Wish.com Reviews: Is Wish.com Legit & Real? Is Wish Shopping Safe for Your Credit Card? Is the Site a Scam?

If you are into bargain shopping for great deals on the Internet, then you have most likely heard of Wish.com and may have been wondering, “Is Wish legit?”

In today’s Internet age that fosters international connections, it’s easier than ever to find hot deals on great-looking clothes and accessories made cheaply. 

However, you do need to know if it’s safe to shop at Wish.com, and many shoppers and AdvisoryHQ readers are asking, “Is there a Wish.com scam?”

In this Wish.com review article, we are going to examine the answer to several security-based questions, such as “Is Wish.com legit?” and “Is Wish safe to shop on?”

We have pored through several Wish.com reviews written by customers about Wish.com that answer questions such as, “Is Wish a scam?” and “Is Wish trustworthy?”

We also will go into the basics of how the site works, who owns it, and who you are purchasing from when you buy items on Wish.com.

AdvisoryHQ’s “AHQ Ratings Score” for Wish.com

Based on our comprehensive analysis, we have assigned a C- rating to Wish.com. The factors driving this AHQ Rating Score are presented in detail in the sections below.

1 (A) = Best
6 (F) = Fail

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We have provided detailed documentation of these factors in order to give you a deeper understanding of our scoring methodology, as well as to paint a more complete picture of Wish.com’s strengths and weaknesses.

Wish.com Reviews | Is Wish Legit? Who Owns Wish?

In looking for an answer to the question, “Is Wish a legit site?” we began by looking into who owns Wish and who is behind this San Francisco-based company.

Wish was first launched in November of 2011, and the shopping concept was created by startup company ContextLogic.

The founders are Danny Zhang, chief technology officer, and Peter Szulczewski, CEO (pictured below).

It was designed to connect consumers with product merchants and provide a personalized experience, including the ability to share and suggest items to friends to make it more social media-oriented.

So, we can answer “yes” to “Is Wish.com legit?” It is a legitimate international shopping site and app developed by the team at ContextLogic.

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Wish.com Reviews | Is Wish Shopping Safe? What You Need to Know

One very important fact you need to know when shopping on Wish is that you aren’t buying directly from the US company.

Wish.com acts as an intermediary, connecting merchants and customers through their e-commerce platform–you are buying from merchants around the world, not from Wish.com itself.

Many shoppers don’t realize this up front because they see that the company is headquartered in California and then end up wondering, “Is Wish.com a scam?” when they have to deal with long shipping times and very different sizing from China or other international merchants.

Most of the hot bargain shopping sites that you see similar to Wish, like Zulily or RoseGal, are selling and shipping from China.

If you see 80%–90% off from the usual price for clothing, makeup, and accessories, then there is a good chance that what you’re buying will come from overseas and have a long delivery time.

This is one of the main reasons why people may wonder, “Is Wish shopping legit?”

Is Wish.com Customer Service Legit?

Part of answering the question “Is Wish shopping safe?” or “Is Wish shopping legit?” comes from examining their customer service and support.

In fact, many negative Wish.com reviews revolve around issues with customer service.

Our Wish.com review took a close look at how their customer service works to help consumers decide for themselves whether Wish shopping online is safe for them. 

The company does have a customer service line listed alongside their California office address. Upon dialing the number, however, customers are directed to a voice recording that directs them to the customer service portion of the app to view, track, or cancel an order. 

If callers cannot locate the customer service link, they are directed to email “[email protected],” and assured that someone will respond to them promptly. 

While it isn’t uncommon for online retailers to use email as a primary means of customer service, it’s worth noting that this seems to be the only option for customers looking for assistance with Wish shopping online. 

This could potentially be frustrating for customers who are trying to resolve an issue, since there is no way to speak to an actual customer service representative–or directly to the sellers themselves.

Although Wish.com does offer a customer service line, its sole functions are to direct customers back to the Wish platform and provide an email address. 

So, does the level of customer support have an impact on the question, “Is Wish shopping safe?” That depends on whether speaking with an actual human being is important to you.

It’s worth noting that customers are limited on their options when it comes to customer support–and a strong customer service department is part of what instills consumer confidence and safety.

If you prefer to have the option to speak with a real, live human being–rather than emailing or resolving order issues via the Wish app–then you may want to revisit the question, “Is Wish safe?”

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Wish.com Reviews | Is Wish a Safe Site? Who Are You Buying from?

Wish is set up to connect the buyer with multiple merchants across the globe for incredibly good deals.

So, while you are shopping on Wish or the Wish App and wondering if the rock-bottom prices indicate a Wish.com scam, understand that you are dealing with multiple merchants.

And while Wish has its own customer support, when you buy, you are actually sharing your credit card details and personal information with any number of different entities, depending upon what you order.

Wish Shopping Online & Merchant Responsibilities

Part of answering the question, “Is Wish trustworthy?” comes from taking a closer look at how the platform handles merchant responsibilities. 

Because Wish.com simply connects merchants to customers around the world, it is important to consider the trustworthiness of these vendors. 

Our Wish.com review found two notable merchant policies for shoppers to consider:

Refund Responsibility

Merchants are 100% responsible for handling and issuing refunds of any kind. You can read a full list of refund responsibilities here

While this is a smart move from Wish.com’s part, it doesn’t exactly set shoppers up for success when trying to resolve a dispute over a refund.

What happens if a seller refuses to provide a refund? What is the responsibility of the Wish shopping online platform in these cases?

Our Wish.com review found that, although Wish does provide an FAQ section on refunds, the above questions are not addressed.

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High Refund Ratio

As a way to ensure quality and customer satisfaction, Wish.com monitors and evaluates refund ratios to determine whether the percentage of refunds to sales is too high for a particular item. 

Products are evaluated during 30-day periods. If the ratio is extremely high (too many refunds relative to the number of items sold), that particular product is permanently removed from Wish.com.

Here’s an example of what Wish.com considers to be an extremely high refund ratio: 

“Product B has 60 orders and 40% refund ratio during the 63-93 day period. Product B is an Extremely High Refund Product and is removed from Wish.”

Our Wish.com review found a few potential pitfalls within this policy:

  • While shoppers can see shop reviews and Wish.com reviews on individual items, there doesn’t seem to be a way for shoppers to view refund ratios prior to purchasing.
  • Until a refund ratio reaches an extremely high level, products will remain listed for sale. Merchants can choose to remove high refund ratio items at their discretion.

So, is Wish trustworthy? Is Wish shopping safe when visiting these merchants from around the world? 

Wish.com makes a great effort towards monitoring product quality with their refund ratio policy–but it’s worth noting that products are only removed after they reach extremely high levels. 

Additionally, shoppers do not seem to have access to these ratios. If Wish shopping online also included refund ratios, customers could potentially avoid the hassle of purchasing an item that has been frequently refunded.

Given the lack of transparency about refund ratios–and the lack of specificity regarding Wish.com’s responsibility with resolving refund disputes–it seems that Wish.com is not supporting consumer trust.

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Wish.com Reviews: How to Have the Best Wish Shopping Online Experience

Knowing that you’re buying from different merchants is key to answering, “Is Wish shopping safe?” We’ve gathered a few tips below that will allow you to answer positively to the question, “Is Wish safe?”

  • Check out the ratings in the “Store Ratings” tab in the item window, which are specific to the merchant you’re buying from.
  • Avoid any merchants noted in Wish reviews and “Is Wish a scam?” searches as making unauthorized charges to credit cards.
  • Be sure to check the “Shipping” tab so you understand the delivery time frame and also the return policy.
  • Understand that, according to several “Is Wish legit?” reviews, that sizing in Asian countries tends to run about 2 sizes smaller than US sizing. (i.e., order an XL instead of an M).
  • Expect long shipping time frames. Many customer reviews answering “Is Wish.com a scam?” complain about incredibly long shipping times that can be eight weeks or more.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into many of the online Wish reviews that discuss topics such as “Is Wish.com legit?” and “Is Wish safe?”

Wish.com Reviews | Is Wish a Scam?

We are going to take a look at both the positive and negative reviews to help answer the questions, “Is Wish legit?” and “Is Wish.com a scam?” We’ve checked out several sources and highlighted some key reviews you should read below.

SiteJabber Wish.com Reviews – Is Wish Trustworthy?

Positive Wish Reviews:

  • This five-star review warns, “Know what the service is before jumping on or off.” The customer had bought several cheaply priced items with no problems and knew what to expect buying from Chinese vendors.
  • Another reviewer that would say “yes” to the question, “Is Wish.com safe?” said that the items “arrived well before the expected delivery time,” and that the individual was “very happy.”

Negative Wish Reviews:  

  • A reviewer that would definitely answer positively to, “Is Wish a scam?” said that after placing an order, it was rejected, but the money was never refunded. The person called Wish a “hoax online.”
  • A reviewer that gave 1-star mentioned how “some items are good, others broken or damaged,” and some never arrive. The individual also complained about the poor customer support from Wish.com that promised help but never did.  

TrustPilot Wish.com Reviews – Is Wish Shopping Safe?

Positive Wish Reviews:

  • A 4-star review that would answer positively to the question, “Is Wish a legit site?” claimed that most people don’t understand that they’re purchasing from different vendors and don’t separate them from Wish itself. She enjoyed her experience and says “it’s a nice site.”
  • A reviewer from Austria gave Wish a 5-star review, emphasizing a big “yes” to the question, “Is Wish shopping legit?” The individual had ordered several items, and only one did not arrive in the expected time frame. The reviewer said that the “customer service is brilliant.”

Negative Wish Reviews:

  • A reviewer from Denmark warns “Don’t use wish!!!!” in her review. She saw extra charges on her bank account shortly after shopping on Wish from a different vendor than she purchased from and was not able to contact them. She would definitely answer positively to the question, “Is Wish.com a scam?”
  • A UK shopper that tried to purchase three items from three different vendors received notice, after inquiring 35 days after the order, that the vendors could not fulfill the order. He stated, “It seems that wish is luring buyers in with discount prices…but vendors are unable to stick to their side of the deal.” He used PayPal, which has an insurance policy, so he received his money back.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)Is Wish.com Legit?

Positive Wish Reviews:

  • One reviewer who would say “yes” to the question, “Is Wish safe?” stated that she ordered plenty of items and, other than a few sizing issues, “everything has been great.” She would order from the site in the future.
  • Another reviewer said that she and her daughter have ordered about 25 items within 3 months and they “loved every item we received.” Although not all items were “top of the line,” they were well-priced. She would also positively answer the question, “Is Wish a safe site?”

Negative Wish Reviews:

  • One reviewer ordered numerous items through three separate orders and after three months, had not yet received any of them. The customer stated, “This is a truly bad business practice” and doubted ever using the site again. This person would definitely give a thumbs up to the question, “Is Wish.com a scam?”
  • Another reviewer warned of counterfeit products. The individual had ordered a specific brand and color of eyeshadow and, upon receiving it, said that the “colors weren’t even the same.”

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Wish.com Reviews | Is Wish Legit? What Is the Media Saying?

After looking over the customer Wish.com reviews, we looked into what media outlets were saying in answer to the questions, “Is Wish.com legit?” and “Is Wish a scam?”

We found a few articles about Wish online from Tech Crunch, Practical Ecommerce, and Forbes and have highlighted a few key points below that will help you decide, “Is Wish.com real?” and “Is Wish legit?”

Tech Crunch – “The hot e-commerce app Wish has ‘hundreds of millions of users’ (plus other fascinating stats)” by Connie Loizos

  • The company has raised nearly $600 million from investors for Wish.
  • CEO Peter Szulczewski is a computer scientist who spent 6.5 years at Google before co-founding ContextLogic from which Wish evolved.
  • The concept for Wish was based upon the thinking that people were willing to spend $20, $30 or $50, but not much more than that in a shopping experience.
  • In 2015, the gross merchandise sales were in “the single-digit billions.” So, the answer to “Is Wish.com real?” is “yes” from its bankers!
  • The company found that educating Chinese merchants to other buyers was necessary as “…consumer expectations in China are very different. Like, if you order a red sweater and you get a blue one, [shoppers are] like, ‘Eh, next time.’ So we have a lot of merchants that have only sold to Chinese consumers and we have to educate them that it’s not okay to ship a blue sweater because you don’t have any red sweaters in stock.”

Practical Ecommerce – “Ecommerce lessons from the Wish shopping app” by Armando Roggio

  • The Wish app uses data mining and algorithms to show users products they are likely to buy, save or share based on their behaviors.
  • Most sellers in the Wish marketplace are from China or other Asian countries, but sellers anywhere can also list on Wish.
  • Slow shipping is one of the main reasons for bad reviews about Wish and why people are asking, “Is Wish a scam?”
  • The large customer base that it has is one of the key values of Wish.

Forbes – “Mobile shopping app Wish possibly raised more than $500 million, now valued at $3 billion” by Ryan Mac

  • The company takes a 15 percent cut of every sale made through its site or app.
  • The high valuation of the company has been questioned by some in the investment community.
  • When asked by Forbes in 2015 about sources saying that investors valued the company at 3 billion, Wish CEO Szulczewski commented, “We don’t comment on fundraising.” This puts some fuel on the conspiracy fire for those asking, “Is Wish legit?”

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Wish.com Reviews | Is Wish.com Safe? Is Wish a Scam? Our Final Conclusion 

After an intense research process on those behind Wish and what customers are saying, it’s time to answer the questions, “Is Wish a scam?” and “Is Wish.com legit?”

The answers to these questions can be tricky. Is Wish a scam? There are plenty of satisfied customers who have gotten their orders, and Wish.com does have proven success–so no, the platform itself is not a scam.

Unfortunately, it is entirely possible that individual merchants on Wish.com might be creating their own Wish.com scam.

An excess of negative reviews regarding product shipments means that you can’t always depend on receiving what you ordered, and questionable credit card charges should spark suspicion.

The same is true for those who are wondering, “Is Wish.com legit?” or “Is Wish a legit site?” 

The platform certainly is legit, but given the amount of negative Wish.com reviews, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best choice for shopping online.

As with many other super low-priced shopping sites with merchandise that comes from China, you have to understand that you may not be getting the quality you want or receive it as fast as you normally expect.

In exchange, however, you get incredibly discounted prices, which may make Wish shopping online worth it for some consumers.

By reading some of the customer reviews, you can pick up great tips, like using PayPal and its buyer insurance policy to ensure you will get a refund should anything go wrong. 

Because items on Wish come from many different sellers, you will want to make sure you read not just the product reviews but reviews about the merchant you’re buying from. 

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So, “Is Wish a safe site?” Well, after looking at Wish reviews, it depends upon the merchant you purchase from.

The abundance of negative Wish reviews stating suspicious or unwarranted credit card charges is enough to warrant a word of caution when using the Wish online shopping platform.

Ultimately, shoppers need to be fully aware that Wish shopping online is an international marketplace. As with any marketplace, there are both good and bad vendors.

If you do your research, understand, and accept the risks with shipping times, refund policies, and merchant responsibilities, you can definitely get some great deals on Wish.

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