Intro: What You Need to Know Before Shopping on RoseGal | Is RoseGal Legit? Is It Safe to Use?

Fashion-conscious consumers focused on finding the best bargain have often stumbled upon Rosegal for its deep discounts, excellent selection, and beautiful apparel and accessories.

However, the more they investigate, many of these same shoppers have found themselves wondering if Rosegal is a scam.

Personal and anecdotal reviews abound online for this site – many of them negative – however, end users continue to call for answers to questions like, “Is Rosegal safe?” and “Is Rosegal reliable?”

We aim to provide detailed answers for those who are wondering “Is Rosegal safe?” and even “Is Rosegal real?” This objective overview is based both on personal reviews and comments as well as hard evidence and unbiased facts regarding the story behind the store.

But first, we’ll take a look at exactly what Rosegal is and what it promises consumers.

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What Is Rosegal?

Before we can examine the question, “Is Rosegal leigt?” it helps to have an understanding of exactly what the company offers.

Its store claims to be a blend of contemporary and vintage fashion trends compiled to create a wide array of apparel, accessory, and shoe choices for both men and women. According to the Better Business Bureau, it also operates under an alternate name, Rose Wholesale.

Rosegal is not responsible for manufacturing its own items. Instead, its team of buyers purchases items made in other locations and then resells them under the Rosegal name.

It’s difficult to track down all of its individual suppliers to verify the accuracy of their descriptions and the quality of their final products–in turn, it’s nearly impossible to conclusively answer the question, “Is Rosegal reliable?”

Where Is Rosegal Located?

Many online shoppers are asking, “Where is Rosegal located?” The question is more difficult to answer than it sounds. Rosegal is not forthcoming with information on its headquarters.

It’s difficult to say exactly where Rosegal is located, but some sources point out that it is registered to the Shenzhen Global Egrow E-Commerce Company, which would put it somewhere near Shenzhen, China.

For those wondering, “Where is Rosegal located,” or “Is Rosegal legit?” its overseas location may make some shoppers nervous about the quality of products they will receive.

The same parent company also runs sites such as Sammy Dress, DressLily, Nasty Dress, and TrendsGal. Each one of these sites has similar reviews and complaints, leading most consumers to ask, “Is Rosegal a scam?”

Not to mention, there are plenty of examples where Rosegal has stolen fashion photos from legit websites to use for its own lesser quality, knockoff versions.

Is Rosegal Real? | Is Rosegal a Scam?

Consumers are right to question if Rosegal is real. The reality is that many consumers do indeed receive products that they ordered from the site, in spite of the complaints about items never arriving.

Unfortunately, they don’t always receive exactly what they thought they were getting–which only spreads further doubt about the questions, “Is Rosegal real?” and “Is Rosegal legit?”

Major companies are complaining of copyright infringement. Rosegal, along with the other sites associated with the Shenzhen Global Egrow E-Commerce Company, has been known to steal images from better-known, popular manufacturers for use on its own websites.

Instead of receiving the higher quality item pictured, end users are dissatisfied to discover a significantly cheaper product has been produced.

This side-by-side comparison, originally listed on a Buzzfeed exposé on the discount dress retailers, perfectly illustrates the lengthy list of complaints about product quality.

The materials are of significantly lesser quality, the pattern does not match, and even the fit is off when compared to the originally advertised photograph.

Similar stories and images can be found for each of the sites associated with the company that owns and manages Rosegal and Rose Wholesale.

So, is Rosegal a scam? Is Rosegal legit? It certainly seems that some of its items are not all that they appear or are described to be.

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Is Rosegal Safe? | Returns and Warranties

Rosegal’s return policy is set up to make users believe that Rosegal is a safe website. Unfortunately, a closer read demonstrates that it is extraordinarily vague, and all returns are subject to approval from the store’s customer service department.

You are responsible for all shipping charges associated with its 30-day warranty process. Not only will you have to foot the bill for the international shipping back to its China warehouse, but you will have to submit photos, order information, and detailed information regarding why your package is being returned.

From the customer service department, you have the option to contact them through their online form where someone will review your ticket.

The support center does offer a direct phone number to discuss your issues with a real person which, for those wondering “Is Rosegal a scam?” might be a good sign.

Consumers are still asking, “Is Rosegal safe?” The addition of a customer service line certainly helps bolster the safety and credibility of shopping on, but the return process leaves something to be desired.

Paying the international shipping fees may eat away at any money you would have received in exchange for sending the product back.

Is Rosegal Safe? | Payment Protection

Is Rosegal safe for payments? There are plenty of reasons to be wary of the products that the site carries, but if you want to try a purchase for yourself, should you be concerned if Rosegal is safe?

You may want to give it a try, but not at the expense of losing additional money from your account.

When it comes to whether or not is legit, it does offer several different methods of payment. You can opt to make your payment through PayPal or through your credit or debit card.

Choosing to make your payment through PayPal does make it feel more like Rosegal is reliable. It offers you an additional layer of protection from having your personal bank account information stolen.

That being said, there are numerous negative reviews regarding the quality of the products and the shipping of products through the site but few complaints over phishing or identity theft.

It appears that Rosegal is safe for payment if you want to make an attempt to try it out for yourself. If your order doesn’t turn out, it may be difficult to secure your refund, but at least your credit or debit card information isn’t available to its vendors for the taking.

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Is Rosegal a Scam? | Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau listed an alert on the Rosegal complaints page after receiving an excessive amount of complaints within the last year.

The company’s history would lead most shoppers to believe that Rosegal is a scam. Over 300 Rosegal complaints have been filed in regard to Rosegal’s reliability with issues filed under each of the five Better Business Bureau’s categories.

The bulk of the Rosegal complaints are related to delivery and problems with the products and customer service. However, there were also issues with misrepresentation of products in the company’s advertisements and missing items from shipments.

Listed under the more detailed section of the site, the Better Business Bureau reviewed consumer complaints and found that Rosegal was not responding to consumer inquiries no matter what communication method was used.

In terms of its advertising, the Better Business Bureau did attempt to address a few issues that may have helped to clear up whether is legit.

Unfortunately, the company never responded to the BBB’s request for more substantiated information in regard to its pricing.

Consumer Opinions | Is Rosegal Legit?

Websites that collect consumer opinions can be a great source of information on whether Rosegal is safe or legit.

A handful of negative personal reviews may not mean much in the grand scheme of a large business, but when a majority of the personal reviews are giving the lowest scores possible, it’s time to consider whether or not Rosegal is legit.

Site Jabber collected over 4,400 customer reviews with some surprising results. More than three-quarters of the reviews gave Rosegal a score of only one star out of five.

Under the detailed breakdown, it received no more than two stars for any category, including service, value, shipping, returns, and quality. It seems as though many of these customers would answer “yes” to the question, “Is Rosegal a scam?”

Trust Pilot had a very similar ranking, giving it only a 3.0 out of a possible 10 stars according to more than 1,200 reviews. Approximately 57 percent of the reviews gave it the lowest score possible, indicating that more than half the users would conclude that Rosegal is a scam.

Even the Web of Trust gave Rosegal a trustworthiness score of only 50 percent after user reviews labelled it as both spam and a scam.

The complaints are very similar to those lodged against the company on the Better Business Bureau page: orders that never arrive, items that don’t match the description, and extreme difficulty reaching a helpful customer service representative.

While there are reviewers who had a perfectly wonderful experience, the majority were able to conclude that, while Rosegal is real and is capable of delivering products, Rosegal is a scam on the whole.

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Conclusion: Is Rosegal Legit? Is Rosegal Safe? Is Rosegal a Scam?

Is Rosegal legit, or is Rosegal a scam?

Budget-conscious fashionistas have long been wondering if Rosegal is reliable, especially in light of all the negative reviews that abound on the Internet. When looking at the objective facts in combination with the personal reviews, the answer to whether Rosegal is safe seems clear.

Too many shoppers have had experiences with a scam, and it doesn’t seem like it would be worth the money to invest in Rosegal’s discounted apparel.

Once you factor in the cost of international shipping, the excessive wait time, and the likelihood that you won’t receive the exact product you ordered, you would have been better off to spend slightly more at a more reputable shop.

Is legit? Is Rosegal safe to purchase from? Is Rosegal reliable? Perhaps, but it doesn’t seem worth the risk.

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