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Home Federal Bank of Tennessee was recently ranked and reviewed by AdvisoryHQ as a top-rated banking firm. Firms on our top-rated lists were selected after they successfully passed AdvisoryHQ’s ground-breaking four-step banks and credit unions selection methodology

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The Home Federal Bank of Tennessee review below provides a detailed assessment, including some of the factors used by AdvisoryHQ News in its ranking and selection of Home Federal Bank of Tennessee.

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee Review

Unique among our list of the top-ranked banking firms, Home Federal Bank of Tennessee maintains a savings bank charter. The savings association has 23 full-service branches, all in the Greater Knoxville area.

The bank’s primary focuses include residential real estate loans and small business loans. It offers mortgage loans with terms of up to 30 years for the purchase, refinance, and construction of single-family dwellings, while also offering consumer, multi-family, and commercial loans.

Competitive deposits, wealth management, and insurance products are also available at Home Federal Bank—these complete their product set and provide customers with a full-service banking experience.

Key Factors Leading Us to Rank This Firm as One of This Year’s Top Banking Firms

Upon completing our detailed reviews, Home Federal Bank of Tennessee was included in AdvisoryHQ’s ranking of this year’s best banking firms based on the following factors. 

Consumer Loans

Managing and financing loans is what Home Federal Saving Bank does best.

The bank has a full spectrum of products and services, along with professional loan officers ready to assist consumers with their borrowing and financial management needs. Products and services include:

Auto Loans

Loans to finance the purchase of new cars, trucks, and vans. Used vehicle financing is also available on models of 7 years or less.

Affordable Home Improvement Loans

A special loan program to assist qualified low-income homeowners living in Greater Knoxville to use funds for home improvements.

Homeowners are eligible if their property is located in a low- or moderate-income neighborhood or if their income is within certain limits. The program features loans up to $3,500, low fixed rates, and extended terms.

Home Equity Term Loans

This top bank in Tennessee offers fixed and variable rate programs, plus a repayment schedule. Monthly payments are calculated to completely pay out a loan by its term end, with no balloon payment or renegotiations necessary.

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Mortgage and Home Construction Loans

These loans are offered in all communities of Knox, Anderson, Blount, Sevier, Loudon, and Roane counties in Tennessee.

Government Agency Mortgages

Home Federal Bank offers mortgage loans sponsored by both state and federal housing agencies (Federal Housing Administration, Veterans Administration, and the Tennessee Housing Development Agency).

Construction/Permanent Loans

The construction/permanent loan, or C/Perm, is very popular for individuals building a new home. This loan combines the features of a construction loan with permanent financing, so only one loan closing is necessary.

This saves time and added expense that would typically be associated with two closings.

Commercial Lending Services

Home Federal Bank offers a variety of loan options for businesses and other organizations, and experienced lending specialists work with clients on a one-on-one basis to compose a financing solution suited to their individual needs.

Commercial loan products include:

Seasonal and Short-Term Credit

Credit to fund seasonal buildups of inventory or accounts receivable or special one-time needs for cash. These loans can be revolving lines of credit or short-term.

Working Capital Lines & Term Loans

Successful businesses and their owners often need additional funds to support growth and expansion.

Working capital lines or term loans can help with this daunting task and can be repaid from future cash flows.

Financing for Plant and Equipment

Financing for fixed assets, from construction and permanent building financing to financing for vehicles, machinery, and equipment.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Construction and permanent financing for commercial and other income-producing properties.

Loans to Non-Profit Organizations

Home Federal’s bankers are well-versed in assisting non-profits and other groups with special needs, and a variety of options are available to assist non-profit organizations and worship groups.

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