Intro: LovelyWholesale Reviews | Is LovelyWholesale Legit? Is It Worth Using?

In this LovelyWholesale review, we are going to provide a detailed yet concise breakdown of this women’s wholesale clothing supplier.

While many reviews tend to focus on the company’s selection, process, and quality, (and we’ll be discussing those items in some depth as well), we’re primarily going to be looking at the LovelyWholesale app, the availability of LovelyWholesale coupons online, and ultimately trying to answer the ongoing question consumers are asking: “Is LovelyWholesale legit?”

What Is LovelyWholesale?

We will start our review with a quick overview of what LovelyWholesale is and what they do.

Information about the LovelyWholesale app and where to find the best LovelyWholesale coupons online will be covered a little bit later in this review.

LovelyWholesale is a division of BUMPERR, LTD which is a privately held LLC based out of the United Kingdom. We discovered in our research for this LovelyWholesale review that though the company is registered in the United Kingdom, they are originally a Chinese company, and they maintain several manufacturing facilities in China.

Their facilities in China act as both the manufacturing plant for many of the items sold on the LovelyWholesale app and discussed in this LovelyWholesale review (some items are sourced from partner manufacturers) as well as their shipping hub. As a result, mailing time on orders from the LovelyWholesale app or store can be a factor in order turnaround time and fulfillment.

Because they manufacture the majority of their clothing themselves, they eliminate most middlemen markups and are able to deliver truly wholesale pricing (often $5 to $15 for any given item, including dresses, swimwear, and rompers) to consumers worldwide, without regard to the customer’s size or capacity for resale.

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LovelyWholesale App’s Great Selection

Many reviews discuss their impressive supply of in-demand styles. At the time of writing, LovelyWholesale offers more than six thousand styles available for sale via the retail site or the LovelyWholesale app.

While they carry primarily dresses (more than two thousand online) and one-piece jumpsuits, they also offer a hefty selection of two-piece jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, swimwear, shoes, and even jewelry and accessories.

Their impressive selection ensures that whether you are shopping the LovelyWholesale app for yourself or purchasing to supply your resale operation or boutique clothing store, there are plenty of items to choose from.

The selection on the LovelyWholesale app was one of the qualities that most impressed us while developing this LovelyWholesale review.

Inexpensive Jewelry and Accessories on the LovelyWholesale App

In our LovelyWholesale review, we found that while all of the products that offers could be considered to boast rock-bottom wholesale pricing, their jewelry and accessories really stand out from the bunch. Most of their metal jewelry costs less than five dollars and even qualifies for free shipping.

lovelywholesale review

LovelyWholesale Reviews

While the amount of jewelry and accessories on the LovelyWholesale app is not quite as abundant as some of their other items, the savings on these items can make a huge difference in your bottom line whether buying for yourself or for your store. You can even stack LovelyWholesale coupons on top of their incredible pricing to get a super discounted rate.

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So Is LovelyWholesale a True Wholesaler?

In our review, we want to highlight an important consideration that many other reviews often miss, which is the lack of a minimum order quantity.

This is a huge benefit to ordering from LovelyWholesale as opposed to other wholesalers, which have sometimes steep minimum order quantities. Our LovelyWholesale review uncovered this loophole that makes LovelyWholesale and the LovelyWholesale app very accessible to businesses of all sizes as well or even individuals wanting to order clothing in bulk.

While the LovelyWholesale app and the corresponding retail site do not restrict orders with an order minimum, they do offer a competitive wholesale discount of eight percent for orders of ten or more pieces at a time, or more than $500.

So though individuals can get the cut-rate pricing available on the LovelyWholesale app and store, the benefits to being a retailer or purchaser of high quantities remain.

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Lovely Wholesale Reviews: New Items Constantly

Having a constantly rotating stock of fresh designs and styles is imperative for any fashion business, small or large. While the LovelyWholesale app and site already offer a ton of items available for sale, they also add new items all the time.

The team at LovelyWholesale reviews new items to be added to their LovelyWholesale app and store constantly, with an estimated 100 new styles added daily. While they undoubtedly rotate out older or underselling styles to stay competitive, with 100 new items every day, they’re certain to keep your closets looking fresh.

Lovely Wholesale Reviews: High-Fashion Designs

Our LovelyWholesale review found that a big selling point for LovelyWholesale is the fact that their operation is designed around supplying the globe with inexpensive options for in-demand styles.

Fashion is a constantly evolving business, and staying relevant relies heavily on making sure the styles that you wear or carry in your store are fresh. LovelyWholesale reviews hundreds of designs daily to start production on fresh designs that are up to 90% based on high-fashion clothing seen in magazines and blogs the world over.

Can I Utilize the LovelyWholesale App as a Drop-shipper?

Drop-shipping is fast becoming a lucrative way for smaller retailers to get their foot in the door of the fashion world. While the LovelyWholesale app doesn’t specifically push to be a drop-shipper, they do offer a very competitive pricing scheme to accounts approved for drop-shipping.

You will first need to register an account on the LovelyWholesale app and contact the support team to provide your projected monthly purchase quantities. Then LovelyWholesale reviews your application to become a drop-shipper, and, once approved, qualifies you for an eight-percent discount on the price of your purchase.

Considering the LovelyWholesale app already offers incredibly low pricing, an extra eight percent off the top makes for huge savings and can save your business or your bank account a ton of money. They even offer a 24-hour shipping turnaround time to help get the item into your customer’s hands as quickly as possible.

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How Does the LovelyWholesale App Perform?

The LovelyWholesale app downloads and installs quickly without any need for extra permissions on your mobile device.

lovelywholesale app

LovelyWholesale App

The LovelyWholesale app also comes with all the sales and discounts that the full site offers, including select LovelyWholesale coupons and sales. For example, they are currently running a back-to-school sale with up to 80% off select items, and this offer automatically extends to orders placed via the LovelyWholesale app.

Shipping Costs at Time of This LovelyWholesale Review

In this LovelyWholesale review, we wanted to be sure to cover global shipping rates. Shipping is based upon the total weight of the order, so the larger the order, the higher the cost. That being said, their shipping rates are very reasonable, starting at $2.49 per 100g, and only an additional $1.29 per 100g from there on out for orders to the United States. reviews

LovelyWholesale Review – Shipping Costs

One thing to consider when placing an order via the LovelyWholesale app or store is that because their distribution point is located in China, shipping times will be a bit longer than shipping from distribution points within your country.

Make sure that you relay this information (LovelyWholesale does provide a tracking number once the product has shipped) to your client, if applicable so that they aren’t left wondering when their package will arrive.

What Do Reviews On LovelyWholesale Have to Say?

Online aggregate sites give reviews three out of five possible stars in overall operation, including shipping time and returns. Common complaints in LovelyWholesale reviews online are issues with the fit—when customers do complain, it often has something to do with the fit of the garment.

There are some reviews that claim the item was either too small or too large. Sometimes the wrong size was delivered, or, in rare cases, there may have been a defect with a given item.

Our review found that though the fit can sometimes be an issue, they do offer a competitive return policy allowing for the return of any item for credit once the item is returned.

They also offer credit in the event that your order came and included a defective item or a missing item. Review: Lovely Points

LovelyWholesale offers a program that is not often covered in other LovelyWholesale reviews called Lovely Points. Lovely Points are the rewards points that you can earn when making purchases from LovelyWholesale online or through the LovelyWholesale app.

For our review, we researched the program and found that you get 20 points just for registering with the LovelyWholesale app or on the site. Then, for every $100 spent, you receive 100 Lovely Points.

For every review you complete on the LovelyWholesale app or site, you receive an additional 10 points, plus 10 points if you share items on social media via the LovelyWholesale app or site.

Every 20 Lovely Points is equal to $1, so considering the low cost of many of their items, you can quickly receive some free swag depending on how you utilize the program. This is a big benefit to those who purchase high-quantity orders and resellers.

Where Can I Find LovelyWholesale Coupons?

A quick search online for this review uncovered many LovelyWholesale coupons available online. offers a ton of LovelyWholesale coupons as well as quick links to available sale items and other specials.

Several other online coupon providers seem to provide plenty of LovelyWholesale coupons as well, although, like most online retailers, the LovelyWholesale coupons we found are mostly repeats of the same few deals.

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Conclusion: So Is LovelyWholesale Legit?

If you are concerned about purchasing from LovelyWholesale, in our research, it does appear that they are a legit company.

Any company can have issues with manufacturing quality and quality assurance practices, but where a company can differentiate itself lies in its pricing and the quality of their customer service.

The LovelyWholesale app and its entire operation seem to pass both of those tests. We found in our review of LovelyWholesale that up to 90% of their customers place a second order, indicating that their brand of quality, style, selection, and shipping speed is a winning combination among those that purchase from the site.

Always use caution and do your own research before purchasing from an online wholesaler, but through our LovelyWholesale review and other reviews from real customers, it seems that many are happy with their experiences.

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