Overview: How Does Teespring Work? And What’s the Process for Making Money on Teespring?

Have you ever had a great idea for an innovative, creative, and pioneering product, but felt discouraged to develop it because of the difficulties involved?  The market grows more competitive every day; luckily, websites like Teespring can help you find alternative ways to market your product. 

This brief article will answer the question, “How does Teespring work?” AdvisoryHQ has done the research and will help you discover how you can make money with Teespring or other sites like Teespring. 

If you have a fantastic idea for a ground-breaking product, then companies like Teespring can help you bring your idea to consumers and potential clients. 

Once you learn how Teespring works and read up on the Teespring success stories, you will be ready to make money with Teespring or Teespring alternatives by yourself.

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How Does Teespring Work?

Learning how to make money on Teespring first requires that you learn how Teespring works.  Thousands of individuals who once asked themselves, “How does Teespring work?” are now among the Teespring top sellers making thousands of dollars through the direct marketing of their products to their customers. 

Teespring is a website that helps you sell your custom apparel, mostly t-shirts.  Sites like Teespring basically make it easier for people who want to market their custom-designed clothing through simplifying the marketing process.  There are a number of Teespring alternatives that we will discuss below, but Teespring was the original custom apparel website. 

According to Wikipedia, “Teespring allows users to create unique campaigns in order to sell custom apparel. Users choose the color and type of item they would like to sell and add a design. Designs can be uploaded from outside of the platform, or be created using the variety of fonts and clip art provided by Teespring. After creating the design, users set a price for their item(s) and choose a sales goal.

No orders are processed, manufactured, or shipped, until the campaign has ‘tipped,’ meaning that the sales goal was reached or surpassed.”

In this way, you can make money with Teespring through setting up campaigns to sell your t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, baby clothing, and any other type of apparel you choose. Sites like Teespring make it easy for you to make money because they handle all of the production and distribution of the products you design.

Furthermore, one of the great things about how Teespring works is that they also take care of all the customer service with orders placed through their website.  Other Teespring competitors also offer similar services through their websites like Teespring’s website. 

Through the services offered by Teespring and other Teespring competitors, it is easy to make money with Teespring. According to Teespring’s website, “Our mission at Teespring is to remove the barriers between great ideas and bringing them to market.

By removing every pain point and every risk, we believe we can empower millions of people to launch their own products with the same quality and economies of scale as a major retail brand.”

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Image Source: Teespring

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Make Money with Teespring

There are dozens of Teespring success stories, and some of the Teespring top sellers make millions of dollars through marketing their products. Teespring’s website claims that in 2014, over 20 people made over a million dollars through Teespring.  Learning how Teespring works, then, can be an extremely profitable business. 

To make money on sites like Teespring, you’ll first have to design your apparel either through uploading a previously designed image or through using the software provided by websites like Teespring. Once your apparel is designed, you’ll then need to set a goal for how many T-shirts or hoodies (or whatever type of apparel you’re designing).  You’ll have to reach that goal in order to make money with Teespring because if you don’t make the goal, your design won’t print. 

The most important part of learning how to make money with Teespring and other sites like Teespring is how you share your idea.  Even if you have great design, you’ll need to generate interest in potential customers.  Teespring lets you add a product description to your product, and the Teespring top sellers are those who have catchy and convincing descriptions of their apparel.

You can make money with Teespring for yourself, but also for a community cause.  By learning how to make money on Teespring, you can raise money for your school, club, or other community sponsored event. Many Teespring success stories mention how communities or organizations were able to raise thousands of dollars through learning how Teespring works. 

According to MoneyGossips.com, marketing your products to a specific audience is a huge part of learning how to make money with Teespring and sites like Teespring.  They claim that finding an audience “is the major factor of getting success with teespring…There are many ways making sales of t-shirts, some of them are advertising using Facebook, driving sales via blog, and using Google Adword.”

If you have developed a great product with an appealing description marketed to an acceptant audience, then making money with Teespring shouldn’t be difficult.  But what about Teespring competitors and other sites like Teespring? Should you choose Teespring or a Teespring alternative?

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TeeSpring Alternatives and TeeSpring Competitors

One of the main complaints regarding how to make money on Teespring has to do with the need to reach your goal.  When designing a product, many of us may believe that there will be more consumer interest than there really is.  If you have dedicated large amounts of time and energy in the design of your apparel item, it can be frustrating if it doesn’t sell on Teespring. 

Other sites like Teespring, however, don’t have this minimum goal requirement. 

Perhaps the most well-known of the Teespring alternatives is Teechip.  According to SavingAdvice.com,

“While there are a number of small differences between the two sites, one is Teechip doesn’t require you to meet a goal in order to print the T-shirts. Teespring also doesn’t require you to meet your stated goal, but will only print shirts if enough are sold to be profitable. This is usually three, but can be as many as five depending on the product. With Teechip, even if only a single person buys a T-shirt, it will be printed, sent and you will earn some money.”

This simple difference can be important, and many people who are starting out trying to make money with Teespring may be better off beginning their online apparel design with Teespring alternatives like Teechip so that they don’t have to worry about making their goals. 

Designspring.co, claims that Teespring “pretty much single handedly rejuvenated the t-shirt business, allowing anyone to sell tees without the hassle of printing or shipping themselves.” However, they also recognize that there are a number of Teespring competitors and Teespring alternatives that you should investigate before dedicating your time to trying to make money with Teespring alone. 

One interesting Teespring alternative is Gearbubble.  While they provide similar services to Teespring, this Teespring competitor also allows you to design a wider variety of products. With Gearbubble, you can sell hats, mugs, necklaces, phone cases, and a variety of other self-designed products that Teespring doesn’t offer.  If you have been making money with Teespring but wish to expand your business to include other products, then you might consider switching to Teespring competitors like Gearbubble. 

If you have been trying to make money with Teespring but feel like your products are not marketable to the general public, then you may want to look at Teespring alternatives that specialize in marketing to high-end retailers.  One of the websites like Teespring that has worked with exclusive retailers is Represent.  This Teespring competitor and Teespring alternative has worked with Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell, and James Franco.  These big name clients separate Represent from other Teespring competitors and may help you increase the exclusivity of your products. 

According to smallbiztrends.com, one of the main Teespring competitors is Society6:

“Aimed specifically at artists and designers, Society6 produces and ships a huge variety of customized products on behalf of their artists. Using this platform, you can have your designs printed on everything from gallery quality art prints to iPhone cases and even shower curtains.” 

If you are interested in making money on Teespring but want to expand to other customized products, Society 6 may be a great Teespring alternative worth considering. 

Lastly, if you simply are looking for a website like Teespring to print clothing with a specific label or company design, then one great Teespring alternative to consider is Underground Printing.

This Teespring competitor allows you to choose from screen printing, digital printing, and even embroidery. If you don’t want to go through the whole design process and aren’t interested in making money with Teespring or other sites like Teespring, then Underground Printing is the simplest option for your online apparel printing. 

teespring competitors

Image Source: Teespring

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How to Make Money with Teespring and Other Sites Like Teespring

Learning how to make money with Teespring and other sites like Teespring is a fairly easy process for people who are interested in designing their own apparel.  If you feel like you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to marketing, then sites like Teespring can give you an online platform for your uniquely designed products. 

If you are interested in designing products other than clothing apparel, then you may want to investigate other Teespring alternatives that will allow you to design and market everything from iPhone cases to shower curtains. Since so many people have proven that you can make money with Teespring, there are a number of Teespring competitors on the market today. 

Though Teespring is the original website for online apparel design and though it has been proven that you can make money with Teespring, you should consider all of the Teespring alternatives and Teespring competitors before deciding where to invest your time, energy, and money. 

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