Is Dresslily Legitimate? Is it Scam or Not? Everything You Need to Know about

If you’re always looking for the next fashion-forward piece to add to your wardrobe, then you’ve likely already heard of Dresslily.

These are all questions that many customers attempt to answer before making their first purchase off and our review will get you all the answers you need.

Is Dresslily a legitimate company? Is there a Dresslily scam? Is Dresslily safe?

Is DressLily Safe? Is it legit? DressLily review

Dress Lily Reviews

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In this Dresslily review, we will address a few of the issues to help you determine if Dresslily will help you to add a few nice pieces to your wardrobe or if your money would be better spent elsewhere.

You’ll also learn how the Dresslily return policy works and whether you can trust that you’ll get a refund if you’re not happy.

We’ll start by answering questions like What is Dresslily?” and “Is Dresslily fast fashion?” and then move onto the more pressing and important questions including “Is Dresslily legit?” based upon what shoppers say in Dresslily reviews.

Let’s dive right in!

What is Dresslily? | Dresslily Origin

So, what is Dresslily?

Aimed at consumers looking for affordable fashion, Dresslily is an online fashion retailer that offers an extensive collection of apparel, accessories, footwear, wigs, and more.

What about Dresslily origin? started in 2012 and over the past 11 years, Dress Lily has been providing fashion for women of every size in over 100 countries worldwide.

With a mission to cater to women of all sizes and shapes, it’s no wonder that Dreslilly’s slogan is “Praise everybody!”

what is Dresslily

What is Dresslily? – Dress Lilly Reviews

While shoppers are drawn in by their attractive prices promising up to 85% off Dresslily wigs, dresses, and other fashions, plenty of consumers are concerned that there may be a Dresslily scam.

It is important to note that Dresslily does not manufacture the items sold on its website. In fact, the company states that it “leverages an extensive network of professional and carefully screened manufacturers and distributors” for its products.

Many people claim that there could be a Dresslily scam because the company is simply responsible for reselling goods that it purchases from other manufacturers. However, this is a common practice for many Asian online fashion retailers.

We receive many questions about Dress Lilly but one of the most common ones is: “Is Dresslily fast fashion?” After carefully reviewing Dresslilly company, we have to say Yes, Dress Lily is fast fashion.

To determine is Dress Lily legit, we’ll start by checking Dresslily location.

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Dresslily Location | Where is Dresslily Located?

Our Dresslily review found that Dresslilly location is an address in Shenzhen, China.

Dress Lily seems to be owned by Shenzhen-based Global Egrow. However, also provides a Hong Kong address.

Additionally, the domain registration shows the registrar URL as a China domain (

The reason that so many shoppers are beginning to wonder “Is Dresslily safe?” is because it’s difficult to find the company’s location on the website.

So, if you’ve been wondering is Dresslily from China, the answer is: Yes, Dress Lily location is China.

Not only does Dresslily location leave consumers wondering, so do its business practices. According to a Better Business Bureau’s Dresslily review, they found that the site and SammyDress and Rosegal have the same website registration out of Beijing, China.

SammyDress has the same propensity towards negative reviews that Dresslily itself has. One business that operates under different names with the same sort of reviews would lead consumers to wonder, “Is Dresslily a scam?”

Dresslily is one of many up-and-coming online retailers that has been able to cut costs on goods because of its location as well as lack of involvement in the manufacturing process.

Next, we’ll take a look into what Dresslilly sells.

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Do you know of any Dress Lily location that we haven’t mentioned in our reviews of Dresslily? Do you know more about Dresslily origin? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know! Reviews | What Does Dress Lilly Sell?

Before we can begin to determine if there is a Dresslily scam, we need to examine exactly what this business is and what it offers to consumers. Is Dresslily a legitimate company? Is Dresslily a legit site?

Our Dresslily review found that the company claims to be a “leading online fashion clothing and accessory store” that caters mostly to consumers looking for a good bargain on a variety of fashion items.

It carries women’s and men’s clothing and shoes, Dresslily wigs, jewelry, handbags, intimates, and home décor, providing a wide array of items and collections to choose from.

Dresslilly offers good in the following main categories:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Sweaters
  • Coats
  • Outfits
  • Swimwear
  • Plus Size
  • Men
  • Accessories

dresslily review

Dress Lilly Reviews – Dressily Categories

Dresslily Shipping Review | Dresslily Shipping Time

Our Dress Lily review found that this online fashion retailer ships worldwide, but the availability of Dresslily shipping methods and Dresslily shipping time will vary based on where in the world you’re located.

Please note that in addition to Dresslily shipping time provided, you need to add additional 1-3 business days for processing which can result in longer waiting time.

Dresslily Shipping USA

If you’re based in the US and you decide to order some Dresslilly clothes, you’ll be able to choose between Standard and Expedited Shipping.

Dresslily shipping (Standard) will be completely free with any orders over $59 USD while you’ll have to make an order of at least $129 USD to qualify for free Dresslily shipping (Expedited).

Otherwise, Dresslily shipping price will vary based on the value of your Dress Lily order and will set you back from $6.99-$12.99 USD for Standard shipping and $14.99-$25.99 for expedited shipping.

Shipping MethodDresslily Shipping TimeCosts
Standard10-20 business days$12.99 for orders ($0~$28.99)

$10.99 for orders ($29~$38.99)

$6.99 for orders ($39~$58.99)

Free for orders over $59

Expedited6-15 business days$25.99 for orders ($0~$78.99)

$20.99 for orders ($79~$98.99)

$14.99 for orders ($99~$128.99)

Free for orders over $129

Dresslily Shipping Time & Cost USA

Dresslily Shipping Canada

Similarly to the shoppers from the USA, we found that Dresslily Canada shoppers will also be able to choose from Standard and Expedited shipping as shown in the table below.

Additionally, Dresslily Canada customers can get free Standard shipping to Canada with any orders over $79.66 CAD and Expedited shipping with any Dress Lily orders over $133.66 CAD.

Shipping MethodDresslily Shipping TimeCosts
Standard10-20 business days$17.54 CAD for orders ($0.00~$52.65 CAD)

$6.74 CAD for orders (C$52.66~C$79.65)

Free for orders over $79.66 CA

Expedited6-13 business days$29.69 CAD for orders ($0.00~C$106.65 CAD)

$24.29 for orders ($106.66~$133.65 CAD)

Free for orders over $133.66 CAD

Dresslily Canada Shipping Time & Cost

Dresslily Shipping UK

Dress Lily UK shoppers will be qualifying for free Standard Dresslily shipping with any orders over £49.56 and free Expedited shipping of over £83.16.

Furthermore, Dresslily UK customers can expect their order much quicker than what we’ve seen with other countries we’ve checked for this Dress Lily review.

Shipping MethodDresslily Shipping TimeCosts
Standard10-18 business days£8.40 for orders (£0.00~£32.76)

£3.36 for orders (£32.76~£41.16)

£1.68 for orders (£41.16~£49.56)

Free for orders over £49.56

Expedited5-10 business days£13.44 for orders (£0.00~£83.16)

Free for orders over £83.16

Dress Lily UK Shipping Time & Cost

Dresslily Shipping Australia

If you’re wondering how much Dresslily Australia shipping will cost and how long it will take, you may be in for a surprise.

The only option available to shoppers in Australia is Dress Lilly Standard shipping. While it’s free with orders over $89.09 AUD, the waiting time of 10-25 business days is quite long.

Shipping MethodDresslily Shipping TimeCosts
Standard10-25 business days$19.62 AUD for orders ($0.00~$43.78)

$16.60 AUD for orders ($43.79~$58.88 AUD)

$10.56 AUD for orders ($58.89~$89.08 AUD)

Free for orders over $89.09 AUD

Dresslily Australia Shipping Time & Cost

Where does Dresslily ship from?

If you’ve been trying to find out where does Dresslily ship from, you’re at the right place. Dresslilly ships from China.

How long does Dresslily take to ship?

It typically takes Dressily 1-3 business days to ship an order.

Have you ordered anything from Dress Lily UK, Dresslily Australia, or Dresslily Canada? How was your experience? We’d love to hear from you about Dresslily delivery time UK, Canada, and Australia.

Dresslily Return Policy | Is Dresslily Legit?

If you were interested in testing the waters to answer the question, “Is Dress Lily legit?” and “Is Dresslily a legit site?” for yourself, you might want to read over Dresslily return policy before making that decision.

Dresslilly’s 30-day returns warranty states that if for any reason you’re dissatisfied with an item, you can initiate Dresslily returns within 30 days after receiving your order. They state that they will either refund or exchange the merchandise.

The Dresslily returns policy also states that all shipping charges are non-refundable and that customers are responsible for paying to ship the item back to Dress Lilly.

dresslily customer service

Dresslily Return Policy

Here are items not covered by the Dresslily returns warranty:

  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Earrings
  • Clearance items
  • Any discounted items (unless Dresslily made a mistake on the order)

Since nearly all the products on Dress Lilly are discounted, which is why people shop there, it seems as if in most cases their warranty would only cover incidents where Dress Lily shipped the wrong item, or the item was damaged in some way.

Customers must contact Dresslily customer service to have a return approved and receive an RMA form prior to sending it back.

While some people would argue that the answer to “Is Dresslily a scam?” is “no” – simply because it has a return policy – the vague details surrounding what warrants approval for a return would lead others to answer “yes.”

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How Easy Is It to Contact Dresslily Customer Service?

When you search for Dresslily customer service contact information, our Dresslily review found that customers are given a few different options. They have a US-based phone number, with a caution that it can take “up to 10-15 minutes to reach us.”

Dresslily phone number – US Customers only: +(1)360-973-7001

Dresslily phone number – All Customers: +(001)-360-973-7001

dress lilly review Reviews of Customer Service

Additional options for contacting Dresslily customer service include:

For Dresslilly customers who prefer to deal with live people when issues arise with their orders, having the ability to call a customer service representative via phone may leave them answering “Is Dress Lily legit?” and “Is Dresslily a legitimate company?” with a “Yes.”

Dresslilly Reviews | Is Dresslily Safe?

Among the numerous Dresslilly reviews, we found a very few that warn of any sort of payment scam. Our Dress Lily review found that the company offers several methods for paying for your items: (website or mobile site):

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card or Debit Card directly: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.
  • Boleto Bancário EBANX: for Brazil customers only
  • Dresslily Gift Card
  • Dresslily Wallet: cannot be used together with Dresslily Gift Cards

Dresslily app:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card or Debit Card via Paypal
  • Credit Card or Debit Card directly: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.

Is Dresslily a legitimate company that’s safe for online payments? It seems that you have some built-in protection for your bank account by paying through PayPal versus delivering payments directly with your sensitive bank account information. To answer the question – yes, Dress Lilly is safe for payments.

However, our Dresslily review found that customers who do not receive their items seem to have a difficult time with having a refund issued.

Dresslily Reviews 2022-2023 | Overall Reviews Dresslily

Here are some highlights from customers that left a Dresslily review on some of the popular review websites.

  • Dresslily BBB Reviews – 1/5 (45 reviews)
  • Sitejabber Dress Lilly Reviews– 2.27/5 (4,631 reviews)
  • Dresslily Trustpilot Reviews – 2.8/5 (3,658 reviews)

Dresslily BBB Reviews

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a lot of people are asking the question, “Is Dresslily a legitimate company?” In the last three years, there have been 106 complaints lodged against the company, mostly due to delivery issues and problems with the products or services received.

The BBB creates a composite score for reviewed businesses, based upon Dresslily BBB ratings and customer reviews. Company has earned 1 stars out of 5 for a composite score based upon 45 reviews on Dresslily, and a BBB rating of F.

Under additional information for Dresslily complaints and reviews for Dresslily, the Better Business Bureau has disclosed that Dress Lilly and Sammydress share the same website registration as we already mentioned it earlier in this Dress Lily review.

dresslily clothing

Dresslily Reviews 2022-2023

Sitejabber Dress Lilly Reviews

Sitejabber, a popular consumer review site, continues to provide unsettling answers to the question, “Is Dresslily legit?”

In fact, it has collected over 4,400 reviews from Dresslily customers, and over 2,800 of those reviews for Dresslily granted the site just one-star ratings. Overall, Dresslily received a score of 2.27 stars out of 5 on Sitejabber.

Most reviews for Dresslily complain of a Dresslily scam, where they ordered and paid for shipping, often selecting to pay for expedited shipping to avoid the excessive wait times associated with the company’s flat rate shipping or free shipping. In the end, they paid extra only to never receive the product ordered.

If asked “Is Dresslily fast fashion?” and “Is Dresslily a legit site?” a lot of unhappy Sitejabber reviews for Dresslily would answer with a “No”.

dresslily review

Reviews Dresslily – Dresslily Quality

Dresslily Trustpilot Reviews

Dresslily Trustpilot reviewers left over 3,600 reviews. Out of those, 40% rated the site with just 1 start while 41% left a 5-star review.

Out of all review sites we’ve looked into, Dresslily Trustpilot reviews are the best. While the complaints of Dresslily quality of service are pretty much the same as on the other review sites, it seems that there are also quite a few reviews that were quite happy with their Dresslily orders.

Most positive Dresslily Trustpilot reviews point out that Dresslily quality and fit is great, and that order was received in reasonable amount of time. One US customer pointed out in their reviews on Dresslily that it took approximately 2 weeks to receive the clothes.

Summary of Overall Reviews on Dresslily

Is Dresslily a scam? If you spend any time searching through the Dresslily complaints and Dresslily reviews on the Internet, you’ll find plenty of themes that repeat themselves time and time again.

Overall, the biggest Dresslily scam complaint is that customers never receive their orders, even after waiting for several months. Tracking down a refund from the company proves to be difficult for many customers.

Despite the ability to speak with Dresslily customer service agents, many customers complain that they aren’t helpful, especially when it comes to reasons for shipping delays and whether items are in stock or not.

Based on the side-by-side comparison, is Dresslily reliable? The answer would have to be “questionable at best.” If customers are not guaranteed to receive the products they believed they were ordering or don’t receive them at all.

Many negative Dress Lily reviews and complaints stem from shipping issues and excessive wait times, not uncommon for a retailer similar to

Those ordering Dresslily wigs, dresses, and other items also frequently mention that they find out much later, once frustrated at not receiving their order, that the item is out of stock, something that was not mentioned anywhere during the ordering process.

Next, we’ll take a look into Dresslily Canada reviews, Dresslily reviews Australia, and also Dresslily UK reviews to see what customers across the globe have to say about this fast fashion online retailer.

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If you know of any Dresslily Trustpilot, Sitejabber, or any other reviews that would benefit our readers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Dresslily Reviews 2022-2023 | Dresslily Canada Reviews

If you’ve been looking for Dresslily Canada reviews, we’re here to help. We went through thousands of reviews Dresslily shoppers left for this shop to give you a great summary of Dresslily Canada reviews we encountered.

It’s a mixed bag of reviews. Most negative Dresslily Canada reviews share experiences of either never receiving their order at all or just not being happy with the Dresslily quality.

Furthermore, we found a few Dresslily Canada reviews that complain about the sizing. These Dresslily size reviews point out that sizing is never the same and that it can be really hard to guess your size when shopping on

In regard to Dresslily sizing, this means that each item may fit differently, and the quality of Dress Lilly clothing may differ between manufacturers. While it does allow for lower prices, it also opens a lot of room for error and dissatisfaction with the product the end-user receives.

If asked “Is Dresslily true to size?” and “Is Dresslily good quality?” a lot of Dresslily Canada reviews would have a hard time answering that question as reviews are so mixed.

Among positive Dresslily Canada reviews, we found quite a few Dresslilly reviews from returning customers that seem to be quite pleased with their shopping experiences.

So, based on our Dress Lily review, it seems that Dresslily Canada shoppers should be aware that although Dress Lilly is not a scam, the quality and size may not be exactly what they hope for.

Dresslily Reviews 2022-2023 | Dress Lily UK Reviews

While doing our due diligence, we found a great number of Dresslily reviews UK.

Surprisingly, we found a huge number of Dress Lily reviews UK that were overwhelmingly positive and praised Dresslily quality and service.

Apart from finding many Dresslily UK reviews that are happy with the clothes, we also found that customers in general seem to be quite happy with shipping time in their reviews.

We also found a significant number of positive Dresslily swimsuit reviews from Dresslily UK customers. Majority of these Dresslily swimsuits reviews is focused on great selection of available styles and sizes along with great fit and Dresslily quality.

So is Dresslily true to size? If you’re buying a Dresslily swimsuit, it looks like they’re quite true to size.

dresslily swimsuits

Dresslily Swimsuit Reviews

When looking into negative Dresslily UK reviews, we uncovered that most Dresslily UK shoppers are complaining about the exhausting Dresslily returns process – even when it’s Dresslilly’s mistake.

So, while there are many positive Dresslily reviews UK, it’s no wonder that some reviewers are still wondering is Dresslily scam or not.

Dresslily Reviews 2022-2023 | Dresslily Reviews Australia

Similarly to what we saw when looking into Dress Lily reviews UK, once again Dresslily swimsuit reviews have taken the top spot. Positive Dressslily reviews Australia are also quite pleased with overall Dresslily quality, fit, size, and durability in their Dresslily swimsuit reviews.

While we did find a lot of positive reviews for other types of clothing, Dresslily swimsuit reviews are dominating.

If asked “Is Dress Lily legit?” and “Is Dresslily good quality?”, majority of shoppers that left Dresslily swimsuit reviews would say “Yes, Dress Lily is legit.”

Where there’s positive, there’s also a negative side of Dresslilly reviews online. It comes as no surprise that the pattern in Dresslily reviews Australia is the same as what we’ve seen across the globe.

Major issue among negative Dresslily reviews Australia is long waiting time or missed orders and issues with Dresslily returns.

Overall, regardless of where in the world you’re based, reviews agree that it’s a hit and miss with this fashion retailer.

Dresslily Reddit | Is Dresslily Legit Reddit?

We also took a deep dive into Reddit to see is Dresslily legit Reddit according to the users. We found many threads that are asking: Is Dresslily legit Reddit?

We discovered many customers that turned to Reddit just after ordering. It’s important to note that many of these Dresslily Reddit customers haven’t looked into any reviews for Dresslilly before purchasing and are left wondering whether they’ll receive their orders at all.

Luckily, Dresslily Reddit community is good at following up and many of these is Dresslily legit Reddit threads have follow-up replies that confirm that they have eventually received their orders.

So, if you’re wondering is Dresslily legit Reddit, majority of Dresslily Reddit users would say “Yes”, but you can expect delays with shipping and delivery.

Dresslily reddit

Dresslily Reviews Reddit

Are you active in one of Is Dresslily legit Reddit threads? Do you know of any Dresslily reviews reddit users left that share valuable information about this online shop? We’d love to hear from you!

Is Dress Lily Legit? Is Dresslily Scam or Not?

Now that we’ve gone through all the important aspects of our Dress Lily review, it’s time to determine is Dresslily a reputable company and is Dresslily a legit site?

We’ve taken into consideration where is Dresslily located, Dresslily return policy, payment options, shipping times, and ultimately many reviews for Dresslily that customers around the world left for this fast fashion online shop.

Is Dresslily a scam?

While it may appear that there’s a Dresslily scam, we haven’t found a clear evidence of it being made to scam customers.

It’s a similar situation with many overseas shops such as Dressily that ship large quantities of goods to shoppers around the world.

Additionally, we found that with long delivery times, sometimes customers are just too impatient and leave negative Dress Lilly reviews too soon, and don’t bother to go back and change their reviews once they receive their Dressily order.

Is Dresslily ethical?

From what we found in many Dress Lilly reviews, a lot of customers that left their negative Dress Lilly review would say that Dressily is not ethical. However, we haven’t seen that the positive Dresslilly reviews share that opinion.

So, is Dresslily a legitimate company?

While Dress Lily reviews point to many inconsistencies in how this online shop operates, when we put all factors together our Dress Lily found that it is in fact a legitimate company.

However, buyers should be aware that there may be some hurdles before they get their orders.

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Dresslily Review FAQs Summary

  • Is Dresslily a legitimate company or is Dresslily a scam? Is Dresslily a legit site?
    Dresslilly is a legitimate company and a legit site.
  • Where is Dresslily located? Is Dresslily from China?
    Dresslily location is in China.
  • Where does Dresslily ship from?
    Dresslily ships its clothes and accessories from its warehouses in China.
  • How long does Dresslily take to ship?
    Typically, it takes 1-3 business days for Dressily to ship the order.
  • Is Dresslily true to size?
    Dresslily size reviews point to many inconsistencies in the size of clothes, but majority of reviewers would agree that Dress Lilly swimsuits are true to size.

How has your experience been when shopping from Dreslily? Is Dresslily a good company? Is Dresslily a scam? Share your story with us and help us make our Dress Lilly review even better. Contact AdvisoryHQ

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AHQ Dress Lilly Reviews Conclusion | Is Dresslily Legit? Is Dresslily Reliable?

Is Dresslily legit, and is Dresslily reliable? Based on the numerous negative reviews, the answer to both of these questions would be “no,” for most shoppers. While some shoppers enjoy their Dressily purchases, the majority are not happy with the site.

While the answer to “Is Dresslily safe?” might be a “yes,” it definitely does not seem to be the wisest use of your money, even if there is very little danger to your bank account.

Keep in mind that ordering through China-based resellers can keep prices low, but, unfortunately for consumers, that can sometimes mean poor customer service, lower quality items, and longer shipping times than they’re accustomed to.

The prices are certainly low for the items that are described and pictured on the website, but some customers never receive those specific products. In fact, many consumers received products that only barely resembled the items they thought they were ordering.

End users make frequent complaints about the difficulty with Dresslily returns and refunds as well as poor customer service.

However, it’s also important to note that customers sometimes lack patience and hastily leave their negative reviews on Dresslily before there’s even a reason for concern.

For all the above-mentioned reasons in our Dress Lily review, we’ve rated this online shop with 3 stars.

Stay safe & happy shopping!

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