Overview: Top 5 Flipping Houses Seminars for Investors & Consumers

We have endured many tough lessons from the mortgage crisis of 2008 as the market suffered devastating losses of capital, equity, and liquidity, especially in the real estate industry.

But with the upswing of healthy mortgage rates, a rebounding market and restored confidence in the U.S. economy, opportunities to capitalize on real estate are once again appealing to investors and consumers.

For a novice real estate investor, attending a flipping house seminar is perceived as the gateway to lucrative earnings.

And if you watch reality television, chances are you have been tantalized by the notion that you can make a quick buck flipping homes with a little capital and some sweat equity: That’s what power couple Tarek and Christina El Moussa did, who star in HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” series and have a side endeavor, Success Path, a business offering real estate flipping seminars and investment resources.

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The Appeal of Attending a House Flipping Seminar

It’s an attractive proposition: purchase a shabby property, dazzle it up, and entice a new buyer to make an offer you can’t refuse. From gleaming hardwood floors to an open-concept chef’s kitchen, the end result of a flipped home is alluring.

house flipping seminar

Source: Instagram pictures posted by HGTV’s Flip or Flop star Christina El Moussa

The business model of DIY projects has its appeal with everyday consumers who want a piece of the real estate market gains, and flipping houses seminars are the way for them to get started in the market.

Flipping houses, the concept by which an investor purchases a property and pours money into renovation projects and other aesthetic upgrades for a quick resale, hit a peak of 8.6% back in 2006, but is now at a more stabilized rate of around 5%, Trulia reports.

If done correctly and in optimal market conditions, profits from flipping can yield an average gross profit of $58,250, but gross profits don’t account for the renovation costs that usually run 20-33% on top of the home’s purchase price, according to Market Watch.

Individuals looking to supplement their income often turn to how-to programs that are marketed as a flipping house seminar. There’s no shortage of radio commercials, radio ads, or targeted mailing campaigns offering people a chance to capitalize on real estate, starting with a flipping houses seminar.

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Enticing People to Attend a Flipping Houses Seminar

Identifying trustworthy sources on real estate flipping seminars is a must-do before eyeing properties for a quick profit, especially in high-demand markets like Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, and Miami.

The Better Business Bureau even cautions people to do research prior to attending a flip houses seminar, as many participants feel they were led astray, or succumbed to sales pressure, paying thousands of dollars to gain access to more training. Unfortunately, some house flipping seminars target economically depressed regions where there is limited promise in the real estate market to make financial gains.

While many in the house flipping seminar industry use tactics to lure people in with free entry and shiny door prizes, the services, resources, and information provided are not free for long.

Let’s be honest here, flipping homes is risky business, and in some markets, not worth the gamble. Time magazine’s money section reported that 12% of flipped homes sold with no profit margins or at a loss before considering expenses.

We have scoured the internet to take a close look at who the industry leaders are in house flipping seminars and what exactly these real estate flipping seminars offer participants.

By taking a look at overall costs (which are not always easy to find), provided services, information, and consumer reviews of house flipping seminars, you can decide how you want to get in on the real estate action. But despite our extensive research of real estate flipping seminars, there is always room to be judicious when paying for anything that claims to make you a quick buck.

In this article, we will take a look at the house flipping seminars offered by the following companies:

  • Success Path Education
  • Freedom Mentor
  • Fortunes in Flipping
  • 1-2-3 Flip
  • Dean Graziosi’s Real Estate Investment

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House Flipping Seminar: Success Path Education

Famed television stars Christina and Tarek El Moussa offer an introductory flipping houses seminar, Success Path Education, hosted in hotels across the nation. Their events draw in crowds with a free ticket, MP3 player, and additional takeaway materials.

free house flipping seminar

Source: http://www.successpatheducation.com/register-for-events/

flipping houses seminar

Source: Success Path

Success Path Education touts that by attending the flipping houses seminar, you will gain market insight to begin flipping homes, but there are no guarantees of hefty profit margins.

The free house flipping seminar lasts about 2 to 3 hours, and your event ticket allows you to bring up to four guests, so you don’t have to go into this alone.

Success Path’s FAQs outline a vague description of what is covered in the free seminar: “the program covers various real estate strategies that are working in your area today.” While you can gain access to the initial Success Path Education flipping houses seminar for free, subsequent weekend training can run you anywhere from $2,000 to $40,000, according to an investigative news report.

And if you are hoping for a celebrity siting of Chistina and Tarek at these free house flipping seminars, think again. Success Path Education has a whole team of people who facilitate the sessions.

One review from Hooked on Houses of the Success Path flipping houses seminar stated, “If you have some money to invest in real estate but do not have a background as a realtor landlord or builder, you get a great deal of education, inside connections to sources of funding… My advice is not to attend the free seminar unless you want to invest in some training.”

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House Flipping Seminar: Freedom Mentor

With a slightly different twist to real estate flipping seminars, founder of Freedom Mentor Phil Pustejovsky refers to customers as apprentices who can gain financial freedom through real estate investments.

Freedom Mentor offers a self-paced free online flip houses seminar that can be accessed from home. The free house flipping curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Getting started
  • Creative vs. traditional real estate investing
  • Step by step creative real estate investing formula

Once you register for the online flipping houses seminar, Freedom Mentor throws in a bonus with a copy of “How to be a Real Estate Investor” at no extra charge.

flip houses seminar

Source: Freedom Mentor

After tapping out the free resources, the next tier of house flipping seminars is the Creative Real Estate Investing Certification, described as a PhD level training. For apprentices with a coupon code, it’s a free certification, but otherwise, this service is listed for $40,000. The real estate certification offers more than 40 hours of instructional material—that’s a lot of material for a flip houses seminar.

As for the apprentice program, interested parties must submit their name, phone number and email address to qualify—not everyone is accepted. As an apprentice, it is mandatory for participants to take and pass the Creative Real Estate Investing Certification.house flipping seminars

While membership in the apprenticeship program appears to be exclusive, once you become an apprentice, you are on the hook to share your earnings with Freedom Mentors.

On the Freedom Mentors website, Pustejovsky states, “I am mentoring a select few, and we split the net profits 50/50 on the first several deals we do together. When you succeed, I succeed. This is your chance to become one of my money-making machine clones.”

If you make the cut, you will benefit from direct mentorship from Freedom Mentors as part of your membership. Right now, Freedom Mentors is accepting six new apprentices to join their team.

As far as what this will cost you, we had to do some internet digging to get the answers. One review of the Freedom Mentors program suggested that you could pay between $3,000 and $4,750, on top of going halfsies on profit.

The upside of using Freedom Mentors is that you can start the house flipping seminars right at home and won’t have to stave off aggressive sales pitches by accessing the free online materials.

Flipping Houses Seminar: Fortunes in Flipping

As a retired police officer turned real estate millionaire, Nick Vertucci has an interesting background that led him start his real estate investment business, Fortunes in Flipping.

His free flipping houses seminar, Flip with Nick, claims to equip seminar-goers with tools to build long-term wealth. The flipping houses seminar is offered in select cities like Miami, Orlando, Nashville, and Tulsa, to name a few. Highlights of the flip houses seminar include:

●       How to get started flipping homes where you live

●       How to find and acquire income-producing

●       Networking with real estate professionals

●       How to purchase real estate using self-directed retirement accounts

Once you sign up for the free real estate flipping seminar, you’ll also be eligible for additional giveaways including a GPS watch, USB flash drive, and the first CD in his Fortunes in Flipping series.

Vertucci’s program received more than 200 positive reviews, with many commending the level of expertise and energy of the facilitators that led the real estate flipping seminars.

One such review stated, “That event was what they call a life-changer. Nick Vertucci has put together an amazing staff who are genuinely passionate and excited about helping others have everything they need to get up and running and have a completely successful business. Whether you want to flip houses, wholesale, be a gap lender—they had everything, from A to Z. They show you how to make offers and how to find money to get financing.”

Following the free event, participants can sign up for more extensive training including a 3-day real estate flipping seminar and a 4-day bus tour in California. Costs range from $1,200 to about $30,000 for the house flipping seminars.

Flipping Houses Seminar: 1-2-3 Flip

If you are a self-directed learner and can plow through educational material from your home computer, then 1-2-3 Flip might be the place to start soaking up information.

J. Scott’s approach seems pretty upfront on the 1-2-3 Flip website, offering a host of free web resources, and even encouraging visitors to contact him via email if they have any questions. The site has dozens of flipping houses seminar materials including articles, podcasts, and ebooks that are free of charge and can be accessed by clicking on the “Start Here” tab.

The extensive library covers topics like:

  • House flipping basics
  • Analyzing flip deals
  • Building your house flipping team
  • Contracts and accounting
  • Getting ready to buy your flip
  • Rehab and construction: how to rehab a house
  • Selling/marketing your rehab
  • Market analysis
  • Rules and regulations

Site visitors of 1-2-3 Flip can also subscribe to an email newsletter to receive additional flipping houses seminar materials like spreadsheets, tutorials, checklists, and business plans.

Another unique feature is the site’s transparency on Scott’s first 50 flips. He explains what viewers can discover about his own projects, “what you’ll find below is the first several years of our journey—from our very first house through our 50th. Each documented day-to-day via our blog, along with pictures/video and a link to the final summary (including detailed financial results).”

real estate flipping seminars

Source: 1-2-3 Flip

But like anyone in business, Scott does have a book that’s available for purchase titled, “The Book on Flipping Houses” that he sells on his website.

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Flipping Houses Seminars: Dean Graziosi

Perhaps what sets Dean Graziosi apart from the pack is his status as a bestselling author and real estate investor.

Graziosi also recently contributed to a piece in the Huffington Post on “Flipping Houses on the Rise Again” that gives an overview of the latest house flipping trends and statistics.

His take on house flipping seminars comes through live webcasts, conference calls, and forums offering insight into real estate investments through a free online account that users can establish by providing their name, email address, and creating a username.

Having reached more than 100,000 students, Graziosi focuses on three major strategies of real estate investing that go beyond just house flipping:

●       Wholesaling

●       Buy and hold

●       Buy and flip

Graziosi’s site also features real estate projects he’s worked on, detailing more than 500 properties that showcase his investment strategy and rehab costs.

And while he doesn’t adopt a conventional approach to house flipping seminars, site visitors can upgrade to be a member of the Insider Elite program. Right now, for an introductory price of $1 for a 7-day trial period, you can sign up for the Insider Elite program. After the initial trial period, you’ll pay a monthly fee of $29.87

flipping house seminar

source: Insider Elite

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 ​Conclusion: House Flipping Seminars

While there are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to house flipping seminars, it’s pivotal to keep in mind that all real estate markets do not perform the same way. Real estate is an investment, so you need to have money to start with, along with a good credit rating to qualify for loan programs with competitive interest rates.

None of the aforementioned businesses that offer real estate flipping seminars can put money in your pocket from thin air. Choose wisely and invest smartly if you end up attending a house flipping seminar.

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