Intro: Gift Card Granny Review | What You Should Know About Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is an online shopping site that compares discount gift card prices. Through the website, consumers can sell gift cards online that they no longer want and compare offers from buyers.

Consumers can also buy discounted gift cards through Gift Card Granny and save money on the cost of the card. Direct customers and third-party websites may both purchase or sell gift cards online.

Saving money by buying cheap gift cards—is it too good to be true? It may be difficult to believe saving money on discount gift cards is possible without turning a critical eye.

In this Gift Card Granny review, we will explore the main features and services of Gift Card Granny for those who want to buy or sell gift cards online. This article will also explore Gift Card Granny reviews, Gift Card Granny complaints, and address the popular question, “Is Gift Card Granny legit?” 

How Can You Save Money With Gift Card Granny?

Gift Card Granny is essentially an online marketplace that allows consumers to exchange gift cards they no longer want for cash or other desired gift cards. The company is based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Through the website, gift cards are sold for a discounted price to consumers. They are the largest discount gift card marketplace available, with over 400,000 gift card deals and over 18 million yearly visitors. By exploring offers from a variety of resellers, customers can find deep discounts on gift cards from their favorite merchants.

In this section of our Gift Card Granny review, we will demystify how the website helps consumers find discounts on gift cards.

Gift cards on the website sell on average for 10% off the card’s value, so a customer can purchase a $100 gift card for $90. If you buy $100 worth of items at a store, it is essentially the same as saving 10% on shopping at that store.

One great money-saving feature of Gift Card Granny is the Gift Card Alert feature. This feature allows customers to select desired gift cards. Then an email alert is sent to the user when desired cards are available. 

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Explore the Online Marketplace: Buying Gift Cards

Now that we have explored how to save money using Gift Card Granny, this Gift Card Granny review will illustrate how to purchase cheap gift cards using the website.

Currently, Gift Card Granny offers cheap gift cards from 1,024 merchants, including stores and restaurants. A variety of card types are offered, including traditional plastic cards, online gift cards, and e-codes for savings.

The website displays 375,466 cheap gift cards currently available for customers to purchase. A dropdown box allows users to select a merchant and browse discount gift cards.

For example, a consumer could search for an Amazon gift card. The website displays a list of sellers and their gift cards from highest to lowest discount rates. Currently, the highest Amazon gift card discount rate is 2.2%, but these rates can vary widely depending upon the marketplace. Gift Card Granny offers free shipping on discount gift card purchases.

gift card granny review

Image Source: Gift Card Granny

When searching for the highest discounted gift cards, the auction tab often reveals savings greater than 10%. For example, a customer can click on the Auction tab for an Amazon gift card and find 12% savings. eBay is listed as the seller for gift card auctions in this example.

For other merchants, it is much easier to find savings. For example, a quick search for a Petco gift card reveals savings that are much greater than the 10% average.

Under the discount gift cards tab, customers can find Petco gift cards, for example, at a discount of 12-50% off the value of the card.

Gift Card Granny will also display a variety of other discounts offered by the merchant. Under the Coupons tab, you can find a list of coupons and links to additional discounts.

With the combination of a cheap gift card and additional discounts, it is clear how customers can save money with Gift Card Granny.

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Protecting Consumers: Anti-Fraud Features

Sellers listed on Gift Card Granny offer buyers Gift Card Buyer Protection. This helps to ensure that customers receive the correct card and balance as listed at the time of purchase.

However, buyer protection time limits vary greatly, so it’s important to read a seller’s policies before purchasing discount gift cards. The buyer protection time limit could be anywhere between 7-365 days after the purchase of the card, depending on the specific seller.

The website offers customers a page where they can check the balance of most gift cards. Links are provided to each company or merchant and information is given about how to check the balance online or in person.

Theoretically, a customer could use this page to check their balance before attempting to use their discount gift cards in-store for extra security.

Selling Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny also offers consumers the opportunity to sell unwanted gift cards on their website. In this section of our Gift Card Granny review, we will examine the options for selling gift cards online.

You can sell discount gift cards in the marketplace for cash. On the site, users can enter the name of a gift card merchant or store and compare offers on exchange sites. The top return rate on a gift card sale is 92%.

For example, let’s pretend a customer is looking to sell a $100 Target gift card. The user can enter the merchant and value into the website. The seller can then alter the site tools to show results that will either sell their card more quickly or earn them more money. The seller could earn about $87 by selling a $100 gift card.

Can I Really Save Money on Gift Cards?

A quick internet search reveals a wide array of Gift Card Granny reviews. Overall, there appear to be very few Gift Card Granny complaints across major review websites. This is great for consumers, as it is a promising sign in a world of internet fraudulence.

Consumers have a lot to take advantage of through using Gift Card Granny. First, the website offers a large database of discount gift card brokers to customers, serving as a “Google of Gift Cards.” Customers can easily compare rates from a variety of card sellers to get the best deal.

While reviewing websites that sell gift cards online, it is important to seek out companies and sellers that offer buyer protection policies.

The website Money Talks News states that online resellers such as Gift Card Granny offer buyer protection policies that guarantee cards are worth the amount stated by the seller. This protects customers because the card they purchase is guaranteed to hold the amount stated at the time of purchase.

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Is Gift Card Granny Legit? | Gift Card Granny Reviews & Gift Card Granny Complaints

Gift card Granny reviews overwhelmingly reveal that the website is highly reputable and a reliable service for online gift card shoppers. The service has been featured on Good Morning America, The Early Show, ShopSmart Magazine by Consumer Reports, and FOX News.

According to Gift Card Granny, they only feature gift card brokers that are extremely trustworthy on their website.

Gift Card Granny reviews rate the company as extremely favorable for online gift card shopping. The website Ranker lists Gift Card Granny as the number one place to buy and sell gift cards online.

The site is ranked number one because they provide customers with an opportunity to see discounts from a wide variety of online sellers and purchase a card at the best rate available. They also inform customers of the best rates available from websites that purchase gift cards, helping users get the best deals when selling gift cards.

Other Gift Card Granny reviews can be found through SiteJabber. Admittedly, there are very few Gift Card Granny reviews on SiteJabber, and the few reviews that are available are either incredibly positive or incredibly negative. Three Gift Card Granny reviews gave a 5-star rating, while the remaining two reviews are both 1-star ratings.

The positive Gift Card Granny reviews stated that the service was a great way to get notifications about the best discounted gift card rates. Customers also highly favored the website’s price comparisons, stating that the marketplace helped them receive the best deals on their gift cards.

Gift Card Granny was also featured in a CBS news article. One Gift Card Granny review states that a customer was able to find a great deal on several gift cards. The article speaks positively of the large gift card marketplace, including listings on eBay.

Gift Card Granny Complaints

A quick Better Business Bureau search on the company reveals five Gift Card Granny complaints. A common theme among these Gift Card Granny complaints is that customer service issues are referred to third-party sellers, rather than through the Gift Card Granny website.

Questionably, Gift Card Granny stated that they do not take responsibility for their listings and rather simply link buyers with online sellers in the marketplace. Apparently, the seller would not provide a refund and stated they never worked with the website. In such a big marketplace, is it possible for Gift Card Granny to be familiar with all of their sellers?

SiteJabber also featured two Gift Card Granny complaints. One Gift Card Granny reviewer stated that they purchased a restaurant e-gift card that was not delivered in time for their outing. Perhaps this was a communication issue between the buyer and seller in the marketplace, rather than a direct complaint about Gift Card Granny.

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Conclusion: Should I Buy Discounted Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny?

Overall, if you are looking for a user-friendly site for online gift card shopping, Gift Card Granny is a highly reputable website for consumers to buy discounted gift cards. Customers will find great deals through searching the online marketplace to find the best discounted rates.

For individuals looking to exchange or sell gift cards online, the website offers a marketplace of potential buyers that allows the consumer to search for the best deal.

In this Gift Card Granny review, the features of the marketplace and consumer feedback have been presented to help shoppers consider the website. If you are a web-savvy bargain hunter, this online gift card marketplace may strongly suit your shopping needs to buy and sell gift cards online.

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