Overview: Top 5 Best Kids Consignment Shops

It’s not shocking to understand that parents can rally around one pain point of child rearing: prices for children’s clothing continue to rise.

Fortunately, kids’ consignment shops often turn out to be gateways to cutting costs.

However, there are so many options that can help you save money on children’s and baby’s clothing items, from childrens consignment shops to baby consignment online, that it’s hard to select just one.

Also, you may be wondering what the difference is between a consignment shop, resale shop, or a thrift shop.

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According to the Association of Resale Professionals, a thrift shop is usually a not-for-profit shop, which sells clothes from donations to fund charities and philanthropic causes.

On the other hand, resale shops and consignment shops sell gently used items, which are procured from individuals to sell for a profit.

Resale shops usually cash at the time a seller presents the items for sale. Consignment shops are a type of resale shop, which sell based on a consignment agreement where the individual seller gets a percentage of the profit once the item sells.

So, where do you start looking for kids’ consignment online options or baby consignment online selections?

This article aims to debunk these questions by providing you with a look at five popular online baby consignment shops and kids online consignment options.

You can also expect to find an analysis of kids consignment online reviews of these childrens consignment shops to identify the advantages and disadvantages of shopping at these stores in person or online.

Let’s examine pros and cons of the shopping experiences at the following popular kids consignment shops.

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List of Top Children Consignment Shops

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that consignment shop):

Top Kids Consignment Shops | Comparison Ranking


Top Rated:

Just Between FriendsBrick and Mortar Consignment Shop
KidzoutfittersConsignment Shop
Once Upon a ChildBrick and Mortar Consignment Shop
The Flying SquirrelBrick and Mortar Consignment Shop
ThredUPOnline Consignment Shop
Table: Top 5 Best Kids & Children Consignment Shops | List is sorted out alphabetically

What People Want to Know About Kids’ Consignment Shops

Then again, you might not be familiar with the concept of kids consignment shops and what they can really do for you. We will go into detail about these childrens consignment shops and how they can benefit you and your child for many years to come.

Below is a quick overview of the topics that will be discussed in this article:

  • Where can I find kids consignment shops?
  • Where can you look for online kids consignment stores?
  • What are reviews saying about childrens consignment shops online?
  • Do any of the kids consignment shops online and baby clothes consignment shops offer free shipping?
  • Brick and mortar kids consignment shops

Brick and Mortar Top Consignment Shops

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This online kid’s consignment shop integrates both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce sales channels by offering buyers and sellers the chance to make and save money by hosting and attending local sales events.

The company accepts gently used baby clothing consignment items all the way up to teen clothing.

kids consignment shops

Source: Just Between Friends

Shoppers can expect to save between 50 to 90 percent on clothing. Buyers interested in purchasing items have to find a locally hosted event at JustBetweenFriends.com. Sellers can also participate in the local sales events by registering online, pricing their items, and dropping them off to the event.

However, the disadvantage with selling with this national franchise reseller is that sellers must wait 15 days to receive funds. Additionally, an online store is not available for shoppers.

This kids online consignment store is a part of the Plato’s Closet family of national stores and focuses on selling baby’s and children’s lightly used secondhand clothing and other products, such as toys, footwear, and furniture. The store is located physically all over the United States.

The store also sells a variety of brands up to 70 percent off the original retail price, such as Carter’s, Cherokee, Old Navy, and Circo. Although it has an online website, shoppers are unable to buy clothing directly from the website. Instead, shoppers can find a store near them to buy baby or children’s clothes.

childrens consignment shops

Kids & Children Consignment Stores

However, this baby clothes consignment shop offers the advantage of providing consignors the opportunity to receive their cash at once. Items collected from this shop are gently used.

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This Brooklyn, New York-based kids and baby clothes consignment shop is based in New York, New York, and offers a curated collection of consignment clothes for children.

The company’s clothing is picked by its owner and must follow the standards of being stylish and in great selling condition.

kids consignment online

Source: Store Logo

Unfortunately, this store does not allow online sales, as of 2016. Instead, this baby clothes consignment shop uses its online presence for informational purpose.

For example, people interested in selling clothes through this baby clothes consignment shop can view the store’s resale policies online to discover that The Flying Squirrel only sells newborn to 24 months clothes.

 If you decided to shop at this store, you’ll be impressed to see it’s packed with clothes from designers and brands, such as Ralph Lauren and Children’s Place.

Top Online Children’s Consignment Shops

thredUP Review

ThredUP is a secondhand clothing online marketplace.  Buyers are able to trade, buy, and exchange clothing for women and children via its website and mobile app. One advantage of using thredUP is that it offers a variety of designer clothes for sale.

online kids consignment

Source: thredUP

The company also makes it easy for buyers to focus their sales by style rather than item. Although this e-reseller caters to women, it is also a main shop to purchase secondhand baby consignment online. Customers can expect to buy (or sell and consign) brands such as MICHAEL Michael Kors, Old Navy, and Baby Gap.

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Kidz Outfitters Consignment Review

This kids consignment shop sells high-end and mainstream kids and baby clothes, such as Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, and American Apparel, with the option to sell, buy, or consign. Most accepted items for sale are for children and are available in sizes ranging from newborn to age 12.

Patrons can also purchase clothing online around the clock. However, the site did not feature any items for sale at the time of this review because it was updating the site.

However, customers are able to view some of the selection in its physical store, which is located in Spring, Texas. The store offers a playroom for children to relax while parents and caregivers shop for kids’ or baby clothes consignment options.

This online kids consignment shop also reveals its payout amounts based on an item’s price of sale, which sets the correct expectations for its sellers. Sellers can receive cash via PayPal, as credit for clothes, or in the form of a donation to an organization.

 The disadvantage of receiving cash via PayPal is that the seller must set up an account and wait three days to receive payment after completing the sale.

What You’ll Find in Kids Consignment Online Reviews

Before making any purchases from consignment baby stores or kids online consignment stores you are considering, it’s a good idea to check a few reviews.

Reviews often point out the benefits and the disadvantages of shopping at the kids consignment shops or the baby consignment online stores of your choice.

Although these kids consignment shops are popular, the number of reviews available online for each one is sparse in comparison to standard clothing stores. This may be due to several factors, such as the fact that some of these stores have a smaller audience since they are local versus being a national chain.

This kids consignment online review uses insight from popular review sites, such as Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and Yelp.com, since reviews are limited on consignment baby stores.

Browsing online reviews from Yelp.com provides valuable insight on many of these kids consignment shops. These online kids consignment reviews and baby consignment online reviews highlight a healthy mix of positive and negative reviews. Let’s take a look at what some kids consignment online reviews reveal.

The Good

SiteJabber.com includes more than 3,000 reviews on thredUP, as of 2016. Sixty-eight percent of these kids consignment online reviews collectively approve this used-goods reseller. More than 1,600 of the reviews have a 5-star rating and demonstrate a consensus of clothing quality, especially regarding the Theory clothing brand.

Quality of clothing was also important to shoppers who left reviews on Yelp for The Flying Squirrel baby clothes consignment store.

The one online kids consignment review SiteJabber has on Just Between Friends raves about the consignment experience. As of 2016, the consensus of the 27 reviews about this baby clothes consignment shop on Yelp are also positive about the selling experience.

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The Bad

Some kids consignment online reviews revealed issues with the selling process. For example, SiteJabber reveals nearly 600 one-star ratings for thredUP, as of 2016. Most of these kids consignment online reviews cited issues in using the site to sell clothing.

One online kids consignment review on SiteJabber indicated that the customer was upset because thredUP only paid her for one clothing item because the others were not in selling condition.

This online baby consignment reviewer also claims that the company keeps the expensive items that sellers provide and sells them other places, though we were unable to find evidence that pointed to any such scam. Poor reviews regarding selling with thredUP are also prevalent on Yelp.com, and the company averages nearly 6 out of 10 stars on Trustpilot mainly due to poor payment expectations when it comes to selling designer clothes.

The brick-and-mortar stores were also not exempt from poor reviews.

For example, The Flying Squirrel included a poor kids online consignment review regarding the bad location of the store and the customer service received regarding selling clothes. However, a representative with The Flying Squirrel attempted to resolve this issue by apologizing for the poor experience. This action demonstrates that the company works to resolve issues right away.

The Neutral

Although these children’s consignment shops have both positive and negative reviews, the healthy mix of kids consignment online reviews create a balance.

For example, Sitejabber.com reveals that thredUP has online kids consignment reviews with three-star ratings. Most of these reviews expressed unsatisfactory expectations when it came to both selling and buying since some items were overpriced and selling was too complicated.

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Which Childrens Consignment Shops Offer Free Shipping?

If you’re wondering if any of these online kids consignment shops offer free shipping, then you’re in luck. ThredUP offers an option to receive free unlimited standard shipping for one month.

The company refers to this program as ThredUP Everyday Works. In order for shoppers to get free shipping, they must purchase at least $150 worth of merchandise.

Once they make a purchase that meets or exceeds the free shipping threshold, they will be able t0 receive free unlimited shipping the following calendar month.

The order amount is based on the total amount before shipping costs and taxes but excluding any discounts applied to the order. Additionally, shoppers on thredUP must sign up for the free shipping program.

Also, Kidz Outfitters provides free shipping on purchases totaling $50 or more, as of 2016.

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Do Any of the Kids Consignment Shops Have an App?

Unfortunately, only two out of the five reviewed kids consignment shops indicate that the store has a free application. ThredUP has a mobile app that customers can use to sell and buy secondhand clothing items. These apps are available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

One huge advantage that using this online kids consignment store’s app is that you get the opportunity to use exclusive coupon codes for the app to get additional savings on purchased items.

Also, Once Upon A Child also offers an app that shoppers can use to find the nearest location. This app is available on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, as of 2016. 

baby consignment online

Source: APP

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Final Thoughts

If you’re still looking for where to buy children’s secondhand clothes or sell clothes on consignment, you likely have a slew of options in your town. National chains, such as Once Upon a Time and Just Between Friends, make it easy to sell clothing in stores or at events.

You can also take advantage of baby clothes consignment shops, such as The Flying Squirrel in Brooklyn and Kidz Outfitters, and a local store is probably just a web search away.

On the other hand, thredUP is an ideal online shopping marketplace that makes it simple to shop online and via its mobile app.

Free shipping is also available with this reseller. Reviews were mostly positive with this company, but keep your eye on its selling practices.

Searching for children’s and baby clothing at kids consignment shops can be overwhelming when you don’t narrow down the selection. However, it doesn’t have to be hard when you start with these five shops.

Consider the payment methods for consigning with these children’s consignment shops. Also, ensure that you follow the store’s guidelines if you choose to sell with any consignment baby stores or kid’s consignment shops.

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