Everything You Should Know About FreedomPop Coverage, Plans, Reviews, & Complaints

We tend to spend a lot on our monthly cell phone bill, and with good reason.

As 24/7 accessibility continues to be the new normal, our cell phones do much more than allow us to call our family and friends. Smartphones let us text, email, take pictures, post on social media, read articles, watch videos, and more.

According to Quicken, the average monthly cell phone bill is anywhere between $50-$60. But what if you could cut that cost into a fraction—or even better yet, pay nothing at all?

This is exactly what the FreedomPop free call and text platform claims to offer their customers. Combined with steep discounts on devices, FreedomPop sounds too good to be true.  

freedompop coverage

FreedomPop Review

How do you know if switching to FreedomPop internet plans is the right decision for you? Does the company really provide free cell service? How can you trust that FreedomPop is legit and isn’t trying to scam you?

In this AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop review, we’ll answer common consumer questions about FreedomPop coverage, including:

  • How does FreedomPop work?
  • What is the FreedomPop messaging app?
  • Is FreedomPop really free?
  • Is FreedomPop in Canada and the UK?
  • What kinds of FreedomPop plans are available?
  • What do FreedomPop reviews say about the service?
  • Is FreedomPop legit? Is it a scam?
  • Is FreedomPop free call and text worth it?

If you’ve heard about FreedomPop plans but aren’t sure if they are right decision for you, read on! The following AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop review was created to help guide you towards making the best decisions for your cell phone plan (and your wallet).

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AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop Review | How Does FreedomPop Work?

Founded in 2012, FreedomPop is a free internet and phone service provider based in California.

The company has received over $100 million in funding to date, with services including free 4G mobile phone service, free wireless internet, and free home broadband.

FreedomPop works by using cell towers from Sprint and AT&T to offer data-based and network-based calls and texts. As such, FreedomPop plans are designed to use phones within the Sprint network. For those that don’t have a Sprint phone already, FreedomPop offers SIM cards and the ability to buy a new phone through the website.

Based on information collected in this AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop review, the largest selection of phones—and the newest models—come from their “Used” and “Refurbished” phones, all available at steep discounts.

freedompop deals

FreedomPop Deals on Phones

FreedomPop Messaging App

Android and iPhone users can access and download the FreedomPop messaging app for free on Google Play and iTunes. The app uses WiFi and cellular data to enable phone calls and messaging, and includes features like:

  • A free second number
  • Anonymous free call and text
  • Free international calling to select countries

Based on FreedomPop reviews from users on iTunes and Google Play, the FreedomPop messaging app is the only way to make calls and send texts. Once you sign up with FreedomPop, you will not be able to use your phone’s native call or messaging functions.

Is FreedomPop in Canada and the UK?

FreedomPop coverage is available in the US and the UK. While the company is currently unable to offer FreedomPop in Canada, they do state that they have plans to expand into “a dozen more countries this year.”

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AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop Review | Is FreedomPop Really Free?

With promises to provide free phone and internet service, FreedomPop coverage almost sounds too good to be true. But is FreedomPop really free?

Well, this depends on how you use it. Just as advertised, there are two FreedomPop free call and text plans available. Usage details per month include:

  • Sprint Phone Network—500 MB 4G LTE, 200 minutes, 500 texts
  • FreedomPop SIM Card—200 MB 4G LTE, 200 minutes, 500 texts

Although the FreedomPop plans listed above may be available free of charge, there are some hidden costs. These include:

  • Activation and set-up fees
  • $15 charge once users get close to their monthly limit
  • Purchase of either a phone or FreedomPop SIM card
  • Will convert to a paid subscription after the first 14 days unless users opt out
  • Automatic charges for exceeding your data allotment
  • Additional features like insurance, faster signal speed, and data rollover will cost extra

It’s also worth mentioning that 300-500 MB is very low for most users, eliminating the ability to use music or video streaming services. Because all calls and texts on the free plan are run through data, it’s even more likely that users will exceed their limit before the month ends.

While their deals may include free internet and cell phone service, this AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop review found that the majority of users wind up paying much more than they planned on.

See the sections below for in-depth information on FreedomPop internet plans and what FreedomPop reviews from actual users have to say about the service.

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AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop Review | FreedomPop Plans

Compared to other cell phone service providers, FreedomPop does offer a variety of plans and add-ons to choose from.

Unfortunately, the pricing for these plans is not always easy to decipher, a fact which devalues the overall affordability of FreedomPop for many users. Costs will also vary depending on whether you decide on a prepaid or month-to-month plan.

There are also varying prices for users that choose to purchase a FreedomPop SIM card for an existing phone, those that purchase a new phone, and for those that only want data.

See the image below for a quick overview of the costs associated with prepaid FreedomPop plans.

freedompop plans

Prices for FreedomPop Coverage

See the image below for an overview of what you can expect to pay for FreedomPop coverage by purchasing a FreedomPop SIM card.

freedompop free call and text

FreedomPop SIM Card Prices

Purchasing a FreedomPop phone through the free trial offer will get you a Motorola Moto E LTE for an activation fee of $19.99. See the image below for monthly pricing on FreedomPop plans with this offer.

freedompop sim card plans

FreedomPop Plans with a 14-Day Free Trial

Finally, this AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop review found an additional pricing structure for customers that simply want to access data. FreedomPop internet plans range from $7.99-$33.99 per month and cover between 500 MB-4GB.

You can also choose to expand your basic FreedomPop coverage and benefits by adding on services like:

  • Speed Boost—Increases your data speed to up to 25 mbps for $4.99-$10.99 per month
  • Premium VIP Services—Immediate customer support and technical support
  • Phone Protection Plus—Exchange or repair coverage with a $50 deductible
  • Premium Voice—Make calls over the cellular network instead of data for $3.99 per month
  • Data Rollover—Carries unused data to the next month for $3.99-$6.99 per month

Many of these additional features do not have advertised prices, making it difficult to determine whether these FreedomPop deals are worth the extra money.

Note: This AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop review found many complaints from reviewers on TrustPilot indicating that the advertised pricing structures on the company website may be outdated and no longer accurate. As such, we advise verifying fee structures directly with FreedomPop before signing up for any services.

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AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop Review | FreedomPop Reviews on TrustPilot

There are approximately 900 FreedomPop reviews on TrustPilot, giving the phone service an overall rating of 2 stars out of 5. Out of these, 53 percent of FreedomPop reviewers rated their experience as “Excellent” or “Great,” while 41 percent gave either a “Bad” or “Poor” rating.

Positive FreedomPop Reviews | TrustPilot

Many positive FreedomPop reviews praise the service for being affordable and customizable to their needs, calling it an “outstanding, excellent service.”

Despite giving a full 5-star rating, a significant number of FreedomPop reviewers were quick to acknowledge that the service can be confusing to maintain and experience “occasional glitches.”

For positive FreedomPop reviewers, the benefits of free or affordable Internet and cell phone service outweigh the downfalls, resulting in customers that have kept their FreedomPop service well past the free trial period.  

Frequent comments among positive FreedomPop reviews include:

  • Great for free mobile Internet service
  • Flexible plans for sporadic usage
  • Quick and friendly customer service
  • Wide range of open WiFi networks makes it easy to stay within data

freedompop reviewsFreedomPop Reviews on TrustPilot

Negative FreedomPop Reviews | TrustPilot

Critical FreedomPop reviews on TrustPilot call FreedomPop a scam, calling them a “company that implements deceitful and illegal practices.”

The confusing and multi-layered pricing system was one of the most common complaints, with some FreedomPop reviewers stating that they were charged for services that they had no idea they were enrolled in.

Additionally, a significant number of FreedomPop reviews describe significant issues with getting refunds after unauthorized charges or lack of desire to continue the service. One FreedomPop reviewer calls FreedomPop “the worst company,” saying:

…They gave me a hard time just to cancel. After going though all their lies and was able to cancel. Then they said they would give me my money back and did not. I couldn’t even reach them after that on phone so I had to email and submit tickets just to get in contact after about two weeks I was ready to file a claim and told them, then they finally gave me my money back. It was horrible experience and would not want anyone to go through this. They are a SCAM!!!!

Common FreedomPop complaints among critical FreedomPop reviews on TrustPilot include:

  • Unreliable cell service
  • Poor call quality
  • Difficult and confusing process to cancel FreedomPop plans
  • Auto-renew agreements that were not explained well
  • Refurbished cell phones tend to arrive with defects
  • Unauthorized credit card charges

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AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop Review | FreedomPop Reviews on the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has 423 total FreedomPop reviews, with 69 percent rating their experience as “Positive.”

Positive FreedomPop Reviews | BBB

Similar to those on TrustPilot, positive FreedomPop reviews on the BBB applaud the company for providing services that are both affordable and customizable. Many reviewers state that as senior citizens, they only need basic services, meaning they can get everything they need from the free version of FreedomPop.

While others acknowledge difficulties connecting their phone to the FreedomPop service or a constant up-sell mentality, the benefits of a free phone service continue to outweigh the downfalls.

As one FreedomPop reviewer explains:

Any upselling from $0.01 is not any more than other companies that charge $100 per month. I have only paid for top up twice and at $15 per top-up is far more reasonable than the alternatives from other carriers…Most of the negative reviewers either don’t read or don’t understand that you cannot get a perfect service for free.

freedompop internet reviews

FreedomPop Complaints on BBB

FreedomPop Complaints | Better Business Bureau

While there are over 100 negative FreedomPop reviews on the Better Business Bureau, there is an even higher number of FreedomPop complaints. In total, the BBB has logged over 1,200 FreedomPop complaints since 2012.

Of these, 369 complaints have been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. The remaining 840 FreedomPop complaints were either given unsatisfactory resolutions or the customer was unresponsive.

The majority of FreedomPop complaints address billing and service issues, like being charged multiple times after cancelling the service, or receiving phones that they either didn’t use or couldn’t get to work.

Some FreedomPop complaints were filed because the company failed to properly downgrade their account, resulting in months of unsolicited charges. After three months of fighting to stop the charges and receive a refund, one such FreedomPop reviewer says:

No one should be defrauded and lied to like this business has done to me, and it is unacceptable [sic] that it took both a BBB complaint AND a bank fraud case to get my money back.

While billing and service issues were by far the most common among FreedomPop complaints, many customers also report feeling misled by the company’s advertising. Some reported that the monthly charges were higher than advertised on the site, while others felt as though the recurring charges were not disclosed during the sign-up process.

AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop Review | Is FreedomPop Legit? A Scam?

Before signing up for any service—especially a free one—you should make sure that the company is legit and trustworthy. Is FreedomPop legit? Should you be worried about a FreedomPop scam?

See the sections below for a quick overview of the legitimacy and safety of FreedomPop plans and coverage.

Is FreedomPop Legit?

This AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop review found that FreedomPop is a legitimate company, with a California address and a detailed funding history that anyone can view.

We also found that FreedomPop maintains and is regularly active on multiple social media accounts, increasing their online footprint and supporting their legitimacy as a company.

Is FreedomPop a Scam?

With thousands of complaints and negative reviews, many customers are worried that FreedomPop is a scam.

Although there are many negative FreedomPop reviews, there is also a high number of customers that are entirely satisfied with their service and attest that no, FreedomPop is not a scam.

We also found that the company does make an effort to respond to critical FreedomPop reviews and resolve FreedomPop complaints, meaning that they are actively engaging with their customer base.

AdvisoryHQ News Summary

While FreedomPop is legit and there are no reasons to believe that FreedomPop is a scam, it’s worth mentioning that this doesn’t mean that you should give them your business.

Thousands of critical FreedomPop reviews and complaints point to serious issues in billing and refund practices, customer service, and terms of use.

Although these reviews and complaints do not mean that you should be worried about a FreedomPop scam, they should make any potential customer pause before signing up for FreedomPop coverage.

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AdvisoryHQ Conclusion: Is FreedomPop Free Call and Text Worth It?

FreedomPop free call and text sounds almost too good to be true—and for many customers, it is.

This AdvisoryHQ FreedomPop review found that the pricing structure and terms of use can be extremely confusing to navigate. This is particularly for those who are expecting to get cell phone and Internet coverage for free, but do not realize that this comes with service and functionality limitations.

Additionally, the sheer number of FreedomPop complaints and the significant issues highlighted in negative FreedomPop reviews suggests that the company has a long way to go when it comes to communicating and fulfilling their services.

Combined with a confusing pricing structure and repeated unauthorized charges, FreedomPop earns an overall 2-star rating.

Despite this low rating, FreedomPop free call and text may still be worth it for some. Based on FreedomPop reviews, customers will best be able to utilize FreedomPop coverage for a low cost (or free) phone and Internet solution if they:

  • Do not use their phone often, or only need it for basic functions (often senior citizens)
  • Can keep close track of their data usage each month to ensure that they do not go over their limit
  • Fully understand that additional functionality (like data roll-over, network calls, and increased speed) will come with a price tag

Overall, when it comes to any free or discounted service, you will end up getting what you pay for. FreedomPop plans can certainly save you a lot of money, but you’ll have to be willing to make some sacrifices when it comes to convenience, customer support, call quality, and add-on services.

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