Intro: Avoiding the Optometrist with Zenni Eyeglasses Online

Going to the optometrist can certainly be a frustrating experience—not only do you have to deal with long wait times, but their frame selection is often limited, and much more expensive than what you’d hoped.

What if there was a way to purchase affordable prescription glasses online, right from the comfort of your couch?

If you’re looking for a place to buy cheap glasses online, could be your new favorite substitute for the optometrist’s office.

With frames as low as $6.95 and over 6,000 frames to choose from, it isn’t hard to see why Zenni eyeglasses and Zenni Optical sunglasses are growing in popularity.

Avoiding the Optometrist with Zenni Eyeglasses Online

Zenni Eyeglasses Review

If you’ve never heard of Zenni, you likely have a few questions about what the company is and how it works.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the basics of Zenni Optical to help you determine whether this site has the best eyeglasses online for your needs. We’ll answer common consumer questions like:

  • What is Zenni?
  • Where is Zenni Optical located?
  • How does Zenni Optical work?
  • How much does Zenni Optical shipping cost?
  • What is the Zenni Optical return policy?
  • Is it worth it to buy cheap glasses online with

By the end of our Zenni eyeglasses review, you will have all the information you need to determine whether buying Zenni Optical sunglasses or Zenni Optical glasses is the right decision for your eye health—and for your wallet.

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Zenni Eyeglasses Review | What is Zenni? Where is Zenni Optical Located?

Founded in 2003, Zenni Optical was created to make stylish glasses both affordable and accessible.

Aside from low prices and a wide selection of fashionable styles, Zenni eyeglasses and Zenni Optical sunglasses are unique because they allow shoppers to buy cheap glasses online.

Where is Zenni Optical located? With headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zenni Optical strives to provide the best eyeglasses online by adhering to the following principles:

  • To provide the most affordable eyeglasses to shoppers across the globe
  • To provide the highest-quality optical lenses
  • To create an easy process to buy cheap glasses online
  • To offer exceptional customer support

Part of what makes Zenni a popular option for buying eyeglasses online is because the company owns their own manufacturing facility. Not only does this give Zenni Optical greater control over costs, but it also helps maintain product quality.

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Zenni Eyeglasses Review | How Does Zenni Optical Work?

Shopping for Zenni eyeglasses and Zenni Optical sunglasses is a relatively simple process—their website is clean, colorful, and easy to navigate.

zenni optical sunglasses

How Does Zenni Optical Work?

While looking to buy cheap glasses online, shoppers can choose from a range of style categories, including:

  • Rectangle
  • Cat-Eye
  • Round
  • Browline
  • Metal
  • Half-Rim
  • Titanium
  • Rimless
  • Aviator
  • Square

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Additionally, shoppers can choose to buy cheap glasses using broader categories, like:

  • Women’s Glasses
  • Men’s Glasses
  • Children’s Glasses
  • Accessories
  • Best for Progressive Glasses
  • Best for Bifocals
  • Clip-on Sets
  • Sports Glasses
  • Goggles
  • Non-Prescription Glasses

The Zeni Frame Fit tool allows shoppers to upload photos, creating a virtual mirror to try on frames and select the best styles for their face shape.

With the ability to compare multiple frames against each other, the Frame Fit tool is a great way to narrow down your options across a sea of trendy Zenni glasses frames.

What Do You Need to Order Zenni Eyeglasses?

How does Zenni Optical work? On a basic level, ordering Zenni Optical sunglasses and Zenni eyeglasses is as simple as placing them in your virtual cart and checking out.

Before you buy cheap eyeglasses online through Zenni, however, there are a few important pieces of information that you will need. Aside from the obvious need for an up-to-date prescription, you will also need to know your pupillary distance and your frame size.

Pupillary distance measures the space between the pupils in your eyes, and helps ensure that your eyes will line up with the optical center of your Zenni eyeglasses.

Without an accurate pupillary distance measurement, your eyes will struggle to find the center, resulting in headaches and aching eyes.

how does zenni optical work

Zenni Optical Glasses

You can get your pupillary distance measurements from your optometrist, but Zenni Optical also provides instructions to help you get these measurements on your own.

Frame size helps ensure that your Zenni eyeglasses will have the proper width to fit your face. If you have an existing pair of eyeglasses, Zenni provides step-by-step directions on how to accurately measure the width of your frames without paying for a visit to the optometrist.

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Zenni Optical Coupon Codes

Compared to prices at the optometrist, Zenni Optical glasses are much more affordable, but adding a Zenni Optical coupon code can significantly increase your savings.

Zenni tends to advertise at least one Zenni Optical coupon code directly on their website, providing quick and easy guidance for bargain shoppers. For example, the current Zenni Optical coupon code promotion offers 30 percent off Trivex lenses. tends to be the best source of Zenni Optical coupon codes, although there are occasional deals found through popular coupon sites. Before purchasing Zenni Optical sunglasses or Zenni Optical glasses, it may be worthwhile to check out the following coupon sites for a Zenni Optical coupon code:

Zenni Eyeglasses Review | Zenni Optical Shipping

Our Zenni eyeglasses review found that there are three different options for Zenni Optical shipping within the United States:

  • Standard Shipping: 14-21 days, $4.95
  • Priority Shipping: 10-14 days, $7.45
  • Express Shipping: 7-10 days, $18.95

There are also international options for Zenni Optical shipping, including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and more.

Since the standard shipping option is the most affordable Zenni Optical shipping charge, it may be worthwhile to wait a little longer for your Zenni eyeglasses to save even more.

Conversely, the low prices of Zenni Optical sunglasses and Zenni eyeglasses may make it easier for shoppers to justify the higher cost of express shipping.

No matter what Zenni Optical shipping option you choose, it’s worth noting that it takes time to make custom lenses and fit them into frames, meaning that it will take a little extra time for Zenni eyeglasses to arrive at your front door.

The good news is that Zenni Optical shipping includes tracking numbers from UPS, USPS, and Canada Post, making it easy to monitor your order.

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Zenni Eyeglasses Review | Zenni Optical Return Policy

Before purchasing Zenni Optical sunglasses or eyeglasses, it’s important to understand the Zenni Optical return policy.

For example, what happens if you don’t like how your Zenni Optical glasses fit or look? Can you return Zenni eyeglasses for a full refund?

Even more importantly, what happens if your Zenni Optical glasses aren’t working properly? What if your frames break in your first week of wearing them? Can you send them back to Zenni for a refund?

Our Zenni eyeglasses review found two important details about the Zenni Optical return policy for shoppers to consider: the 30-day warranty and shipping fees.

30-Day Warranty

During the 30-day warranty period, broken frames will be replaced at no charge, and shoppers can return their Zenni glasses for any reason.

According to the Zenni Optical return policy, shoppers have 30 days from the date they receive their Zenni Optical sunglasses or eyeglasses to request a return.

This is done by contacting customer service via phone, chat, or email to request a return authorization number.

If the return is initiated from a mistake in the ordering process, or if shoppers simply don’t like the way their Zenni eyeglasses look, there are two options outlined in the Zenni Optical return policy:

  • Return for a 50 percent refund (excluding shipping)
  • Return for a one-time 100 percent store credit (excluding shipping)

If a manufacturing error is believed to be at fault, Zenni will inspect them and provide a full replacement free of charge if they find evidence of a manufacturing issue.

Compared to other sites to buy cheap glasses online, the Zenni Optical return policy is fairly standard. Receiving a full refund for prescription glasses online is nearly unheard of, so it’s impressive that the Zenni Optical return policy at least provides store credit.

Another interesting point to note from the Zenni Optical return policy is that replacement nose pad screws are only included for rimless frames. Screws for all other Zenni eyeglasses are not included.

Our Zenni eyeglass review also found that Zenni Optical does not provide repair services, which may be problematic for shoppers who do not have an existing relationship with an optometrist.

Shipping Fees

While returns can be made for any reason, the Zenni Optical return policy makes it very clear that shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer, and will not be refunded.

The only exception to this rule is if Zenni eyeglasses are found to have a manufacturing defect. In these cases, Zenni will refund $2.50 of the shipping fee.

The Zenni Optical return policy does not give an estimate on the average return shipping fees, but our review found that all returns must be shipped via USPS First Class Mail Parcel to Novato, California.

Before you buy cheap glasses online through, it may be worthwhile to ask your local post office what the estimated shipping fees would be to the Zenni return address, just in case.

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Conclusion: Should You Buy Cheap Glasses Online Through Zenni Optical?

There’s no doubt that Zenni Optical is a valuable resource for those who need prescription eyeglasses but don’t have the budget—or the patience—to order glasses from the optometrist.

With a wide variety of frame styles to choose from, and incredibly competitive prices, Zenni Optical could be a great place for you to buy cheap glasses online.

However, it’s important to consider the Zenni Optical return policy before ordering Zenni eyeglasses or Zenni Optical sunglasses. Don’t forget that return shipping will always be the buyer’s responsibility, and a full refund is difficult to get.

For these reasons, buying Zenni eyeglasses should be done only after getting the correct measurements, and with the understanding that the return process may not be worth it.

Still, it’s hard to deny that Zenni eyeglasses come with bargain prices and an incredible variety of styles, not to mention the comfort of online shopping.

If you are comfortable taking a chance and don’t plan on returning your Zenni glasses, it may be worth it to save on your prescription glasses budget and try out Zenni Optical sunglasses and eyeglasses for yourself.

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