Intro: How to Cancel Blue Apron (Key Steps to Know Regarding Cancellations)

Blue Apron is a popular meal subscription service that delivers meal kits to people’s homes.

Combining the convenience of food delivery with the satisfaction of preparing your own meal, subscribers receive a food package containing a recipe and all of the ingredients they need to make that recipe.

But, like any popular service, there are still subscribers seeking a Blue Apron cancellation.

For those considering cancelling Blue Apron, this article will cover how to cancel Blue Apron as well as reasons why people wish to cancel Blue Apron in the first place. 

If you have Googled “cancel Blue Apron account” “Blue Apron cancel subscription” or “how to cancel your Blue Apron account,” you have come to the right place.

The good news is that Blue Apron subscribers can cancel Blue Apron at any time.

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How to Cancel Your Blue Apron Account Entirely

Trying to figure out how to cancel your Blue Apron account? Cancelling Blue Apron is simple. First, check the “Changeable By” date in your account settings.

This date will reflect when you can change the status of your subscription with Blue Apron. Any deliveries that are already being processed will still require payment, and the Blue Apron cancellation will take effect after the “Changeable By” date.

After you have checked your “Changeable By” date, simply email the company at [email protected] by that date.

The Blue Apron cancellation department will send an email back that will reflect the specific steps you have to take in order to complete the process.

If you decide to cancel Blue Apron, rest assured that you can always reactivate your account at any time.

How to Cancel Blue Apron for Just a Week

Some subscribers may not be interested in learning how to cancel Blue Apron entirely.

Instead, they may be interested in temporary Blue Apron cancellations, like skipping a week of meal deliveries here and there.

This makes sense considering one of the drawbacks of the service is the limited weekly variety (although the recipes do change from week to week).

Some may want to cancel Blue Apron for one week or several weeks because the advertised menu items do not suit their taste or do not interest them.

Additionally, Blue Apron cancellations for a week may occur because people will be temporarily out of town.

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The good news is that Blue Apron subscribers can cancel Blue Apron on a weekly basis, as many times as they want, for no penalty.

However, subscribers can only avoid the penalty by giving advance notice. You must cancel your weekly delivery six days before the week you want to skip.

Your Blue Apron delivery schedule and Blue Apron cancellation can be managed online through your account settings.

The “Changeable By” date, which tells you when and how to cancel your Blue Apron account entirely, also applies to when you can make a change to your weekly delivery.

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Reasons Why People Want to Cancel Blue Apron

Why do people look for information on how to cancel Blue Apron? Blue Apron receives predominately positive reviews in terms of the quality of its meals, its customer service, and the reliability of its delivery.

That said, like any service, there are still weaknesses that cause people to cancel Blue Apron.

People initiate a Blue Apron cancellation for a number of reasons, and they are tied to specific criticisms about the site’s service.

How to Cancel Blue Apron

Photo courtesy of: Blue Apron Cancellations: Lack of Variety in Weekly Menus

One big reason why people want to know how to cancel Blue Apron entirely or how to cancel Blue Apron for one week is the lack of variety in the weekly menus.

To Blue Apron’s credit, the company does not repeat the same recipes every single week. In fact, Blue Apron frequently introduces new recipes and dishes so that its subscribers, especially its long-term subscribers, do not get bored.

That being said, the variety within each week’s menus lacks diversity. Subscribers can pick one of two packages: the for-two package or the family package.

The for-two package – which, as the name suggests, feeds two – comes with six meal options for each week. The family package, which feeds four, comes with only four meal options each week.

Naturally, this leads to only one veggie option or one seafood option or a couple of chicken options. The issue is that if vegetarians use the service, they will likely have to repeat the same dish three times that week, causing them to want to eventually cancel Blue Apron out of boredom.

One reviewer writes:

Overall, Blue Apron’s food was among the best from the services I tried. The convenience, however, wasn’t there. I also feel their selection is lacking.

There are only six meals to choose from, and while the dishes themselves change each week, there still isn’t a ton of variety. Every new menu has one chicken dish, one seafood dish, one salad dish, one soup/stew/chili dish and one that is either pork or beef.

Even if customers are completely happy with the quality of the meals and the convenience of the service, people with specific dietary restrictions would feel like they have no choice but to cancel Blue Apron and find alternatives.

Another reviewer also points out the lack of selection and how this limited her ability to enjoy the Blue Apron meals with her partner who had a specific dietary restriction. This led her to cancel Blue Apron on specific weeks:

As of now, Blue Apron doesn’t allow any meal choices beyond meat and fish or vegetarian, so it’s important to check each week’s menu for any food allergies or preferences before ordering.

For example, my fiancé doesn’t eat pork, and it’s not possible to limit the deliveries to exclude it. I would have signed up for more deliveries if several of the menus didn’t include a pork dish.

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Another factor that has caused some subscribers to inquire into how to cancel Blue Apron is the amount of waste that results from the Blue Apron meal kits.

A large part of the appeal of the Blue Apron service is its packaging and separation of each ingredient with a convenient label that indicates which recipe it is for.

That said, this means that there is a lot of plastic and packaging for relatively small amounts of food, leading some to consider cancelling Blue Apron. This reviewer writes:

Although I loved having everything I needed for the recipes at the ready, I’m not sure I could justify the packaging used for such small amounts of spices and other ingredients on a weekly basis.

For environmentally-conscious cooks trying to limit the amount of waste they produce, guilt over the amount of packaging they are using might prompt them to look into how to cancel Blue Apron.

Indeed, the company is aware that some subscribers may want to cancel Blue Apron, not because of any issues regarding quality, service or delivery but rather regarding their discomfort over the amount of waste.

The company has introduced a recycling initiative that allows Blue Apron customers to send back their packaging to the company, although this may not be enough to decrease the amount of packaging that is thrown into the garbage as a result of the subscription service.

The amount of waste created by Blue Apron and other meal kit companies has been highlighted by several online news outlets, which does nothing to help decrease the number of cancellations.

An article published on Buzzfeed detailed the amount of packaging used up by Blue Apron, with illustrations that let readers get a vivid idea of the amount of waste produced. Cancellations: Cancellation Inflexibility

Another reason that customers may wish to initiate cancellations is the time window provided for a weekly Blue Apron cancellation.

Customers have up to six days before a week’s delivery to cancel a Blue Apron account. After that, the week’s subscription is already being processed, and you cannot cancel Blue Apron for that week.

For the most part, this is fairly manageable; however, if last-minute plans come up or an emergency occurs, you are stuck with paying for that week’s delivery in addition to figuring out what to do with the food that will inevitably be delivered to you door.

One reviewer notes a particularly inconvenient and unfortunate experience where she tried to cancel Blue Apron for the week, with only two days’ notice but for good reason: she had to leave town for a funeral. If there’s a life event you certainly can’t schedule, it is death.

Unfortunately, she was told by the Blue Apron cancellation customer service that she could not cancel her delivery by that point, leaving her to figure out a way to have the food taken in so that it would not spoil. She writes:

I only had two days’ notice — I had to head out of town unexpectedly for a funeral — and Blue Apron said it was too late to cancel the delivery. Really? I asked a neighborhood friend to come by and take the box so it wouldn’t go to waste.

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Conclusion: Blue Apron Simply Cannot Cover All of Your Grocery Shopping Needs

While Blue Apron does not advertise itself as a grocery delivery service, people who are mistaken about what exactly they are getting out of their subscription may initiate Blue Apron cancellations.

Blue Apron will not entirely save all the time you spend on grocery shopping. It provides three recipes a week, and it is not bringing you more food than you need for each specific recipe or amount of servings.

You will still need to shop for basics, like milk and bread, as well as additional necessary groceries. This type of misunderstanding about the service can lead to a subscriber wanting to cancel a Blue Apron account.

Still, those who are looking for how to cancel Blue Apron should be relieved to learn that a Blue Apron cancellation is easy enough.

The company makes it simple to find out how to cancel your Blue Apron account by providing a convenient email address that will initiate the Blue Apron cancellation process.

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