IVRose Review | Should You Order from this Online Fashion Site? Is it Safe? Legit? A Scam? Let’s Find Out!

The biggest recent trend in fashion is definitely discount online shopping. The global connection of the internet has opened up international shopping like never before, giving consumers the advantage of rock-bottom prices from websites like IVRose.com.

Budget shopping sites like IVRose offer prices much lower than department stores typically do, but the tradeoff is that you may have to wait several weeks for items to arrive that you can’t see in person or try on before you buy.

Another big draw of these sites is the “fast fashion” styles, which are trends that go from the runway to the store extremely fast, with low price tags that consumers often have a hard time resisting.

But there’s risk involved with shopping these discount fashion sites, which are often selling goods coming from China and Asia.

Not all of these cut-rate clothing sites are created equal. Some have great customer service, while for others it’s nearly non-existent.

Some of them will deliver on the promises made on the website, sending quality merchandise. Others send clothes that look nothing like the photos shown on their site, and that are ill-fitting and unfinished.

Exchanges and refunds and are important factors you’ll find in IVRose reviews and those for similar discount e-commerce sites. Many have shady refund policies that make it nearly impossible to get a full refund.

ivrose review

IVRose Reviews

So, where does IVRose clothing fall on that spectrum? Is IVRose legit and safe to shop? Or is it a scam? It’s natural to wonder which sites you can trust to find quality clothing at a budget-friendly price.

In this AdvisoryHQ News IVRose review, we’ll take a look at the track record of this low-priced online fashion retailer. We’ll also tell you whether IVRose customer service is based in Asia (as many of these sites are) or another country.

And of course, we’ll take a look at several IVRose clothing reviews (both positive and negative) to give you a full picture of what shoppers say about IVRose clothing quality, their customer support, and the experience overall.

So, before you fill up your cart with incredibly low-priced clothing and shoes at IVRose, read on to find out whether IVRose is legit and what you can expect when shopping there.

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AdvisoryHQ IVRose Review | Who is IVRose & Where are They Located?

Several of these budget fashion sites are based in China, and this one may be an exception. IVRose clothing had a UK-based address in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire noted on their “About Us” page just a few years ago. But now both their contact and about pages do not list any address at all.

So, we did a little digging on where IVRose is located now. We reviewed their Facebook page, FAQs, Amazon seller page, and their domain registration.

It was concerning that in none of those locations was there an address listed for IVRose, it’s almost as if they don’t want consumers to know. So, we dug a little further, and at the bottom of their Terms of Service (TOS), we found it.

IVRose looks to still be UK-based. Their Terms of Service notes that their policies are governed by UK law and lists the company Qandies Limited (“a small group of SEO and IT specialists”) with an address in London, England. It’s not entirely clear how the two are connected.

Additionally, review sites like Trustpilot also list an IVRose UK address.

IVRose doesn’t provide much information about the company itself. In online IVRose reviews, we could only find that they were founded by people with nearly 10 years in the e-commerce industry.

And while the IVRose clothing UK address is listed on their TOS page, the phone number on their IVRose customer service contact page is based in the U.S., but a big indicator that their agents are most likely in China or Asia are their business hours.

IVRose customer service hours are listed as Monday-Saturday from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. (we assume they mean 12:00 a.m.) and 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. US eastern time.

So, their customer support only works late night through early morning (US time). We’ve seen these same type of support hours on other fashion sites that are based in China.

We also saw in our IVRose review of shipping timeframes, that theirs are similar to those from Chinese shopping sites. (We’ll get into those shortly.)

So, is IVRose clothing based in the UK or China? They are not very transparent about their locations, but we would gather that they have offices in both countries and most likely ship IVRose clothing from Asia.

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AdvisoryHQ IVRose Review | What Can I Buy at IVRose?

Reviews on IVRose clothing reveal they offer a sleek, modern design in a lot of their styles. Their fashion is also for multiple ages, not just younger shoppers.

Of course, the big draw of these types of sites is the cut-rate prices on the fashion that are much cheaper than buying it at a traditional retailer. IVRose clothing in the UK and China offer similar savings on all types of different clothing.

From shoes to dresses to swimwear, IVRose promises on their site to offer prices 50-80% cheaper than local shops. They say that they cooperate with multiple manufacturers, skipping the middlemen, which allows them to offer such low prices.

Here are some of the standard price ranges you’ll find on IVRose clothing and accessories:

  • Dresses – $25 to $35
  • Tops/Bottoms – $20 to $30
  • Swimwear – $20 to $30
  • Lingerie – $15 to $20
  • Shoes – $30 to $50

IVRose clothing

IVRose Mobile App

IVRose Clothing Reviews | IVRose App

If you like shopping on your mobile phone, then you can use the IVRose app, which is available at both iTunes (2.5 out of 5) and Google Play (3.8 out of 5).

According to the app’s IVRose customer reviews, the app supports multiple currencies and offers detailed product descriptions. You can build your own style by mixing and matching over 100,000 pieces.

Here are a few review snippets from IVRose app users:

  • “The app itself is good but the clothes you get look nothing like the photos.”
  • “Absolutely disgraceful customer service!”
  • “Love this company! Amazing designs!”
  • “Great app, works perfectly.”

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IVRose Clothing Reviews | What are People Saying about IVRose?

Do the clothes look like they do in their photos? How helpful is IVRose customer service? Is IVRose legit? These are all questions that IVRose reviews can shed some light on.

We’ve scoured the web for IVRose clothing reviews to find the good and the bad and give you a full recap. We’ll hear from the negative IVRose reviews first, then hear from some of the positive ones.

So we don’t draw a false equivalency by presenting both positive and negative reviews for IVRose clothing, it’s important to note that overall, there are many more negative reviews for this retailer than there are positive ones.

An important note at the top of the Trustpilot review page for IVRose does not speak well of the honesty of some reviews, and states,

“Our customized software has discovered a large number of fake reviews on this domain and we’ve removed them. The manipulation of reviews is a threat to consumers and businesses and we take it very seriously.”

Overall IVRose Clothing Reviews & Ratings:

What scores do rating sites give IVRose.com? Here are overall ratings based on multiple IVRose customer reviews.

  • Reviews.co.uk – 2.67 out of 5 (218 IVRose reviews)
  • Sitejabber – 3.0 out of 5 (526 IVRose reviews)
  • Trustpilot – 3.6 out of 10 (743 IVRose reviews)

ivrose customer reviews

Sitejabber IVRose Reviews

IVRose Reviews | Negative Reactions

  • One IVRose reviewer stated that they would’ve given less than 1 star if possible, said the item they received was cheap and did not look like the product in the photo in color, fit, or pattern. They recommended avoiding the site.
  • A shopper that ordered three pairs of sandals was unhappy with all of them. They said two arrived with boxes damaged and one pair had missing parts on one of the sandals. They tried to get a refund but were only offered a discount on another order.
  • In an IVRose review at Sitejabber the reviewer said that the sizing is not true to the measurements and that the clothing was a bit expensive for the lesser quality. Shipping also takes a while, so they recommended not ordering there if you need something quickly.
  • In one of the 1-star IVRose reviews on Reviews.co.uk, the customer received items that were “shockingly low quality” and said the return was incredibly difficult and they had to pay return postage to China. Eight months after returning their item, they still had not received a refund.

IVRose Reviews | Positive Reactions

  • A positive IVRose review said that even though they had to wait and were worried the clothes wouldn’t come, they did arrive. They said the outfit looked nice, and that the material wasn’t that “great” but was acceptable for the low cost.
  • In one of the reviews on IVRose on Sitejabber the shopper said they were very happy with the product they received. And though they were initially sent the wrong item, IVRose customer service sent the right one eventually. They would order from the site again.
  • The owner of a new navy and white jumpsuit said they loved it. The IVRose clothing did take a while to arrive but was worth the wait. They said they get compliments whenever they wear it.
  • Another reviewer that purchased three jumpsuits said the quality was excellent. The bottoms weren’t cut the way they liked, so they chose to return them, and they said their return request was handled very quickly.

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How Long Do I Have to Wait for IVRose Shipping?

As with all these retailers that ship clothing from China, if you’re in North America or Europe, you’ll most likely be waiting several weeks to get what you ordered. You’ll want to keep that in mind if you’re ordering something to wear to a specific event.

IVRose states on their shipping information page that normally, you will receive your order in 7 – 25 business days from the date that it is placed. Business days don’t count the weekends or holidays.

All orders have a processing time of 3 – 7 business days, that’s in addition to the shipping times.

If you’re in the U.S. Standard shipping (which is free for orders over $59) is 7 – 15 business days. Express shipping (cost is calculated by weight) is 3 – 5 business days.

Fully understanding the processing and shipping timeframes in advance may help you avoid frustration later when you’re waiting weeks for your items to arrive.

What is IVRose’s Return Policy?

The IVRose return policy states that you may return products within 30 days of receiving the item for exchange or refund. It must be in the original bag and should have the tag on it and should not be damaged.

After IVRose receives and examines the item they will either send a replacement item or issue a refund.

They don’t accept items that are sent back without the buyer contacting IVRose customer service department first to get specific return instructions.

The following items cannot be returned:

  • Swimsuits
  • Lingerie
  • Bodysuits
  • Swimwear
  • Jewelry & Accessories

Note: Some IVRose customers said that they had a hard time getting a refund and were offered a discount instead. Also, some customers were never provided with a return address which made it impossible to return the items within the 30-day period.

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AdvisoryHQ’s IVRose Review Conclusion

So, is it safe to shop from this site and is IVRose even legit? Yes and no. This is a legitimate company, though you are taking your chances that the clothing is not going to be of the same quality and style as shown in the photo.

The pricing is lower than you’ll find in a department store, and you can get some good deals there, like some reviewer report. However multiple reviewers note being very disappointed with the clothing they receive having a difficult time getting their money back.

The difficulty in finding much information listed on the website for the company and its background, including the address to their headquarters, is another big red flag.

After a thorough review of IVRose, we recommend caution when shopping there, because even though you might pick up a cute outfit at a great price, you may not be able to get a refund if the clothing you receive doesn’t fit or doesn’t look like you expect it to.

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