Intro: Pros & Cons About DressLily | Is DressLily Legit & Reliable? Is It a Scam?

If you’re always looking for the next fashion-forward piece to add to your wardrobe, then you’ve likely already heard of DressLily. Aimed at consumers looking for affordable fashion, DressLily offers an extensive collection of apparel, accessories, footwear, and more through its online outlet.

While that may seem innocent enough, plenty of consumers are concerned that it may be anything but that. Is DressLily legit? Is DressLily reliable? Is DressLily safe?

These are all questions that many customers attempt to answer before making their first purchase off the site.

In this Dresslily review, we will address a few of the issues to help you determine if DressLily will help you to add a few nice pieces to your wardrobe or if your money would be better spent elsewhere.

We’ll start by answering questions like, “Is DressLily real?” and then move onto the more pressing and important questions including “Is DressLily legit?” and “Is DressLily reliable?”

So, let’s take a look at the company itself and what it promises to do.

Is DressLily Real?

Before we can begin to determine if there is a DressLily scam, we need to examine exactly what this business is and what it offers to consumers. Is DressLily real?

Our Dresslily review found that it is, in fact, a real business that claims to be a “leading online fashion clothing and accessory store” that caters mostly to consumers looking for a good bargain on a handful of new additions to its ensembles.

It carries women’s clothing and shoes, wigs, jewelry, handbags, and intimates, providing a wide array of items and collections to choose from.

It is important to note that DressLily does not manufacture any of the items for sale on its website. Many people claim that there could be a DressLily scam because the company is simply responsible for reselling goods that it purchases from other manufacturers.

In regard to DressLily sizing, this means that each item will fit differently. While it does allow for lower prices, it also opens a lot of room for error and dissatisfaction with the product the end user receives.

The reason that so many shoppers are beginning to wonder “Is DressLily safe?” is because of the company’s overseas affiliation. Based out of Shenzhen, China, DressLily is one of many up-and-coming online retailers that has been able to cut costs on goods because of its location as well as lack of involvement in the manufacturing process.

In fact, it’s difficult to even find the company’s location information on its website because it does not appear to be listed. It is, however, included on the customer service page on Facebook.

Not only does its location leave consumers wondering but so does its business practices. According to a local news outlet that investigated the reliability of the company, DressLily also operates under several other names including

SammyDress has the same propensity towards negative reviews that DressLily itself has. One business that operates under different names with the same sort of reviews would lead consumers to wonder, “Is DressLily a scam?”

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Is DressLily Legit?

If you were interested in testing the waters to answer the question, “Is DressLily legit?” for yourself, you might want to read over its warranty and return policy before making that decision.

DressLily’s warranty covers damaged or defective items or if the incorrect item or wrong size is shipped. All other scenarios and returns must first be approved by the customer service team to determine if they are eligible for return.

Supposedly, you do have thirty days to submit a return to customer service for approval for any reason, but it is not a guarantee that it will be granted to you. Furthermore, you will be responsible for all the shipping costs to send it back to China and will not be refunded for any shipping expenses you paid to have the item delivered initially.

Image Source: DressLily

While some people would argue that the answer to “Is DressLily a scam?” is “no” – simply because it has a return policy – the vague details surrounding what warrants approval for a return would lead others to answer “yes.”

When you search for contact information on its website, no phone number is listed under its contact page. In fact, our Dresslily review found that the only two options given are “live chat” or email.

For customers who prefer to deal with live people when issues arise with their orders, not being able to reach a customer service representative via phone quickly or easily would leave them answering “Is DressLily legit?” with a resounding “no.”

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Receiving Orders: Is DressLily a Scam?

Is DressLily a scam? If you spend any time searching through the DressLily complaints and DressLily reviews on the Internet, you’ll find plenty of themes that repeat themselves time and time again.

The biggest DressLily scam complaint is that customers never receive their orders, even after waiting for several months. Tracking down a refund from the company proves to be difficult when communication options are limited to email and online chats. 

Keep in mind that ordering through China-based resellers can keep prices low, but, unfortunately for consumers, that can sometimes mean poor customer service and longer shipping times than they are accustomed to.

In fact, DressLily’s free shipping or flat rate shipping can take up to 25 days to arrive after an additional ten days of processing time. Not counting weekends, that would mean your package could arrive as many as seven weeks after your initial purchase.

Many DressLily complaints and negative DressLily reviews stem from shipping issues and excessive wait times, not uncommon for a retailer similar to DressLily.

However, the more alarming of the major DressLily complaints come from consumers who did receive their items but not the items they actually thought they were ordering.

Web of Trust, an online review site that examines reputation and Internet safety, gave DressLily a score of 31 out of 100 when it comes to trustworthiness. Negative DressLily reviews from consumers often include receiving an item that just barely resembles the actual item they believed they were ordering.

Knock Off Nightmare examined some of the claims it found to compare the received item side by side with the description and images featured on the DressLily website.

In several examples, the fabric was not the same fabric type listed or of the same quality pictured on the website – the coloring was different, the stitching was uneven or unreliable, and the colors were significantly different.

Based on the side-by-side comparison, is DressLily reliable? The answer would have to be “no.” If customers are not guaranteed to receive the products they believed they were ordering, then the site cannot be considered reliable or trustworthy.

Payments: Is DressLily Safe?

Among the numerous DressLily complaints, few warn of any sort of payment scam. The company offers several methods for paying for your items, including PayPal, credit card through PayPal, directly with your credit or debit card or with a DressLily gift card.

Is DressLily safe for payments? It seems that you have some built-in protection for your bank account by paying through PayPal versus delivering payment directly with your sensitive bank account information.

However, continue to keep in mind that, while your money may be safe in your account, it may be a waste of your funds to purchase. Our DressLily review found that customers who do not receive their items seem to have a difficult time with having a refund issued.

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DressLily Complaints: Is DressLily Reliable?

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a lot of people are asking the question, “Is DressLily reliable?” In the last three years, there have been 420 complaints lodged against the company, mostly due to delivery issues and problems with the products or services received.

The BBB creates a composite score for reviewed businesses, based upon BBB ratings and customer reviews. DressLily has earned 1.22 out of 5 stars for a composite score, and a BBB rating of F.

Under additional information for DressLily complaints and DressLily reviews, the Better Business Bureau states that the company has a “pattern of complaints concerning late or non-delivery of ordered products.

Furthermore, there are a significant number of complaints regarding speaking with a real representative when customers reach out for resolutions.

Site Jabber, a popular consumer review site, continues to provide unsettling answers to the question, “Is DressLily legit?”

In fact, it has collected over 3,500 reviews from real customers, and nearly 2,500 of those reviews granted the site just one star. Overall, DressLily received an incredibly low score of only 22 percent.

Most DressLily reviews complain of a DressLily scam, where they ordered and paid for shipping, often selecting to pay for expedited shipping to avoid the excessive wait times associated with the company’s flat rate shipping or free shipping. In the end, they paid extra only to never receive the product ordered.

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Conclusion: Is DressLily Legit? Is DressLily Reliable?

Is DressLily legit, and is DressLily reliable? Based on the numerous negative reviews, the answer to both of these questions would be “no.” While the answer to “Is DressLily safe?” might be a “yes,” it definitely does not seem to be a wise use of your money, even if there is very little danger to your bank account.

The prices are certainly low for the items that are described and pictured on the website, but some customers never receive those specific products. In fact, many consumers received products that only barely resembled the items they thought they were ordering.

End users make frequent complaints of products that never arrive or that are significantly different from the original product ordered.

If this is the case, it seems that you would be better off to order a more expensive item from a different shop and rest assured that you will receive what you pay for. Pay close attention to DressLily complaints because they seem to be a direct indication of a DressLily scam.

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