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Approximately 56% of Americans suffered from subprime credit scores in 2015, according to the 2015 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard.

Now, more than ever, people are turning to credit repair firms to raise their scores. Americans with subprime credit scores are often overlooked for credit and financing options that make car and home buying attainable. Luckily, credit repair firms such as LexingtonLaw.com are available to those looking to repair their bad credit.

There are many Lexington Law reviews available on the internet, and we have read them all so you don’t have to! Below, we present a more detailed Lexington Law review and overview, including the details of their services.

lexington law reviews

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Lexington Law Firm through the Years

Founded in 1991 by a group of lawyers and credit experts, Lexington Law was one of the first firms to offer credit repair services. Since then, Lexington Law has helped thousands of people improve their credit by leveraging their clients’ legal right to a fair and accurate credit report.

Lexington Law promises to:

  • Communicate with creditors on the client’s behalf
  • Verify report changes with bureaus
  • Provide timely information about (hopefully positive) changes in your credit report

In 2014 alone these tactics led to over 7,000,000 negative item removals*, which shows that, as credit repair tactics have changed throughout the years, Lexington Law has adapted to offering the best possible service.

While Lexington Law does not guarantee that you will experience certain results, most reviews on Lexington Law report an impressive 10.2 removals* on average in 4 months across the three credit reports.

“Removals” refers to the removal of negative items such as a late credit card payment, bankruptcy, or collection that can bring your credit score down.

The Lexington Law Firm Process

In 1970, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was passed into federal law. The FCRA protects you and your credit by requiring the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) to follow certain standards about how they use the information they receive in regards to your credit.

Under the FCRA, consumers have certain rights, such as accurate and verified reporting and the right to have outdated information removed. In short, the FCRA makes credit repair possible. 

Lexington Law helps clients navigate the tedious and complicated processes necessary to achieve credit repair, and they do so in a 4-step process

Case Intake: Once you have read some Lexington Law firm reviews and decide to engage their services, their experts will begin by obtaining credit reports from all three major credit bureaus. Then, they will speak with you to collect information specific to your circumstances.

Legal Action: This step showcases why it is important to hire a credit repair firm to guide you through the credit repair hoops. The lawyers assigned to your case will review your reports and identify the problem areas to establish what to bring forward to your creditors and the credit bureaus. Then, according to Lexington Law, “Your credit report items are carefully triaged and matched with just the right credit repair strategies.”

Credit Score Analysis: This step is all about maintaining. Lexington Law offers different levels of support (which I will address later), and those clients at the Concord Premier level will receive a personalized, monthly improvement analysis with information to help them continue improving their credit. Coaching and “credit score enhancing tips” are also available to both service levels by phone, email, and website chat. 

Follow-Up and Escalation: Once Lexington Law issues correspondence to the creditors and the credit bureaus on your behalf, it is up to you to send any responses you receive on to those who have been assigned to your case. Lexington Law also allows clients to track and monitor their case with their website and their mobile app.

Reviews on Lexington Law report that these four steps, tried and tested for the past 25 years, have an exceptionally high success rate of the removal of negative items. A quick search for “Lexington Law reviews BBB” shows that Lexington Law has earned an A- score on the Better Business Bureau website.

A recent reviewer on the BBB website exclaimed, “We have been with Lexington Law Firm for only two months and have already seen a great improvement in our credit. We are now starting to look for a home to purchase, something we never thought we would be able to do. I would highly recommend them to anyone who asks.”

Lexington Law Service Details

Lexington Law provides two different levels of service, the Concord Standard, and the Concord Premier. Each level of service comes at the affordable initial cost of $99.95. The Concord Standard is then $79.95 for each additional month of service, and the Concord Premium is $99.95 for each additional month.


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Both levels come with these great services:

Credit Bureau Attention: Lexington Law will communicate with the credit bureaus and affirm your rights to a correct and fair credit report.

Creditor: Goodwill Interventions: Non-confrontational communication with creditors regarding any late-pay accounts.

Creditor: Escalated Information Requests: For more serious late-pay accounts, Lexington Law will request full documentation of the account and its compliance with the FRCA, and then assign revisions.

Creditor: Debt Validation: Legal intervention to affirm your consumer rights protected by the FCRA by requesting a full substantiation or the revision of a negative item.

Free Support: Lexington Law offers phone, email, and chat support.

No Hidden Fees & Anytime Cancelation: Like a utility bill, Lexington Law charges for services provided. This means that upon payment of the previous month’s services, you can cancel at any time. However, it is important to note that, in this payment model, you will be accountable for the full month’s fee, even if you decide to cancel mid-month. 

Same-Day Consultation: Assuming you have your credit reports ready to go, Lexington Law will begin reviewing your case the same day you sign their engagement agreement.

The following services come exclusively with the Premier Concord level of service:

TransUnion Credit Monitoring: Lexington Law will alert you via SMS and email of any changes of your TransUnion credit score.  It is possible to access your credit score for free online, so this alone would not be a reason to upgrade to Premier; however, it is a nice service to include. 

ReportWatch: ReportWatch emails will be sent to you whenever your credit report changes in a way that might affect your credit score. This service also provides you with tips on what to do with the information you receive. 

InquiryAssist: Lexington Law will prepare customized letters for you to address any questionable inquiries (known to lower credit scores) made on your credit report. 

Monthly Credit Score Improvement Analysis: Each month you will receive a customized analysis of your credit report, with personalized tips to optimize your score. This is a great feature for someone in need of additional credit education.

Identity Theft Insurance: This is perhaps the most valuable feature included in the Premier Concord service. For as long as you employ Lexington Law, they will provide $25,000 worth of identity theft insurance. I should mention that while identity theft insurance is included in the Premier Concord level, it is available as an add-on for the Standard Concord level. This feature exempts any New York clients.

Overall, LexingtonLaw.com reviews agree that Lexington credit repair services, whether you spring for Premier Concord or opt for Standard Concord, are a great deal. While researching, we found over and over again that Lexington Law credit repair reviews named the firm as a leader in the field.

They are known as a top 10 credit repair firm, have the best reputation (they have, after all, been in business for 25 years), and as specialists in credit law.

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Are You a Good Candidate for Lexington Law’s Services?

To determine if Lexington Law will be able to improve your credit score, it is important to first ask one crucial question: Do you have legitimately unverifiable items or errors on your credit report? Lexington Law, or any credit repair firm for that matter, will not be able to assist you if your credit is poor due to irresponsible habits gone unchecked. However, once you have decided to work on improving your credit, Lexington Law is available to help you dispute inaccurate, dated, misleading, biased, incomplete, or unverifiable negative items on your report.

Unverifiable items occur when the lender in question has gone out of business or is unable to verify their claim. If a negative item cannot be verified, the credit bureau is required to remove it from your report.

Ready to Seek Credit Repair Help?

Once you have determined that your credit report contains negative items that you find questionable, it may be time to seek credit repair help. While no credit repair firm can guarantee a higher credit score, it is clear that Lexington Law firm is a great candidate with proven results.

If this and other Lexington credit repair reviews have inspired you to seek Lexington Law’s services, you can visit their website at www.lexingtonlaw.com to learn more about what they can do to help you improve your credit score.

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