Overview: Things You Should Know Before Using LPL

Monitoring your investments or your clients’ investment portfolios on a regular basis is critical. However, with a busy professional schedule and a hectic life, you don’t always have the opportunity to do this.

This is where the LPL Financial Account View comes in handy. LPL Account View enters into the gap to help you keep a closer eye on your investments or clients’ portfolios, no matter what time of day it is.

MyAccount View online gives you access around the clock, but what do you know about this relatively new service?

  • What exactly is LPL Financial Account View?
  • How do you sign up for an account?
  • What are the benefits of LPL Account View access?

Whether you want to monitor your current investments or take a closer look at potential stocks or mutual funds you’re interested in purchasing, MyAccount View online from LPL can give you more freedom to manage your finances.

AdvisoryHQ wants to take a few moments to examine what the LPL Financial Account View can offer you and your investments.
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Who is LPL?

Before you’re ready to enter your sensitive personal information, it’s always a good idea to have a basic understanding of the company behind LPL Account View online. Linsco and Private Ledger merged in 1989 to form LPL Financial, the creator of LPL Account View.

Their objective is to create an environment where their advisors can offer independent financial advice to their investors, a “trusted alternative to Wall Street firms,” where advisors can focus on “doing what is right for their clients.”

LPL Financial, the company responsible for the LPL Account View, is the nation’s leading independent broker-dealer based on total revenue according to Financial Planning Magazine (June 1996–2016).

Their primary goal is to offer assistance with technology, brokerage, and investment advisor services to independent financial advisors around the country. As part of this endeavor, they also created the MyAccount View online. The New York Times describes their financial advisors as “essentially contractors” who receive email addresses and are subject to LPL compliance, but manage and pay for their own offices and staff.

The company behind the LPL Financial Account View has come under a lot of scrutiny in the last few years from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for not properly overseeing its brokers.

However, they claim to have taken renewed interest in improving their platform and increasing their compliance—beginning with increasing their compliance budget by 11 percent back in 2013. If you’re using a financial adviser that falls under LPL Financial’s umbrella and offers the LPL Account View, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not compliant.

Their platform, the My Account View online from LPL Financial, is their integrated technology to help the advisors under their care offer better service to their clients. The LPL Account View program is available to any of the clients serviced by the LPL financial advisers, of which there are more than 14,000. But what exactly is this LPL Account View online technology that makes it so desirable to work with?

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What is LPL Account View?

If you’ve already heard the buzz about LPL Account View online, you might have a vague idea of what you can do with an LPL Account View login.

This program is fairly robust with plenty of features and benefits, so we’ll begin by investigating the various benefits that LPL financial Account View brings to the table.

  • Portfolio value: LPL My Account View gives you immediate access to your account’s portfolio at any time throughout the day. In addition to giving you the overall value of your portfolio, LPL Account View will also give you the intraday prices from your holdings. You can examine your value through individual accounts or through aggregates.
  • Paperless statements: LPL My Account View online helps you to become more environmentally friendly. Whether you are receiving paper statements in the mail or receipts from trade confirmations, you can register on your LPL financial Account View to opt for paperless statements. You can also view your tax documents the same way for a 100 percent paperless experience through LPL My Account View.
  • Allocation of Investments: View charts and graphs on your investment information on LPL Account View to see how your investments are allocated and how they have performed over a specific timeframe. Your LPL My Account View access allows you to modify the timeframe for this year-to-date, the last year, or set your own time frame.
  • Transaction details: Monitor your history and data by accessing your buys, sells, dividends, reinvestments, and debit card activity from your LPL Account View access. You can also monitor your account balances, available funds, holdings, and up to 24 months’ worth of statements with your LPL My Account View login.
  • News stories: Keep tabs on current events that might affect your holdings by viewing headlines and news stories through your LPL Account View access.

The features offered through LPL My Account View are robust and numerous. It could take you a while to explore all of the possible things you can do and monitor through your LPL Financial Account View. It may take some time for you to customize your charts, graphs, and information to present exactly as you would like it to, but in the end, you will have an easy-to-read LPL Account View online.

The time you invest will definitely leave you more informed about your own investments and holdings than you were before.

Have more than one account that you want to monitor all at once? Calling customer service will give you LPL Account View access for each individual account. In fact, the bank itself recommends creating a profile for each person in your household to take advantage of the paperless setting. To be able to access all LPL Account View information for all parties on each individual account, call the office, and they should be able to set it up on your LPL Account View login.

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Is LPL My Account View Access Secure?

When you go to register for your LPL My Account View login, it will be relatively user friendly but highly secure. You will need to provide plenty of identifying information before an account can be created under your name. While you can access your LPL financial login for Account View from a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, you will need a desktop computer in order to sign up for an account.

You will need to begin verifying your information for the LPL Account View login by entering your social security number or tax ID number and any one of your account numbers. Your zip code will also have to correspond with the information you enter on LPL Account View. Non-identifying information will be requested next, including your name and email address before you select a username for your LPL Account View login.

Still worried about security? You can update your security settings after you pass the LPL financial login for Account View. You can update your site settings and opt not to display full account numbers or social security and tax ID numbers on your MyAccount View online. You may also alter your LPL My Account View login username at any time by checking availability on a new one from the settings page. Of course, if you are concerned about security, you should remember to change your password on a regular basis as well.

Why Do Financial Advisers and Brokers Like LPL Account View?

Advisor Square makes a few good points about the benefits that LPL Financial Account View offers not only to the investors themselves, but also to the brokerages that assist them. If the program is designed to help clients better monitor their own accounts, how could the LPL Financial Account View also be beneficial to the firms behind it?

Perhaps most importantly, the LPL Financial Account View can increase the traffic to a firm’s website because it becomes the greatest resource for clients to gather information about their investments. Instead of charging clients for phone calls where they request updates on their holdings and investments, they can now access them all for free with their MyAccount View online from LPL. Not only that, but they can access them any time of day (even when advisers aren’t in the office).

LPL Financial login for Account View can also reduce the call volume into a firm or brokerage. LPL Financial Account View allows them to move from handling phone calls and returning voicemails all afternoon to having more freedom to meet with clients face-to-face. The call volume decrease can lead to better business and interactions with the clients, while current clients access their information via their LPL Account View access.

Clients can also use their MyAccount View online from LPL to do their own research on what investments interest them most. Instead of financial advisers having to pull the information and evaluate it based on their client’s needs, they can gravitate toward funds that have already been selected and determine if they are a good fit. The LPL My Account View puts a lot of the power into the hands of the clients and frees financial advisers for other tasks.

Conclusion: What Does LPL Financial Account View Have to Offer You?

What Does LPL Financial Account View Have to Offer You?

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LPL Account View has the potential to be a wonderful program to help you monitor your holdings and investments 24/7. There seem to be a lot of features available via LPL My Account View access, from custom charts and graphs to years’ worth of transaction history and statements.

If you’re looking to keep all of your information in one easily accessible location, LPL Financial Account View has plenty of resources for you to view your information in the format you prefer.

The LPL Account View access process is relatively secure, and you can alter your security settings further once you pass the LPL Account View login process. An LPL Financial login for Account View can give you the freedom to understand your holdings better and to research future investments independent of your financial advisor. While you may trust their advice and guidance, it never hurts to do a little research of your own.

After all, it’s your wealth management, and at the end of the day, LPL Account View can help you to take charge of your holdings again.

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