Are these Daily Contact Lenses Safe to Use? Learn about Pricing, Safety & More  

There are more than 30 million contact lens wearers in the U.S. alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). They estimate that 40%-90% of those people don’t follow proper care instructions, such as wearing a pair of contacts too long.

Many people that buy daily contact lenses wear them for more than 1 day to save money. The rising price of contact lenses is what drove the founders of Hubble contact lenses to create a better and safer way to wear contacts.

hubble contact lenses review

They envisioned affordable contact lenses on a subscription service that cost only about a dollar a day. This encourages better eye care because wearing new contacts each day is more affordable.

But are these cheaper lenses safe to wear or will they damage your eyes? Is Hubble contacts legit? After all, they’ve only been around for a couple of years.

AdvisoryHQ has taken a look at the company and multiple Hubble contacts reviews to find the answers. We’ll let you know who makes Hubble daily contacts and what the wearers say about them in their Hubble contact reviews.

Is cheaper and better eye care just a click away or is it too good to be true? Scroll down to find out!

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Who Makes Hubble Contact Lenses?

The company behind Hubble contact lenses, also known as HUBBLE®, was started in 2016 by Benjamin Cogan and Jessee Horwitz. After researching major contact lens manufacturers, they realized they found a way to bring affordable contact lenses to the masses.

In our Hubble contact review, we found that the company has an exclusive agreement with a world-leading manufacturer of daily contact lenses that allows them to undercut the competition on the cost.

So, who is that manufacturer of their affordable contact lenses? It’s St. Shine Optical Co., Ltd. The company is based in Taiwan and has over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of daily contact lenses.

Hubble Contact Lenses Review | Manufacturer Certifications

How safe are those Hubble contact lenses you’re putting in your eyes? In our Hubble contacts reviews of approvals, it turns out that St. Shine holds several industry certifications. They include:

  • ISO13485 (CMDCAS)
  • ISO9001
  • CE Marking
  • FDA 510(k) approval
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification

AdvisoryHQ News Hubble Contact Lenses Review | Product Features

Hubble daily contacts have a lot of other features besides just the low price (we’ll get into pricing shortly). While conducting this Hubble review, we found that these daily contact lenses offer many benefits that users like.

  • 55% water content
  • UV protection
  • Made from high-grade methafilcon-A hydrogel material
  • Thin edge for easy insertion
  • All-day comfort
  • Crystal clear vision
  • FDA approved manufacturer

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Hubble Contact Lenses Reviews | How Much Do Hubble Contacts Cost?

How much money are you going to save buying Hubble contact lenses through their subscription service? The company estimates that typical daily contact lenses cost about $700 per year. In Hubble reviews of their website pricing, we found they come in at about $396 per year, which is a pretty decent savings of $304 annually.

We’ll breakdown how the service works next.

Hubble Contacts Review of their Subscription Service

One of the reasons that a lower-priced model like this works is by selling as a monthly subscription service, rather than a one-off sale. This allows Hubble to compete in the same way that the monthly razor subscriptions do, with repeat business monthly.

The price for Hubble daily contacts is $33 per month for 60 contact lenses (30 pairs), plus a $3 shipping fee. You can cancel or modify the frequency of your subscription by contacting the company.

To sweeten the deal, Hubble offers your first 15 pairs for free, you just cover the $3 cost of shipping/handling.

Hubble Contacts Reviews | Do I Need a Prescription to Order Hubble Contact Lenses?

If you’ve been wondering “Is Hubble contacts legit?” one way to know is whether or not they confirm that you have a valid prescription for contacts. Hubble does require a current valid prescription.

In our Hubble contact lenses review of the signup process, we found the following step-by-step information:

  • Choose “get started” on their website to begin
  • Input your prescription power
  • Input details on your optometrist
  • Sign up for your subscription at the checkout
  • The company verifies your prescription before shipping your first lenses

Don’t have a current contact lens prescription?

If you don’t have a current prescription, you can choose “Need an Exam?” at the top of the website and Hubble will help you find a place in your area to schedule an eye exam.

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Hubble Contacts Reviews – the Good, the Bad, the Overview

If you’re going to commit to a monthly subscription service for affordable contact lenses, you’re going to want to know what users say about these lenses in their Hubble contact reviews.

A low price doesn’t help if they aren’t comfortable or rip easily, so we’ve scoured the web looking through many a Hubble contact review to shine a light on how they stack up.

First, we’ll take a bird’s eye view of the overall ratings given over multiple Hubble contacts reviews, then we’ll go a little deeper into the pros and cons of Hubble daily contacts.

Hubble Contact Lenses Review & Rating Overview

  • HighYa – 4.3 out of 5
  • Influenster – 3.5 out of 5
  • Trustpilot –2.3 out of 10

That’s quite a range of different ratings!

Let’s hear what actual Hubble contact lens users have to say about the product and cancellation process in their Hubble contacts reviews. Then we’ll bring you some thoughts from doctors that gave Hubble reviews of their own.

Positive Hubble Contact Lenses Reviews

  • A 5-star Hubble contact lenses review at HighYa said they felt great. They also liked them showing up at the door automatically and that they could change the frequency of their subscription since they only wore contacts occasionally.
  • One positive Hubble contacts reviewer formerly wore Acuvue Oasis lenses and said they liked the Hubble contacts better. They haven’t had any issues with rips and love the affordability.
  • In a Trustpilot Hubble contacts review the reviewer said they didn’t fit their eyes, so they cancelled after the trial. But they still gave a 4-star Hubble contact lenses review because the delivery and phone service were great and cancellation only took 2 minutes.
  • In another of the happy Hubble contacts reviews, the wearer said that it did take a little while to get used to the contacts, but once they did they loved them and said they are a great quality product.

hubble contacts review

Negative Hubble Contact Lenses Reviews

  • An unhappy customer who would answer, “No” to the question, “Is Hubble contacts legit?” received contacts at the wrong power and that weren’t for astigmatism. When they returned them and cancelled, they weren’t happy about having to pay a $5 restocking fee and the $3 shipping fee.
  • A Hubble contact review at Influenster said their eye doctor rejected Hubble due to their low quality but they shipped and charged for the contacts anyhow. The reviewer wasn’t happy about the difficult cancellation process.
  • Sign up was easy but cancellation was a nightmare exclaimed one of the Hubble contact reviews at Trustpilot. They called the cancellation number several times with no answer and only got the subscription cancelled after another monthly charge and a frantic email.
  • Blurry vision and sore eyes was an issue that one of the negative Hubble contacts reviews mentioned. They also didn’t like that they could not cancel by email or through the website, only by phone.

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Hubble Contacts Reviews by Doctors

While compiling our Hubble contact lenses review, we found a few comments by eye doctors regarding these contact lenses that we wanted to point out. We also learned about a very important term: Dk/t.

What is Dk/t?

Dk/t is a measure of the oxygen permeability of a contact lens. The more oxygen a lens allows through to your eye, the healthier it is.  A higher number is better. A typically recommended level to maintain cornea integrity and to avoid swelling is a Dk/t of 24.

Many optometrists that wrote online blogs and Hubble contacts reviews gave a warning about the Dk/t level of the methafilcon-A material they are made out of because it only has a Dk/t of 18. That’s lower than recommended, which could be potentially unhealthy.

As a comparison, other common daily contact lenses on the market have a Dk/t of 42 to 140.

Also noted by doctors in Hubble contacts reviews was that the methafilcon-A is an older type of lens technology that many manufacturers have replaced years ago.

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AdvisoryHQ Hubble Contact Lenses Review Conclusion

We found both pluses and minuses for this affordable contact lenses subscription service. Some reviewers loved their contacts and said they were very comfortable, while other said they hurt their eyes and didn’t fit right.

The affordability is what draws people in as well as the free 2-week supply, which gives you a chance to see how the lenses feel. Just be aware that cancelling might take more time than you thought.

You’ll need to call a number to cancel, but if they ship another box to you, you’ll be charged a restocking fee of $5, plus the $3 shipping to return them. And if you open the box, it might be harder to return.

We found there were more positive Hubble contacts reviews than negative ones, so the lenses must be working for a good percentage of users. Many also mention the convenience of having them delivered each month and flexibility to get them less often if they want to.

The lack of oxygen permeability is the biggest concern we’ve read in Hubble contact reviews from doctors. So, we would definitely recommend you speak with your optometrist before using Hubble contacts to get their advice on this brand of daily contact lenses and whether or not it’s right for you.

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