Is Floryday Safe for Your Credit Card? Is this Mom & Kids Shopping Site Legitimate? All You Need to Know about Floryday Clothes

There are tons of online shopping sites out there offering cut-rate clothing from Asia. But Floryday has a twist that the others don’t. In addition to selling women’s clothes at budget prices, they also sell kids’ clothes.

But how good is this international retail site at delivering on the quality in reality vs the photos on the website?

You’ll find deals like 70% off Floryday dresses, flash sales on Floryday clothes of all types, and a points program for earning money off a purchase. But are Floryday abrigos (coats), dresses, and other clothes as good in person as they look online?

AdvisoryHQ’s Floryday review will take an in-depth look at this online shopping site to give you those answers and more.

We’ve researched the company as well as multiple Floryday reviews to bring you the most common Floryday complaints and positive compliments, and will provide answers to questions like:

  • Is Floryday safe for my credit card?
  • Is Floryday legitimate?
  • Where is the company behind the website actually located?
  • What are US, UK, and other western-based customers saying about the site?
  • Is Floryday really secure?
  • How is Floryday’s delivery?
  • … and many more

If you’ve been wondering if this site is safe to shop for yourself or your child, you’ll want to read on for the full lowdown on Floryday clothes.

Floryday Review | About the Company

Floryday Reviews

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AdvisoryHQ News Floryday Review | About the Company

There is little information about the company’s history, which is common with many of these budget clothing sites. By researching Floryday’s domain name registration, we found that the website name was first registered in August of 2015.

If you’re wondering where those Floryday dresses and kids clothes you’re buying are shipping from, the answer is complicated.

On their “About Us” page, the company mentions that it’s registered in London, UK. Company’s contact page, however, gives two other office addresses for Floryday, one in Hong Kong and the other one in Delhi, India.

They have warehouses located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Australia, and China.

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Floryday Dresses Reviews | Clothing Types & Prices

What type of clothing can you find here and how do Floryday dresses compare in price to other retail outlets?

While some online clothing sites cater to a younger demographic (16 to 20-somethings), Floryday offers a wider range of styles for more ages. Clothes tend to be more like something you could wear to the office or grocery store and designed it’s designed for all body types.

And of course, they have children’s clothing and shoes – for both girls and boys.

If you’ve been wondering about prices you’ll find on, it’s good to know that the site frequently has clearance and flash sales on Floryday abrigos, dresses, kids clothing, shoes, and more.

Floryday Reviews | Average Women’s Clothing Price Range

Floryday Dresses

Floryday Reviews | Average Women’s Clothing Price Range

  • Floryday dresses: $40-$60
  • Floryday abrigos (coats): $40-$60
  • Floryday blouses: $25-$30
  • Floryday pants: $30-$40
  • Floryday shoes: $30-$50

Floryday Reviews | Average Children’s Clothing Price Range

  • Floryday dresses for children: $20-$30
  • Floryday clothing sets: $20-$30
  • Floryday kids’ coats: $35-$50
  • Floryday kids’ shoes: $20-$30

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Floryday Review | How Much are Floryday Shipping Costs?

One of the things that can decrease your savings fast is a high shipping cost. We took a look at Floryday shipping prices to see how much they add to a Florday dresses and clothes order.

If you order over $150 worth of items, standard shipping is free.

Shipping methods and timeframes, they offer are:

  • Expedited shipping: 2-4 business days
  • Standard shipping: 8-18 business days

Note: An order processing time of 1-7 business days is not included in the shipping timeframes.

floryday clothes and Shipping CostsFloryday US Shipping Cost

In our Floryday shipping costs’ review, we’ve put a dress, blouse, and pair of shoes in our cart to check U.S. Shipping costs for those three items:

  • $20.99 for standard shipping
  • $23.99 for expedited shipping
  • Plus, the option of $0.99 for insurance

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Floryday Reviews from Shoppers (Positive & Negative)

This boutique fashion site has nice styles and fairly attractive-looking clothing for women and children, but how are the user reviews for Floryday? Will you get what you’re expecting?

We’ve taken a look into Floryday complaints and praise from several fashion review sites to bring you exactly what shoppers think.

First, let’s take a quick look at ratings from multiple Florday dresses reviews and clothing reviews to see how they score. We’ve included how many Floryday reviews make up each overall score.

Floryday Review | User Ratings:

  • iTunes (18 Floryday reviews): 3.9 out of 5
  • ResellerRatings (25 Floryday reviews): 10 out of 10
  • Sitejabber (707 Floryday reviews): 4.5 out of 5
  • *Trustpilot (1,978 Floryday reviews): 7.9 out of 10

*Trustpilot has a note at the top of their website that the company has offered refunds to those making Floryday complaints if they remove their negative review from the site.

floryday dresses

Floryday Review

Now, let’s take a look at highlights from positive and negative Floryday dresses reviews and clothing reviews.

Floryday Review Highlights | Negative

  • Among the negative reviews of Floryday on Trustpilot is one from a shopper that said the quality of the clothes was very poor. After waiting a long time for their order, they found the clothing to be made of flimsy and cheap material.
  • A Canadian shopper that gave a 1-star Floryday review said the cardigan they received looked nothing like the photo on the website and came in the wrong color. They felt cheated because the cost to return the product wasn’t worth it.
  • In an unhappy Floryday dresses review, the reviewer bought four dresses and was surprised to have to pay import tax before they could claim the package. They said the dresses were made of very cheap nylon fabric with awful colors and patterns.
  • Another negative Floryday review mentioned receiving a top made of nylon even though the product description on the website said it was cotton. There was also no product label on the garment.

Floryday Review Highlights | Positive

  • One happy shopper praised the outstanding customer service in her Floryday review. She said that even though the products don’t always match the photo, returns were very easy and customer support was helpful.
  • A first-time buyer said they were very pleased with the dress they bought from Floryday. They said the material was nicer than they expected and the fit was perfect. They gave a 5-star Floryday review.
  • In another positive Floryday review at Sitejabber, the reviewer said they were very pleased with the easy refund process when they received an item that wasn’t all cotton. They said the company even updated that wrong description on their website.
  • A reviewer that wasn’t a fan of online shopping in general said they couldn’t resist one of the Floryday dresses. They were very pleased with the product and the easy experience.

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AdvisoryHQ’s Floryday Review Conclusion

If you’re a fan of budget fashion from around the world, then Floryday is an option that offers “every woman” clothes for all ages. They also stand out from their competitors by having a large selection of children’s clothing.

When comparing Floryday complaints with other competitor sites, their customer service and refund process get better marks than others. They also get fairly high ratings on review sites, though it may be because customers take down negative reviews after getting refunded.

Even positive reviews for Floryday mention that the clothing doesn’t always look like the photo, and if something says “cotton” it might not be.

The biggest complaints for Floryday that we saw were on the clothing quality. Many felt it was poorly made and colors didn’t match the photo or description. Others were quite pleased with their purchases and praised the quality.

On the plus side, refunds seem to be fairly easy according to multiple reviewers. The company policy is to notify them within 14 days for an exchange or refund.

Whether you get the item you expect when you order, may be up to chance and which manufacturer made the Floryday clothes you purchased. So just be aware that you may be taking that chance when you order.

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