Turn Your Passion Into Profit Through Hobbies That Make Money This Year

It is safe to say that just about every single person would love to make a profit doing something they genuinely love doing. It is also safe to say that most people have no idea how to turn passion into profit.

This year’s guide will help you live your passion through hobbies that make money. We will encourage you to do this in three steps:

  • Finding your passion
  • Finding hobbies that make money
  • Turning passion into profit

We will also give you practical tools like:

  • Questions for brainstorming and figuring out exactly what your passion is
  • Ideas of money-making hobbies
  • Tips to make a profit from your passion

By the end of this guide, you will have tools you need to see if turning passion into profit can be a reality for you this year.

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Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Passion and Make a Profit

There are many reasons why people do not do the work of turning passion into profit. Many people are scared to lose money. Other people are scared to lose status or prestige.

But remember that this whole guide to finding your passion and hobbies that make money is all about baby steps. You do not have to go from passion to enough profit to pay your mortgage in one week.

But choosing to make a profit through your passion – whether as small money-making hobbies or large businesses – has many benefits, including:

  • You learn more about your passions than you ever thought you would
  • You step out of your comfort zone
  • You can take steps toward creating a career that actually fulfills you
  • You add more meaning and happiness into your life
  • You offer the world the best of yourself

Step 1: Finding Your Passion

Some people know exactly what their passion is. For you, you can skip to step 2 and learn how to pursue your passion to start making money.

hobbies that make money

How to Find your Passion?

Many people, however, are not exactly sure what their passion is. You cannot necessarily live your passion if you cannot name your passion.

Sure, there are probably plenty of things you know you enjoy, and plenty of things you know you do not enjoy. But what actually qualifies as your passion?

Finding your passion is the first step you need to take.

If you are sick and tired of making money at a job that drains you or that you hate going to, make it your #1 mission to figure out what you love to do so you can then live your passion and ultimately make a profit.

Finding your passion may take real time. Be patient with yourself as you are finding your passion. And realize you may think you have figured it out, only to learn your first try actually isn’t your passion at all.

That’s okay. Stick with your “real” day job until you have discovered your true calling and have found hobbies that make money.

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Questions for Finding Your Passion

In the process of finding your passion, asking yourself some questions can be of great help. For this step, don’t worry too much about hobbies that make money. That will be step 2.

Right now, focus on finding your passion – so you can then figure out how to pursue your passion and turn passion into profit.

Brainstorm through these questions to help you with finding your passion. Try journaling your answers.

  • What did you love to do when you were a child?
  • What did you love to do when you were a teenager?
  • What did you love to do in college?
  • What would you do with your days if you did not have to go to work?
  • When you are at work, where do you wish you were instead/what do you wish you were doing instead?
  • What do you enjoy learning about?
  • What do you spend money on outside of necessary purchases (ex: mortgage, groceries, cell phone payment, etc.)?
  • What topics can you talk about frequently?
  • If you could choose any college major – no matter how impractical it may seem – what would it be?
  • What are you doing when you feel the happiest?
  • What causes feel near and dear to your heart?

Step 2: Finding Hobbies That Make Money

Once you have done the work of finding your passion, you can switch your focus into looking for hobbies that make money.

There are some obvious avenues that move you from finding your passion into getting paid for your passion. These include:

  • Selling what you create when you pursue your passion (Example: if your passion is sewing baby’s toys, open an Etsy store where you sell these products)
  • Teaching about your passion (Example: If your passion is jazz music, you could teach jazz piano lessons)
  • Offering services that have to do with your passion (Example: If your passion is helping couples in love, you could offer wedding planning services)

Then there are some passions that take some extra thought to turn into hobbies that make money. The section below will help you brainstorm.

List of Sample Hobbies That Make Money

Here are some ideas for money-making hobbies. First, you will see some sample “passions” and then a couple ideas to make a profit.

finding your passion

Hobbies that Make Money

  • Travel: Travel blogger, travel agent, flight attendant
  • Crafting: Sell creations on Etsy, teach crafting classes/private lessons
  • Health: Fitness teacher/trainer, health and wellness blogger, health product creator
  • Stand-up comedy: Host inexpensive comedy nights, make comedy lesson videos and monetize them
  • Reading: Become a book blogger, offer freelance editing services
  • Geocaching: Host inexpensive geocaching expeditions for your community
  • Astronomy: Offer group star-gazing expeditions, offer date night under the stars where you provide the wine and a lesson on the stars for a happy couple
  • Road biking: Create community races with an entrance fee
  • Antiquing: Resell your best finds, offer consulting services to teach people how to spot a find vs. a dud

None of these hobbies to make money may speak to you. But you can start seeing the thought process you will need to take to go from hobbies for fun to money-making hobbies.

If your passion happens to be something in the realm of charity, instead of thinking of it as hobbies to make money, look into starting a small non-profit. Many people think non-profit means you do not make any money. But that is not true at all.

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Step 3: Turning Passion Into Profit

Now, the focus is to turn that passion into profit.

  • First, you turn what you like to do for fun into hobbies to make money.
  • Then, you can take your money-making hobbies and stay there, making enough money to support your hobby while you keep your day job.
  • You can also take your hobbies that make money and grow them into a larger business to make a profit large enough to live on.

Not everybody can go straight into making full-time income off of his or her hobbies that make money. It takes time, planning, and thought.

The most important step in turning passion into profit is combining these two factors:

  • Your passion
  • Someone else’s need

People are willing to spend their money when they need something. Nobody wants to pay you to travel through South America. But people would want to pay you to teach them how to travel through South America.

The only way to truly turn your passion into profit, then, is to realize that your passion just may be someone else’s passion. You figure out what void they have, and then you fill it.

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Tips for Turning Your Passion Into Profit

Of course, the ways you go about turning your passion into profit will depend upon which money-making hobbies you choose. But here are a few general tips you can use to make a profit as you pursue your passion.

Start and monetize a website: No matter what your passion hobby is, you can start a website to keep track of your journey. This could be used as a blog, as a platform to sell your products/services, or both. Then you can monetize the website through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Hire a business coach: Just because you want to live your passion does not mean that you necessarily know how to run a business. A business coach can help you turn your passion into profit by imparting the business knowledge you may not have.

Delegate tasks: As you dive more and more into your hobbies that make money, you can start delegating tasks you are not good at. Hire a freelance writer to make the content for your website. Hire a social media manager to help you reach your audience through social media.

Don’t forget why you started: As you pursue your passion and turn passion into profit, do not forget why you started. Sometimes the business side can overtake the passion. Keep focused on what you love to do as you live your passion while you make a profit.

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Conclusion – Turn Your Passion Into Profit This Year

We have come to the end of our guide on taking the things you love to do and turning them into streams of income.

  • Now you have some ideas on how to go about finding your passion
  • Now you have ideas on finding hobbies to make money
  • Now you have tips on turning your passion into profit

All that is left is taking the plunge. Make a little business plan (even a small plan) to ensure these hobbies to make money bring you joy and income, not stress.

Figure out where your community (or the world) needs something. And then see where your passion can fill that gap. Before you know it, you could actually make a profit that allows you to live your passion.

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