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If you’ve ever searched online for trendy and affordable shoes, accessories, and clothing, then you may have come across

GoJane is an e-commerce retailer that targets teens and women who are fashion-forward and looking for footwear, clothes, and accessories at an affordable price point.

The company is headquartered in Ontario, California, and is a subsidiary of parent company Aeropostale since 2012. However, GoJane has been around since 1999.

Although GoJane has been known primarily as a footwear company, GoJane also offers athletic wear and is popular for its GoJane dresses at various budget-friendly price points ranging from an estimate of $10 to $65, as of 2016.’s offering of shoes, apparel, and accessories at budget prices may have you wondering whether shopping for GoJane shoes, GoJane dresses, or GoJane boots is worth it. You may even wonder if GoJane is a legitimate company.

This GoJane review will help dispel these concerns by providing you with insight on the shopping experience on based on GoJane reviews. This GoJane article will also address issues highlighting key concerns, such as obtaining a GoJane coupon and free shipping for GoJane shoes and other merchandise. Let’s explore what GoJane has to offer.

Key Questions Consumers Have About Shopping at

Consumers have shown great concerning regarding several aspects of using the GoJane website when shopping. Here is a sample of what some people want to know:

  • Is GoJane legit?
  • What are some websites like GoJane?
  • Does GoJane provide free shipping on GoJane shoes and other merchandise?
  • How do you get a GoJane coupon?
  • What are GoJane reviews saying about shopping at
  • Is worth shopping?

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Is GoJane Legit?

GoJane has been registered with California’s Secretary of State since December 14, 2012, as a limited liability company, which makes the company a legal entity in active status, as of 2016. However, its jurisdiction is in the state of Delaware.

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The company was bought by Aeropostale in 2012 and works as a subsidiary of its parent company. In short, the company is safe for users to shop on and is a legal business entity.

The company’s website is also safe to shop on as it uses a Secure Socket Layer encryption and protects the privacy of children and its patrons, according to its privacy policy.

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GoJane Reviews

To get a better perspective on the shopping experience and product selection at, this GoJane review article gathers insight from GoJane reviews around the web from review sites such as,, and

The consensus of the GoJane reviews brought a healthy mix of both positive and negative reviews. However, many reviews highlighted negative aspects of shopping at, and here’s what they had to say:

Positive GoJane Reviews

Members on different review sites that leave positive GoJane reviews seem to conclude that the company offers GoJane boots, Go Jane shoes, GoJane dresses and other merchandise at an amazing, affordable price point.

For example, one GoJane review noted that the price on one product was so amazing that the shipping ended up costing more than the product itself.

Other GoJane reviews highlighted consumer satisfaction with the company’s sizing availability. For example, one GoJane review expressed how happy the customer was that the company had shoe sizes that she found rather difficult to find on other e-commerce websites.

 Another GoJane review left a positive evaluation of the customer shopping experience on the site.

The customer noted that she was surprised at how fast the shipment of her GoJane merchandise was between the time of purchase and delivery as she was expecting a longer wait time.

Negative GoJane Reviews

gojane reviews

Source: GoJane Reviews

GoJane reviews on Trustpilot have an average rating of 5.3 stars out of 10 stars for 49 reviews, as of this writing. Some of the concerns voiced on the site involve dissatisfaction with the return policy. Sitejabber reveals that 52 percent out of the more than 100 GoJane reviews approve of shopping on the site.

However, this approval was not without noting GoJane reviews that expressed dissatisfaction with issues such as customers not receiving their GoJane merchandise, having to pay for exchanges, and receiving orders late.

Additionally, GoJane reviews concurred about high dissatisfaction with the company’s return policy, specifically because of the cost. Other adverse GoJane reviews highlight receiving defective products.

For instance, one customer’s GoJane review claimed that the customer usually checks her products prior to shipping to ensure that she is not missing any items that she wishes to return.

However, once she received a defective product from and felt that the company’s return policy was not favorable. GoJane required her to prove that the product was defective.

In fact, most of the negative GoJane reviews noted that they had to show photo evidence of any defective product they had received in order to start the return policy.

Many of the GoJane reviews found on Sitejabber and Trustpilot appear to be from longtime customers.  Many of these customers noted in their GoJane reviews how upset they were because they felt that the company did not believe them about defective GoJane shoes, GoJane dresses, GoJane boots, or other merchandise from the company.

Other GoJane reviewers, however, pointed out that an online retailer must have some recourse against fraudulent returns. Taking a photo to prove damage isn’t so difficult, at the end of the day, and you still don’t have to stand in line at a customer service desk.

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How to Get Free Shipping and a GoJane Coupon

is gojane legit

Source: Free Shipping

Gojane offers free shipping on all orders $50 or more. Additionally, getting free shipping on does not require a GoJane coupon. However, if you want a GoJane coupon to use for other discounts or promotional offers, you can sign up for the company’s email newsletter.

Websites Like GoJane

If you are wondering how stands up against its competition, then you can take a look at websites like GoJane. One notable difference that GoJane exhibits that other GoJane reviews may have missed is that GoJane dresses and other clothing merchandise does not offer the sizing selections that some competitors offer.

Sizing appears to be limited to small, medium, and large, with occasional items extending to extra small and extra-large sizes, or junior sizes of 0 to 15.

On the other hand, other competitors offer sizing by the number, 2 to 24. Additionally, competitor sizes include plus-size clothing and sizes based on height, such as petite and tall.

Some examples of retailers with these competitive offerings include Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and Love Culture. Although this list is not exhaustive, it does provide a start for websites like GoJane. (Website Like GoJane)

This UK-based, online fast-fashion retailer offers fashion-forward clothes, shoes, and accessories, plus global free shipping on all orders $40 or more.

Customers can enjoy two-day shipping for free if they spend over $140 or more at Furthermore, shoppers can find an array of sizes, including plus sizes at ASOS.

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Customers can find a multitude of clothing, shoes, and accessories options at Customers can shop by occasion, such as weddings and proms, or trends, style, bestsellers, and color. The company mainly offers junior clothing sizes and also offers free shipping on orders totaling $50 or more. However, patrons must pay $7 for returns. (Website Like GoJane)

Charlotte Russe offers fashion-forward clothing, shoes, and accessories in clothing sizes ranging from XS to plus-size 4X and shoe sizes ranging from 5 to 12.

The company also offers free standard shipping on merchandise orders totaling $50 or more.

Customers of this four-plus-decade old, California-based company also have the ability to return most items for free at local Charlotte Russe locations in the United States. (Website Like GoJane)

NastyGal provides shoes, clothes, and accessories for fashion-forward women from a variety of brands, such as Converse and Jeffery Campbell.

The company offers sizes as small as extra small and as large as XXL as well as shoe sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11. Patrons can also get either low-cost shipping or free shipping on orders $75 or more at

NastyGal also has expanded its online offerings to brick-and-mortar stores in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California, which also provide styling services.

So, Is Worth Shopping?

After evaluating the GoJane reviews available online and its product offering and price points, and comparing the company against its competitors, is a website worth visiting for a shopping haul. GoJane offers affordable price points appropriate for individuals on a budget.

It also offers free standard shipping to the continental United States on orders over $100 or free economy shipping on orders totaling $50 or more.

However, it is still important to consider that exchanges and returns will cost the customer since the company does not cover these expenses, including a restocking fee of $1 if original shoe boxes and tags are not included in the return.

Final Thoughts

So, is GoJane legit? The short answer to this question is “yes.” The site is registered and active with the Secretary of State of California and uses an SSL encryption to keep shopping safe on its site.

Additionally, GoJane dresses, GoJane shoes, GoJane boots, and other merchandise are competitively priced to provide cost savings for its patrons. However, buyers must beware that low-cost merchandise can also mean cuts in savings in other areas, such as return shipping.

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