What You Should Know: Is Rosewholesale a Scam? Is It Legit & Safe to Use?

Rosewholesale.com is causing quite a buzz. With low prices and plenty of options, it’s got people asking questions. Is Rosewholesale a scam somehow? How is Rosewholesale legit? Is Rosewholesale real with those prices? Is Rosewholesale safe to shop with?

As ever, AdvisoryHQ News is here to review Rosewholesale and see what we can dig up about them.

Is Rosewholesale a Scam?

Is Rosewholesale a scam? Some people would say so.

There’s even a Facebook group dedicated to calling the site a scam. However, to answer the question, we need to step back and look at what it means to be a scam.

It’s important to tell the difference between a scam site and a site that has terrible service or quality. Is Rosewholesale a scam just because its orders take a long time to arrive or its sizes aren’t quite right? Perhaps not. But is Rosewholesale a scam if it mis-advertises its products? That’s much more reasonable to say.

In this video review by Jen Luv, she describes a purse she received from them as being “plasticky,” and in a comment below the video she further describes that her jewelery “didn’t hold up to wear,” breaking after just one or two uses. Nina’s Bargain Beauty describes her own frustration with the company on her blog post about them. Both of these examples show poor service and poor quality, but is Rosewholesale a scam? We can’t be certain from just these examples.

Many customers complain about their items never arriving at all. Almost all of the recent complaints about the company on pissedconsumer.com and Sitejabber mention that their orders never arrived, despite payment being taken.

The Rosewholesale Scam Facebook page is dedicated to recording various complaints and problems with Rosewholesale. Posts such as this one highlight occasions where Rosewholesale uses pictures from other people’s stores to advertise their own, often knockoff, products.

So, how do we decide whether Rosewholesale is a scam? Let’s take a quick look at all the evidence:

Is Rosewholesale a Scam?

ActivityScam? (Y/N)
Long delivery timesNo – long shipping times are inevitable when shipping from China
Poor quality itemsNo – sometimes bad quality is just bad quality
Poor customer serviceNo – this is bad service, but not a scam
Misadvertising productsYes – Rosewholesale may be selling products under false pretenses
Using others’ contentYes – stealing from others is not legitimate business practice
Items never arrivingYes – If they take payment then never ship the items, it’s a scam

A problem arises when looking at customer reviews. Many reviews will focus on the negatives, and people who are frustrated or upset may exaggerate; after all, studies show that we are more likely to tell others about a negative experience than a positive one. It’s always difficult to make a call like this. However, the amount of evidence surrounding Rosewholesale’s practices does look bad.

Verdict: Is Rosewholesale a scam? It can’t be certain, since they do send items out, and people sometimes overreact. The evidence is pretty damning, however, and even if they aren’t a scam, they don’t seem to offer quality service, which might be a strong consideration to take into account.

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Is Rosewholesale Legit?

Is Rosewholesale legit? The site promises great-looking products at incredibly low prices, but then fails to deliver by offering tacky items that look nothing like the photos. Is Rosewholesale legit if it can’t deliver on its promises? Probably not.

When most people ask “Is Rosewholesale legit?” they’re probably thinking in terms of price compared to quality. “Is Rosewholesale legit?” really means “Can I really get these amazing items for these low prices?”

is rosewholesale a scam

Is Rosewholesale Legit?

Based on what we’ve seen so far, Rosewholesale certainly runs a business that delivers items to its customers, or attempts to. Customers report that it doesn’t do the job very well, but if we give them the benefit of the doubt, we can say that Rosewholesale is a legitimate business in the very basic definition of the word: they do exist, and they do sell items.

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However, is Rosewholesale legit if we look at the expectations they set, and whether or not they meet them? Based on Jen Luv’s video review, we can see that the items they send don’t particularly look like the pictures in their listings. This post on the “Rosewholesale Scam” Facebook page accuses Rosewholesale of stealing their images for the site. This would make it seem that Rosewholesale is using images that aren’t of their products to advertise their own inferior versions. Misadvertising is definitely not a legit business tactic.

is rosewholesale legit

Is Rosewholesale A Scam?

The other part of the question “Is Rosewholesale legit” is asking “Is Rosewholesale safe?” In other words, is Rosewholesale a scam? There are no reports we could find of Rosewholesale committing credit fraud or stealing people’s details, so they’re probably safe to use where your bank account is concerned. The risks to using them aren’t safety risks, but rather quality risks.

Verdict: Is Rosewholesale legit? Long delivery times and low quality products mean that the service isn’t excellent, but it is legit. There are no reports of fraud, so they’re legit in that regard. However, they heavily misadvertise their products and potentially steal other peoples’ images, which is a bad business practice that could land them in hot water.

Is Rosewholesale Real?

Is Rosewholesale real? With customers reporting missing items, poor quality imitations, and incorrect sizes, Rosewholesale gets a really bad reputation. It seems like they’re not selling what they advertise. Is Rosewholesale real? Certainly. The company exists, and people have definitely received items from them. However, their service leaves a lot to be desired.

is rosewholesale real

Is Rosewholesale Real?

If you’re asking “Is Rosewholesale real?” you might be wondering if their prices are real. Their prices are certainly real, but there are indications that their products are not. Rather than asking “Is Rosewholesale real?” you might be better off asking “Is Rose Wholesale legit?” The products they sell are such a low price partly because they come straight from manufacture, and also because they don’t sell what they claim to be selling.

Since evidence suggests that Rosewholesale uses other people’s pictures in their advertising while selling imitation products, we might conclude that Rosewholesale’s prices are real but that its products may not be.

Another important part of the “Is Rosewholesale real?” question comes down to whether they act like a business or more like a scam. Rosewholesale does respond to customer complaints, as you can see on TrustPilot, and they also respond to emails and offer refunds, such as in this case.

is rosewholesale safe

Rosewholesale Prices

Not all of Rosewholesale’s responses feel real, however. Many of the responses on their SiteJabber reviews page seem to be copied and pasted, suggesting that they have an auto-response bot rather than an actual human being responding to these complaints. They don’t seem to resolve any of these problems in the open, either.

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Verdict: Is Rosewholesale real? They certainly seem to be an actual business, and people receive orders from them, but the fake item photos and auto-generated responses mean that Rosewholesale doesn’t feel like a real business, even if they do technically exist.

Is Rosewholesale Safe?

Is Rosewholesale safe? We haven’t seen any evidence of them abusing credit card data or personal information, and they do seem to offer refunds if you complain enough. However, given the quality of site and service, you might not want to trust them regardless.

is rose wholesale legit

Is Rosewholesale Safe?

Is Rosewholesale safe to order from? Many people have complained of items not arriving, or not even being sent, which can be considered unsafe. Worse, some people have complained of Rosewholesale not responding to requests for refunds, or not giving refunds even if they do respond.

Verdict: Is Rosewholesale safe? Rosewholesale hasn’t been accused of stealing credit card data, so they’re safe in that regard. However, they aren’t safe if you’re looking for a company you can trust or that offers a consistent service. Rosewholesale is safe only so far as you’re willing to take some risks.

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Rosewholesale Summary

  • Is Rosewholesale real? Yes, but what they sell isn’t necessarily real.
  • Is Rosewholesale safe? They don’t seem to steal data, but they don’t seem trustworthy, either.
  • Is Rosewholesale legit? Not really. They’re untrustworthy and have terrible service.
  • Is Rosewholesale a scam? They run a bad business with bad practices, and aren’t always honest. This means that Rosewholesale can probably be considered to be a scam.

If you’re looking for a bargain, it’s easy to be taken in by what Rosewholesale offers. But unless you’re willing to take the risk that you won’t get what you paid for, and possibly won’t get anything at all, it’s probably better to look somewhere else.

rose wholesale legit

Is Rosewholesale A Legit Business?

If you’re looking for something specific, Rosewholesale have been known to use targeted Facebook ads that try to offer you something when you can’t find it anywhere else. This is the real worry to look out for.

Final Verdict: Don’t trust Rosewholesale. They may not be stealing your data, but they aren’t running a legit business you can trust.

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