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Forex trading can be much more profitable than the stock market, which is why many individual investors are looking for ways to easily and economically learn to trade forex.

The forex (foreign exchange) market is the largest market in the world and is a much more isolated market with wider spreads (bid/ask) when trading forex compared to trading on the stock market.

forex trading training course 

Image source: Pixabay is a website that caters to individuals looking for a forex trading training course designed to educate and train consumers on how to learn to trade forex and be profitable at it.

Founded in 2003 by seasoned trader Peter Bain, who has often been tagged as the Internet’s number one forex coach and mentor, offers a large selection of training and resource options designed to enable individuals to learn to trade at a pace that is most suitable for them.

The company teaches a system instituted by Bain which utilizes techniques to analyze the previous day’s market data in order to determine entrance and exit points for current trades. comprises a team of trainers and mentors who are experienced in forex trading and are available to help individuals achieve their forex trading goals. The company offers a full range of products designed to aid consumers in their quest to learn to trade, whether they are beginner, intermediary or expert traders. It claims that its range of training courses has helped over 29,000 consumers learn to trade forex successfully to date. boasts that it provides the most comprehensive and budget-friendly Forex training available on the web. This review will provide a comprehensive overview of the services offered by and the value consumers can expect to deem from it.

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Who Can Benefit from offers a variety of courses designed to benefit everyone from the complete newcomer looking to learn to trade to the seasoned trader looking to build on his/her expertise. The company offers over 40 DVD courses and many membership programs, ensuring that it has something for everyone.

Services Offered and Pricing offers a variety of services designed to help consumers learn the ins and outs of trading forex. There are a large range of products to choose from, and we will go over some of the most popular of them in this ForexMentor review.

Everyone has his/her preferred method of learning, and caters to this by offering products in many different forms that can fit every budget. Whether you prefer to learn from a book, DVD, streaming videos or through an interactive online class, has the right program for you.

The Book offers both an online version and a hardback version of its guide, Learn Forex Now! which it advertises as being a comprehensive guidebook for aspiring forex traders. This book is targeted toward the individual who has heard of forex trading and wants to learn more about how the forex industry works.

The book does not teach specific strategies about how to learn to trade forex, however, and is better used as a guide to learning what the big picture of the forex trading industry is all about. It is a cost-effective resource for the complete beginner, with the online version priced at $39 and the hardcover edition priced at $59.

Home Study Video Courses offers many home study video courses that can be watched and studied in the comfort of an individual’s home. These video courses are a good choice for the individual who wants the option of learning at his/her own pace. There are courses of study offered for both the beginner and intermediate trader. Here is a Forex Mentor review of just some of the courses offered and their prices.

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For the Beginner:

  • Fast-Track to Forex: This course offers six hours of instruction on the fundamental elements of the forex industry. It also comes with three bonus PDF reports that outline some of the strategies that can be utilized when you first learn to trade. An online version of the course is available for $99 and a DVD version can be had for $149.
  • Forex Support & Resistance: The instructional videos included in this package provide insight into the key elements of trading that are important for those wanting to learn to trade forex with little knowledge of the trading industry. Those who purchase this course also receive a bonus video course entitled Small Risk Entries for Big Return Profits. The online version is $97 and the DVD version is $137.
  • FX Winning Strategies: This video training course teaches individuals what strategies to use in order to be successful at forex trading and how to avoid making common mistakes. Consumers who choose this set are rewarded with three sets of bonus materials aimed at furthering their success as they learn to trade. The online version is $99 and the DVD version is $149.
  • How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs: This set includes four hours of instructional video containing information on how to time entries and exits and master the art of forex trading, taught by company founder Peter Bain. Purchase of this set includes two instruction manuals and a three-month access pass to the membership area, which contains a slew of resources available for those looking to learn to trade forex. The online version is $199 and the DVD version is $299,
  • Master the Power of MetaTrader 4 in 90 Minutes: In just 90 minutes, consumers are taught how to download and install the MetaTrader software and use it to their advantage. The online version is $79 and the DVD version is available for $149.

For the Developing Trader:

  • Trendline Mastery Course: Through this course, individuals learn how to be successful at forex trading by using trendline and trend channel methods. The online version is $159 and the DVD version is $199.
  • The Ultimate Divergence Trading Course: Consumers are taught how to use divergence analysis and pattern recognition to become successful at trading forex. The online version is $249 and the DVD version is $299.
  • Forex Master Blueprint: This course is touted by the company to be a step-by-step guide on how to learn to trade and profit from the currency markets. This course also comes with a 200-page training manual. The online version has a cost of $247 and the DVD version is available for $347.

Forex Training and Coaching Services

The site also offers many options for ongoing training and coaching in the consumers’ quest to learn to trade forex. Most of these options require that an individual sign up to pay a monthly subscription for the training or coaching service, and, in exchange, they are granted access to a special members-only section of the site where a large number of resources and training videos can be accessed, with new resources being added on a regular basis.

learn to trade forex 

Image source: Forex Mentor

The cost to subscribe to these programs tends to be $149 for the first month (enrollment fee included) and $99 per month thereafter. Here are a few Forex Mentor reviews of some of the training and coaching services available:

  • Trend Trader Plus: A subscription to this training area provides consumers with the tools they need in order to analyze daily trends so they can make informed trading decisions.
  • Forex Patterns Daily Review: Members of this training program have access to daily (Monday–Thursday) trading scenarios, utilizing the patterns that are taught throughout the course of the programs.

London Close Daily Update Service: This service offers members a daily video wrapping up the LCT trades for that day and providing strategies on how to move forward for the next day. This service is offered at a lower price than some of the other subscriptions and is available for $57 a month.

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Personal Coaching also offers individuals the opportunity for one-on-one coaching, facilitated by veteran forex trading coach Vic Noble. These personal coaching sessions take place via video chat and are focused on helping consumers garner the information they need in order to be successful at reaching their forex trading goals. These private sessions are offered at a rate of $295 for two hours of coaching.

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ForexMentor Reviews from the Web

Many sites across the web have done their own review of’s forex trading training course. Here is what other sites have to say in their Forex Mentor reviews: states that it is a superb DVD course to help individuals become profitable forex traders and gives it an overall rating of four out of five stars. touts the program as being a professional training approach to helping individuals who want to learn to trade forex successfully. also rates a four out of five stars, saying that the program courses offer much value for the money.

Can Help Me Become Successful at Forex Trading?

There are many reviews across the web that show can help individuals become successful in their pursuit to learn to trade forex. However, as with most things in life, individuals can only gain as much as they are willing to put in.

In order to learn to trade successfully, users have to be dedicated to studying the course work, reading the materials provided, and practicing implementing the strategies and plans that are laid out for them. For the self-motivated individual who is willing to put in the time and effort to take advantage of the countless resources that makes available to them,’s forex trading training course can prove to be beneficial.

As with any consumer product, however, individuals wishing to learn to trade should be sure to compare the prices and benefits of courses offered by with similar products on the market in order to make an informed decision. Hopefully, this review will be helpful in your journey to learn to trade forex.

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