Everything You Need to Know About FragranceNet.com. Is FragranceNet Reliable, a Scam or one of the Best Online Shopping Sites?

This AdvisoryHQ FragranceNet review will help you determine whether shopping on FragranceNet is really worth your time (and your money). In the process, we’ll answer common consumer questions like:

  • What do FragranceNet reviews from actual shoppers say?
  • Should you be worried about FragranceNet complaints?
  • Is FragranceNet real or fake?
  • Is FragranceNet legit?
  • Is FragranceNet reliable?

FragranceNet - is fragrancenet legit?

AdvisoryHQ FragranceNet Review

If you aren’t sure whether buying from an online perfume outlet is right for you, keep reading—this AdvisoryHQ FragranceNet review was created specifically to help consumers just like you.

If you love designer perfume and cologne, you’re likely spending hundreds of dollars on your favorite scent. While it’s no secret that high-quality brands come with high price tags, savvy shoppers have begun to look online for steep discounts.

Founded in 1997, FragranceNet is an online perfume outlet that offers over 17,000 brand-name fragrances, all at discount prices and all with a product guarantee that includes “absolutely NO imitations or knock-offs.”

But how do you know that FragranceNet is offering the real deal? Why is FragranceNet so cheap? Can you trust that shopping on FragranceNet.com is reliable, trustworthy, and most of all, worth it? Read on….

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FragranceNet Review | FragranceNet Reviews

If you’re considering making a purchase through the FragranceNet perfume outlet, but aren’t sure whether to take the plunge, reviews from actual shoppers can be a great resource.

FragranceNet reviews can show you what to expect when it comes to shipping time and costs, interactions with customer service, and the overall value of FragranceNet’s products. Below, please find a comprehensive overview of FragranceNet reviews from two leading consumer review sites: SiteJabber and TrustPilot.

FragranceNet Reviews on SiteJabber

SiteJabber has over 130 FragranceNet reviews, giving the perfume outlet an overall rating of 2.5 stars out of 5. Approximately 25 percent of FragranceNet reviewers gave a full 5-star rating, while over half gave their shopping experience a 1-star rating, the lowest score possible.

Many positive FragranceNet reviewers describe having great experiences with customer service, stating that returns are easy and convenient. They also praise the site for offering coupons and sales, making their fragrance purchases even more affordable.

More importantly, a recurring theme between positive FragranceNet reviews on SiteJabber is that reviewers emphasize both the authenticity of their products and their review, as seen in the image below.

FragranceNet Review on SiteJabber

FragranceNet Reviews on SiteJabber

Critical FragranceNet reviews state that the fragrances are either watered down or do not last, leading many to believe that they have received fake products. A common complaint is that perfumes purchased on FragranceNet arrive smelling heavily of alcohol, supporting the growing concern that FragranceNet is not legit.

For example, one recent FragranceNet reviewer says:

I ordered Gucci Premiere and Very Irresistible by Givenchy because it was cheaper than in Macy’s. I should know better. The perfumes are fake, I can feel the smell only for 10-15 minutes and then it’s gone. I tried to save some money and I actually lost much more. I will never buy again from this site.

Other negative FragranceNet reviewers describe issues with shipping and billing, claiming that they never received their order or that customer service was unreachable, making for a frustrating return process.

FragranceNet Reviews on TrustPilot

There are currently more than 9,700 FragranceNet reviews on TrustPilot, giving the site an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5. Over 80 percent of customers rated their experience with the FragranceNet perfume outlet as “Excellent,” the highest possible rating.

Shoppers applaud the site for its affordable variety of designer and often hard-to-find perfumes, calling it “excellent and original, and the prices cannot be beat.” While short and to the point, many FragranceNet reviewers state that shipping was fast, reliable, and most importantly, that their products are authentic.

FragranceNet Reviews on TrustPilot

FragranceNet Reviews on TrustPilot

While negative FragranceNet reviews make up a low percentage, the majority of these come from shoppers that either didn’t receive their order, had their order unexpectedly cancelled, or could not reach customer service to request FragranceNet returns.

Interestingly, there is a significant number of 1-star reviews that seem to be intended as 5-stars, as seen in the above image. Without these errors, FragranceNet’s overall ratio of positive to negative reviews would likely be much higher.

Note: This AdvisoryHQ FragranceNet review found that FragranceNet.com provides a direct link to TrustPilot reviews on their site. While this does not necessarily mean that the site is soliciting shoppers or incentivizing them for positive reviews, potential customers should note that the ratio of positive to negative reviews is significantly higher on TrustPilot than on competing review sites.

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FragranceNet Review | BBB FragranceNet Complaints

Before purchasing from the FragranceNet perfume outlet, you may want to consider what types of issues have been discussed in various complaints about FragranceNet. Below, please find an overview of FragranceNet complaints from the Better Business Bureau.

BBB FragranceNet Complaints - fragrancenet returnsFragranceNet Complaints on the BBB

FragranceNet Complaints on the BBB

The majority of these complaints (approximately 54 percent) address issues with either the product or the service.

Unfortunately, the details of many recent FragranceNet complaints are unavailable, making it difficult to determine the exact issue. However, this AdvisoryHQ FragranceNet review found past complaints from 2017, the details of which come from shoppers who:

  • Received the incorrect item and have been unable to receive a refund directly through the perfume outlet
  • Had an issue with arranging for FragranceNet returns with customer service
  • Paid extra for expedited shipping and received their order outside of the advertised window
  • Received perfume that was watered down or did not have the correct scent, leading them to believe that they received a FragranceNet fake perfume

Note: This AdvisoryHQ FragranceNet review found that their customer service team has actively replied to and resolved many BBB complaints, a factor which results in a much higher letter grade than negative FragranceNet reviews may suggest.

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FragranceNet Review | Is FragranceNet Legit & Real?

With steep discounts on high-end fragrances, it’s no wonder that shoppers are a little skeptical on whether FragranceNet is real.

Is FragranceNet real or fake? Why are their fragrances so cheap? See the sections below for an in-depth overview of whether you can confidently shop on FragranceNet.

Is FragranceNet Real or Fake?

This AdvisoryHQ FragranceNet review found that FragranceNet is a real company, with a legitimate site and a publicly available phone number, email address, and customer service hours. There are also plenty of satisfied shoppers that attest to FragranceNet as a real perfume outlet, as positive FragranceNet reviews far outweigh the negative.

The company may be real enough, but what about claims that FragranceNet perfume is fake? Could fake products be the reason why FragranceNet is so cheap?

A significant number of shoppers have claimed that FragranceNet perfumes are fake or watered down. In fact, negative FragranceNet reviews on ResellerRatings and ConsumerAffairs are almost exclusively filled with these types of complaints.

Based on research and the high number of positive FragranceNet reviews from shoppers, it is unlikely that the retailer is intentionally sending out fake items to cut costs. Instead, it is much more likely that these fragrances are so cheap because:

  • FragranceNet operates primarily out of a warehouse, eliminating overhead from maintaining retail space, register associates, and national branches.
  • Many FragranceNet reviews state receiving perfumes that are one year old—while still effective, older product may also account for cheaper prices.
  • Poor reviews on customer service are likely from cutting costs by hiring fewer people in their service department, making FragranceNet prices even cheaper.

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AdvisoryHQ Conclusion: Is FragranceNet Reliable?

The majority of FragranceNet reviewers would say that yes, FragranceNet is a reliable site. Many shoppers applaud FragranceNet for offering reliable shipping, customer service, and product quality, particularly those who leave reviews on TrustPilot.

Conclusion - is fragrancenet reliable?

FragranceNet Review

Still, potential shoppers should take critical FragranceNet reviews into consideration. Although there is no evidence to say that FragranceNet is fake, that doesn’t mean that the company won’t make mistakes—particularly when it comes to customer service and consistent quality control.

While incorrect scents and bad batches of perfume may be out of their control as a discount reseller, FragranceNet should be aligning their customer service practices with their authenticity guarantee.

According to this guarantee, should a shopper believe that they have not received the correct product, FragranceNet should promptly resolve the issue—a commitment which is not consistently seen throughout reviews detailing a frustrating process for FragranceNet returns. Even if the risk of receiving a faulty product is minimal, it is still a possibility that any online shopper must consider, earning the site an overall 3-star rating.

So—is FragranceNet worth trying out for your next fragrance purchase?

If you’re looking for the lowest prices on designer perfume and cologne, you’ll certainly find the best prices on FragranceNet.com! In exchange for those low prices, however, be prepared to potentially make some sacrifices when it comes to quality control, returns, and customer service.

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