Starting an Online Business Is Possible with These Online Business Ideas

So, you are interested in starting your own online business. Wondering what types of online business opportunities are out there? Wondering if owning your own easy online business is even feasible?

This guide on creating an online business is just for you.

  • We will start by offering a long list of online business ideas to get you thinking about what type of venture you could possibly turn into an online business startup
  • Then, we will get into the six basic steps for starting an online business
  • Finally, we will end with online business tips to ensure you make the most out of these online business opportunities

Before you know it, you could be starting an online business this year.

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Why Online Businesses?

Why would anyone considering starting an online business? There are many reasons:

  • Running your own online business gives you flexibility and the power to be your own boss
  • Creating an online business allows you to tap into your own skills and interests
  • Ever-growing technology makes it easier and more feasible to turn traditional jobs into online business opportunities
  • Companies are creating easy online business starting tools more often to make the startup process even simpler

So you know you are interested in starting your own online business, but you may not be sure what that looks like. Let’s give you a few online business ideas.

If you already know what type of online business opportunities you want to pursue, you can skip the next two sections.

Online Business Ideas: Services

Here are a few online business opportunities to consider in the realm of services to offer others. Starting an online business that is service-based is easier than ever with modern technology like video conferencing and community scheduling software.

Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas

Here are 11 online business ideas:

  • Social Media Consultant: Help companies promote their brand on the various social media platforms
  • SEO Consultant: Help companies rank high on Google’s search engine
  • Business Coach: Coach new entrepreneurs or growing businesses through online video conferencing
  • Web Designer: Create websites for businesses
  • Freelance Writer: Write content like sales descriptions and web copy for companies; create resumes for professionals
  • Virtual Assistant: Be an assistant, but do all of your work online through video conferencing and email
  • Online Tutor: Help students with their homework via video conferencing
  • Video Creator: Create online videos to teach or entertain and monetize them through YouTube or sell them as courses
  • Virtual Translator: Translate text for companies or publishers
  • Virtual Accountant/Tax Preparer: Help companies and individuals with their finances
  • Interior Design Consultant: Design interiors via photos and virtual design boards

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Online Business Ideas: Sales

Here are a few online business opportunities to consider for becoming a salesperson online. Starting an online business that sells products is easier than ever with modern technology, like online stores and eCommerce software.

Here are 4 online business ideas:

  • Blogs: Start a blog on a subject you are interested in and monetize it through advertisements
  • Create Sales Websites (eCommerce): Sell a product or products you believe in
  • Create Affiliate Websites: Recommend products and do product reviews, then hyperlink to affiliate links to make a small commission when your readers buy the product
  • App Builder: Create apps for sale; this could also be a service if you create apps for companies

Steps for Creating an Online Business

Starting an online business can sometimes be the hardest part of running an online business. Because the whole online business startup is relatively new, people are not exactly sure how it works or how to dive in.

We have broken down the process of starting your own online business into a few helpful steps:

  • Figure out what you are good at
  • Figure out what the world/your community needs
  • Determine whether or not you need to become official
  • Create a business plan
  • Start a website
  • Market online

We will dive into these online business tips for starting an online business below.

Figure Out What You Are Good at

The best online business opportunities often flow out of your passions, talents, and expertise. If you are searching through online business ideas, wondering what would be the best and most successful option for you, think about your life.

Go through our own list of online business ideas and ask yourself:

  • What do I love?
  • What do I care about?
  • What brings me joy?
  • What education do I have?
  • What type of experiences do I have?

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Figure Out What the World/Your Community Needs

While our first step for starting an online business is the most important place to start, it must be combined with this second step.

The online business opportunities that go from hobbies into full-on careers always have one important element: they meet the needs of a customer base.

online business opportunities

Creating an Online Business

You may have the most incredible online business ideas for something you love doing, but if nobody needs that service or product, nobody is ever going to buy it from you.

Take some time to see what people need:

  • Your online business opportunities could come out of a conversation you have with friends talking about a product they wish were real – and then you sell it.
  • You could see that the businesses around you, for example, need help getting on social media. You could jump on that and create an online business startup as a social media consultant.
  • Look at what you are already doing at your job and see if it could turn into an easy online business.

Determine Whether or Not You Need to Become Official

For some of these online business ideas, you will need to register your business right away. This includes filling out all necessary paperwork, getting an employer identification number, and acquiring all licenses.

But for others creating an online business, you may decide to work as an independent contractor until your business starts growing from a tiny online business startup into a full-fledged business.

This is more likely for service-based online business opportunities, like freelance writers or web designers.

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Create a Business Plan

Simply because starting an online business is still a more unconventional idea does not mean you should throw out all of the conventional ways of building any business.

Whether your online business ideas will be a small side hustle or your main source of income, creating a business plan is one of the best online business tips you could get.

This way – no matter which online business opportunities you try – you will know where you are going and how to get there when it comes to creating an online business.

Business plans for starting an online business often include:

  • Your concept
  • Your strategy
  • Your ideal customer/target audience
  • Your finances

Start a Website

All online business opportunities benefit from having a website. Some online business ideas require one for functioning (like an eCommerce store or blog); others need it for marketing and gaining clients (virtual assistants and SEO consultants, for example).

If you are starting an online business that requires an excellent website, you may want to reach out to a professional to help you build it.

If you are only creating an online business that would benefit from the marketing of a website, you can always turn to one of the easy online business website platforms to build it yourself. This includes:

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Market Online

Once you have finished the initial steps of actually starting an online business, you will need to make sure people know it exists.

While traditional marketing can be great, one of the best ways to market your online business startup is through the internet.

  • Social media: This is a top free way to gain clients and brand recognition. For great tips and online business ideas when it comes to social media, check out Shopify’s ultimate guide to social media platforms driving sales.
  • Email newsletter: Another essential piece of marketing when you are starting your own online business is to have an email newsletter you send each week/each month to past customers and potential customers. This keeps your online business startup on everyone’s brain.

Other Online Business Tips

Here are a few more online business tips to keep in mind before you dive into starting your own online business:

Don’t expect to maintain your income from the beginning

Starting an online business is difficult and it often takes time before you are making the money you’d like to be making. Consider keeping your day job until the online business startup gains more success.

Outsource what you are not good at

Even your best online business opportunities will have aspects that are not your strengths. Consider hiring experts to offer their expertise (Examples: writers to write your About page, accountants to set up your finances, etc.).

Giving everything away for free is fatal

You may be tempted to give your products and services away for free as an easy online business marketing ploy. To a certain extent, this can be helpful. But be careful that you do not do it too frequently and undervalue your product.

Network, network, network

Always look at any social engagement as a way to share about your online business ideas. While you do not want to only talk about your business or come across as too “sale-sy,” make sure to market your brand wherever you go.

No size fits all

No matter what, go with your gut when it comes to starting an online business you can be proud of. Not every piece of advice will work for you.

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Conclusion – Starting an Online Business This Year

Now you can go down the path of creating an online business this year because you know the following:

  • Why starting an online business is easier than ever
  • What online business ideas you could pursue
  • How to start an easy online business with six basic steps
  • How to take advantage of online business opportunities with online business tips

The next step you need to take is actually starting your own online business. Turn those online business ideas into realities.

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