although they do exist, they have a low success rate when customers attempt to use them on the website.

Overall, Missguided is a company built from the ground up; one which focuses on value and fashion and is enjoying global success as an online retailer. Despite shipping errors and various customer complaints, the process of opening up physical stores and entering into contracts with large department stores points to overall high levels of success.

Its business model and brand personality ensure a long-lasting presence – one which can certainly afford to improve international shipping. Although the delivery method may not always be on target, the product certainly seems to speak for itself.

Perhaps in a few years, Missguided will be able to iron out international shipping issues. Until then, keep an eye out and don’t miss your chance to experience affordable, quality London fashion brought right to department store racks through Missguided USA.

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