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Wrapped in a package that seems eerily similar to, many consumers are beginning to wonder whether shopping on is legit or safe. How many complaints are surfacing on the web?

Do you need their subscription service for free shipping and the deep discounts they offer?

With the recent acquisition of by Walmart Stores Inc., it’s time to take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages that have consumers wondering about reviews Review

What do you really know about After attempting to compete with Amazon, one of the foremost online retail giants–and falling short–is safe? How will reviews be affected by the recent acquisition by Walmart?

Before you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, you need to know what the reviews really say about

In our review of, we will walk through exactly what about Jet is completely unique, evaluate the complaints, discuss the acquisition by Walmart, and ultimately help you to answer the question, “Is legit?”

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What Do You Know About

Founder and CEO Marc Lore had plenty of ecommerce experience before he decided to create a new online marketplace. He was previously the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Quidsi (responsible for and, which was later purchased by Amazon.

He had the idea for a new and upcoming site that had the potential to challenge Amazon’s top spot as the go-to discounted online retailer.

Lore succeeded in raising over $500 million from investors with big names, like Fidelity and New Enterprise Associates. This resulted in the creation of, a collaborative community seeking to provide the best possible deals and shopping on

How Does Work? reviews the prices on other websites, and the main draw about is that it promises slight discounts from usual retail prices.

It accomplishes this through purchasing items in bulk from other retailers and then using the discounts to slash the prices on their own resale.

Is legit? How can they afford to cut the prices so drastically without losing their margin?

What many consumers are wondering about is how sustainable their business model could possibly be when they make next to nothing on their advertised products. originally aimed to make its profit through customer membership, at $50 per year. reviews listed the membership fees of other sites and it came out to be approximately $5 less than a Costco membership and half the price of an Amazon Prime membership.

However, just three months after its launch, reviews remarked on the fast change in their business model when the membership fee was dropped altogether.

As a result, profit had to be factored into their pricing once again, forcing many to question whether is legit and whether it has a chance to survive in the marketplace. After abandoning the membership fee, deals dropped to only 4 to 5 percent price discounts.

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Features of

It’s impossible to ignore the one-of-a-kind features and details that founder Marc Lore incorporated into the design.

Beyond slashing prices on materials and selling some items below cost, what many people don’t know about are the additional ways you can save.

Check out these ways that reviews the service they offer to better serve loyal shoppers:

Get Rid of Returns reviews your purchases, and on some items, they will allow you to waive your free returns in exchange for deeper discounts.

Pass the Savings Forward

With the Jet Anywhere program, ordering from certain merchants can help you score savings on future deals.

There are over 600 brands participating in this program, and a percentage of each purchase is returned to you as JetCash for future orders.


Features of

Choose Your Payment Wisely

While is safe enough to use any form of payment, opting for a debit Visa or MasterCard at the checkout will save you some cash.

This is because retailers pay a fee for credit card transactions. When paying with a debit card, that fee is eliminated, and passes those savings to their customers.

Buy in Bulk

The more you add to the cart, the more money that is willing to deduct from your order.

Quick Delivery

After the acquisition by Walmart, shopping on can now get you 2-day delivery on thousands of items. For orders over $35, the company provides free 2-5 day delivery.

No Membership or Annual Fees

While had attempted to operate on a subscription model prior to the acquisition by Walmart, the acquisition has solidified the successful elimination of membership fees.

All-in-One Change Management Tools

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Get Your Change Management Tool Today... Complaints: Is Legit?

Many consumers are left wondering whether is safe and whether is legit.

After the abrupt change in business model, many consumers are left wondering whether or not is legit, likely because of the new attention that this online mega-retailer is acquiring.

What do the reviews have to say?

In our review of, we want to evaluate what the top complaints are to help you decide if this retailer could be your new go-to for household items or anything else that might catch your eye.

As a quick note, our goal was to provide reviews from both 2016 and 2017, in order to account for any policy or procedure changes that may have come after the acquisition by Walmart.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of reviews exist from prior to the acquisition. We hope that, with a little more time, there will be more current reviews from which to analyze complaints and praise. Complaints & Reviews

The major complaint found in any review is the lack of product selection. When compared to Amazon, offers only 31 percent of the 1,600 items that were selected from Amazon’s best seller list for comparison.

Of those that did carry, the review found that the prices were lower for 73 percent of the overlap.

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To piggyback off of the previous complaint, some users find the site cumbersome to use due to its lack of exact filters and subcategories.

Based on identical searches between Amazon and Jet, one review from TIME magazine found that you can filter through 25,000 results on Amazon but find only a single item from Jet.

The ability to sift through items extensively is unavailable, perhaps in part because it does not feature as many product options.

Among the many complaints from consumers, other retailers also took issue with whether or not is legit.

In fact, many of the items featured in its inventory were products from competitors including Walmart, Nordstrom, and Gap. It would purchase and ship the items from these sites, usually at a loss to its own profit, in order to improve the perceived variety of products they sold.

The complaints also started to roll in recently from their “affiliate program” that offered cashback from select retailers. The program was put to a halt when it was discovered those retailers had never granted permission for Jet to offer this partnership.

In light of how shady some of their dealings have been, especially with merchandise sold by other retailers, it’s no wonder that consumers are wondering whether or not is legit. Review of Shipping

Is safe? Some individuals are left wondering when their packages take forever to arrive. As a society, we have become accustomed to the fast, two-day shipping options offered at checkout.

While is safe to trust with your money, many reviews list the length of shipping overall as one of the major frustrations inherent to dealing with this company.

is safe?

Is Safe?

Last Christmas, they announced that they would not be able to promise delivery of packages in time for the holidays. One review pointed out that the site does rely on other retailers to ship some merchandise items. is safe, but its shipping could be slightly more unreliable as a result of not maintaining its own inventory. vs. Amazon

A review from the Washington Post’s Sarah Halzack chronicled an experiment after the author placed an identical order with, Amazon, and Walmart to evaluate their services.

While her review found that the up and coming retailer ranked the best in terms of price, it also featured the worst shipping. Amazon was able to deliver in their usual 48-hour window, but delivered one item the following day and the rest an additional nine business days later.

Many complaints and negative reviews tell similar tales of lengthy shipping times and slightly unreliable shipping schedules.

A similar comparison of and Amazon from Forbes contributor Pam Goodfellow showed a different experience.

Her review explained that, while shopping on allowed her items to be shipped quicker, she saved $10 on the same order from Amazon, which arrived a day later.

There were a few specific complaints detailed throughout this review, but perhaps the most significant one was that products do not allow for customer reviews.

This is a significant point–particularly since Amazon retailers have confirmed that items with low reviews sell better than those with none at all.

Relying solely on an image on a computer screen is often not enough for online buyers–if they can’t actually touch or examine a product, the next best thing is to take a look at the reviews.

Unfortunately, without the ability to see reviews on the website from actual customers, complaints may continue to increase.

Is Safe?

For some, the question of whether or not is legit pales in comparison to the question of whether or not is safe.

Does shopping at this retailer put your account information at risk? Should you fear that you may fall victim to a scam?

We will take a look at reviews, specifically those designed to look at the security of the site, to answer the question, “Is safe?”

Google Chrome’s Web of Trust, a reliable source of information based on the reviews from other users, has granted the reputation and internet safety usage of the site a 89 percent for trustworthiness and a 93 percent for child safety.

Compared to this same review from 2016, trustworthiness fell one point, while child safety increased by two.

While there very well may be a number of complaints, few reviews have surfaced that find the company to be a scam.

In fact, most reviews would conclude that is safe for consumers to trust with their credit card and other personal information.

Most of the complaints stem from issues with merchandise or shipping, not a debate of whether or not is safe.

Additionally, with the acquisition by Walmart, it stands to reason that is legit, as a national retail chain like Walmart would probably not waste their time on a company that was not safe. 

If anything, for those wondering “Is legit?” the acquisition by Walmart should instill greater trust and reliability.

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Studies show that shoppers usually prefer to see what others have to say before deciding whether to use a service for themselves. In fact, one survey concluded that 61 percent of individuals will look at reviews before making a purchase.

What do consumers like you have to contribute to reviews of Do they feel like is legit? Would they say is safe?

According to the Better Business Bureau, 252 complaints have been filed. Of the reviews listed on the site, most of the issues stem from advertising and sales or issues with the product or service that provides.

According to additional information, 95 negative reviews were resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, while the remaining 157 did not respond again to the Better Business Bureau.

Is legit? It certainly seems to make a good faith effort to satisfy its disgruntled customers.

Consumer reviews from website TrustPilot have also given the online retailer stellar ratings. With over 3,000 reviews from users, their ultimate review ended up with an overall score of 8.7 out of 10. complaints Reviews and Complaints

On a scale of five stars, their ratings distribution shows that over 84 percent of the reviews they collected were given a four or five star rating.

For a retailer this size, the positive ratings from end users solidifies that is safe and that is legit.

While there may still be complaints regarding service, it seems that the majority of reviews are positive.   

The complaints could certainly decrease after the acquisition, as the company is trying to find its place in the market and work toward a more efficient solution. Acqusition by Walmart

After struggling with maintaining membership fees while keeping costs low, was officially acquired by Walmart in September of 2016. The e-commerce company was acquired for $3 billion in cash and $300 million in Walmart shares.

Both companies will continue to operate as unique, separate brands, though the acquisition allows Walmart and to share technology and talent.

The model of buying in bulk that shopping on facillitates was incredibly desirable for a huge retailer like Walmart, particularly when considering e-commerce.

Founder and CEO of, Marc Lore, commented positively on the acquisition, saying “Together we will be stronger and move even faster to reimagine the future of shopping.”

What Does This Mean for Shopping on

With less than a year spanning after the acquisition, it may be too early to tell. 

If additional acquisitions are any indication, it seems as though the future of as part of Walmart Stores Inc. is bright.

In December of 2016, acquired ShoeBuy, effectively expanding their product lines into shoes, clothing, and accessories. 

In fact, ShoeBuy carries over 800 brands and sells over a million products, making it a great addition to and Walmart, its parent company.

With a strong parent company to support their dynamic business model, it seems as though shopping on may be well-poised for success in 2017.

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Is safe? Is legit? Consumers have been wondering since its launch whether or not is safe and legit.

Until recently, few reviews were available because of the newness of the site. Even now, reviews focus primarily on products and shopping on prior to the acquisition by Walmart, leaving little ability to determine whether there has been an improvement.

While the jury may still be out on a few complaints, including the shipping and the quick shifts surrounding the company’s business model, the overall reviews would say that is safe.

Next time you’re shopping for a specific item, take a look at before you order elsewhere. You might be pleasantly surprised by the price differences you’ll find in your own review of

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