Intro: What Is Gwynnie Bee? Reviews and Overview

Gwynnie Bee is capturing the attention of many women these days, so this Gwynnie Bee review is going to take a close look at just what the online site has to offer and how it works.

Essentially, Gwynnie Bee is an online rental service that provides a wide variety of women’s clothing (the company boasts about having 2,000 different styles from about 150 different brands) in sizes 10 to 32.

With so many different styles of clothing, women who don’t usually have the time to shop might find it prudent to open a Gwynnie Bee shop. But, of course, the monthly Gwynnie Bee cost is also worth considering, so this Gwynnie Bee review will look at the shipping costs, subscription plans, and a few other factors.

Are you a busy woman who loves clothes but doesn’t have much spare time to shop around? Would you love having access to a myriad of clothing styles? If so, this Gwynnie Bee review will help you decide whether the company has the potential to meet your needs or desires.

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How It Works

Interested customers would begin by signing up for a subscription, and there are a few different versions. For example, a woman could sign up for the plan that allows one item to be rented at a time, which costs $49 per month.

According to the Gwynnie Bee website, the 3-item plan is the most popular, which costs $95 per month. For the sake of brevity, this Gwynnie Bee review will display the subscription plans in a simple list:

  • 1 item out at a time: $49 per month*
  • 2-item plan: $69 per month*
  • 3-item plan: $95 per month*
  • 5-item plan: $139 per month
  • 7-item plan: $179 per month
  • 10-item plan: $199 per month

The plans marked with a star are free for the first 30 days, but unfortunately, the offer does not extend to all the plans. This Gwynnie Bee review finds extra value in the free trial period—having such an opportunity would allow uncertain customers to simply try out the service for free, to answer whether opening a Gwynnie Bee shop or the Gwynnie Bee costs are worth it.

Creating a Closet

After selecting a subscription plan, customers create their own personal “virtual closets.” Customers can then start adding certain articles of clothing to be shipped to them later. Virtual closets comprise three sections:

  • At-Home Section: Here, customers can see which items are currently being shipped to the customer, which are in the customer’s possession, and which items the customer has marked and shipped back. (Gwynnie Bee review pro: Customers can track their shipments.)
  • Onthe-Rack Section: Here, customers can see the clothing items they’ve placed in their closets; these are the items that have yet to be delivered. Gwynnie Bee recommends that customers maintain at least 25 items in their closets for smoother shipping turnaround times. (Gwynnie Bee review pro: there is no limit to how many items customers can stock in their closets!) Each subscription plan requires a certain amount of items to be stocked in customers’ closets.
  • On-Hold Section: Here, customers plan ahead—that is, they place clothing items that they potentially see themselves wanting at a later date or season.

This Gwynnie Bee review would like to point another incentive, in regard to the virtual closets: customers can prioritize the items they want shipped to them. By doing so, customers will ensure that they get the clothes they want to wear sooner than other, less-desired items.

Gwynnie Bee review pro: Customers can wear and keep an article of clothing for as long as they want—there are no designated return times. Customers can return items almost as soon as they receive them, in case they end up not liking them from the start. Or if customers love certain items, they can continue to keep rocking them for weeks at a time.

Gwynnie Bee review con: Gwynnie Bee shops or closets function on availability—that is, even if customers prioritize certain items, those items might not be available in certain sizes, so such customers would have to wait. This could turn out to have a high Gwynnie Bee cost of time. First of all, who knows when another customer might return the desired item; second, Gwynnie Bee would have to wash the particular item, which could add to the processing time.

gwynnie bee shop

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Buying an Item

This Gwynnie Bee review finds favor with the fact that customers can buy the clothing items that they turn out to love. The Gwynnie Bee shop makes this easy: All a customer has to do is go to the at-home section, in which a link for buying particular items is provided.

The Gwynnie Bee cost of clothing items reflects the prices of the brand retailers. Gwynnie provides discounted rates in comparison to the brands’ retail prices—but Gwynnie Bee won’t consider the prices of third-party sites, such as Amazon.

One Gwynnie Bee review con we found is that the prices of the purchased items don’t consider that they are used articles of clothing.

If an item in the at-home section is bought, Gwynnie Bee will automatically update the customers’ shop and send out another item.

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This Gwynnie Bee review finds favor with the shipping processes. What are the Gwynnie Bee costs of shipping? There are none! The shipping charges are paid for by the monthly subscription prices. The clothing items come with prepaid return bags, so all customers have to do is put whatever items they want to return in the bag and drop the bag off at a USPS drop box.

Customers can load up a prepaid bag with as many items that can fit—this saves a little bit of hassle in having to deal with a plethora of return bags. What’s more, customers can notify Gwynnie Bee that they are returning items by using the links provided in customers’ Gwynnie Bee shops or closets; once notified, Gwynnie Bee will begin to prepare the next items to be shipped to customers.

The “return notification” in Gwynnie Bee closets is a particular incentive that this Gwynnie Bee review wants to point out, because it can drastically cut down on the Gwynnie Bee cost of time. Consider if the option wasn’t available.

Customers would return items, and the shipping time back would be about several days; then Gwynnie Bee would receive the package, open it, and then determine the customer and account it belonged to. Then Gwynnie Bee would prepare the customer’s next items to try out, package them up, and ship them out.

Say the shipping back took three days, the processing to identify and swap out items took Gwynnie Bee a day, and the next shipment to the customer took another three days—we’re looking at about seven days before the customer gets a new set of items.

However, with this ability to notify Gwynnie Bee of returns, it can potentially cut in half the Gwynnie Bee cost of shipping times. If a customer uses the return notification, Gwynnie Bee will prepare and ship the next preferred and available items to the customer—if the customer’s closet has a good history.

This way, new products will be heading to the customer at the same time the returned products are heading back.

The return notification allows for quicker exchanges in emergency situations. If some sort of event comes up for a customer at the last second, and the customer really needs a new outfit fast, with Gwynnie Bee’s return notifications, getting new clothing items quickly on short notice becomes possible.

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The Clothing

Gwynnie Bee definitely has a wide enough variety of clothing to cater to diverse tastes in fashion. As mentioned, they claim to have about 2,000 different styles from 150 brands. What’s more, they get new clothes in every week.

On their main page, they have several categories, from work outfits to weekend casual, as well as formal wear. They even have a category dedicated to the editor’s picks and one to new arrivals.

The company provides sizes from 10 to 32, so it is difficult for smaller-sized women to shop Gwynnie Bee for smaller sizes.

A positive thing this Gwynnie Bee review notes is that the company maintains a high standard for cleaning. All of the Gwynnie Bee plus size clothes are thoroughly cleaned upon returned and inspected three times before they get sent out.

If customers decide to keep certain items for longer periods, Gwynnie Bee doesn’t mind if customers wash the Gwynnie Bee plus size clothes themselves—the company simply asks that customers adhere to the washing recommendations detailed on each clothing item’s tag.

Customers are not held responsible for normal wear and tear of Gwynnie Bee’s plus size clothes, which includes typical snags, stains, or hems falling out. Gwynnie Bee understands that such wear and tear is to be expected, so they don’t make customers bear the burden. This adds great incentive to bearing the Gwynnie Bee cost of the monthly subscription. Customers, if random accidents befall their clothing items, don’t have to panic that they’ll be stuck with some extra Gwynnie Bee cost.

The company has released an app for mobile devices. The Gwynnie Bee app was released in 2015, but it does not yet have enough reviews for Apple to provide an average rating. However, the Gwynnie Bee app runs only on Apple devices.

One thing this Gwynnie Bee review notes is that customers will be wearing clothing that many others have been worn before, and this concept sometimes bothers people. However, as mentioned earlier, Gwynnie Bee thoroughly cleans and inspects each product to ensure each item is in top quality before sending to the next customer.

Gwynnie Bee Reviews from Real Customers

So far, this Gwynnie Bee review has looked over the company’s interesting structure and methods of operation—Gwynnie Bee shopping all sounds nice in theory. However, to see if this company does what it advertises, we must consider the Gwynnie Bee reviews of real customers.

SiteJabber has collected 114 Gwynnie Bee reviews—and the results are 50-50. Here’s a breakdown of the Gwynnie Bee reviews:

  • 5 stars: 36
  • 4 stars: 11
  • 3 stars: 10
  • 2 stars: 21
  • 1 star: 36

As we can see, some people have praised their Gwynnie Bee shopping experience site in their Gwynnie Bee reviews, and some have loathed their experience. Let’s see what some of these customers are saying in their Gwynnie Bee reviews.

Positive Gwynnie Bee reviews

Carolynn A. said, “What a great way to try different styles without breaking the bank! They have made dressing for work FUN and no longer a chore.” In Carolynn’s experience, the Gwynnie Bee costs are worth it: the service provides an appreciable variety to her dressing for work.

Christine L. said, “I had surgery in February and lost a bunch of weight, as predicted post surgery, I gained it back plus—renting my dresses helped me avoid having to accommodate costly wardrobe replacement.” In Christine’s opinion, the versatility of Gwynnie Bee shopping helped her in her personal situation—that is, she didn’t have to spend much time and money rearranging her wardrobe after her surgery operation.

Judith Z. said, “I used to spend a great deal of money on clothes that I would only wear once or twice a month because I really love variety. GB has proven to be the perfect solution for me.” In this case, the Gwynnie Bee costs are worth it because Judith loves to continually mix up her wardrobe. For customers with an ever-changing fashion sense, Gwynnie Bee shopping should be considered.

Judith’s Gwynnie Bee review also points out another interesting thing: “With the 3-item program, I think I probably wear 12 different dresses or tops a month.” She goes on to say that she takes advantage of Gwynnie Bee’s fast shipping times using the return notification function, which our Gwynnie Bee review also considered to be an incentive.

Negative Gwynnie Bee reviews

These Gwynnie Bee reviews often touch on poor customer service, surprise billings (even after customers have canceled their subscriptions), and poor quality of clothing.

Taylor M. said, “The clothing quality is just not worth $100+ a month for three garments at a time, PLUS their sizing is so off because each brand varies so much… After six months of use, I only got one article of clothing that I would actually have picked out in a store.”

Iheoma O. said, “I have really loved this company at times but recently they have shown a marked slow down in shipments and horrible customer service.”

Danica B. was frustrated with slow shipping times: “Now, as I sit four days after having returned my items, I STILL have not been shipped another box… I had anticipated having a box by the end of this week for an event I’m attending this weekend. Sending my stuff back on Monday should’ve been enough time to accommodate this, but I guess I’m out of luck!”

(Danica’s Gwynnie Bee shopping experience counters our previously mentioned incentive of having quick turnaround times for items. In Danica’s case, she was let down when she needed a particular item fast.)

Amy B. said, “I used them last summer, found a few dresses I liked but then I canceled as I was not working… Well this morning I wake up, and there is a charge from them for $898.24?!?”

Most of the other negative Gwynnie Bee reviews reflect these sentiments: poor customer service, poor clothing choices, slow shipping times, and—worst of all—surprise payment charges, showing that Gwynnie Bee’s customer service is not consistent.

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Conclusion: Exercise Caution

Gwynnie Bee shopping is interesting and potentially has a lot to offer. This Gwynnie Bee review has looked closely at the company’s processes, pointing out potential pros and cons along the way. The Gwynnie Bee cost to customers is a monthly subscription, and depending on the chosen plan, customers can swap out a variety of clothing items, keep them for as long as they want, or even purchase them at a slightly discounted rate.

However, for all its potential merits, the customers’ Gwynnie Bee reviews are mixed—which implies that the company still needs to tweak its execution to promote a greater number of positive outcomes. As we saw in the Gwynnie Bee reviews, the service has worked as described for plenty of customers; some have appreciated the easy access to a wide variety of clothing, the fast exchange rates, and the quality of clothing.

Others, however, have shouted that the Gwynnie Bee costs are not worth it, citing poor clothing, poor customer service, slow shipping times, and poor handling of billing or accounts.

Because Gwynnie Bee sells clothes only in the 10 to 32 size range, it excludes smaller women. Such women looking to shop Gwynnie Bee for smaller sizes will be let down.

This Gwynnie Bee review ends by saying the company holds a lot of potential, but until it figures out the customer service side of things, the Gwynnie Bee cost might be more than a simple monthly subscription fee—customers might be risking a whole lot of frustration and sudden ambushes of monetary charges. Take caution when deciding if Gwynnie Bee shopping is right for you.

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