Find Your Easiest Way to Get Rich as Quickly as Possible

The number of get-rich-quick schemes and get-rich-quick scams in our world seems to be countless. It proves just how many people want to increase their wealth in the fastest way possible.

But there may be some better, more realistic ways to get rich quick other than falling into get-rich-quick scams and get-rich schemes. And we just happen to have some of those easy ways to get rich right here for you.

If you want to know how to be rich fast, we have five ideas for the fastest way to get rich.

Get Rich Quick

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Have some confidence: choosing the easiest way to get rich for you is actually possible. Here are some stats to prove it:

  • Of all wealthy people, more than three-quarters were self-made millionaires.
  • Of these self-made millionaires, 31% were once poor and 45% were once middle-class.

Now that you know moving from not rich to rich is possible, we want to show you the options you have to get rich fast as quickly as possible.

Read through our suggested ways to get rich quick below to find the best and easiest way to get rich as fast as possible for you and your skill set.

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What Does “Get Rich Quick” Even Mean?

Before we offer ways to get rich quick, let’s talk about what quick actually means. While most people would love to go to bed poor and wake up rich the next day, money does not work like that.

According to Fox Business, the average millionaire who is self-made took about 32 years to gain their wealth, which does not necessarily sound like the fastest way to get rich.

So anything less than 30 years technically qualifies as “get rich fast.” Keep this concept in mind if you get frustrated with the months/years you have to put into building wealth.

With this being said, some of these ways to get rich quick should help you build up your wealth much faster than waiting three decades.

What You Won’t Find on This “Get Rich Fast Guide”

Many websites claiming they have ideas on the easiest way to get rich quickly will promote many shady activities like:

  • Get-rich-quick schemes
  • Get-rich-quick scams

Here, we are only interested in offering ways to get rich quick that can potentially make you honest money faster than other methods of earning income.

While the below options can technically be the easiest way to get rich, they are not practical, not sustainable, or they may even be morally questionable. These will also not be on our list:

  • Marriage for money
  • Gambling
  • Buy stuff at yard sales and hope it is worth something
  • Use a metal detector
  • Hit the lottery
  • Inheriting

Of course, even these ways to get rich quick on our list may not pan out.

There is always a stroke of luck that must be combined with your hard work in order to truly get rich quick. 53% of rich people say luck played a part in their success, and 56% say that “being in the right place at the right time” worked for them.

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How to Be Rich Fast: Invest

Without a doubt, the easiest way to get rich and probably the most realistic way to get rich fast for the average person is to invest correctly. Have your money make you money.

Ramit Sethi, a finance guru, points out: “A project manager could earn $50,000 per year and be richer than a doctor earning $250,000 per year—if the project manager has a higher net worth by saving and investing more over time.”

Get Rich Quick with Investing: Real Estate

Easiest Way To Get Rich

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One of the top easy ways to get rich does require some up-front money. If you invest in a property, you have two main ways to get rich quick:

Buy then sell: Buying a cheap fixer-upper, improving it, and selling it for more than you spent is the fastest way to get rich for those who have some expertise on the market.

Buy then rent out: Buying a property in an ideal area of town where families or tourists like to stay can be the easiest way to get rich as long as you have enough initial capital.

Get Rich Quick with Investing: Investment Banking

Good Financial Cents recommends 11 short-term investments that are good for your money, a.k.a. they have the potential to help you get rich fast. This list includes:

  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Roth IRA
  • Short-term bond funds and ETFs

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How to Be Rich Fast: Generate Passive Income

Perhaps the fastest way to become rich and the easiest way to become rich without too much hard work is through passive income.

You earn active income when you are putting in time and getting paid accordingly. You earn passive income when you already put in time and then that product continues to make you money even when you are not working any more.

Get Rich Quick with Passive Income: Courses and Books

A popular method to earn passive income and become rich fast is to sell your knowledge. Create an eBook or e-course and sell it online.

Though you have to put initial effort into creating the product and creating a marketing structure, you will have very minimal work to do as it sells.

Get Rich Quick with Passive Income: Build an App

The easiest way to get rich if you have tech and coding knowledge is to build an app. Again, you will have to put initial time in to build the app, but once it’s built, you can sit back and enjoy the sales money.

On the other hand, you could choose to grow your app business. This would take more time—marketing, customer service, creating new ideas, etc.—but it could be a way to truly get rich fast.

How to Be Rich Fast: Capitalize on Viral Content

Living affords us ways to get rich quick that generations before us never had. With the “viral” nature of web content, selling or utilizing advertisement options wisely can be a great way to get rich fast.

Get Rich Quick with Viral Content: Blogs or Websites

If you have a blog post go viral, you can have thousands upon thousands of people clicking on your link. The easiest way to become rich from this is to have plenty of advertisements and/or affiliate links in that post.

  • Advertisement: Either sell ad space or host an ad that pays you and helps you become rich fast each time somebody clicks.
  • Affiliate links: Make a small commission every time somebody buys something you suggested on your website.

Get Rich Quick with Viral Content: Videos

YouTube sensations are everywhere. If millions of people are visiting your viral video, you will be able to get rich fast if you have monetized your YouTube channel. Learn more about monetizing your YouTube here.

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How to Be Rich Fast: Run a Needed Business

Running a business is a great way to get rich. But running a much-needed business is one of the best ways to get rich quick.

If whatever you sell or whatever service you provide has a strong need in your community or the world today, the chances of it earning quickly go up.

Get Rich Quick with a Needed Business: Start Your Own

Get Rich Fast

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Here’s how to become rich fast in starting a business. Ask yourself what needs you see in your neighborhood or community. Then start up a business to meet those needs.

You can charge more because there is a desperate need, making this the easiest way to get rich as long as you have a good idea and an interested market.

Get Rich Quick With a Needed Business: Join a Franchise

If you want to take advantage of the get-rich-quick nature of a needed business, but do not actually want to start one—know one of the top ways to become rich fast is to hop aboard a franchise growing quickly.

Entrepreneur listed the top fastest growing franchises of 2016. Among that list were:

  • Subway
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Cruise Planners
  • Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches
  • Planet Fitness
  • Great Clips

How to Be Rich Fast: Get Rid of Your Stuff/Downsize

Last up on our list of ways to get rich quick just happens to be the easiest way to get rich. But to make this process work, you have to turn around your thinking from every one of our other tips to become rich fast.

The easiest way to become rich is to get rid of your stuff and downsize. It works like this:

You make a certain amount of money right now. You also pay a certain amount of money to keep your current standard of living. For example, say you make $4,000 a month, but your expenses and spending habits take away $3,700 each month.

Downsize all your expenses, cut off your spending habits, and sell everything you do not need. Now you are only spending $2,000 a month, plus you sold $2,500 worth of items.

By this time next year, you will have earned a surplus of $22,900. Save half of it; invest the other half. Without working one extra second, you can get rich fast.

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Other Small Ways to Get Rich Fast

While you are trying some of these ways to get rich quick, also consider doing some of these other important steps that can help you build wealth.

Remember sometimes the fastest way to become rich is not only one thing, but also multiple actions that help build your wealth as quickly as possible. The more you are doing, the better your chances.

Pay off your debt: If every dollar you spent on interest from your credit card went into investments or purchasing a house to sell or rent, you could get rich fast.

Charge for what you are good at: Do you sew for fun? Do you help the neighborhood kids with their homework? Offer seamstress or tutoring services.

Get an education: Since 78% of wealthy people say education helped make their money, investing in yourself today is the fastest way to become rich tomorrow.

Stay frugal: While this may not sound like the fastest way to get rich, frugality is a sure-fire way to build wealth. Combine this lifestyle habit along with one of our easy ways to get rich.

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Conclusion—Can You Get Rich Fast?

At the end of the day, even the “easiest way to get rich” will require some sort of hard work. After all, 87% of rich people attribute their financial success to hard work.

No matter what, try to avoid any and all get-rich-quick schemes or get-rich-quick scams. These may sound enticing, but will probably leave you even poorer than you began.

While there are not many easy ways to get rich (if there were, everyone would be rich), there are viable ways to get rich quick. So look through our list to see what the easiest way to get rich is for you.

Combine that idea with hard work and perhaps a little luck, and you just may be able to start to get rich quick this year.

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