IdentityForce Review – What You Should Know Before Using Identity Force

If you have been thinking about using identity theft protection services, would you be inclined to use a company that is highly relied on by the US government? If you answered yes, then take a deeper look at our IdentityForce review. See what this company is built on and what it has to offer in the marketplace today.

Why Do You Need Identity Theft Protection?

The answer isn’t complicated, although it can be. The simple truth is that the world today is a hunting ground in which the prey can be anything of yours that someone else can steal. One of the easiest ways for a thief to rob you is to steal your identity.

In fact, over 15 million people in the United States have their identities stolen every year. This number is astounding. With just a few pieces of your personal information, such as your name, birthdate, and Social Security number, an identity thief can open multiple credit accounts in your name, and by the time you become aware that something has happened, it’s usually too late.

This graph shows us a breakdown of the most common types of identity theft and security breaches this year:identity force

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A Powerful Solution – IdentityForce Reviews

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. IdentityForce (sometimes referred to as “Identity Force” – two words) is a trusted, top-rated personal security solution that has been around for 35 years. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as a comprehensive provider of privacy, identity, and credit protection. With so many years of experience, IdentityForce has remained on the cutting edge against all of its competition.

IdentityForce’s Trial Offer

A great thing about IdentityForce is that you can try out its services FREE for a full 30 days with no obligation! This is very nice if you have been hesitant to make the commitment or are teetering between a few security options. Now, you can put it to the test to see how well it works for you! If, for whatever reason, you choose not to continue using Identity Force beyond the one month trial, simply cancel your membership in time, and you will owe nothing else.

All you have to do is go to its website and click the “try it now” button located on the home page. You’ll be asked for some information, and the easy guide will walk you through the credit and security monitoring process. If you find yourself liking the services as much as everyone else, you don’t have to cancel, and your free trial automatically converts into a prearranged paying membership.

So, how exactly does IdentityForce keep all of your information safe and secure?

A Review of IdentityForce Plans (Identity Force Review)

One of the main perceived downsides to using IdentityForce is that it only offers 2 plan options. Most of its competitors offer at least 3–4, which allows for a more customized experience. However, the 2 plan options are comprehensive and affordable, so this may be an even trade-off.

The only real difference between these plans is that one has credit monitoring and one doesn’t. Given the fact that credit monitoring is a big piece of the security picture, having credit protection is seemingly essential. The Ultra Secure + Credit plan includes it all and is still only $18.95 per month.

You can choose the basic Ultra Secure plan for a mere $12.95 per month and maintain the same benefits as the other plan, minus credit monitoring.

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Complete Personal Monitoring for You and Your Family (Identity Force Reviews)

In an increasingly connected world, our information has the potential to be everywhere. IdentityForce employs a team of experts who monitor the activity of your information 24/7, no exception. They do this in a number of ways to make sure you are safe month after month!

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IdentityForce change of address monitoring

As scary as it sounds, identity thieves will sometimes change your address and simply sit back while all of your mail, full of personal information, is diverted to your “new” mailbox. IdentityForce keeps vigilant watch over any address changes not initiated by you.

IdentityForce court record monitoring

IdentityForce regularly scans a database of criminal, public, and court records to make sure your information is not being fraudulently used.

IdentityForce credit report monitoring

Negative accounts on your credit report can prevent you from getting loans, applying for credit or making purchases. Thorough examinations of your credit report will pinpoint exactly where any trouble lies. Also, should anyone apply for credit under your name or should a credit inquiry be made without your knowledge, Identity Force can stop the perpetrator before any damage is done.

IdentityForce identity monitoring

An incredible amount of personal information can leave a trail due to our online lifestyles. Identity Force carefully scours thousands of websites, blogs, and black market chat rooms to find any illegal selling of your information.>

IdentityForce payday loan monitoring

It’s possible that a criminal can get a payday loan by using just your Social Security number. With notoriously astronomical interest rates, this can really damage your credit. Rest assured that IdentityForce will stop this kind of activity right in its tracks.

IdentityForce fraud monitoring

If anyone tries to use your information to apply for credit, get a cell phone, establish utilities or any other number of activities, IdentifyForce will stop all of this activity before the damage can even be done. This saves you from having to work through the stress and financial blow of fixing an identity theft situation.

IdentityForce sex offender monitoring

It is not uncommon for sex offenders to steal identities for registration and other unlawful purposes. Additionally, you will be notified if a sex offender moves into your neighborhood.

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Customizable Alerts

Identity Force will alert you via text or email at the first sign of attempted identity theft. This proactive approach allows you to work with Identity Force to stop threats before they become a situation that involves needing to recover assets and sensitive information.

Alerts are given for each of the monitoring services outlined above and help keep you informed no matter where you are.

Complete Control of Your Identity

A real attractive feature of Identity Force is that you have constant access to all of your personal and financial information. Instead of having to query multiple sources to stay on top of your transactions, with an Identity Force account, it’s all conveniently located in one place. Enjoy the benefits of:

Instant credit reports and scores

All members have instant access to their credit bureau information from all 3 credit reporting agencies; your most vital information, right at your fingertips and all in one place.

Credit Score Tracker

Another useful tool, your Credit Score Tracker, lets you see your credit score from month to month, helping you to pinpoint fluctuations and understand why they happen. This also allows you to see any fraudulent activity, but you can trust that Identity Force will have alerted you to the issue long before you look for it in a report.


With the DeleteNow option, your personal information is automatically deleted from the Internet, and after a thorough scan, Identity Force provides you with a detailed report of where your information has appeared.

Identity Health Score

To better help you take control of how your information is used, Identity Force assigns each user an Identity Health Score that helps pinpoint when, where, and how you may be putting yourself at an increased risk to have your identity stolen.

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Junk Mail Opt-Out

Let Identity Force take your name off any junk mail lists out there. Not only does this lessen your chances of having personal information stolen from your mailbox, it just plain keeps your name out of the business. It’s a great move for anyone wanting to protect their privacy.

Online privacy tools

With software, such as anti-phishing and anti-keylogging, available with any membership, you can combine these tools with Identity Force’s other benefits for a completely secure online experience.

Child Watch Protection

Believe it or not, children are also at high risk for identity theft. This is largely because at such a young age, it may be years or even a couple of decades before a real credit application is made and the fraudulent activity is noticed. Identity thieves usually need little more than your child’s Social Security number to open accounts and do damage.

Identity Force lets you add your children to its fairly new ChildWatch program for just $2.75 per month per child. Through this, you are provided with equally comprehensive, around-the-clock monitoring for your children. On top of the already mentioned identity protection services, ChildWatch includes the following:

  • Thorough and ongoing identity monitoring
  • Fraud monitoring
  • An identity theft restoration specialist
  • $1 million in identity theft insurance

Medical Identity Theft Protection

A vicious new kind of identity theft is on the rise. In the past few years, medical identity theft has risen over 22%, affecting over a million people every week. Criminals who steal your identity for medical purposes do so to receive treatment, medications, and surgeries under your name. The damage can be a nightmare to repair. Identity Force provides extensive monitoring services for your medical records and will alert you of any activity that seems suspicious.

Business and Government Identity Theft Protection

As the leader in identity theft protection, businesses and government agencies can take advantage of special programs that provide comprehensive identity protection for customers, employees, business partners, and affiliates. You can read comprehensive protection information here. Identity Force is the leader in protection for the US government.

A Look at Identity Restoration and Insurance

Even with all of these safety measures in place, no one is 100% free from the risk of identity theft. While Identity Force takes a powerful, proactive approach to prevent these attacks, they do happen. You can rest easy, however, knowing that Identity Force will not stop until your assets and your good name are restored. It provides the most comprehensive restoration services available in the industry. Here is what you can expect, should you ever become a victim:

  • Identity restoration specialists

Identity Force has a team of Certified Protection Experts who are available 24/7 to assist you in the case of a breach. These specialists take care of everything for you, including writing letters, making phone calls, and providing the necessary reports to help fix any issues that may arise.

  • Identity theft insurance

Relax knowing that you won’t ever have to accept a loss in the case of identity theft. You are insured up to $1 million dollars for each member of your family, and you won’t ever face any lost wages if your identity is stolen.

  • Lost Wallet Assistance

Avoid the anxiety and fear of losing your wallet. You can easily cancel and replace credit and debit cards all from one convenient place with your lost wallet feature.

A Final Review

Through this Identity Force consumer review, we hope that you can clearly see the benefits of having someone to monitor your personal identity! There are literally millions of attempts made each hour of the day to steal pieces of your information.

Whether it be online or on paper, you can trust Identity Force’s long-standing reputation and cutting-edge technology to provide you with excellent service and care. It is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and it’s easy to see why it remains a leader in the industry!

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