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HSBC was recently ranked and reviewed by AdvisoryHQ as a top rated bank. Firms on our top rated lists were selected after they successfully passed AdvisoryHQ’s ground-breaking four-step banks and credit unions selection methodology

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The HSBC reviews below provide a detailed review of HSBC, including some of the factors used by AdvisoryHQ News in its ranking and selection of HSBC.

HSBC Review 

HSBC is not only regarded as an option for the top banking firm, but it’s also a globally recognized leader in the financial services industry.

HSBC serves more than 37 million customers through four separate businesses, which are Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking.

The HSBC network includes 4,000 global offices, and it’s listed on the New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Bermuda stock exchanges. The HSBC network also maintains a presence in 70 countries and territories.

HSBC Review

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Key Factors Leading Us to Rank This Firm as One of This Year’s Top Banking Firms

Upon completing our HSBC reviews, HSBC was included in AdvisoryHQ’s ranking of this year’s best banking firms based on the following criteria. 

HSBC Review: Touch ID Log On

To go along with advanced Mobile Banking app options, HSBC also features Touch ID technology, which is a fast and simple way to access the app using just your fingerprint.

To use Touch ID, customers must have an eligible iPhone device, and they only touch the Home button to verify their fingerprint and log on to Mobile Banking.

This is just one of the many leading-edge security measures HSBC offers account holders to ensure that their information and identity are as protected as possible.

HSBC Review: HSBC Premier

HSBC Premier is the top-level checking account available from this leader among the best banks.

HSBC Premier includes the utmost in personal attention as well as the following features and benefits:

  • A Relationship Manager offers access and support to everything available through HSBC.
  • There are no monthly maintenance fees if balance requirements are met.
  • Account holders have worldwide HSBC ATM access, most of which carry no withdrawal fee.
  • Users can access global HSBC deposit accounts online and transfer funds between them.
  • Premier account holders receive the best rates on Premier Deluxe Mortgages, closing cost credits, and up to $3 million in financing, which includes fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages.
  • The HSBC Premier Debit World MasterCard doesn’t carry foreign transaction fees on purchases.

Account holders receive priority service and emergency support at HSBC branches around the world.

HSBC Review: Money Management Tools

HSBC offers many money management tools that make banking and budgeting simple, convenient, and efficient for customers. These tools give account holders a complete view of all of their accounts in one place, and they’re available 24/7 online or via the Mobile App.

Money management options, tools, and features include:

  • Linking of financial accounts to view them all in one profile
  • Automatically organized spending categories and graphs to show you where your money is going
  • The ability to create personalized savings goals
  • Budgeting options
  • Customizable alerts for balance indicators, due payments, and more
  • You can view your net worth at any time

HSBC Review: Moving Money

As well as being one of the top ranked banks, HSBC’s global presence means money moving and transfer options are important to its offerings. There are several different ways account holders can transfer and move money.

These include bank-to-bank transfers so that you can transfer money from your HSBC accounts to accounts at other U.S. institutions. This consists of not only other banks but also credit unions and brokerage accounts. Bank-to-bank transfers can be set up to include single and recurring transfers.

With Bill Pay, account holders can pay anyone in the U.S. at any time, and this service is free, with payments guaranteed to arrive on time.

Wire transfers can be set up to eligible U.S. HSBC accounts, to other people, to businesses or internationally, all through Personal Internet Banking.

Global transfers are available to Premier and Advance clients, and they provide the ability to move funds between eligible international HSBC deposit accounts.

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