Can You Really Get a Great Shave for Less? We Reveal How Good (or Bad) this Razor is in Our Harry’s Shave Review

Shaving is a daily ritual for millions of people, which is why a small change that makes it better can make a huge difference in people’s lives. The thought that simpler is better is the driving force behind Harry’s.

Harry’s Razors Reviews

You’ve most likely seen Harry’s razors reviews in online ads, social media, and your local Target store. Harry’s shaving kits are one of the few subscription start-ups to made it into the top 10 razor brands in the US, along with companies like Gillette and Schick.

But, are Harry’s shaving products all they make out to be? Can they really give you a better shave for less money spent on blades?

And how far have they expanded? Is there Harry’s razors UK or Harry’s razors Canada, in addition to the US?

We’ve got the answers to those popular questions and more in our AdvisoryHQ News Harry’s razors review. We’ll reveal the story behind this shave club phenom and how their subscription system works.

What do customers say in Harry’s blades reviews? You’ll hear from them yourself! We’ve delved into multiple Harry’s Shave Club reviews to find out whether the monthly subscription is worth it or if you can just buy their product outright.

Looking for Harry’s razors coupons? We’ve found some! In this Harry’s razor review, we’ll tell you all about Harry’s shave set pricing, discounts, and how this product ultimately works, according to the men and women that have used it.

A better shave might just be a few clicks away. Read on to find out!

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AdvisoryHQ Harry’s Razors Reviews | Who Started Harry’s Razors?

Harry’s is fairly new to the shaving game, having been founded in 2013 by friends Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider. The duo was frustrated by overpaying for razors with complicated designs and having to wait for a drugstore case to be unlocked just to get blade refills.

They felt that the quality of those complicated razors could be engineered into a simpler and less expensive design and blades could be delivered as needed. So they set out to create Harry’s shaving products.

If you’ve ever seen Harry’s shaving kit commercial, you know that in order to cut out the “middle-man” and reduce costs they purchased a factory in Germany to make their razors.

In our Harry’s razors reviews for the factory, we saw that it’s been making high-grade steel razor blades since 1920. A team of over 600 produce millions of Harry’s precision blades annually.

Where in the World Can You Get Harry’s Shaving Products?

They’re currently offered in three countries. There is a:

  • Harry’s razors Canada
  • Harry’s razors UK
  • Harry’s razors US

What Makes Harry’s Razors Special?

So, what’s this German factory have that others don’t? Judging from the many Harry’s blades reviews we read, the provide consistent quality and excellent design.

If Harry’s shaving kit had the same run of the mill razor you can buy anywhere, there would be no reason to become a loyal purchaser. Here’s what Harry’s does differently to make their razors a cut above the rest.

harry's blades review

Harry’s Blades Review

Harry’s says their focus is always on the customer, their quality, and fair prices. Our Harry’s blades review discovered the following ways their blades stand out.

  • Rubber flex hinge with a balance of elasticity & resistance
  • A precision trimmer at the top of the cartridge
  • Each cartridge holds 5 blades with evenly distributed pressure
  • Blades are in a Gothic Arch shape to ensure durability
  • A lubricating strip ensures a smooth finish
  • Blades are coated with a rust-preventing coating

Harry’s Handle Review

Harry’s offers two types of handles with ergonomic shapes.

Truman handle:

  • Inspired by the design of fine pens & knives
  • Weighted core to maximize comfort
  • Rubberized exterior to ensure a good grip when wet

Winston handle:

  • Inspired by classic safety razors
  • Rubberized grip with a diamond pattern for easier control
  • Can be personalized with initials

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Harry’s Razor Reviews | How Does Harry’s Shave Club Work?

A nice thing about the popularity of Harry’s is that you have options. You can either subscribe to one of their shave plans or purchase Harry’s razor or Harry’s shave set outright, without the monthly subscription.

Harry’s Shave Club reviews show us how the plan works:

  • You can start with a trial set that lasts about 2 weeks.
  • You can also customize a subscription-based upon how many blades and other Harry’s shaving products you want and how often you want them.
  • You are shipped blades based upon how often you shave.
  • You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time.

So, how much does it cost? We’ve got those details for you next.

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Harry’s Shave Review of Pricing, Products & Where to Buy

A big hook for buying Harry’s shave set or razor is that they marry quality with reasonable prices. How much can you save buying Harry’s?

In their Harry’s razor review comparison with competitors Fusion, ProGlide, and ProShield from, they say you can save $1.66 per blade by using Harry’s instead. That’s $66.40 saved for an 8-pack of 5-blade cartridges.

Here’s an overview of the shaving products Harry’s offers and their prices. All shipping is free in the U.S. for subscription items and free for purchases over $10 for non-subscription items.

Harry’s Shave Club Reviews | Subscription Prices:

Starter Set – $8.00 special (regularly $13)

  • Weighted rubberized Truman handle (choice of Orange, Nautilus Blue, or Olive 107)
  • Five-blade razor cartridge
  • Foaming shave gel
  • Travel blade cover

Ongoing Refills

  • 8 Harry’s Blades – $15 special (regularly $16)
  • 8 Harry’s Blades & 1 Foaming Shave Gel – $21 special (regularly $22)
  • Family Plan of 16 Harry’s Blades & 2 Foaming Shave Gels- $35 special (regularly $40)

Harry’s Shave Review | Razor Purchase Prices:

Truman Set – $15

  • Weighted rubberized Truman handle
  • 3 five-blade razor cartridges
  • Foaming Shave Gel or Shave Cream
  • Travel blade cover

Winston Set – $25

  • Weighted Winston handle with die-cast zinc & polished chrome finish
  • 3 five-blade razor cartridges
  • Foaming Shave Gel or Shave Cream
  • Travel blade cover

Individual Items

  • Harry’s Blades (4-pack) – $9
  • Harry’s Blades (8-pack) – $16
  • Harry’s Blades (16-pack) – $30
  • Truman handle – $9
  • Winston handle – $20
  • Harry’s Razor Stand – $15

Harry’s Shave Cream Review | Cream/Lotion/Gel

  • Shave Gel – $6
  • Shave Cream – $8
  • Post-Shave Balm – $8
  • Post-Shave Mist – $12

In addition to their shaving line, Harry’s also sells shower products, face products, and accessories.

Where Else Besides the Website Can I Buy Harry’s Razors?

The popularity of Harry’s shaving kits has taken off beyond online-only sales and into popular retailers. Here are a few places you can find Harry’s shave sets in person.

  • Barneys New York
  • Target
  • Walmart

Where Can I Find a Harry’s Razors Coupon?

If you’re looking for Harry’s razor coupon, you’re in luck. Many of the popular online coupon websites have them. Be sure to check before you buy for the most current deals.

You can find the following sites offering Harry’s razor coupons:

  • Don’tPayFull (current offer is $5 off)
  • Giving Assistant (current offer is up to 20% off)
  • com (current offer is 20% off)
  • RetailMeNot (current offer is $5 off)

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Harry’s Razors Reviews from Real Customers

Everything sounds great so far in the world of Harry’s, but what do customers think? Do Harry’s razors and Harry’s shave cream reviews match the company’s promises?

We’ve taken a look through loads of Harry’s razors reviews, including from the US and Harry’s razors Canada and Harry’s razors UK, to bring you the highlights.

First, we’ll find out what problems people have with Harry’s shaving products, then find out what people love about them. We’ll finish off with star ratings from multiple Harry’s shave reviews so you can see how they score overall.

Harry’s Shave Reviews & Ratings

  • ConsumerAffairs (31 Harry’s razors reviews) – 3.5 out of 5
  • Sitejabber (1,851 Harry’s razors reviews) – 4.6 out of 5
  • Target (659 Harry’s razors reviews) – 4.1 out of 5
  • Trustpilot (1,528 Harry’s razors reviews) – 9 out of 10

Harry’s Razors Reviews – Unhappy Customers

  • A reviewer that purchased their Harry’s razor from Walmart said the box looked cool, but the razor was cheap and pulled on their faces. They stated in their Harry’s razor review that they ended up cutting themself with it.
  • A reviewer that went back to a 3-blade razor after trying Harry’s said the 5-blades were just too large to get around their face crevices. Their Harry’s razor review also mentioned the blade tugged on their beard.
  • Another unhappy customer mentioned the blade tugging on their beard in their Harry’s razor review. They said the handle was also slippery when it’s wet.
  • In one of the negative Harry’s razors reviews at, the reviewer said that the blades were too close together which makes it difficult to rinse out. They said the overall quality was good but the blades need replacing too often.

Harry’s Razors Reviews – Happy Customers

  • Someone that shaves both their head and face said they’ve tried many razors in the past, but Harry’s was the best. Their Harry’s blades review said the cartridge stays put on the handle and the blade is absolutely flush with their skin.
  • In one of the positive Harry’s razors reviews on Sitejabber, the reviewer said having the blades sent to their door was great. They also said it was nice to save money on their razors.
  • A father said that both he and his daughter loved not only Harry’s razors but also their soap, body wash, and aftershave. In their Harry’s shave cream review, he said they were customers for life, and the customer service was great too.
  • In a review for Harry’s razors UK, the reviewer said the service was straight forward and excellent value for the money. They also praised the service and quality.

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AdvisoryHQ’s Harry’s Razors Review Conclusion

A compliment that was repeated often in Harry’s razor reviews was that the razor and blades subscription service was easy, straight forward, and convenient. The great value of the razors was also mentioned often.

The company consistently gets high star ratings from product review sites and it was hard to find a negative mention about their customer service. One we found was from Harry’s razors Canada review regarding initial difficulty reaching someone regarding a delivery issue. But that reviewer changed their review to 5-stars after getting help.

We noted that mentions of tugging seemed most prevalent from reviewers that purchased at a retailer, like Walmart or Target. Other negative reviews seemed to be more about personal preference when it came to shaving products.

Ultimately, Harry’s comes out with shining reviews and gets praise across the board for Harry’s shaving kits, customer service, and ease of changing a subscription frequency. If you’re thinking of trying Harry’s out, many customers would highly recommend them.

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