Guide | Effective Ways to Get Fast Cash Now

So, you need fast cash now. Maybe you’ve been laid off at work or an unexpected expense came up. Whether you’re a family man, businesswoman, or teenager, there are many solutions out there that will help you earn fast cash.

But with all the options claiming to be “the best way to get cash fast,” how can you know which fast cash online options are safe and legitimate? Which options will be best if you need cash fast? The results that pop up from a quick Google search may seem sketchy. But there are ways to get cash fast that are legal and convenient as well.

Effective Ways to Get Fast Cash Now

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We’ve looked through various ways to get fast cash now and compiled this guide to figure out which fast cash options are the best, whether by working for fast cash online or taking out fast personal loans. We strongly recommend seeking ways to earn money before you start looking for a cash loan online, so first we’ll cover the websites to earn fast cash now. Let’s get started!

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Websites to Get Cash Fast

The first thing to realize if you need fast cash now is the plethora of options on the internet to get fast cash. The world is quickly being dominated by the online realm, making it easier than ever to get fast cash now through a job on the internet. Here are a few of our favorite easy and legal ways to earn money if you need cash fast:

Swagbucks - fast cash now

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  • Swagbucks: is a very popular website to get fast cash online through completing online surveys. Swagbucks will give you fast cash now upon completion of consumer surveys, which companies use to determine the direction they should head in for creation and manufacturing of products. With this free website, you can get fast cash by completing multiple surveys a day and redeeming your earnings for gift cards from Amazon, Target, and many more.
  •  Skillshare: This website provides you with another great way to get fast cash now. You will teach an online class and be paid for your instruction. If there are topics or skills that you’re familiar with and you need cash fast, all you have to do is record a series of videos and then participate in the Skillshare forum for your class. You don’t need a teaching degree, and you’ll receive a cut of the money that the students pay to take the class.

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  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: This site will let you make fast cash online if you have written a book on your own and want to publish it for sale on Amazon Kindle devices. If you’ve got a novel or biography hidden away and think it has potential for making fast cash, you should consider uploading your story and then promoting your book on social media and blogs. Authors earn up to a 70 percent return on each copy sold.
  •  Fotolia: Grab your camera and head out to start making fast cash now. How so, you ask? With Fotolia, it’s easier than ever to get cash fast for your pictures. If you sell pictures you’ve taken for stock photo usage, Fotolia will give you a cut of the profits if a publisher uses Fotolia to buy the rights to use your picture. This is a great way to earn money if you need cash fast.
  •  eLance: This site will let people of almost any profession find freelance work at home in their spare time. This is a convenient and legal way to get cash fast, and besides earning you fast cash, you will also be expanding your professional portfolio. You can showcase your skills and make fast cash now at the same time with eLance.

Fiverr - get cash fast

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  • Fiverr: Five dollars multiplied by the number of jobs you work with Fiverr? That sounds like a great way to earn some green if you need to get fast cash online. You can post what you’re willing to do for five dollars, like writing an advertisement post for a company’s Facebook page, and upon completing the task, you will earn five dollars.
  • Mechanical Turk: With this Amazon-run program, you can make fast cash now by signing up and completing easy tasks. For example, you can choose which of two pictures depicts a bridge, and for each of these tasks, you’ll earn a few cents. This job is such a simple way to make fast cash online and can be done even from the sofa while watching TV.

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Youtube - fast cash online

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  • YouTube: Most people don’t realize the profits you can really earn from accruing a following on this major video viewing platform. For fast cash online, you should consider trying to record a video on anything you want (as long as it’s nonexplicit). Then, if you enable advertisements on your video, you can earn $1 to $3 per one thousand views of your video. Though that might not seem like much, the more videos you have and the greater following you develop through social media, your capacity to get fast cash online could grow exponentially.
  • Zirtual: While Zirtual can be more time-consuming than the other options in this guide, it can still be rewarding in terms of providing you with fast cash online. You will sign up to be a Zirtual Assistant to a busy person, helping them write emails, manage their calendars, and conduct research for them. The starting pay is $11, and Zirtual Assistants work weekdays full-time. Many people have worked for Zirtual and appreciate the convenience of working from home for fast cash.

  • Have you ever thought about house-sitting? Nowadays, you can get fast cash online through websites like that connect you with people near you who need a house sitter. If you want to get fast cash, consider searching for jobs near you.
  • Sittercity and Do you love kids? These are websites that will help you get fast cash now by connecting you with babysitting jobs. Keep your references and resume regularly updated, let people know when you’re free, and soon you will start to earn some fast cash for babysitting.

Fetch! Pet Care - need cash fast

Image Source: Fetch! Pet Care

  • Fetch! Pet Care: If you’re an animal person, you might want to check out this option if you need cash fast. Fetch! Pet Care will help you find owners looking for someone to petsit while they’re on vacation or walk their dog. Earning fast cash now while playing with cute animals seems like a double win to us!
  • Airbnb: Everyone knows the cost of hotel accommodations can be one of the most expensive aspects of a trip. Because of this, you can earn fast cash now from people looking to stay in your city. You could rent out a room, or even your couch, for a few days through the reputable website Airbnb to get cash fast. If you’re a people person and have some extra space in your house, this might be a good way for you to make fast cash now.

  • HomeAway: If you know you’re going to be out of town for a while, consider using this site to get cash fast. While you’re gone, you can rent out your house to someone else that you can connect with through the website HomeAway. Maybe you have a second home or condo that could also be rented out for tourists or travelers. Whatever space you have available, you should maximize the profits for by using HomeAway for fast cash now.
  • Etsy: This site has quickly become a great way for crafty entrepreneurs to make fast cash now by doing what they love: creating. This marketplace for artists and crafters has items for sale from paintings to individualized rings. If you’re an artsy person looking to get fast cash, consider opening an Etsy shop — it’s free!

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Get Fast Cash Loan Online

Fast personal loans certainly aren’t as advisable as earning fast cash: the speed of the process is outweighed by high-interest rates on your repayment. It’s best to avoid having to take out a cash loan online. But if you have an emergency and don’t have the time to make fast cash, you may need to research fast personal loans. We’ve looked into various fast personal loans to see which would be the most responsible and advantageous options.

One of the most highly-rated websites for fast personal loans,, offers the best cash loan online up to $10,000. Loan terms vary from 6 to 60 months, and the APR is anywhere from 6 to 29.95 percent. This type of high APR is common for fast personal loans, which is why we do recommend seeking alternatives first. However, if you need to take out a cash loan online, this is the best site to start with.

Another close second is the website that has loan amounts up to $40,000. APR ranges from 5.99 to 35.99 percent, with a loan term of 24-84 months.

If you have bad credit and you need to take out a cash loan online, you should apply for a loan from which has no minimum credit score restrictions or requirements. You can get cash fast up to $35,000 by using Lending Tree. The APR for these loans will still be on the high end, however, with rates ranging from 5.31 to 35.99 percent. Your loan term will be 24 to 60 months.

You can find more fast personal loans, as well as information about personal loans and how to manage your loans responsibly, at

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Yes, You Can Get Cash Fast

So, is it possible to earn fast cash now? Hopefully, this guide has convinced you that there are many ways to get fast cash online that are safe, convenient, and vetted by other users. Whether you’re facing a financial crisis or simply want some more pocket change, these websites are great options if you need cash fast.

In the worst case scenarios when you need to get cash fast, you can consider looking into fast personal loans. However, as a way to get cash fast, earning money should always be your first priority as a cash loan online will have high interest rates. The best way that you can get fast cash is to work for your money. It won’t take that much time or energy on your part, and you can utilize skills and assets you already have.

Go explore some of the options we’ve listed to get cash fast. Today is the day for you to earn fast cash now, and it’s easier than ever.

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