Can You Really Get White Teeth in 10 Minutes? Learn All About HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth whitening strips, toothpaste, and products like HiSmile owe their popularity to a discovery made by dentists that ended up launching a new cosmetic dentistry market in the late 1980s.

hismile teeth whitening

Dentists had used peroxide for several years as an oral antiseptic to treat gums. One nifty side effect they noticed was that the hydrogen peroxide gel also whitened teeth. Soon a new industry for teeth whitening at home was born and it’s continued to evolve and spawn new products to this day.

HiSmile is one of the companies that has jumped on the instant teeth whitening bandwagon. They offer a range of products for home teeth whitening ¾ from a whitening pen to a LED light tray.

But does HiSmile have the best teeth whitening kit around? Do their products work as promised? Is it all just a scam?

You’re about to get the full low-down on the HiSmile products for teeth whitening at home to see whether they’re worth your money. We’ll take a look over HiSmile reviews as well as general teeth whitening reviews to see how well these products work.

We’ll also answer the question that seems to be on many people’s minds, “Is Teeth whitening safe?” ¾ and find out what experts have to say about instant teeth whitening and what it does to your tooth enamel.

If you’ve dreamed of having a brighter smile instantly, you’ll want to take a look through our AdvisoryHQ HiSmile review to learn more about this product and others on the market that can give you a more glorious grin.

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AdvisoryHQ News HiSmile Review | The Story Behind HiSmile

The story of how HiSmile began is an interesting one that includes a celebrity and two 20-something entrepreneurs from the land down under (aka Australia).

The entrepreneurs’ dream was to make one of the best teeth whitening kits on the market and to aim it toward the 15 to 25-year-old demographic. They used social media as their launching pad for HiSmile and became an instant success.

Once they had some wins under their belts, they reached out to Instagram icon Kylie Jenner, of Kardashian fame, and hired her as a promoter, instantly reaching her 75 million (at the time) Instagram followers that were right in their target audience.

Just three years after starting to sell their HiSmile teeth whitening kit the company’s annual sales were estimated to be nearly $40 million. Once their kit hit it big they added in a few companion products, which we’ll discuss shortly.

HiSmile is based in Australia, which is important to know if you’re contacting customer service from another country. Their support hours are 8am to 4pm Australian Eastern Standard time.

How Does HiSmile Teeth Whitening at Home Work?

The instant teeth whitening process of HiSmile is done through a combination of an LED light and whitening gels process.

The HiSmile teeth whitening kit comes with the following:

  • 1 LED light & mouth tray
  • 1 set of teeth whitening gels
  • 1 set of instructions and a shade guide

The company says that you’ll get 6 uses from the whitening gels included in the kit. The gel was developed to gently whiten teeth while not damaging the enamel. It works in coordination with the LED light to give you results in just 10 minutes.

They also promise that you can achieve up to 8 shades lighter teeth after using their product.

Why do you need the LED light for teeth whitening at home?

A blue LED light has been shown in studies to be an excellent activating agent for hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gels. Once the gel is applied to your teeth, the light puts it into action to penetrate the enamel and lift stains.

What causes teeth to stain?

There are many causes of stains and discoloration on teeth and it happens slowly, over a long period of time. Here are a few common teeth stain causing items:

  • Coffee
  • Cola/Soda
  • Wine
  • Smoking
  • Certain Medications (like tetracycline)
  • Too Much Fluoride

Does Instant Teeth Whitening Work on All Teeth?

No, not all teeth will react to the teeth whitening process. Dingy or yellow teeth usually respond pretty well, but brown teeth may not. You’ll also find that teeth whitening at home won’t work on crowns, caps, veneers, or fillings.

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HiSmile Review | Teeth Whitening Cost per Product

It seems that everyone is into subscription plans these days for all sorts of products, and in our HiSmile review of their pricing, we found they are too. We also found a few places you get a HiSmile discount, which we’ll reveal below.

Their pricing for refills and other products is cheaper if you get a monthly subscription that sends you a new supply of their best teeth whitening kit items every 30 days. You can change the shipment frequency or cancel the subscription at any time.

How much does HiSmile teeth whitening cost?

Here’s a rundown of their prices for the original kit and the refills and other items.

  • HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit – $59.99 (one time charge)
  • HiSmile Day & Night Toothpaste – $15.99 (every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months)
  • HiSmile Gel Refills – $23.99 (o every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months)
  • HiSmile Teeth Whitening Pen – $23.99 (every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months)
  • HiSmile Coconut Whitening Mouthwash – $23.99 (every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months)

How much do HiSmile Teeth Whitening Bundles cost?

If you’re really into HiSmile teeth whitening and want to purchase one of their bundles packs to get a better HiSmile discount. Here are your options.

  • Ultimate Bundle (Whitening Kit, Pen, Mouthwash) – $89.99 (one time)
  • Coco Bundle (Whitening Kit, Mouthwash) – $75.99 (one time)
  • Original Bundle (Whitening Kit, Pen) – $75.99 (one time)

We feel we should give some kudos to HiSmile for their flexible pricing, that allows you to choose for yourself either a one-time purchase or to get one of their refill subscription plans.

We’ve seen other beauty and cosmetics companies only offer a subscription model and customers get upset when they see an unexpected charge on their credit card later. But the HiSmile teeth whitening cost of their products is very easy to understand and you get the best of both worlds with no surprises. Prices of HiSmile products stay the same whether you make a one-time purchase or decide to go with their subscription model.

How Much Does HiSmile Shipping Cost?

You might be worried about the cost if you’re shipping from Australia to the US, but when we went to the online checkout HiSmile whitening kit in our cart, shipping was free.

Shipping timeframe to the US and Canada is 6-10 business days. You can pay extra if you want 2-5 business day express shipping. One HiSmile review mentioned expedited shipping costing about $30.00.

Where Do You Get a HiSmile discount?

In our HiSmile reviews of sites that offer discounts on HiSmile’s tooth whitening kit, we found a few that you can try. Since these are from discount or coupon sites, just remember no HiSmile discount is set in stone, they can and do eventually expire.

Here are some that are currently being offered online:

  • 30% off at CouponBirds
  • 20% off at Coupon by Everafterguide
  • 20% off at Discount by Wiki in Pocket

The best way to find an active coupon code for a HiSmile discount is to search right before you plan to buy.

best teeth whitening kit

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HiSmile Customer Reviews

Now that you know how HiSmile works and what their pricing is, it’s time to find out what people giving teeth whitening strips reviews and whitening gel reviews have to say.

If you’re looking for teeth whitening products that work, you can get a lot of insight from those who’ve already taken the plunge and tried them out.

Do they think HiSmile’s a scam or is it one of the best teeth whitening kits out there? We’re about to find out by taking a look at the highlights and lowlights in HiSmile reviews on multiple review and rating sites.

But before we get into the good and bad HiSmile teeth whitening reviews, let’s see how reviewers rated this product overall. Did more people give a positive HiSmile review or a negative one?

HiSmile Ratings and Reviews:

If you’ve read any of our other AdvisoryHQ product reviews, you know we don’t reference reviews from the manufacturer’s website, but instead seek out neutral reviews and rating sites. Here are some overall scores we found in HiSmile reviews on those other sites.

  • BrightReviews (78 HiSmile reviews) – 3.5 out of 5 stars
  • HighYa (136 HiSmile reviews) – 3.8 out of 5 stars
  • Trustpilot (57 HiSmile reviews) – 5.1 out of 10 stars

Overall, it looks like there are more people giving positive HiSmile reviews, that’s important to remember as we jump into the user reviews for HiSmile. We’ll hear from happy customers first, then some that have a few complaints.

HiSmile Review | What Happy Customers Say

  • A positive teeth whitening review at Trustpilot said they’ve ordered from HiSmile many times and have never been disappointed with the results. At one point, they had one little issue with an order, the customer service team was “amazing” and solved the issue in no time.
  • A first-time buyer said they couldn’t be happier with their experience. In their HiSmile review, they said the kit arrived fast, was very easy to use, and they noticed significantly whiter teeth after just one use.
  • In a positive HiSmile review at HighYa, the reviewer said after 6 days of use their teeth were a few shades lighter than before. They said they were very pleased and were definitely going to buy refills and continue using this instant teeth whitening kit.
  • A reviewer that was skeptical at first, but said the product was amazing in their teeth whitening strips review of HiSmile. They loved the immediate results after just a week of using the kit and already had another kit on the way.
  • Great results and no burning sensation were compliments in another positive HiSmile review. Both the reviewer and her husband used the kit for teeth whitening at home and their teeth were noticeably whiter and they highly recommend the product.

HiSmile Review | What Unhappy Customers Say

  • In one HiSmile review that wasn’t so thrilled with the product, they said it didn’t work for them. They did, however, say the customer support and refund process were good and they got their money back.
  • Another reviewer was not happy with paying a premium for expedited shipping, then not receiving the product when expected. They paid about $30 US for expedited shipping to Canada and requested a shipping refund.
  • In a negative HiSmile review, the reviewer was disappointed with the results and said their teeth looked the same after 6 days as they did in their “before” photos. They said they would not recommend the product to a friend.
  • White spots on teeth were experienced by one unhappy HiSmile reviewer. They were very displeased with the spotting. The company replied to the review and said it may be due to fluorosis and was temporary.
  • While the packaging was nice, the product wasn’t so much according to one reviewer. In their HiSmile review, they said they did not see any change at all in the color of their teeth and thought the whole thing was gimmicky.

HiSmile Customer Service Review

It’s rare to see the type of outstanding customer service that we’ve seen from HiSmile, so we wanted to make a special mention.

Both happy and unhappy customers talk about the superb customer support they receive from the HiSmile team. We’ve also seen that at work on some of the HiSmile reviews online.

We’ve found that if someone mentions the product not working in a HiSmile review, the company will initiate a refund even if the person hasn’t requested one yet.

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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Many people that are looking to brighten up their smile wonder, “Is teeth whitening safe?”. No one wants to damage their tooth enamel when they’re just trying to look their best.

There are two main forms of instant teeth whitening:

  • A product that bleaches the tooth to change the natural color
  • Whitening products that work by physical or chemical reaction to remove surface stains only

The most common side effects of the bleaching products are tooth sensitivity and occasional irritation of soft tissues in the mouth, like the gums.

HiSmile states that their products are specially developed to avoid any type of tooth sensitivity.

A majority of studies on teeth whitening strips reviews and reviews of hydrogen peroxide and other teeth whitening products found them to be safe for enamel and dentin. If someone has compromised teeth, then they may experience irritation.

In a teeth whitening review of HiSmile ingredients, they all appear to be fairly benign. They include: Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chlorite, Citric Acid, Aloe Leaf Juice, Pomegranate Seed Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Deionized water, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, and Menthol.

The American Dental Association® (ADA) recommends that if you choose a bleaching product you should only do so after consulting with your dentist, especially if you have fillings, crowns, or very dark stains.

How Does HiSmile Compare to Other Teeth Whitening Products that Work?

There are multiple types of whitening products on the market. How do they compare with HiSmile’s teeth whitening cost?

We took at a look at some of the other top rated teeth whitening products that work well to bring you a quick cost comparison.

These include gel and LED light kits like HiSmile teeth whitening, teeth whitening strips, and other whitening methods.

As a reminder, the kit price for HiSmile teeth whitening costs $59.99 for 6 treatments. Here are some of the other best teeth whitening kits on the market.

  • $32.78 (Kmart) – Dr. Song Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit (24 treatments)
  • $34.88 (Walmart) – Crest 3D Whitestrips Glamorous White Teeth Whitening Kit (14 treatments)
  • $47.95 (Walmart) – AuraGlow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening Kit (20+ treatments)
  • $52.20 (Amazon) – Philips Zoom NiteWhite (6 treatments)

What’s the HiSmile Guarantee Policy?

If you’re not happy with your results, before you write it all off as a HiSmile scam, check out their 30-day money back guarantee. You can get a refund as long as you follow their policy.

The company asks that you send clear before and after photos of your teeth, along with a photo of the used products to show that you did indeed try it. Once approved, your refund will be processed.

HiSmile terms and conditions do state that they can reject a refund request if it doesn’t meet their criteria. However, we found that the refund process was very easy when reading through multiple HiSmile teeth whitening reviews.

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AdvisoryHQ’s HiSmile Review Conclusion

teeth whitening cost

If you’ve been thinking about whitening your teeth, HiSmile looks to be an excellent option and is touted as being one of the best teeth whitening kits on the market.

Their social media celebrity-driven campaign has really put this Australian company on the map in a big way and the company’s success in such a short time span is a testament to that.

Of course, no product can survive without excellent customer service and this company is praised time and time again in HiSmile reviews for “amazing” customer support, even if someone wasn’t thrilled with the product itself.

A majority of users writing HiSmile teeth whitening reviews report whiter teeth and are repeat customers. For a few, they don’t see any results at all with the product.

The 30-day money back guarantee does take a lot of the sting out of seeing a disappointing smile after you’ve used the product. And with free shipping and no return cost, you can get your full purchase price back.

Reminder: Teeth whitening products that work on regular teeth, don’t work on caps, veneers, fillings, or crowns.

HiSmile continues to brighten up smiles around the world, and the company seems to be doing all the right things to keep their momentum going, so it’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for reliable teeth whitening product.

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