Intro: Online Dollar Store Shopping with Hollar

Local dollar stores are a great place to cheap deals for anything from dinner plates and cleaning products to picture frames and cosmetics—but the aisles are often haphazard and crowded, and it can be difficult to search for items that won’t fall apart immediately.

Even so, for shoppers looking to save a few extra bucks, it’s hard to beat dollar store prices.

It’s easy to find a local store in your area—but what about an online dollar store? Wouldn’t it be more convenient to shop online and get those same low-priced items delivered straight to your door?

Here enters Hollar, the online dollar store that provides thousands of items starting as low as $1.

In our Hollar review, we’ll cover all aspects of Hollar shopping to help you determine whether this online dollar store is right for you, including answering common consumer questions like:

  • What is Hollar? How does Hollar work?
  • Is Hollar legit? Is Hollar shopping safe?
  • What is the Hollar app like?
  • What do Hollar reviews have to say?
  • Is shopping on Hollar worth it?

At the end of our Hollar review, every consumer should be able to confidently determine whether dollar store online shopping with Hollar really is “your destination for the coolest gifts and goods.”

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Hollar Review | What is Hollar? How Does Hollar Work?

Founded in early November 2015, Hollar was created to fill a gap in online shopping—although there are plenty of overseas manufacturers and cheap shopping apps like Wish, the reality is that many fail to provide reliable shipping or quality goods.  

While working with large retail giants like eBay, HauteLook, and The Honest Company, co-founder David Leom realized that there was a strong, unanswered demand for reliable dollar store online shopping.

As co-founder Leom puts it, “Cheap doesn’t mean it can’t be good.” Based on this premise, the online dollar store Hollar was born, directly competing against cheap shopping apps like Wish, Alibaba, AliExpress, etc.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Hollar shopping encompasses a range of categories, including Summer, Office & School, Essentials, Pantry, Beauty, Home & Kitchen, Toys, Baby, Household supplies, and Pet supplies.

A big part of what makes Hollar competitive is their California location, which gives them the advantage of having quick shipping. All orders are shipped from a California warehouse, making the average shipping time 7-10 days.

Compared to cheap shopping apps like Wish, where average shipping times are thirty days—or more—a domestic online dollar store is a much more attractive option for many shoppers.

Hollar Review

Photo courtesy of: Business Insider

Along with timely shipping, Hollar shopping has another advantage working for it—many of the items that the Hollar online store sells are name-brand.

As reported in Business Insider,

Many of the items it receives are from closeout sales, so yes, that OPI nail polish is really OPI and that box of Oreos really are Oreos. Its beauty section sells brands from Revlon to L’Oréal. Its snack food section has items like Cheerios and Kraft Mac and Cheese. The $1 pregnancy test it sells is just as FDA-certified as the ones you can pick up for much more inside a Walgreens.

The advantage of buying name-brand items from an online dollar store is a huge draw for shoppers—so much so that, within the first six months, Hollar began attracting $1 million in sales.

To keep shipping costs low and to maintain profit margins, all orders placed through the Hollar online dollar store have a $10 minimum (any order over $25 will ship free of cost). 

Although this might seem like a restriction, most shoppers who visit the online dollar store never have to worry about paying for shipping. The average purchase on Hollar is around $30, double the average amount spent in local dollar stores.

Our Hollar review found that the online dollar store also offers Hollar coupon promotions, encouraging shoppers to come back and make additional purchases. For example, the most current Hollar coupon promotion offers between a $3-$9 credit after purchases of $20-$40.

With name-brand items, low costs, promotional sales, and flexible shipping options, the Hollar online store has already established itself as a competitive force within the bargain shopping market.

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Hollar Review | Is Hollar Legit? Is Hollar Shopping Safe?

Many shoppers who haven’t yet heard of Hollar may be wary about shopping at an online dollar store.

As such, our Hollar review will address two important questions about dollar store online shopping: Is Hollar legit? Is Hollar shopping safe?

Is Hollar Legit?

To date, Hollar has raised over $47 million from investors, with the most recent round of funding being $30 million in 2016.

Their investors include venture capital giants like Greycroft Partners, Comcast Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners, with each investing millions of dollars into the company.

With millions in sales and plenty of venture capitalist funding, the Hollar online store is growing.

In 2017, the online dollar store introduced their seller marketplace, allowing sellers to directly connect with buyers via the Hollar app and website. Buyers can also look forward to a seller rating and review system, set to appear sometime this year.

Unlike many overseas marketplaces, Hollar requires a strict application process to thoroughly vet each seller before listing their items on the marketplace.

As co-founder Yeom explains, “We’re going to be very meticulous, very judicious about who sells…we want to make sure the experience is first and foremost.”

With significant funding, proven success, and recent growth, bargain shoppers can rest assured that the Hollar online store is legit.

is hollar legit

Photo courtesy of: Hollar

Is Hollar Shopping Safe?

Our Hollar review found that payments are accepted through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

Of course, the best option is to use PayPal as a buffer for your credit card information—but is Hollar shopping safe even if you don’t have PayPal?

Hollar is an HTTPS site, meaning that every page on Hollar’s online dollar store is accompanied by a green “Secure” padlock. This means that the site is encrypted, and only the site has access to your personal information.

Encrypted sites are considered the safest sites to purchase from, so even shoppers who do not use PayPal should not have issues with safety on Hollar.

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Hollar Review | What is the Hollar App Like?

Although Hollar is an online dollar store, most shoppers choose to use the Hollar app to make their purchases.

In fact, in 2016, around 80 percent of shoppers were either using the Hollar app or the mobile site to make their purchases.

The Hollar app is available as a free download both on iTunes and Google Play. To see what using the Hollar app is like, let’s look at both versions to see how well the app performs.

Hollar App on iTunes

The Hollar app has a total of 106 reviews and a 4+ rating on iTunes, with a recent update performed in June 2017. The Hollar app allows for browsing across all categories and a quick search option to find specific items.

With a 4+ rating, reviews for the Hollar app are generally positive, with shoppers applauding the quick shipping and the ease of shopping through the dollar store app.

There are a few negative reviews for the Hollar app. However, a few users expressed frustration with the most recent update, reporting that the Hollar app was loading much slower than anticipated.

Additionally, another user pointed out that the bulk purchasing feature was “impractical when you only want to buy one or two of the items.”

hollar app

Photo courtesy of: iTunes

Hollar App on Google Play

The Hollar app for Android has over 4,500 reviews and a total rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

While the Apple version of the Hollar app has not been updated since June, the Android version was recently updated on July 2. The recent update may contribute to an increase in positive Hollar app reviews, since many users give the app 5-star ratings.

For example, one recent Hollar app review says:

Good items for a good price. I have ordered from here twice already and the package comes early with everything in good shape. Just wish you could add reviews with the things you buy. I have gotten free shipping and $5 credit to use in both purchases. It’s a win all around.

Similarly, in her Hollar app review, user Sue Lunsford writes:

I’ve ordered from hollar a few times now and let me tell you it’s the best when you want that little inexpensive gift for the teachers or to say thank you and it’s amazing for kids! I can hop on the app when they’re being good and buy a reward to match how good they’ve been but I never spend over $10 on any one item! It’s great! I’m a fan for life!

Although the Hollar app largely receives positive reviews, there are a few critiques of the dollar store app that our Hollar review repeatedly found.

For example, a few reviewers stated that Hollar coupons expire within a few days, making them difficult to take advantage of. Others stated that they wished they could create a list of items to save and view later in the dollar store app.

Overall Hollar App Review

Although the Hollar app reviews on iTunes are not as positive as the reviews through Google Play, it does stand to reason that the iTunes version may be due for an update.

In contrast, reviews for the Hollar app on Google Play are much more consistent, with many reviewers stating that they have become repeat customers.

Even when giving critiques on the Hollar app, most reviews still express appreciation for low prices on name-brand items, making the Hollar app worth downloading for bargain shoppers looking for an online dollar store.

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Hollar Review | Hollar Reviews from SiteJabber & Better Business Bureau

One of the best ways to determine whether dollar store online shopping is right for you is to read through Hollar reviews from actual customers who have used the service for themselves.

Luckily, we’ve done the work of reading though and compiling Hollar reviews for you! In the sections below, we’ll look at Hollar reviews from two of the most popular consumer review sites to see whether this online dollar store meets consumer expectations.

Hollar Reviews on SiteJabber

There are currently 118 Hollar reviews on SiteJabber, giving the Hollar online store a total rating of 3 stars out of 5.

As is the case with many online review sites, the majority of Hollar reviews come from shoppers who are either extremely pleased or extremely disappointed with their experience. 47 Hollar reviewers gave a 5-star rating, whereas 43 Hollar reviewers gave only one star.

Issues that were repeatedly mentioned in critical Hollar reviews include:

  • Slower shipping than expected
  • Items not being packed well and getting damaged while in transit
  • Lower quality items
  • Difficulty reaching customer service

For example, in her Hollar review, user Jan M. writes,

I bought a couple sets of glass containers for storing leftovers and I have to say [it] was a waste of money…the packing was terrible so some of the containers were chipped…really just another If It’ s too good to be true It usually Is….just know It’s dollar store quality and really not worth the money. I read some comments about slow shipping but mine was shipped pretty fast….just use some common sense….

hollar reviews

Photo courtesy of: Hollar

On the other hand, there are also plenty of positive Hollar reviews to be found on SiteJabber, even when discussing the same issues brought up by negative Hollar reviews.

Common praise found throughout the positive Hollar reviews includes:

  • Quick shipping
  • Significantly lower prices than brick-and-mortar stores
  • Wide range of children’s toys and games
  • Responsive customer service team

For example, in her Hollar review, Ronda B. says,

A friend and I started ordering from them back before Christmas and we are thrilled with eveything [sic] we have gotten so far. 6 orders and counting. Get selection of items, quality stuff not junk. Shipping is not as bad as some people seem to think it is. Free shipping so I can’t complain. We love Hollar and are constantly looking to see what new things they have that we just really really need. lol Take a chance on them, I do think you will be very happy!

One interesting point to note in our Hollar review is that every comment—whether negative or positive—was acknowledged and responded to by a Hollar customer service representative.

Even though many Hollar reviewers had a negative experience with the online dollar store, the Hollar customer service team is at least making a proactive effort to resolve individual customer complaints.

Hollar Reviews on Better Business Bureau

The Hollar online dollar store currently has a total of 13 reviews, with 67 percent of Hollar reviews leaving positive feedback.

There are also currently 4 complaints about dollar store online shopping with Hollar. Although the details of the complaints are unavailable, they were spread out between issues with delivery, advertising/sales, and product/service.

All three of the negative Hollar reviews on Better Business Bureau dealt with delayed shipment or packages never arriving at all. For example, in her Hollar review, Michelle R. writes:

Horrible company didn’t ship my items I’ve been waiting 20 days for and I’m still waiting for my refund. Which they say should be another ten days. The first order I had with them they sent me out broken merchandise which took almost three weeks to get replacements for. Completely wasted my time and money. If they didn’t give me a credit I would have never made second order. Just want my money back

Conversely, most Hollar reviewers were pleased with the products they received and the company itself. In her own Hollar review, Sue C. says:

This is a new website, so I was kind of weary and nervous about ordering, but I had a great experience. The customer service team was helpful and my products were great. So glad I found this site. It sucks that people are coming down on them so hard for having mistakes here and there as a new business. I don’t believe they have bad intentions at all but just are making honest new company mistakes.

Interestingly, even negative experiences with the online dollar store can create positive Hollar reviews. In his Hollar review, Jim M. writes:

I’ve placed about three orders with this company and never had a problem…..until the last order. The items ordered had some problems and when I wrote to the company, I found their customer service to be outstanding! They immediately shipped replacements. Good company w/ better customer service than a lot of other larger outfits.

Our own Hollar review found that time may be a factor in both negative and positive Hollar reviews. For example, although critical Hollar reviewers commonly address issues with shipping and customer service, the most recent review is from November of 2016.

Given the abundance of positive Hollar reviews in 2017, the online dollar store may have improved their shipping service and their customer service department.

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Conclusion: Is Shopping on Hollar Worth It?

It’s hard to beat the low prices found on an online dollar store—even better, it’s hard to beat the convenience of ordering online from the comfort of your own home.

Although there are certainly some negative Hollar reviews for the Hollar app and the online dollar store itself, the low prices and brand-name appeal of Hollar make dollar store online shopping incredibly appealing for bargain shoppers.

Additionally, as the company continues to expand and evolve, Hollar reviews are steadily improving, signifying great potential for the future.

Do you need a new roll of aluminum foil? Are you all out of nail polish? Is it time to replenish your stock of cleaning supplies or dishwasher detergent? Are you nearly out of deodorant, shampoo, or cosmetics?

Rather than drive to the dollar store to save a few bucks, you might want to take a few moments and check out what Hollar has to offer. If you can afford to wait an extra week or so to receive your order, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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