FloridaTix Reviews – Is FloridaTix Safe?

Going to Disney World has become an essential part of practically every childhood, but if you live outside of the United States, it’s not always easy to get quality, discounted tickets.

Simply showing up at the entrance of a theme park could leave you paying a pretty penny for entrance fees that you might very well have found for much cheaper online.

FloridaTix bills itself as “the UK’s no.1 specialist for Orlando & Florida park tickets.” If you live in the UK and are thinking about treating your family to a fun-filled Florida vacation, you’ll want to read up on FloridaTix reviews to discover if it is indeed the cheapest way to go to Disney World or any other of the South Florida theme parks.

This FloridaTix review will tell you all you need to know about FloridaTix, share some quality customer feedback, and let you know if FloridaTix is a safe way to take your family on a vacation of a lifetime. 

About FloridaTix (Reviews)

FloridaTix Review – Is FloridaTix Safe?

Image Source: FloridaTix

FloridaTix is an online ticket agency that specializes in selling tickets to Florida theme parks, including Disney World, Universal Orlando, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, the Kennedy Space Center, and others.

It can also complete your vacation by setting you up with other fun Florida adventures, such as a tour of the Everglades on an airboat, dinner shows at fine dining Orlando restaurants, and tours of South Florida’s cities. 

FloridaTix has been providing UK residents with ticket service to the best tourist attractions of South Florida for over 15 years and is recognized as an official broker and partner of some of the most renowned theme parks in the South Florida and Orlando areas. 

In addition, many FloridaTix reviews have noted that FloridaTix is by far the cheapest way to go to Disney World for UK residents. 

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What Does FloridaTix Really Offer? FloridaTix Reviews

Real Tickets (One of the Cheapest Way to go to Disney World)

Many online ticket agencies don’t actually sell tickets to get you into the park you want, but rather vouchers or coupons that will get you a discounted price once you’re at the park. The problem, of course, is that the tickets you want may be sold out or the event you’ve been promising your children you’ll take them to may not actually be scheduled until the week after you’ve left. 

Vouchers or coupons can often come with a variety of hidden fees, time limits, and other restrictions that a normal entry ticket wouldn’t have. Imagine taking your child to SeaWorld only to end up in the worst seat of the house, where you’ll be lucky if you can distinguish the dolphins from the trainers. 

Customers that have left Florida Tix reviews, however, confirm that FloridaTix does indeed offer real tickets that it ships to your front door. 

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FloridaTix Reviews: No Hidden Fees

FloridaTix promises its customers that “the price you see is the price you’ll pay.” It advertises that its prices come with no credit or booking fees, and the tickets you want can be reserved with only a £10 deposit. Which.com, a UK-based consumer rights platform, considers that “the typical way that most ticket sellers and secondary ticket sellers earn money is through the additional fees they charge their customers.”

You can be sure that FloridaTix will make a profit from the tickets it sells you to your favourite Florida destination, but at least those charges will be up front and visible in the advertised price of the ticket package. It also offers a “buy now, pay later” format. 

A variety of FloridaTix reviews confirm that you can reserve your tickets with a small booking fee and then not pay until five weeks before your ticket date. If you’re saving up your money to finance your family vacation, FloridaTix will also allow you to pay in installments without any interest fees.

FloridaTix Reviews: Customer Service Team

FloridaTix offers customer service via phone or email. Its customer service agents are based in the UK and are available from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday through Saturday, and 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Sunday. 

FloridaTix Reviews: Customer Service Team

Image Source: BigStock Photo

During a trial email consultation, a customer service representative responded to us in 8 hours’ time with helpful information. Representatives will, of course, try to offer you a seemingly endless amount of options and packages but are knowledgeable about the options available.

You can book your tickets either online or via the phone. If you’re looking for the best Disney UK tickets, then the customer service at FloridaTix will be able to help you find the best deal. 

Furthermore, the FloridaTix website has extensive tourist information regarding the Orlando area. If you plan to travel to the South Florida area and aren’t sure about the options out there for your vacation, these guides do offer substantial information about what you can do to fill your days.

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 FloridaTix Reviews: Free Shipping 

One of the nicest services provided by FloridaTix is that it doesn’t charge any sort of shipping charge. In the online ticket world, that is an increasingly rare feature. Though some ticket agencies will allow you to print your e-tickets from home or send you a code you can scan with your smartphone, the security of having a tangible ticket in your hand is reassuring for many. 

Moneywise.com considers that delivery fees “vary widely and if your tickets are going to be sent out via recorded delivery – which is becoming increasingly common – the cost will depend on where you live and how quickly you need them.” Considering the fact that the tickets are shipped internationally from Florida to the UK, the free shipping provided by FloridaTix is an added feature that many clients who have written a FloridaTix review appreciate. 

FloridaTix Reviews: Price Match Promise

If you’re willing to spend a good amount of time searching the Internet for better deals, FloridaTix will match the lower prices you’ve found. It does, however, have the disclaimer that it’ll only match the ticket prices found which are offered by “reputable” ticket agencies.

In some FloridaTix reviews, customers have complained of not being able to redeem a better deal than they had found online. To find out the full details of FloridaTix’s price match promise, you’ll have to call or write to its customer service team. 

FloridaTix Discount Codes

Perhaps the best feature of FloridaTix is the special offers and discounts that it puts forward. For example, in 2016, FloridaTix is offering 14 days to Walt Disney World for the price of 7 days. This deal also includes the FastPass, which will allow you and your family to avoid the long queues for the rides as well as receive the free Memory Maker to store your favourite digital photos from your vacation.

As an authorized broker and partner of several South Florida and Orlando area attractions, FloridaTix also offers a wide variety of “freebies” to clients who book their tickets with it.

In 2016, every client who booked a ticket to a Florida Theme Park with FloridaTix also received a free entry into Wild Florida Park, a lesser-known tourist attraction of the area. It also offers its clients a coupon/voucher book to a wide array of restaurants and shops at one of Florida’s many malls. 

Ticket agencies aren’t the only ones with hidden fees. Many of the theme parks in Florida charge outrageous rates for daily parking. If you book a ticket to SeaWorld through FloridaTix, you’ll also save $18 per day as it’ll offer you a free parking pass. 

Furthermore, FloridaTix regularly has “discount weekends” where, if you catch the deal at the right time, you’ll be able to save you between 5 and 10% on your ticket price. Small perks like these FloridaTix discount codes do add up over time and may save you and your family a good deal of money over the course of your vacation. 

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FloridaTix Reviews

Most FloridaTix reviews generally seem to be favourable. On Tripadvisor.co.uk, most people gave positive and encouraging views, appreciating the quick turnaround and the fact that it offered real tickets. The majority of reviewers stated that they received their tickets within 2–3 days and most people cited FloridaTix as the cheapest online ticket source for tickets to South Florida attractions. 

Other FloridaTix reviews were approving of the combo ticket packages that allowed customers to visit Disney World and other theme parks or tourist attractions. Spending a whole week at one destination can become tedious, and many customers expressed their approval of being able to combine multiple activities during their visits. 

Is FloridaTix Safe?

With so many fraudulent Internet sites out there, many people may be asking if FloridaTix is a safe option for planning their Florida vacation.

In almost all FloridaTix reviews, very few customers complained of any sort of problem. However, there have been reported instances of FloridaTix inadvertently selling expired or invalid tickets. 

Luckily, since it is an authorized broker of Orlando Area attractions, any problems you encounter with your tickets at the entrance gate can be sorted out with the customer service located at the park.

Scamadvisor.com is a website that allows customers to check the authenticity of online websites where they can make electronic purchases. It considers FloridaTix website to be 100% legit and trustworthy. Trustpilot.com awarded FloridaTix a 7.9 out of 10 rating, with the majority of reviewers raving about the excellent and prompt customer service.  

So in regards to the question, “is FloridaTix safe?”, based on the above review, we can conclude that yes, FloridTix is safe to use.

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Is FloridaTix for You? FloridaTix Customer Reviews

If you’ve never been to the South Florida area, it can be a daunting task to try and plan your entire vacation from afar. There is nothing worse than wasting a precious day of your week-long vacation because the park you had planned to visit is closed for renovations or the show you had promised your family has been cancelled. 

Customers who have offered FloridaTix reviews maintain that FloridaTix will offer needed expert assistance to help you plan the specifics of your vacation while making sure you avoid any unforeseen problems that can come with planning by yourself. 

Though you will pay a little more for the tickets than if you were to book by yourself, you’ll also get a variety of perks and freebies that FloridaTix, as an authorized partner of South Florida’s theme parks, can exclusively offer. 

Furthermore, you’ll benefit from the variety of theme parks and other attractions that FloridaTix partners with. During a 10-day vacation, you can easily book tickets to Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld Orland while also organizing a tour of the Everglades and a trip to downtown Miami.

If you have the budget and don’t feel up to the task of organizing everything on your own, then booking your vacation through FloridaTix may be a good option for you. We hope that this FloridaTix review will help you plan the vacation of a lifetime for you and your family!

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