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When fashion goes from the catwalk to stores and e-commerce sites quickly to meet the demand for trends it’s called “fast fashion,” and the industry is booming. Globally, fast-fashion retailers have been experiencing steady growth, with the industry growing 21% over the past three years.

Shoppers always love a good fashion trend and especially if it comes at budget prices, which is the draw of many China-based websites like Liligal.

Liligal reviews

Liligal Dresses & Clothing Review

The appeal of fast fashion is that it provides a quick and easy way for fashion-conscious shoppers to stay up to date with the latest trends without emptying their wallet.

By design, these types of clothes are primarily defined by affordability, and many of the most affordable retailers are manufacturers located overseas.

Over the past few years, sites like Rosegal have been popping up left and right, dominating social media feeds and providing low prices that are nearly impossible to beat. Their deals make it hard for many shoppers to resist that “buy now” button.

Liligal is one of many popular international e-commerce sites like Rosegal with affordable styles designed to redefine trends and make fast fashion available to shoppers across the globe.

At a glance, Liligal might seem all too familiar to shoppers with experience ordering from Chinese manufacturers and have them do a double-take. This is because is the result of a recent name change from

In fact, typing “” into a browser will immediately redirect you to “,” confirming the company’s name change.

While companies have all types of reasons for changing their company names and website URLs, one possible reason could be that when you search Lulugal, there are multiple negative search results that come up.

Lulugal star-rating results on Google’s first-page fall in the 1-star range and one headline called the site a scam.

With the name change from to, there are plenty of consumer questions to answer about this popular site like Rosegal.

Our AdvisoryHQ Liligal review will take a deep dive into multiple Liligal reviews from actual shoppers to answer the following questions:

  • Where is Liligal located?
  • Is Liligal legit and safe?
  • What do reviews say?
  • Is there a Liligal scam?
  • ​Are Liligal dresses and clothing worth it?
  • How easy are Liligal returns and refunds?

If you’re considering shopping at, read on! Our Liligal review will provide you with everything you need to know about the company and what to expect based on real Liligal reviews and the shopping experience others have had with this fashion retailer.

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Liligal Review | Where is Liligal Located?

Our Liligal review found a curious thing when we looked for the Liligal headquarters. The address is noted as Room2087, #15-3 Building, 999 Ningqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 201206, China, which is the same exact address of other fashion sites.

Rosewe and Modlily, two other sites like Rosegal, both list that same address on their websites, which would point to them all being run by the same company or at least being sister companies run out of the same office building.

Due to them all sharing an address, you may also be interested in reading our reviews of Modlily and Rosewe to shed more light on how legit Liligal is and whether you can trust the site with your payment information and expect something that resembles the product image.

It’s important to note that after you’ve found where Liligal is located, the address on the contact page is not a return shipping address for clothing. The company provides that address during a return request process.

If you’re wondering “Where is Liligal located” when it comes to their warehouses, the company states on their FAQ page that they ship to over 80 countries worldwide from one of their “many globally positioned” warehouses.

Additionally, there are some key similarities that our Liligal review found between the former Lulugal and other sites like Rosegal.

This includes the fact that there is no phone support available, which causes many reviewers to think there may be a Liligal scam. They do however offer customer support by submitting a ticket, a website form or email, and offer live chat support.

You may need to be a night owl or early bird to reach their live chat agent, however, because the hours reflect the working day in China, not the U.S. Hours for Liligal live chat are:

Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. US Eastern time

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Liligal Review | Is Liligal Legit & Safe?

It’s difficult to determine whether Liligal is legit, particularly due to the overwhelming amount of critical Liligal reviews.

Even so, for new shoppers, there are a few other ways to examine whether a new shopping site—particularly those located overseas—is both legit and safe.

Below, our Liligal review has highlighted a few considerations to take regarding the safety and legitimacy of

Is Liligal Legit?

When answering the question, “Is Liligal legit,” here are some of the factors that our Liligal review took into consideration:

Quality of the Website

The company does appear to have a legitimate website that is easy to navigate, and all products allow for shoppers to leave individual Liligal reviews on their purchases.

The site also uses an SSL certificate for secure shopping, noted by the “https” in the URL. Additionally, has a Norton Secured designation, explaining that the site uses their DigiCert security services.

Programs & Promotions does offer additional programs for shoppers and resellers, that would point to a more legitimate site.

Their affiliate program for their business partners allows affiliates to earn between 6% and 16% commission on sales. They also have a VIP membership program for registered customers that allows them to earn discounts the more products they purchase.

Legal Window

Our Liligal review found that the company does have a reporting system in place for instances of alleged intellectual copyright infringement, which speaks to good business practices.

So, given these factors, is Liligal legit? On a surface level, Liligal is a legit business that is operating under traditional business practices—but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a safe shopping site to use. Let’s get into their refunds and returns next.

How Easy are Liligal Returns & Refunds?

Our Liligal review took a look at their return process and also found it identical to other sites like Rosegal that operate overseas. While they may call it “easy” on their website, many shoppers note jumping through multiple hoops for an exchange or refund.

Liligal requires you to submit a ticket to customer service within 30 days of receiving the item to exchange or return it. Customers have to pay for the return shipping fees, which is a standard procedure with overseas sellers, making a return too expensive to bother with for some shoppers.

Certain things, like Flash sale and jewelry items, cannot be returned at all. The process has several steps, such as contacting them to get the return address and an RMA number.

You also are required to send the return without signature required and send the shipper name and tracking number through the Liligal ticket system. They also note that returning via the postal service is preferred to avoid additional customs charges.

Miss any of their steps, and you may have an issue getting refunded. Many shoppers also note problems with refunds even if they do follow all the steps, and often the company will offer a partial refund instead and allow you to avoid sending an item back.

All in all, the return and refund process is time-intensive, and for some shoppers, too costly to bother with, so they end up taking a partial refund or store credit instead.

liligal review

Liligal Dresses

Is Liligal Safe to Use?

To examine whether Liligal is safe to use, our Liligal review looked at what kinds of payment options are available through the site. allows for credit card payments or payments through PayPal. Having PayPal is a huge benefit since it provides a reliable interface for shoppers to use their credit card without sharing any personal information.

While our Liligal review cannot speak for the safety of sending your credit card details to them directly, PayPal is certainly a safe and reliable way to process payments online.

From a shopper’s perspective, using PayPal is also beneficial when resolving payment disputes, as PayPal operates as a medium between the company and the consumer.

Based on comments from PayPal community message boards and the Liligal reviews below, this is likely a consideration that all shoppers on should take.

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Liligal Review | Liligal Reviews from Sitejabber

There are 1, 043 reviews on Sitejabber, with the first Liligal review appearing in March of 2018. Of these, a majority of Liligal reviewers gave their experience with a 1-star rating (578), the lowest possible score.

Negative Liligal Reviews

Many Liligal reviews pointed out the connection between and, warning shoppers to stay away. For example, in her Liligal review, user Liz M. writes,

BEWARE shoppers: the online women’s clothing shop LILIGAL is the new name for what used to be LULUGAL. Please read the hundreds of negative reviews for Lulugal before you buy from Liligal!! This is a China based operation that posts false reviews and sells undersized, junky clothing. When you try to return it they offer you credit toward more clothing. If you insist on returning they tell you that you will have to send it to China on your own dollar and only get a fraction of your money back!! Don’t fall for the cute pics, this company is a scam and should be put out of business!!

Another Liligal review from user Cindy F. says,

I saw this on FB and my bathing suit did not fit. Thank goodness that is all I bought as there is no way to return it. Their system sends you in circles and then when you try to submit a ticket for the return after doing all of the ridiculous things it asks you for it won’t allow you to send it. Cheap quality as well, you get what you pay for!

A few other Liligal reviewers report being blocked from the Liligal Facebook page after making a complaint, which raises questions about whether Liligal is truly committed to resolving customer complaints in negative reviews.

Another consideration to take is that many Liligal reviews mention using PayPal to negotiate disputes over credit payments and refunds, which often results in getting only a fraction of their money back.

Perhaps the most distressing is the amount of Liligal reviewers that claim to have fallen victim to a Liligal scam. For example, one such Liligal review comes from user Ellen M., who titled her review, “Beware Scam Company,” and states,

They sent me the wrong size: the package said XL but the top was L. I had to pay for return shipping even though it was 100% their fault. Had to go through PayPal to get my money back and Liligal was uncooperative every step of the way. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Overall, the most common complaints found in Liligal reviews on Sitejabber include:

  • Incorrect sizing
  • Cheap material
  • Unhelpful customer service
  • Excessively long shipment times
  • Difficulty returning or exchanging items

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Positive Liligal Reviews on Sitejabber

There are 407 Liligal reviewers that gave their experience a 4 or 5-star rating, representing 39% of reviewers on Sitejabber who are satisfied with their experience.

Still, to represent a fair Liligal review, let’s look at what these customers are saying in their positive Liligal reviews. One Liligal review from user Holly G. says,

I ordered then read the reviews and got nervous. But I got my swimsuit about 10 days later and it was just as expected from the picture. I ordered a large (figured to go up a size) and normally wear a size 4/6 and it fits great. The quality is great too. Nothing bad to say!

is liligal legit

Liligal Swimwear

Another review from Shirley A. who bought a Liligal swimsuit stated,

The quality was nice and they had a large selection to choose from. Will purchase again from this website

The remaining positive Liligal reviews are very similar, with many commenting on bathing suit purchases through the site. Some Liligal reviewers even responded to negative comments in critical Liligal reviews.

An example of a positive Liligal reviewer that directly addressed complaints and accusations of a Liligal scam is this one,

Their web site clearly says “good quality for non-high end clothing” and that is exactly what I got. What can you really expect for $30 for a swim suit? If you want really good quality and exceptional customer service, you’re going to have to pay more than $30.

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Liligal Review | Is There a Liligal Scam?

Many Liligal reviewers are convinced that there is a Liligal scam going on, particularly when it comes to the process of returning products.

Because the buyer is responsible for return shipping from, shipping prices overseas are often too expensive and take too long to justify the hassle.

Additionally, many Liligal reviewers feel as though their products are not accurately represented by the company, often receiving items that are poorly made, improperly sized, and generally disappointing.

Negative Liligal reviews on quality are not too surprising considering the budget prices and different manufacturing standards in China than in other countries.

Does this mean that there is a Liligal scam? Perhaps. It certainly is not good business practice to ship items that do not match the online product description or image, which could be considered a scam, however, the company does have some customers that enjoy shopping on

So, at the very least they may not be a scam, they have actual products that they ship out. But a majority of shoppers on multiple review sites complain about what they receive and the difficulty in getting a refund.

As for shipping and returns, Liligal does clearly state that the responsibility of covering return shipping cots is left to the buyer—though they could benefit from transparency in exactly how much that shipping cost could be.

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Conclusion: Are Liligal Dresses & Clothing Worth It?

If you are comfortable with the concerns raised in Liligal reviews—long shipping times, questionable quality, and incorrect sizing—then shopping on Liligal may be worth it for you.

Admittedly, their prices are often much lower than in US-based stores, and for some, the ability to save money on quick fashion trends is worth the risk.

Still, if you’re considering shopping for Liligal dresses and tops, keep in mind that there are plenty of negative Liligal reviews raising concerns over a Liligal scam.

Those prices may be rock bottom, and that dress might be right on par with current fashion trends, but you may not end up with what you see in the photo and may want to think twice before you find yourself writing your own negative Liligal review.

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