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Intro – iContact Review

Whether you are trying to grow your small business or working to manage a business that is experiencing strong growth, email and social media contact are a must to reach out to potential customers as well as to communicate with and maintain your relationship with existing ones. 

More and more businesses are seeking out email marketing solutions to help manage a task that is arduous and at a large volume, impossible to do manually.  With so many options out there, how do you know which one is right for you?  

icontact.com is one of the many companies that has emerged with the goal of providing an easy and effective email marketing solution for business owners. 

There have been a slew of iContact reviews written and posted online. In starting out our review of iContact, we first delved into the iContact reviews that have been posted online and then took a detailed look at this company to find out what it provides to its customers as well as what users loved and hated most about iContact email marketing.

We also provide details on iContact pricing and fees and on the firm’s coupon code.

What is iContact?

Founded in 2003, iContact (a Cision-owned company) offers a suite of software applications that allows businesses of all sizes to create effective e-campaigns and communicate with large numbers of customers as easily and effectively as possible. 

Customer service is key at iContact. According to www.icontact.com, the company’s goal is to “ensure that every customer has what they need — whenever they need it — to succeed.”

Off note: Based in Morrisville, North Carolina, iContact provides free accounts to non-profit organizations located in the state of North Carolina, so if you like to do business with companies who give back to the community, this is a definite positive.

Other non-profit organizations get 20% off.

What Services Does iContact Provide?

iContact users get access to a suite of email marketing solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses via a basic application that’s easy to use. For those who are new to the email marketing game (or who aren’t familiar with HTML coding), iContact offers help with building email messages via a template to create marketing messages that are rich and professional.

iContact provides a variety of tools to manage your email list and messaging. For instance, smart email marketing technology helps you segment your list based on factors such as customer behavior. Users can set up automated messages and schedule them to be delivered at specified times. iContact’s analytics tools allow users to track and monitor their marketing efforts to determine their impact and effectiveness.

If you’re worried about your messages being labeled as spam and getting lost in junk mail oblivion, iContact has you covered.  Spamcheck™ technology is used to scan your subject and message in order to ensure that your message will actually reach your customers rather than ending up caught in their spam filters. Also, all messages sent via iContact include unsubscribed instructions, making it easier on you to only reach out to customers who, well, want to be reached.


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While email is a great way to keep in touch with your customers, social media is also key in effective marketing.  iContact allows you to easily connect to your social media accounts, and its iContact Pro package allows you to craft messages to be posted on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and schedule times for them to be posted.

Excellent customer service is where iContact truly shines.  iContact does not have customer service representatives; it has “customer success managers” that are tasked with helping their customers learn how to successfully utilize iContact’s tools and technology within 30 days. iContact offers unlimited technical support for when issues arise. 

Those who upgrade to iContact Premier get access to their very own Strategic Advisor to work with them and help improve their overall iContact email marketing strategies.

iContact Packages

Let’s look at some of the services offered in the various iContact packages:

iContact basic package:

  • contact management
  • multiple profiles (available with Premier upgrade)
  • email list segmentation
  • A/B testing (available with Premier upgrade)
  • high volume sending
  • sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 
  • dashboard analytics

iContact Pro package:

  • multiple profiles
  • A/B testing
  • sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+
  • scheduled sharing on social media networks
  • dashboard analytics
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Salesforce integration (available with Premier upgrade)

iContact Premier package:

If your company’s needs have outgrown the basic or Pro packages, you may want to consider an upgrade to iContact’s Premier tier of service.

iContact Premier features all of the basics but gives clients a high volume sending capacity to reach an even larger number of customers. 

The Premier upgrade also provides access to expert marketers to help improve your email marketing strategy an iContact Strategic Advisor will be assigned to assist you in figuring out how to grow your customer list as well as how to best increase your number of clicks and conversions.


Image Source: iContact

iContact Pro for Salesforce:

iContact integration with salesforce.com provides Salesforce users with the ability to seamlessly access iContact technology to set up e-campaigns, track messages, and segment databases all while taking advantage of iContact’s knowledgeable customer support. 

iContact Pricing
iContact offers a free 30-day trial. After the 30-day trial, iContact pricing is as follows:

Monthly iContact pricing for iContact:

  • 500 contacts: $14
  • 2,500 contacts: $32
  • 5,000 contacts: $52
  • 10,000 contacts: $79
  • 15,000 contacts: $117

Monthly iContact pricing for iContact Pro:

  • 2,500 contacts: $99
  • 5,000 contacts: $129
  • 10,000 contacts: $189
  • 15,000 contacts: $249
  • 25,000 contacts: $369

icontact pricing

Image Source: iContact

iContact Pricing for Premier:

iContact asks that customers call or contact it via email/live chat on www.icontact.com in order to get pricing for its Premier level of service. 

What Are the Experts Saying?  iContact Reviews and Accolades

Industry-wide reviews of icontact.com have been incredibly positive, and over the past several years, iContact has been the recipient of multiple recognitions and awards. 

In 2015, the firm received the Gold and Excellence Awards from “Top Ten Reviews” and was named as the best email marketing service in its product list. 

In 2010 and 2011, iContact was ranked and named Best Mass Email App by SalesForce AppExchange. In 2015, iContact received multiple awards: among them were a Best of Breed award from G2 Crowd, Best Email Marketing Platform from Blogging Pro, and the #7 spot for Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular Email Marketing Software products. 

What Are iContact Users Saying? iContact User Reviews

User provider reviews of iContact are mostly positive, putting it at the top of several lists of popular email marketing services. 

Many iContact customers and users have posted iContact reviews describing how they were easily able to build messages to send out to their email lists. The fact that iContact provides marketing templates is a huge plus for those who are inexperienced with HTML coding. Reviewers raved about iContact’s customer service, praising its dedication of getting problems 100% resolved for its customers. 

Many customers who have used iContact for Salesforce like how smoothly iContact has been integrated into salesforce.com.  

Among the negative iContact reviews are ones from users who were frustrated that the website can lag at times. iContact reviews of the features (basic features such as sending test emails as well as more advanced features like A/B testing and segmentation) were strangely mixed, with many users praising iContact for its simplicity and ease of use while others lamented that certain features were hard to locate, navigate, and utilize. 

Here’s a Sampling of What Reviewers Had to Say:

Positive iContact Reviews:

“You can send rich emails that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to send through Outlook, Gmail or other email providers.” Stephen P., G2 Crowd 12/9/2014

 “Customer service is beyond expectations. Every representative has full knowledge of every aspect of the program and provides detailed instructions including links. They are prompt and courteous each time as well as patient, staying online to chat until the entire issue is resolved.” ZeenathHaniff, TrustRadius 4/30/2015

“As an IT guy, my constant concern is getting blacklisted when we send out mass-mailings iContact is one of the vendors that help us to alleviate this problem. By importing our mailing lists, they handle the opt-outs so that we can make sure that we comply with CanSpam.” Rusty P., G2 Crowd 9/28/2012

Negative iContact Reviews:

“There have been times when my ability to send has been frozen due to high usage.” Beth N.D., G2 Crowd 12/8/2014

“Access to help for functions could be more readily available within the various areas of content. This would prevent users from having to go to the help area and away from where they are working.” Charlene BotetPelaez, TrustRadius 9/14/2015

“They are not in a hurry to improve their platform. Their software is the same today as it was 3 years ago when we first signed up with them (an eternity in Internet years).”  Mark Tuttle, TrustRadius 7/7/2015

Let’s Sum Things up:

Positives – iContact review

  • basic features are easy to use
  • high email delivery success rate
  • spam-checking technology ensures that messages actually arrive in customers’ inboxes
  • stellar customer service
  • reasonable pricing for the iContact basic package
  • analytics are included in basic package
  • mobile applications are available for both iPhone and Android

Negatives – iContact review

  • website can be slow
  • time is needed for new users to learn to navigate more in-depth features
  • advanced features (such as A/B testing and segmentation) can be hard to implement
  • iContact’s customer service is only available on weekdays
  • clients must pay more to get features like A/B testing and Google Analytics
  • customer complaints of software need to be updated

iContact Coupon Code

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