Is Linkshe Scam? Or is it Really Legit and Safe for Your Credit Card? Here is Everything You Should Know Before Shopping on Linkshe

With online shopping and social media ads becoming more popular than ever, it’s easy to discover new brands and retailers from around the globe.

Not only can you find unique styles and on-trend fashion staples, but these retailers often offer drastically lower prices than local stores, making them ideal for bargain hunters.

Although the promise of the next great deal is alluring, when it comes to online shopping, it pays to do your research. Before you start adding items to your online cart and entering your credit card details, you need to know that you are shopping with a trustworthy, reliable, and legit site.

Linkshe is a global retailer that offers trendy clothing, affordable prices, and even free shipping—but how do you know that you’ll get your money’s worth? Is Linkshe clothing worth it? More importantly, how do you know that there isn’t a Linkshe scam?

linkshe clothingLinkshe Clothing Reviews

This AdvisoryHQ Linkshe review will provide an in-depth overview of everything you should know about Linkshe clothing and accessories, answering common questions like:

  • What is Linkshe?
  • Where is Linkshe located?
  • What kind of Linkshe clothing is available?
  • Is Linkshe a legit website?
  • Is Linkshe a scam?

We’ll also look at reviews of Linkshe from actual shoppers to help you determine whether Linkshe is worth trying for your next fashion find.

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Linkshe Review | What is Linkshe? Where is Linkshe Located?

Linkshe is a global fashion retailer that carries thousands of clothing and accessories. As stated on their website, Linkshe “offers more than 200,000 designer style clothes at 70%-90% below retail store prices.”

Shoppers have a wide range of styles to choose from, including:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Swimwear
  • Jumpsuits
  • Bottoms
  • Outerwear
  • Plus Size
  • Jewelry

This AdvisoryHQ Linkshe review found that both individual shoppers and resellers can purchase Linkshe clothing and earn automatic Linkshe coupons through their loyalty programs.

Individual shoppers earn Linkshe coupons by signing up for their S Points program, which gives a $1 credit for every 50 points earned. Resellers can purchase in bulk and earn 5-10% off of their orders through the VIP Membership program.

There are also periodic Linkshe coupons offered through the site, including a 15% off discount for new members or 20% off when signing up through Facebook.

linkshe dresses

Linkshe Review

Where is Linkshe Located?

Linkshe does not publicly advertise their location—in fact, even their return address is not given to shoppers until they initiate the return process online. While the Better Business Bureau lists a Georgia address for Linkshe, it’s likely that Linkshe clothing is made in and shipped from China.

Returns and exchanges take anywhere between 10-20 business days, suggesting overseas shipping. Additionally, customer service hours for US EST are listed as 9 PM-11:30 PM and 1 AM-6 AM, indicating a 12-hour difference in operating times.

Based on shipping times, customer service hours, and Linkshe clothing reviews, Linkshe seems closely aligned with China-based fast fashion retailers like Rosewe, Aliexpress, and Modlily.

Although not a deal-breaker for many shoppers, the lack of transparency regarding contact information and location should make potential shoppers wary of where their Linkshe dresses and accessories are coming from.

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Linkshe Review | Reviews of Linkshe from Shoppers

If you’re on the fence about shopping on Linkshe, one of the best ways to determine whether a site is worth it is to check out customer reviews.

Below, please find a comprehensive overview of Linkshe reviews from three leading consumer feedback sites: Better Business Bureau, SiteJabber, and TrustPilot.

Linkshe Customer Reviews on the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has awarded Linkshe an “F” rating and 1.07 out of 5 stars. 94 percent of Linkshe customer reviews are negative, and there are 27 complaints registered with the BBB.

Negative Linkshe reviews state that the quality of dresses, shirts, and other items was extremely poor quality and that customer service is largely inaccessible. In many cases, shoppers were unable to get a response from customer service at all, even after days of trying.

Critical Linkshe reviews on Better Business Bureau warn shoppers to stay away and choose another site to spend their money. For example, one Linkshe reviewer says:

This is a very shady company. Quality is crap. Takes forever to arrive from China. Sizes are all wrong. Fabric is thin and cheap. Stay far far away from this company. Have to jump thru hoops to get a refund…still waiting for it.

Out of the 27 complaints filed against Linkshe, 19 described an issue with the product or service. The majority of these complaints have been left unresolved, meaning that Linkshe failed to address or attempt to resolve the dispute.

Common issues among critical Linkshe website reviews on BBB include:

  • Partial refunds instead of full refunds
  • Cheap, poorly made clothing
  • Unresponsive customer service department
  • Confusing return process

Linkshe Customer Reviews on SiteJabber

SiteJabber has over 350 Linkshe reviews, giving the site an overall rating of 2.5 stars out of 5. While 108 Linkshe reviewers gave their experience a full 5-star rating, 219 reviewers gave the lowest rating possible, representing a large percentage of unsatisfied shoppers.

Positive Linkshe Reviews

Although the majority of Linkshe reviewers are dissatisfied with their experience, there are many shoppers on SiteJabber that seem happy with shopping on Linkshe. Many state that shipping is reliable, customer service is friendly, and most of all, the clothing is cheap and stylish.

However, even positive Linkshe website reviews are quick to point out that shoppers should not expect Linkshe clothing to be high quality. For example, one Linkshe reviewer says:

I love Linkshe clothing because not only is it cheap, it also has whatever is trendy now but for a fair amount of money. It’s heaven for me because I get bored very easily so if I’m sure it’s not a classical piece, I tend to buy it here! The thing is though that since it is cheap, be aware of their quality!

In a similar Linkshe review, another shopper warns customers that although the fabric is thin and not always high-quality, “for the prices it’s a pretty good deal.”

Based on positive Linkshe clothing reviews from SiteJabber, satisfied shoppers are willing to sacrifice overall quality and lengthy shipping times for the sake of a lower price point on Linkshe clothing.

linkshe reviews

Reviews of Linkshe from SiteJabber

Negative Linkshe Reviews

The largest percentage of Linkshe reviews on SiteJabber give only 1-star, the lowest possible rating.

Many Linkshe reviews express frustration with lengthy shipping times, poor quality clothing, being overcharged for their order, a complicated return process, and a customer service department that is largely unreachable.

In particular, the frustrating return process and inability to receive a full refund has led many Linkshe reviewers to believe that there is a Linkshe scam. For example, one recent review says:

I wish I would have looked at reviews. Ordered 2 bathing suits and they are cheaply made with some sort of thin nylon material, not quality Department store bathing suits. Called my bank and they have issued a temporary credit. Called Pay Pal and they are offering my full refund. Even the Pay Pal employee said she ordered from them and it wasn’t what they show on site. Also, I put in complaint with Federal Trade Commission and will be contacting Attorney General as well. This site needs to be off the internet.

Other shoppers report issues with unknowingly ordering out of stock items and struggling to get a refund from customer service, pointing to poor business practices and supporting the growing concern that Linkshe is a scam.

Linkshe Customer Reviews on TrustPilot

TrustPilot has the highest number of Linkshe reviews, with over 1,100 shoppers leaving feedback about their experience with Linkshe dresses and clothing.

Positive Linkshe Reviews

Two percent of Linkshe reviewers rated their experience as “Excellent,” representing a small margin of satisfied shoppers. Interestingly, the majority of positive Linkshe reviews came from shoppers that had purchased swimwear.

One such reviewer says that her bathing suit was “exactly like pictured and very well made,” saying that she would definitely order again. Others claim that the wide range of complaints about customer service are exaggerated, as they had zero issues with contacting and resolving issues with the Linkshe customer service team.

It may be that shipping to US-based shoppers is uniquely problematic, as a few positive Linkshe reviewers came from customers in the UK. One reviewer even points this discrepancy out, saying that “most of the negatives seem to be from customers in USA.”

This AdvisoryHQ Linkshe review did find that some shoppers mistakenly left a 5-star review instead of a 1-star, as shown in the image below. (Unfortunately, this ends up slightly altering the ratio of negative to positive Linkshe reviews.)

linkshe review

Reviews of Linkshe on TrustPilot

Negative Linkshe Reviews

93 percent of Linkshe website reviews on TrustPilot are negative, giving the site a 1-star rating and an overall TrustScore of 0.5 out of 10 (one of the lowest that we have seen).

Many shoppers report having to escalate their dispute with customer service to PayPal in order to get their money back, as the customer service department refused to offer any more than an 80 percent refund.

Even when shoppers are lucky enough to receive an authorization to return their items, this doesn’t always guarantee that they will get the refund or exchange that they were promised.

For example, one shoppers that was instructed to return their order to a Maryland distribution center calls the process “a total scam” as Linkshe claims to have never received the package and will not respond to emails.

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AdvisoryHQ Linkshe Review | Summary of Positive & Negative Linkshe Reviews

When using Linkshe customer reviews to make a shopping decision, it can be helpful to look for patterns among reviews to gain a comprehensive overview of the average shopping experience.

Common points of praise among positive Linkshe reviews include:

  • Responsive customer service department
  • Quality of Linkshe clothing matches the price
  • Reliable shipping (especially in the UK)
  • Site is organized and easy to shop

Common complaints among critical Linkshe reviews include:

  • Shipments that are delayed by months
  • Never receiving orders that were paid for
  • Inability to receive a full refund
  • Poor fabric quality and construction of Linkshe clothing
  • Difficult or impossible to get a hold of customer service
  • Linkshe dresses do not look like the photo

While positive reviews of Linkshe certainly do exist, potential shoppers should note that every single consumer feedback site contains a significantly higher percentage of critical reviews and complaints, a factor which often diminishes the impact of positive reviews.

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Linkshe Review | Is Linkshe a Legit Website? Is Linkshe a Scam?

With critical Linkshe reviews piling up from frustrated shoppers, many consumers are wondering whether Linkshe is even a legit website.

With the ever-increasing importance of online security, part of determining whether a shopping website is legit means looking at their security settings. Any website that asks you to input personal information (like a credit card) should have the proper security protocols in place to ensure that your credit card information is safe and secure. has an “https” prefix and a small green lock. This means that data (like credit card information) is transmitted with Secure Sockets Layer, providing an additional layer of security online.

Linkshe is a legit website in the most basic of senses—but just because the site will let you fill up your online cart and order, that doesn’t mean that you should. See the section below on whether you should be concerned about a Linkshe scam.

linkshe coupon

Is There a Linkshe Scam?

Is Linkshe a Scam?

Based on Linkshe reviews, many shoppers are wondering if there is a Linkshe scam. In fact, many reviews even claim that Linkshe is a scam based on lack of customer service, miscommunication on tracking and shipping, and the overall poor quality of Linkshe clothing.

Is Linkshe a scam? From a customer’s perspective, Linkshe certainly does not appear to care about their best interests. Shipping is lengthy and unreliable, refunds are extremely difficult to get, customer service is unreachable, and in many cases, the quality of Linkshe clothing is incredibly poor.

Although concerning, the above characteristics are commonly seen in retailers based out of China, like DressLily, Rosewe, RoseGal, and more. These websites (including Linkshe) have come under fire for misleading shoppers with stolen images, poor clothing quality, confusing return processes, and less-than-expected customer service practices—but there has not yet been any legal action taken against them.

In the case of Linkshe, this AdvisoryHQ Linkshe review did not find that Linkshe is actively trying to scam shoppers.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should immediately start filling up your online shopping cart—many shoppers feel as though they have been scammed nonetheless, and there are plenty of serious issues with the company’s business practices and quality control that should cause any shopper to hesitate.

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AdvisoryHQ Conclusion: Is Linkshe Clothing Worth It?

While some satisfied shoppers would suggest giving Linkshe clothing a try, this AdvisoryHQ review cannot give the same recommendation. In fact, based on reviews of Linkshe, shoppers would be much better served by avoiding Linkshe altogether and choosing another retailer instead.

Linkshe may not be an outright scam, but they certainly are not the best place for you to spend your money. The low prices on Linkshe clothing come with serious sacrifices on quality, reliability, and customer service.

If you love the look of Linkshe clothing and want to add a few on-trend pieces to your wardrobe, do your credit card (and your patience) a favor, and don’t take the risk of purchasing from

Instead, take the time to look for US-based retailers that have a strong reputation of product quality, reliability, and customer service to ensure that you have the best possible shopping experience.

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