Intro: LightInThe Box Reviews | Is LightInTheBox Safe?

Trying to find a way to save a few dollars on your must-have purchases? Prefer to do all of your shopping online so that you don’t have to change out of your pajamas?

Everyone is looking for the next big retailer to hit the scenes so they can see huge markdowns on their online shopping purchases. Here enters LightInTheBox.

What is LightInTheBox, you might ask? If you haven’t heard of it yet, you probably will soon.

LightInTheBox is a global online retailer that was founded in 2007, which specializes in offering customizable products at steep discounts.

However, LightInTheBox reviews argue that the retailer might not be all its cracked up to be. The plentiful Light In The Box reviews argue that the service they’ve received may be just a scam.

So, is LightInTheBox safe? Let’s take a look at the evidence to find out in this LightInTheBox review.

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Exactly What Is LightInTheBox?

LightInTheBox is a global retailer that specializes in a few key categories: apparel, small appliances, home décor, and a variety of electronics.

The main reason people are starting to ask the question, “Is LightInTheBox safe?” is because its primary headquarters is located in Beijing, China.

While it does have an office stateside where you can send returns, the bulk of its business is run through the China office.

While it appears that LightInTheBox is a legitimate business and not just a front for peddling stolen goods or a phishing scam, many Light In The Box reviews fail to point out the benefits.

LightInTheBox is great for finding wholesale pricing on miscellaneous or difficult-to-find items, particularly if you are interested in buying large amounts.

Our LightInTheBox review found that the website does offer a few legitimate services that make it feel like there might not be a LightInTheBox scam:

Google Checkout

Not applicable on all items, Google Checkout is an online payment processing service hosted by Google, designed to speed up the payment process.

Consumers trust it to be fast and secure – definitely a favorable feature in LightInTheBox reviews.

Western Union

Not a fan of putting your credit card information into a website that has a popular search option of “LightInTheBox scam?”

Pay for your items via a wire transfer through the reputable Western Union payment option.


Everyone recognizes the PayPal name as a safe and secure way to send funds around the world. Take advantage of the inherent security of PayPal’s ecommerce to pay for your Light In The Box purchase instead of taking a chance with phishing.

Is Light In The Box safe to order from? Most would agree that the payment options offered at final checkout do ensure a secure checkout process to protect the cash in your accounts.

Some Light In The Box reviews do label it as a phishing scam, but phishing could happen through most retail sites of that scale.

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NYSE Listing | LightInTheBox Review

LightInTheBox is listed on the New York stock exchange under LITB after having undergone a rigorous application process to provide its articles of incorporation, company by-laws, key information on the company, and contacts for executives. It has to be profitable with a certain number of shareholders.

Lightinthebox Reviews

Image Source: LightInTheBox Reviews

Even then the New York Stock Exchange has the discretion to apply more rigid criteria, particularly in the form of collecting additional sales records to prove how much profit the company is actually generating.

That being said, plenty of other companies have ended up on the New York Stock Exchange just to end up being a scam.

Companies like Enron, HealthSouth, and Tyco International were all large-scale enterprises that created a business around fraudulent sales and marketing.

This list from Investopedia gives you a crash course in companies that have been listed on the NYSE just to end up crashing and burning.

With all of the public companies available globally, it would be almost impossible for the New York Stock Exchange or the Securities and Exchange Commission to detect every possible fraudulent endeavor.

While the NYSE listing does put LightInTheBox on the map, it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a LightInTheBox scam.

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Is LightInTheBox Safe to Order from? | LightInTheBox Reviews

Among the Light In The Box reviews, you’ll find that it is best known for its customizable wedding apparel and eveningwear.

Brides and their entourages flock to this site in hopes of scoring the wedding dress of their dreams at a fraction of the cost of traditional retailers. Better yet, the customizable features of the website mean they won’t even have to pay for custom tailoring. 

However, for every delighted bride-to-be that receives her flowing white gown, there’s another Light in the Box review that tells a different story.

LightInTheBox reviews abound that call it a “LightInTheBox scam” or a “Light In The Box rip off” because their gear never arrives.

On relatively inexpensive items, such as clothing, this may not be as much of a concern.

However, for those who are considering using LightInTheBox for larger purchases, like appliances or electronics, the LightInTheBox reviews on forums would suggest that you might want to think twice.

On the other hand, popular online review sites invited consumers to weigh in on their LightInTheBox review for some startling finds:

LightInTheBox Reviews on Trustpilot 

Out of 7,496 reviews on Trustpilot, its LightInTheBox review gave an overall score of 7.2 out of 10.

Just fewer than 70% of those who wrote reviews gave the online retailer a full 5 stars, with approximately 16% rating their shopping experience with 1 star.

Generally speaking, this is an overall positive Light In The Box review, particularly when considering Trustpilot reviews on similar websites, like AliExpress or Tomtop.

LightInTheBoxReviews on Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs was the outlier, with a total of 461 reviews and an overall rating of just under two stars. 

Many of the Light In The Box reviews expressed frustration with prolonged shipping times and miscommunication on sizing, the majority of which came from customers who had ordered shoes.

LightInTheBox Reviews on SiteJabber

SiteJabber’s LightInTheBox reviews gave scores similar to those on Trustpilot.

Of the 3,224 reviews gathered, Light In The Box ended up with a score of 3.5 stars, with almost 70% of its Light In The Box reviews being rated at five stars. 

While there are still plenty of disgruntled customers if you scroll through any site featuring Light In The Box reviews, you’ll also find many people who were completely satisfied with their purchases and the customer service.

Overall, many of the people who were pleased with their purchase seemed to be purchasing smaller items: various clothing items, wigs, accessories or small electronics.

Our own Light In The Box review found that the more expensive items seem to have a lot more negative Light In The Box reviews, a fact that online shoppers should certainly take note of.

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How Does Shipping Work? | LightInTheBox Review

LightInTheBox scam comments run rampant on forums and message boards where consumers come to vent about never receiving their items. Sometimes, those Light In The Box reviews are made a little hastily though.

When we answered the question, “What is LightInTheBox?” we discussed that this retailer is actually headquartered in Beijing.

That being said, most of its items also ship from overseas, and shipping times aren’t exactly the fastest. Even the processing times can be lengthy.

A few items process in just 24 hours, but the rest can span from three days to a whopping fifteen days before they even leave the warehouse.

A major LightInTheBox review complaint is the length of the shipping times, detailed below:

Postal Service-Tracking

Goods shipped with this method can make it to the United States in 10-20 business days from the time it leaves the warehouse. During peak season, this delivery time is extended to 15-30 days. 

Looking at a calendar, that means that it could be up to six weeks (counting the weekends) before your items arrive. 

Postal Expedited

Choosing this method will certainly speed up the delivery process, cutting your wait time down to 5-8 business days. This brings it to approximately a one-week wait, even during peak delivery times.

Express Expedited Shipping

For shoppers who want their items as soon as possible, this is the best shipping option to consider. With Express Expedited, worldwide shipping is cut down to 3-5 days.  

Our LightInTheBox review could not find any information regarding specific pricing for each shipping method, though the company does state that shipping will depend both on the weight of the package and on the delivery time frame.

When considering the generic Postal Service-Tracking shipping method, the longest wait falls just under nine weeks for an item to arrive after placing your order.

That’s a long time to wait and wonder whether you’ve become a victim of the LightInTheBox scam, or whether it is simply normal shipping times for a package coming from overseas.

It’s enough to lead anyone to ask the question, “Is Light In The Box safe?” after waiting that long for a potentially expensive package.

Before believing that you’ve fallen prey to a LightInTheBox scam, make sure that you’ve waited the full 45 business days that your item may take to make it to your home.

Then follow up with customer service to see if they can provide any kind of additional tracking or tracing details for your package that proves it is well on its way to you.

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Conclusion: Is LightInTheBox Safe Enough to Become My New Go-to Online Retailer?

Now that we’ve thoroughly answered the question, “What is LightInTheBox?” it’s time to ask the real question: Is Light In The Box safe to order from for my everyday online shopping needs?

While the Light In The Box reviews seem to be very favorable on the whole, the jury is still out on whether there may be a LightInTheBox scam afoot.

It might be a great way to get a steep discount on a custom-made dress or to score a few miscellaneous odds and ends that you need in bulk.

Overall, is LightInTheBox safe? It has plenty of secure payment options that would indicate that it isn’t a phishing site.

Most unsatisfied customers aren’t complaining of stolen credit card data. Instead, these negative LightInTheBox reviews detail frustration with customers never receiving their goods.

Read any Light In The Box review and you might find that they simply haven’t waited long enough to receive their items in a world that is used to 2-day shipping from Amazon Prime.

The LightInTheBox reviews seem to indicate that you might want to try a few less expensive items first to see if you’re pleased with the customer service and shipping times before proceeding to purchase larger items.

If you do find that there’s a LightInTheBox scam, at least you won’t be out the larger purchase amount. Save those large-scale purchases for after you’ve had a few successful purchases arrive on smaller items.

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