Does Jomashop Have the Best Designer Watches for Women & Men?

There’s no denying that designer watches for women and men are a serious investment—but for those who love them, that investment represents both high quality and long-lasting use.

Shoppers who don’t want to sacrifice quality for a lower price tag could easily find themselves spending thousands of dollars on designer watches for men and women, but what if there was a site that offered that same quality at a lower cost?

Here enters Jomashop, a retail shop specializing in luxury goods and designer accessories since 1987.

Although they also offer designer accessories like sunglasses, handbags, scarves, wallets, and jewelry, their collections of designer watches for women and men are their most popularly reviewed and purchased items.

If you’re in the market for designer watches for men or women, Jomashop appears to be a solid bet. With top designer names like Armani Exchange, Bulova, Cartier, Michael Kors, and Rolex from 40-60 percent off, it’s hard to resist designer accessories from Jomashop.

Before you rush online to start adding designer accessories to your shopping cart, it’s important to consider where you are buying from. One of the best ways to do this is to look at reviews from shoppers who have gone through the ordering process themselves.

Our Jomashop review will look at Jomashop reviews from actual customers to see if this retail outlet offering designer watches for women and men is truly the best place for you to get great deals on designer accessories.

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Jomashop Review | Jomashop Reviews & Jomashop Complaints on SiteJabber

SiteJabber has over 4,200 Jomashop reviews, giving their designer accessories a total rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Positive Jomashop Reviews on SiteJabber

An overwhelming number of Jomashop reviews are positive—over 3,500 Jomashop reviewers gave their experience a full 5-star rating.

Jomashop reviewers fluctuate between die-hard watch aficionados and occasional watch wearers—but all applaud the affordability, accessibility, and authenticity of the designer watches for men and women on Jomashop.

For example, in her Jomashop review, user Beatriz S. says:

Excellent webpage! I love buying by jomashop. It has a great variety of products and very nice brands as well. I will highly reccommend it to my friends and family. Shipping is very fast. Very trust worthy webpage.

Other Jomashop reviews talk about positive customer service experiences, like this review from user Bill S:

I ordered a watch that turned out to be on backorder. But I was impressed on how they handled it. They sent me a sincere apology and offered a discount for my next purchase. Nice touch.

In a similar Jomashop review, user NH S. says:

I am really impressed with the collection that is offered. Purchase process is very convenient especially for a busy person like me. I mostly get my order packages within a short time. This is important as, I can wear them or gift them on occasion. Customer sale service responds to your queries well in time and they resolve it.

Overall, positive reviews on SiteJabber reflect a very positive Jomashop reputation.

Jomashop reviewers praise the site for offering a wide selection of designer watches for men and women, resolving customer issues quickly and fairly, and shipping out orders in a timely manner.

jomashop reviews

Photo courtesy of: Pexels

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Jomashop Complaints on SiteJabber

Compared to positive Jomashop reviews, there is a very low percentage of negative reviews on SiteJabber. A total of 128 Jomashop reviewers rated their experience with 1 star, the lowest possible rating.

Many negative Jomashop reviews state issues with long delivery times and ordering items that were not marked as “out of stock.” For example, one Jomashop review from user Sayema S. warns:

Do NOT trust these people when they tell you their items are “in stock.” I ordered an [sic] watch for my brothers gradation which was listed on their website. after placing the order we were informed a few days later the watch was back ordered. we changed the watch to a different one which was also “in stock” which I have yet to receive 5 weeks later! on top of it all, the company has the worst customer service representatives who will give you an attitude and are rude to you for being upset at their bad service! I will never order for these guys again and please save yourselves also!

Other negative Jomashop reviews talk about issues with confirming the authenticity of their designer accessories, which will be a prime concern for those looking to purchase designer watches for men and women.

One such review from user Joseph D. reads:

There is much left to be desired by way of customer service. I requested the watches certificate of authenticity and never received it. My emails went unanswered. The watch beautiful, but I am concerned about its authenticity. Hopefully this review will get my questions answered. 

To date, Jomashop has not responded to this particular Jomashop review—or any negative Jomashop reviews, for that matter—so it’s impossible to say whether these Jomashop complaints have since been resolved.

It should be noted that, although Jomashop offers an Authenticity Guarantee on their website, our Jomashop review was unable to find specific details about whether designer watches for men or women are provided with certificates of authenticity through Jomashop.

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Jomashop Review | Jomashop Reviews & Jomashop Complaints on TrustPilot

There are currently over 7,300 Jomashop reviews on TrustPilot. The site has an overall rating of 9.2 out of 10, adding to the high Jomashop reputation.

Positive Jomashop Reviews on TrustPilot

The majority of reviews on TrustPilot are positive, with 86 percent of Jomashop reviewers rating their experience as “Excellent.”

Many Jomashop reviews praise the site for having high-quality designer accessories at a low cost, along with professional customer service.

One recent Jomashop review from user Philip Powell says:

Jomashop has been fantastic. I’ve purchased 6 watches from them with 4 of them being > $5k and 2 <$1k. Their service both on the phone and the website is impeccable. I highly recommend them. I even had to exchange one once and they were very good about the exchange as the band wasn’t what I expected. I was able to swap them out without paying the “restocking fee” as I was purchasing a more expensive watch in its place.

Another glowing review from user Tina Holsapple says:

Jomashop has been a great online experience for me. The website is easy to use, the bargains are incredible, shipping is fast and the quality of my items has been top notch. Do not hesitate to shop here.

A handful of positive Jomashop reviews on TrustPilot also praise the company for providing a one-year warranty on their products and offering exceptional customer service and quality for designer watches for men and women.

Interestingly, while some Jomashop reviewers experienced extremely quick shipping, other Jomashop reviews note waiting a few weeks for their order to arrive.

Even those who waited longer were still pleased with their shopping experience, which certainly adds to the overall positive Jomashop reputation.

jomashop review

Photo courtesy of: Pexels

Jomashop Complaints on TrustPilot

Of all Jomashop reviews, six percent of reviewers rated their shopping experience as either “Poor” or “Bad.”

Although the percentage of negative Jomashop reviews is low, Jomashop complaints on TrustPilot mention significant issues with ordering designer watches for women and men.

Negative Jomashop reviews discuss poor customer service, issues with shipping, and even receiving defective or damaged designer accessories from Jomashop.

For example, in his Jomashop review, user Trevor Love writes:

The watch I ordered arrived with a dead battery and is not working. It was a gift which is disappointing and embarrassing. I’m waiting to see when they get a battery if the watch is broken or just a battery issue.

Another Jomashop review from user David describes a possible Jomashop scam where a watch purchased for his mother was received with deep scratches inside the embedded sapphires, leading him to question whether the stones were legitimate.

It also appears as though international shipping leaves something to be desired, as a handful of international Jomashop reviewers noted issues getting their packages from customs and a frustrating return policy.

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Jomashop Review | Jomashop Reviews on Better Business Bureau

There are currently 273 Jomashop reviews on the Better Business Bureau. Jomashop has been accredited since 2009, and has an overall ‘A+’ rating.

Positive Jomashop Reviews on Better Business Bureau

A total of 159 Jomashop reviewers rated their experience buying designer watches for women and men as positive, giving Jomashop designer accessories an approval rating of 58 percent.

Jomashop reviews on Better Business Bureau tend to echo many of the same sentiments listed in previous reviews of designer watches for men and women—great quality and great prices.

For example, one Jomashop review from user Phil R. states:

The watch was a present to my girlfriend and she loved the watch. Great quality, classy, and GREAT price. I would recommend ordering from I plan on ordering myself a nice watch for a great price too.

Other Jomashop reviews praise the company for offering great customer service and repair for designer accessories. One such Jomashop review from user Maria F. says:

I bought a watch for my son this past Christmas and the glass fell off. I was a bit nervous if the guarantee will covert or if they will give me a hard time. It was very easy and smooth. Just got it back and no charges and looks as new as it was! Thank you!!

designer accessories

Photo courtesy of: Pexels

Jomashop Complaints on Better Business Bureau

There are over 100 negative Jomashop reviews and a whopping 426 Jomashop complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Of these Jomashop complaints, 195 have been resolved within the past year.

Unfortunately, specific details for individual complaints are unavailable, though potential shoppers can easily see the categories that each negative Jomashop review fell under.

Our Jomashop review found that over half of these complaints listed problems with the product or the service, with the second most popular complaint dealing with delivery issues.

Based on popular themes among negative Jomashop reviews from other sites, it’s likely that these complaints addressed issues with customer service, return policies, inability to receive authenticity certificates, or faulty products.

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Conclusion: Should You Order Designer Watches for Women & Men from Jomashop?

Finding designer watches for women and designer watches for men that won’t break your budget is a difficult task—and for many shoppers, Jomashop offers the perfect opportunity to combine high quality with affordability.

Jomashop reviews also tend to be overwhelmingly positive, praising the site for great customer service, quality designer accessories, and attractive prices.

With so many positive Jomashop reviews, it’s hard to deny that Jomashop could be a great option for your next purchase of designer watches for men and women.

Based on critical Jomashop reviews, however, buying designer accessories from Jomashop may not be right for you if having a certificate of authenticity is an important factor.

Our Jomashop review found a few instances of shoppers not receiving a certificate, and they do offer an Authenticity Guarantee, the site doesn’t clearly state whether this includes an official certificate.

There are also repeated issues with customer service that are mentioned across critical Jomashop reviews, which should also be taken into consideration before ordering from Jomashop.

If the certificate doesn’t matter and you trust the positive Jomashop reviews on their customer service, you may find that designer watches for women and men on Jomashop are the perfect fit for your shopping needs—and your budget!

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