Overview: Ipsy Reviews | What You Need to Know about Ipsy (Glam Bag Review)

Savvy beauty shoppers are catching onto the new trend of having luxury cosmetics samples delivered straight to your doorstep with beauty box subscriptions. Ipsy, formerly known as My Glam, is one of the foremost up and coming subscription services available. What can you expect to receive from Ipsy? What do Ipsy reviews say about whether or not the service is worth the money?

In our own objective Ipsy review, we will take a look at what others are saying about their Glam Bag subscriptions and the sorts of products they expect to receive in each bag. Would this service be a great fit for you? Our Ipsy review will help you to find out!

What Is Ipsy?

Ipsy reviews and Ipsy Glam Bag reviews abound, but it’s difficult to see if they have any merit without first understanding what Ipsy is. Created by Michelle Phan, a well-known YouTube star who specializes in beauty tutorials, Ipsy creates a different way to shop for cosmetics. Instead of purchasing expensive full-size versions of new products, an Ipsy Glam Bag will send you a smattering of deluxe samples or full-size products each month.

Many Ipsy.com reviews point out that Ipsy used to be known exclusively as MyGlam and was recently rebranded. While not everyone is aware of the rebranding and name change, those who do know typically enter into the subscription with skepticism. A Glam Bag review from My Glam typically wasn’t favorable for a host of reasons including shipping issues and billing inconsistencies.

In an attempt to correct some of the issues present at the launch of the company, they renamed it Ipsy and kept “Glam Bag” as the name of their subscription service. While it is true that there are plenty more positive reviews of Ipsy under the new rebranding, the service is not without its faults.

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What Do Ipsy Reviews Say about How It Works?

How does Ipsy know what products are right for you? First, Ipsy reviews the information you submit on your short beauty quiz. It will prompt you to answer questions regarding your skin tone, eye and hair color, trend preferences, and your comfort level with makeup. The Ipsy subscription reviews your data and puts together a unique Glam Bag based on your brand preferences and beauty routine.

ipsy reviews

Image from The Small Things

For just $10 per month ($110 per year – you get one month for free!), you will receive a unique makeup bag filled with five beauty products delivered directly to your doorstep. While the cost may only be $10 each month, reviews on Ipsy point out that their bag has an average of a $53 value.

Creator Michelle Phan shared in a review on Ipsy from Investopedia that she is most excited about being able to provide high-end brands that are out of budget for some individuals. She and the other stylists regularly post YouTube videos with their own Ipsy Glam Bag review and styling tips for what may be included within. Each bag will be relatively unique, from the products received to the colors you obtain. Flipping through the variety of products may be one reason there are so many mixed reviews of Ipsy.

As your glam bags start to roll in, you can even take advantage of their rewards system to help accumulate points to put toward bonus products in the following month’s glam bag. The bonuses available change on a regular basis, but it’s a nice way not only to customize your personal profile but to be able to gain some kind of tangible reward for leaving Ipsy glam bag reviews.

Not worried about Ipsy reviews and eager to just give the subscription a try for yourself? Beyond the nominal fee for the monthly subscription, you’re under no obligation to continue. You can quickly and easily cancel your monthly subscription under account settings and change your annual automatic reenrollment to cancel when the year is up.

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What Do People Love about Ipsy?

When you look at any Ipsy review, it’s hard to find someone who disliked everything about the service. In this section, we will take a look at a few overall Ipsy bag reviews to see what prominent beauty bloggers and shoppers had to say about the services they loved from Ipsy.

Based on an Ipsy review from Marry Mint, a popular beauty blogger with a penchant for beauty box subscriptions, several of the products in her box were well worth the $10 fee. Apart from the free makeup bag that accompanies each shipment, her Glam Bag review stated that she also received a full-size lip gloss that would ordinarily retail for just under $20 in addition to her four other samples. While there is no guarantee what you will find in your own glam bag review, there is the possibility of receiving full-size products that well exceed the cost of the bag itself.

Sammi the Beauty Buff points out in her Ipsy review that you will typically receive cosmetics items as opposed to hair or skincare products. In The Small Things blog, writer Kate compares her Birchbox and Ipsy subscriptions, noting that she does receive more cosmetics. On the flip side of that equation, her Ipsy subscription review also notes that she tosses more samples from Ipsy than from other subscription services. Makeup is very difficult to purchase shades and products that work for your skin tone — especially over the internet.

The bags can vary from person to person based on the products available and your personal profile on the site. In order to make more positive Ipsy.com reviews, there are now several outlets, particularly on Facebook, created specifically for trading items after an initial Glam Bag review. Was your blush too dark? Swap it for a lighter color, but be aware that it’s at your own risk since the trade isn’t endorsed by Ipsy itself. 

Additionally, you can receive offer codes in each bag. In Makeoverly’s Ipsy Glam Bag review, the coupons included in the box for purchasing additional full size products were able to help subscribers purchase the products they sample. Even just a 25 percent off coupon, as mentioned in her Ipsy glam bag review, could help offset the cost.

Negative Ipsy Reviews

Unfortunately, for every good Ipsy review, there are also negative ones to balance it out. Many Ipsy.com reviews point out that your start with the company can be less than ideal with a short waiting list. It takes a month or two for you to begin receiving your Glam Bag, but you aren’t charged for your subscription in the meantime. One Ipsy Glam Bag review from Makeoverly states that you can perform additional tasks on Facebook to be bumped up on the waiting list.

After a recent cancellation of her subscription, Sammi the Beauty Buff wrote her own reviews on Ipsy, citing unprofessionalism from the customer service department, misleading advertising claims, inaccurate product descriptions, and shipping complaints as the main causes of her departure. Other beauty bloggers note the same on their Ipsy glam bag review with an emphasis on shipping issues.

Their claims seem to be supported by the Ipsy glam bag reviews located on the Better Business Bureau website.

In the last year, there have been over 128 Ipsy glam bag review cases opened against the company. Of these complaints, the majority of the negative Ipsy bag reviews were lodged because of problems with the product, service, or advertising. The overall Ipsy subscription reviews left it with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, but it does reinforce the disadvantages of the service.

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How Does Ipsy Stack Up? A Look at Reviews of Ipsy

When you take a look at consumer reviews on Ipsy, the jury seems to be out on whether or not this service is worth the money. There are several other competitors in the market, perhaps the most notable being Birchbox. Ipsy reviewers prefer an Ipsy subscription service because it is more heavily cosmetics-based and the creator considers it to be more easily personalized. However, there are a few drawbacks when you start to look deeper at the Ipsy reviews.

Compared to competitors such as Birchbox, Ipsy reviews are significantly more negative, with more emphasis on shipping and billing issues. While those who receive their Ipsy bag seem pleased with the product quality and selection overall, would they give a favorable Ipsy review? How do others view their services?

On Makeup Alley’s Ipsy subscription reviews, the service was given only three out of five stars. Site Jabber gave the service only a 35 percent after collecting 200 Ipsy bag reviews and Ipsy subscription reviews. Many of the Ipsy.com reviews listed here cited customer service as a major disadvantage. 

Buzzfeed compiled a list of their favorite beauty box subscriptions, and their Ipsy review gave the service an A. They noted that it “consistently delivers phenomenal value,” especially when you take into account the $10 per month price tag.

ipsy glam bag review

Image from 2 Little Rosebuds

Overall, the reviews on Ipsy make the service seem inconsistent, with some individuals loving their glam bags and others tossing them aside due to customer service issues. Ipsy bag reviews can be hit or miss depending on which products are received, which may account for some of the criticism.

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Ipsy Reviews: Is It Worth the Money?

Overall, reviews of Ipsy can leave consumers wondering if the service really is a good investment to sample new cosmetics and makeup items. Very few Ipsy reviews would label it a scam, so your money is safe to send as long as you keep a close eye on the billing.

Many glam bag reviews will highlight a couple products that turned out to be new favorite makeup items, while the others were thrown away. No less is to be expected when purchasing your makeup over the internet without seeing the shades in person to determine the best match for your skin tone.

If you love high-end beauty products, especially makeup, but can’t often justify purchasing full-size products to sample, Ipsy bag reviews would indicate you might love this service. Our Ipsy review would recommend giving the subscription a try. Worst case scenario, you can always cancel after a few months if the products and customer service weren’t quite what you were expecting.

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