Wish App Reviews | Is Wish App Safe? What You Need to Know Before Using it

“Wish—Shopping Made Fun” is an app that links you to popular fashions with incredibly low prices. If you’ve seen and used the Wish.com app, then you may have wondered, “Is the Wish app legit?” and “Is the Wish app safe?”

The Wish shopping app promises “crazy-low prices” along with an “endless stream of sales,” which may be pretty enticing. However, when you see Nike tennis shoes for $1 and a smartwatch for just $13, you may want to read some Wish app reviews first and get the scoop on how legit those Wish products really are.

is the wish app safe

Wish Shopping App Review

With more than 161 million downloads in 2018, Wish app was actually the most downloaded shopping app last year. This continuous growth in popularity intrigued us and we had no other option but to bring you our unbiased Wish app review.

We’ve set out to answer the following questions for potential Wish customers:

  • What is the Wish app?
  • Is it safe to use?
  • Is the Wish app safe for credit card purchases?
  • Is the Wish app legit?

Is the Wish app legit? In this review, we are going to delve into the security and find out if the Wish app is safe for credit and debit cards. We’re also going to evaluate both positive and negative Wish app customer reviews to determine if Wish app is a scam or not. 

Read on to get the answers to these frequently asked questions and find out everything you need to know about the shopping app Wish.

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Is the Wish App Legit? | Company Details

What is the Wish app? It’s s an e-commerce application that allows you to purchase cheap goods from the convenience of your smartphone or computer. Behind the app is ContextLogic, the start-up company that founded Wish.com in 2010.

Wish.com and Wish shopping app founders are Danny Zhang, Chief Technology Officer, and Peter Szulczewski, CEO. In order to kick it off, Wish founders reportedly raised $50 million from venture-capital investors such as the Founders Fund, Formation 8, GGV Capital, and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, among others.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has 500 employees that work from six offices around the world. Locations include San Jose, Toronto, Amsterdam, Shanghai, and Hangzhou.

is the wish app legit

Wish HQ San Francisco, CA 

We also found that the company makes it easy for anyone to start selling their products on the Wish App. The company is essentially connecting shoppers to sellers with amazingly low-priced products from all over the world, but mainly China and other Asian countries.

The Wish shopping app boasts over 100 million different manufacturers on the platform, which is why they offer such a vast array of different product categories.

It’s apparent that the company is aiming to be a major online shopping retailer similar to Amazon or Alibaba. In an interview with Recode, Wish CEO, Peter Szulczewski remarked, “We think we’re going to be the second or third trillion-dollar-a-year marketplace.”

If you’ve been wondering if Wish app is real we can confirm that it definitely is. It has already made the founders very rich, and the company continues growing in its bid to become a major online retail giant.

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Wish Shopping App | Features

Before we get into the Wish app reviews, let’s see just how versatile the app is and what features it offers. 

With the Wish shopping app, you can do the following:

  • Purchase Wish products
  • Read customer reviews, view photos, and watch videos
  • Track your purchases
  • Rate and review Wish merchants
  • Contact Wish customer support
  • Use Blitz Buy to earn additional discounts
  • Earn rewards points
  • Become a Wish Star and gain followers

Like most other e-commerce apps, Wish also allows you to upload your own photos and share them as a part of your review.

Seeing what someone else ordered and if it met their expectations or not can help you stay away from low-quality products. Always remember to check multiple Wish customer reviews before purchasing. If it looks too good to be true, in most cases, it is. 

Is Wish a Reliable App? 

When searching for the Wish app in either the iTunes store or Google Play store, you may have wondered, “Is the app Wish safe?” or “Is the Wish app reliable?”

To use the app, you first create an account on Wish.com after which you’re greeted with free product deals. For some shoppers, this can lead to questioning whether the Wish app is legit or not.

There are so many shady shopping apps out there so it’s understandable that it can cause a person to pause and think before downloading one to their mobile device and potentially giving it access to their location, photos, and more.

We found some concerning things regarding Wish and Wish app reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). An alert announced in April of 2019 states that based on BBB files, the company has a pattern of complaints that include things like:

  • Products not being received
  • Delays in receiving refunds for returned items
  • Unauthorized credit card purchases
  • Not receiving refunds, but being given “Wish Credits” instead
  • Having their Wish accounts blocked for “excessive refunds”

Let’s take a look at what users of iOS and Android devices are saying: Is the Wish app safe?

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Wish App Reviews | iOS Users

Let’s take a look at how users of Apple’s iTunes store for the “Wish—Shopping Made Fun” app answer, “Is the Wish app safe?”

At the time of writing this review, Wish app reviews on iTunes are showing a very positive 4.7 out of 5 stars from a total of 1.1 million Wish app ratings.

is wish a safe app

Wish iOS App Reviews

The app is free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices that are running iOS 10.3 or later. You may have to log in iTunes to see all of the Wish app users’ reviews.

When looking only at reviews that address the question, “Is Wish app safe?” or “Is Wish a reliable app?” we find that an overwhelming number of people say the app works very well, even those that have experienced issues with products or shipment.

  • One of the 5-star comments said it was “a great app,” but also warning potential buyers to beware. They had issues with cheap product quality and sizes being too small.
  • Another Wish app user, who also gave it a 5-star review, said that the app was easy to use. This reviewer also found that the app made it very easy to read product reviews and see the more realistic product photos uploaded by other Wish app users.
  • One user noted a few kinks in the system. When you go to purchase an item, it automatically shows a picture for a larger item, which may have different product and shipping pricing than a smaller one. This can make things confusing for some people. However, they still gave the Wish shopping app 5-stars saying, “It’s a nice little app to make purchases from.”
  • A long-time customer gave the Wish app a 3-star review. They’re saying that it’s fun to come across deals on different items, but that about “15% of the time the products are not as shown or the quality they claim to be.” The photos that sellers use might not match what you actually receive.

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Wish App Reviews | Android Users

Reviews for Android version of the “Wish—Shopping Made Fun” echoes the sentiments of those with the iOS. However, there are about 8 times as many downloads of the Wish shopping app on Android devices than on iOS.

When answering, “Is the Wish app safe?” and “Is the Wish app reliable?” most seem to say yes—for the app itself. The app has a respectable 4.3-star rating out of 5 stars accumulated from a total of 8,227,577 Wish shopping app ratings.

It is free and requires Android 4.1 or later. You do not have to log in to the Google Play store in order to see all the Wish app reviews.

Users experienced the same types of ups and downs with shipping and quality of the purchases but in most cases, they seemed to like the usability of the app.

We did note that there were a few more bug issues reported for this version than the Wish app for iOS.

  • One of the 5-star Wish app reviewers who thinks the app “is awesome” said that she was having medical issues and the app helped her make shopping for holiday gifts much easier. She also mentioned it was her favorite shopping app.
  • A reviewer who gave it 4 stars said he had issues editing the wish list and that it “needs several clicks to show up.” It also seemed that removed items showed back up on the wish list later.
  • One Wish app reviewer who had some usability issues with the app said that they overall liked it but didn’t appreciate that the app “constantly reminds you items are left in the cart.”
  • In a 1-star Wish shopping app review, the person complained about the nerve-wracking checkout process that makes you check out all items in the cart at once, meaning he had to remove items that he wanted to save for later.

Is the Wish App Safe for Credit Cards? 

We have all become so used to purchasing things using smartphones and tablets nowadays, but there is still worry about fraud once it’s time to enter your credit card details.

When using the Wish app—for the first time especially—it is common to want to know, “Is Wish a safe app?” and “Is the Wish shopping app legit?”

Wish app reviews that we’ve looked into on iTunes and Google Play, as well as watchdog sites like the BBB and employee review sites like Glassdoor, mostly looked to answer “Is Wish app a scam? “Is Wish a legit app?”

Is the Shopping App Wish Safe? | Android & iPhone

While we did note a small number of negative Wish app reviews related to false charges, it’s important to note that these kinds of Wish reviews represent only a small percentage. One specifically mentioned “getting fraudulent charges” on their credit card after using the Wish app. 

Other shoppers mention not having any problem with credit card or debit card charges. One Wish app reviewer stated they loved the app and that anytime there was a problem, he was immediately refunded.

The review pictured below does call into question the customer support response, and as related to app functionality, it looks like Wish offers customer service only through the Wish shopping app (at least for the time being), and not any other methods.

wish app reviews

Wish App Reviews on Google Play

Even though only a small percentage of Wish app reviews complains about fraudulent charges, we cannot ignore multiple complaints regarding insufficient customer service and poor quality of goods bought through the Wish app.

The vast majority of users that shared their Wish app experience did not seem to have issues when paying through the app. However, any claims of fraudulent charges should be taken seriously and kept in mind before shopping with Wish.

Wish app reviews are, generally speaking, much more positive than overall Wish.com products and services reviews.

Perhaps part of this is because most Wish app reviews tend to focus purely on functionality rather than product quality or customer service. Since these reviews are meant to discuss the app’s functionality, it makes sense.

Although many Wish app reviews praise functionality of both the app and the products, there are still plenty of negative customer reviews that beg the question, “Is Wish a safe app?”

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Is the Wish App Legit? | Better Business Bureau Reviews

This consumer watchdog site does not give a rating to Wish and has an NR label on their BBB page. The reason that’s given for the non-rating is, “The business is in the process of responding to previously closed complaints.”

Despite the NR rating, Wish is an accredited business at the Better Business Bureau.

In the Pattern of Complaint alert relating to a variety of customer service issues, the company did respond in defense of themselves with a letter to the BBB that offers details on Wish returns, shipping, refund, and other policies.

Most of the complaints on the BBB are not specifically related to the Wish app, but we did find one where the reviewer mentioned that they ordered through the app and it showed a two-week delivery. After the product did not arrive, they checked the app again, and it had changed to a four-week time estimate.

Wish App Reviews | Employees

It’s important to know who you’re buying from and how the company is treating not only its customers but employees as well.

Wish reviews on Glassdoor are just so-so, with the company getting a 3.6-star rating out of 5 and slightly over half (56%) of employees saying they would recommend the company to a friend. There is also a 60% approval rating of the Wish CEO, Peter Szulczewski.

8 Things You Should Know about the Wish App

AdvisoryHQ has consolidated all the tips, warnings, reviews and other details we’ve gathered when trying to answer, “Is the Wish app safe?” into the top 8 things you should know before purchasing through the Wish app:

1. The Company is Legitimate and Growing

Wish.com has been continuously growing since first coming on the scene in 2010, and Wish app has been downloaded hundreds of million times. They have over 9.3 million ratings on Google Play and iTunes combined.

They are a legitimate company that is accredited with the BBB, which offers a positive answer to the question, “Is the Wish app real?” Yes, it definitely is.

2. Wish is the Middle-Man

Some shoppers get confused when purchasing through the app since the company is based in San Francisco, but that’s not where the items come from. They are not purchasing from Wish itself, but from a number of other sellers, mainly located in China. Wish acts as a bridge between sellers and shoppers.

While Wish is a legit shopping app, not all Wish sellers are reliable and safe to do business with. Those less reliable merchants are the main reason behind negative Wish reviews.

3. Wish Has a Fraud Specialist

While this position is not currently showing as open on their careers page, we did find a past job description for a Fraud Specialist at Wish, which should make anyone who is wondering, “Is the Wish app legit?” or “Is Wish a safe app?” feel much better.

This shows that the company knows the importance of watching out for fraud to help safeguard its users.

4. The iOS App Looks Slightly More Stable

When looking through app user reviews to answer, “Is the Wish app reliable?” we noted fewer bug reports given by users in their reviews in the iTunes store than those in the Google Play store.

However, there are roughly eight times more user reviews in the Google Play store so that’s a factor to take into consideration.

One common issue noted was related to the wish list feature showing items that had previously been deleted.

Another complaint we saw, that is most likely not a bug but just the way Wish designed their app, is that when you choose an item, you may see a different price than you expect because the size or color options have defaulted to a higher-priced option and need to be adjusted.

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5. Users Seem to Love the Features

Many users praise the Wish shopping app functionality, even those who have issues with orders.

The main features that users love include the ease of scrolling through the items (some even say it’s addicting), how simple it is to place an order, and the user photos and videos that can be reviewed before purchasing.

6. Be Careful When Ordering Products

We see the same shipping and product quality issues whether someone is using the Wish mobile app or the website. Some of these are the reason people continue to ask, “Is the Wish app legit?” and “Is the Wish app safe?”

Many people are quite happy getting great deals on trendy clothes and electronics, but when problems are reported, it is usually related to long shipping times, poor clothing quality, or sizes being smaller than expected.

7. Customer Service is Limited

Wish customer service appears to be mainly available through a chat form on the website or through the app. There’s also that Wish review reply mentioned earlier where they state “At this time, we only offer Customer Support through the app.”

is wish app safe

Wish App Customer Support

The company does have a customer service 800 number listed alongside their California office address. Upon dialing the number, however, customers are directed to submit their concerns through the Wish app. If they can’t access the app, they should email [email protected]

While it isn’t uncommon for online retailers to use email, chat, or contact forms as primary means of customer service, it’s worth noting that currently, this seems to be the only option for customers looking for assistance with Wish shopping. 

This could potentially be frustrating for customers who are trying to resolve an issue. People love the convenience of a chat but since there is no other way to speak to an actual Wish customer support representative or directly to the sellers themselves, it can easily become very annoying and inconvenient.

8. Wish is Responsive to Online Complaints

It seems like Wish is working to address questions like, “Is Wish a safe app?” and “Is Wish app a scam?”

They do an excellent job of responding to customer complaints online and are making efforts to police any fraudulent merchants and scammers. Our Wish app review saw that they respond to both positive and negative app reviews so that certainly adds some business credibility.

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AdvisoryHQ Conclusion—Is Wish a Safe App?

Shoppers give the Wish shopping app high marks and leave plenty of positive reviews. Most people find the app very easy to use. Even though many shoppers say that Wish app is safe, a lot of them warn that scrolling through fast-fashion clothes, home goods, and low-priced goods can become very addictive.

As with any type of international shopping, you should read the reviews thoroughly before entering your payment information and understand that you’re buying from a third-party merchant.

While many Wish app customer reviews say that the app makes it easy to leave product and seller reviews, there is always another side to consider. There are plenty of reviews stating that items don’t match the description, product quality doesn’t meet their expectation, or even worse, that the items never arrive at all.

People who are wondering, “Is the Wish app legit?” will be happy to know that yes, Wish is a legit company with a legit app but not all sellers run legit and reliable shops.

However, for those asking, “Is Wish a safe app?” it is important to state that there are both positive and negative Wish app reviews on this front. Shopping online is always a risk, but any instance of fraudulent charges should give shoppers pause to think before taking the risk.

Ultimately, the buyer needs to do their due diligence before purchasing from any online company and Wish is no exception.

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