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Getmein.com is a ticket resale site and a sister site to Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is widely known as a reliable ticket site, but what about GET ME IN!? Is GET ME IN! safe and reliable as well?

Our GET ME IN! review will walk through GET ME IN! reviews from customers as well as take a look at its online behavior on social media and customer review sites. We’ll answer questions, including “Is GET ME IN! legit?” “Is it safe?” and “Is GET ME IN! reliable for buyers and sellers alike?”

GET ME IN! Reviews: Customer Reviews

GET ME IN! reviews on TrustPilot are overwhelmingly positive. Out of 3,291 GET ME IN! reviews, 73.2% give 5 stars, and only 12% of getmein.com reviews fall below 3 stars. GET ME IN! reviews on ReviewCentre.com are similarly positive. It seems that most customers have had a positive experience with the company.

However, in order to see the full story, it’s always worth looking at a negative GET ME IN! review or two. Even if the majority of individuals using the site have had positive experiences, it’s worth knowing what could go wrong in order to answer the question, “Is GET ME IN! safe?”

Below, we’ll look at negative GET ME IN! reviews in contrast to positive reviews to compare what people are saying about the site. We’ll examine common complaints among users and then compare them to positive GET ME IN! reviews to see the counterbalance.

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Is GET ME IN! Legit?

Getmein.com is a ticket resale site, which means it’s somewhere that third parties (i.e., not official ticket sellers) can sell their unwanted tickets. Initial thoughts might be doubtful, since this would make it an easy place for scammers to sell fake or nonexistent tickets without being held accountable. However, is the site a haven for scammers, or is GET ME IN! legit? And how about people looking to sell tickets? Is GET ME IN! legit for them too?

Buyers’ Protection

We looked at the 1- and 2-star GET ME IN! reviews on TrustPilot to see what people were saying about the site and whether it was running a scam. Many of the negative reviews did focus on tickets not arriving. However, the GET ME IN! team responded to every negative review we saw with explanations and full refunds.

GET ME IN! Reviews: Customer ReviewsImage Source: Pixabay

As a third-party reseller, GET ME IN! isn’t in full control of the tickets being sent out, but it does make sure that buyers received them in some form – otherwise, you will be offered a refund. When asking, “Is GET ME IN! legit?” it seems that its primary concern is in making sure its customers aren’t scammed.

Difficulties for Sellers

Is GET ME IN! legit for sellers, too, though? GET ME IN! focuses on ensuring that people receive tickets or refunds, but does it also provide sellers with the same level of protection?

Negative GET ME IN! reviews from sellers mostly focus on poor communication and organization efforts, particularly between the seller, GET ME IN!, and UPS, who it uses for its deliveries. One GET ME IN! review from a seller complains of miscommunication problems, which caused the individual’s tickets to be lost after being sent and then never receiving payment. Another GET ME IN! review states that the company didn’t respond to the customer’s request for a new UPS tracking number.

According to many GET ME IN! reviews by sellers on TrustPilot, it seems that its customer service is slow in responding to sellers, causing delays in tickets being sent and, thus, difficulty in buyers and sellers interacting properly. This indicates that its concern for sellers may not be equal to its concern for buyers.

Overall, is GET ME IN! legit? The overwhelming number of positive GET ME IN! reviews from buyers and sellers alike would indicate that its not a scam itself, but this doesn’t mean that scammers can’t use GET ME IN! anyway. The potential risks of being scammed are covered below, where we look at the question, “Is GET ME IN! safe?”

Is GET ME IN! Safe?

Our GET ME IN! review focuses on whether GET ME IN! is safe for you to use as well as if it is legit. When asking, “Is GET ME IN! safe?” it’s important to not just look at the GET ME IN! reviews that focus on its service but also whether any GET ME IN! reviews mention scammers using the site, and, in those cases, is GET ME IN! reliable at handling these situations?

Firstly, it’s important to note that for most negative GET ME IN! reviews, the company is quick to offer alternative solutions and refunds. Also, an overwhelming majority of GET ME IN! reviews on TrustPilot and ReviewCentre are positive, indicating no scammer issues. Is GET ME IN! safe for everyone though? We look at negative GET ME IN! reviews to find out.

This GET ME IN! review complains that the seller changed the tickets that the customer was supposed to receive after he’d already paid for them, and GET ME IN! didn’t take responsibility for it.

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Overpriced Tickets

A high number of additional negative GET ME IN! reviews on Review Centre complain of sellers overpricing their tickets massively compared to the tickets’ actual face value. Even when customers receive tickets on time, is GET ME IN! safe if it allows such overpricing of tickets to be commonplace?

On its site, GET ME IN! does provide a notice that ticket prices may vary from the tickets’ actual face value, and that prices are set separately by sellers. This also means that it operates a marketplace in which sellers compete against each other in setting prices.

Only when tickets are in high demand can a reseller offer a price significantly above other sellers. However, is GET ME IN! safe just because it operates a market? Maybe not. If all sellers are offering high prices, then consumers don’t have anywhere else to turn to.

So, there are two answers to the question, “Is GET ME IN! safe?” The first deals with how it handles transactions. GET ME IN! doesn’t seem to be operating a scam itself and does appear to look out for its buyers’ interests. So, is GET ME IN! safe to use in terms of buying? Yes. But is GET ME IN! safe in terms of finding a good price? Not necessarily. In that case, it’s up to the buyers to approach purchases with caution.

Is Get Me In Reliable?

Even if GET ME IN! is a legit business and safe, it doesn’t help if your tickets don’t arrive on time or never arrive at all. Knowing that GET ME IN! is safe by offering refunds isn’t any help if you expected to go to a concert and, instead, you got a refund.

So, the final question to ask is, “Is GET ME IN! reliable?” Meaning, does it get tickets to people on time, and are they the right tickets? Also, does the company pay buyers consistently, and does its customer service respond quickly? Looking at some GET ME IN! reviews will answer a lot of these questions.

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Communication Issues

As far as sellers are concerned, this GET ME IN! review highlights some of the problems that buyers are faced with due to the company’s poor communication and reliability. Many other GET ME IN! reviews by sellers on TrustPilot and ReviewCentre back this up. Is GET ME IN! reliable in its communication with sellers? Not very much, it would appear. If it’s not communicative with sellers, is GET ME IN! reliable for buyers as well? It seems that poor communication with sellers can often lead to buyers not getting their tickets either, as they aren’t sent properly or even at all.

So, is GET ME IN! reliable for buyers? A majority of GET ME IN! reviews on TrustPilot and ReviewCentre are positive, with customers having received the tickets they ordered in a timely fashion and with no issues. So, most of the time, GET ME IN! appears to be reliable. However, when GET ME IN! doesn’t provide a positive experience, it can be frustrating for buyers. Even when refunds are offered, it can be too late to cancel a trip or hotel booking or to make other plans.

getmein review -  Communication Issues

Image Source: Pixabay

Customer Service

Finally, is GET ME IN! reliable in dealing with complaints and difficulties, from both buyers and sellers? Most GET ME IN! reviews (see this, this, and this GET ME IN! review) complain about poor customer service, long wait times or autoresponders that hang up on callers. Sometimes, customer service doesn’t respond until too late, which the company does warn customers about. Is GET ME IN! reliable if it doesn’t try to resolve your problems until after it’s too late?

Good customer service is probably the most important thing to look at when asking, “Is GET ME IN! reliable?” If everything goes well, you won’t need to deal with customer service, but if something goes wrong, you need to know that you can rely on GET ME IN! to fix the problem. In this case, it seems that the company’s customer service isn’t very reliable at handling problems quickly and efficiently. So, our final judgment to “Is GET ME IN! reliable?” has to be a “no.” Buyers and sellers can’t rely on customer service to help with their problems in an acceptable manner.

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GET ME IN! Review: Our Conclusion

Hopefully, our GET ME IN! review has provided you with plenty of information to make your decision. Although our focus appears to fall more on negative GET ME IN! reviews, our overall analysis and review of GET ME IN! is positive. Why?

Despite the existence of negative GET ME IN! reviews online, positive GET ME IN! reviews make up the majority of users’ experiences with the company. Is GET ME IN! reliable? Not always, but for most people it is. Is GET ME IN! safe? As long as you understand what you’re doing, it appears to be safe to use. Is GET ME IN! legit? It certainly isn’t a scam, and it doesn’t seem to be hiding anything either.

As with any services that deal with online purchases, it’s best to always proceed with caution and to make sure that you have acquired all of the necessary information before making any decisions.

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