Intro: Fiverr Reviews – Is Fiverr Legit? What Is Fiverr & How Does It Work?

In today’s increasingly technology-driven world, more and more people are turning to freelancing to earn extra income or in hopes of turning their hobby into a full-time income.

As a result, many online service marketplaces have been developed to help connect freelancers with clients in need of their services. In this article, we will focus on one of these marketplaces in particular:

There are many Fiverr reviews available online with mixed feedback. Online marketplace sites like Fiverr come with their own individual sets of pros and cons, which we will discuss here.

What Is Fiverr? Fiverr Reviews

What Is Fiverr? Fiverr Review

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Fiverr is an online service marketplace where a myriad of sellers offer services across a range of different categories. While there are many online platforms that connect sellers and buyers, Fiverr is unique in that all services are offered at a beginning price of just five dollars.

Services offered on Fiverr range from graphic design and article writing to uniquely customized gigs, such as a singing telegram or psychic reading.

How Does Fiverr Work? Fiverr Reviews

Freelancers offer services which are coined as “Gigs” by Fiverr. Each seller on Fiverr must offer a basic service for five dollars. However, sellers can earn more by offering optional add-ons and extras to their basic gig. These add-on sales are known as Gig Extras. Through Gig Extras, sellers have the potential to earn exponentially more than just five dollars per Gig.

Potential buyers are able to assess a seller’s quality by the Fiverr reviews left by previous customers. Once a Gig has been completed successfully, buyers are able to rate a seller’s level of quality on a scale of one to five stars, with one star representing poor quality of service and five representing excellent quality of service.

The areas that sellers are rated on include:

  • Communication
  • If the service is as described in the Gig description
  • Whether the buyer would purchase the Gig again or recommend it to a friend

A poor Fiverr review of a seller’s Gig can be detrimental to that individual as buyers are less likely to purchase from sellers with less-than-stellar reviews. The buyer Fiverr review system put in place for Gigs is meant to protect buyers from wasting their time purchasing from low-quality sellers.

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Fiverr Reviews: How to Use Fiverr

Fiverr offers a fairly easy-to-use platform that works well for both those wishing to offer services and those who wish to purchase services.

Anyone wishing to utilize Fiverr must first register for an account. Registration is free for both buyers and sellers.


Buyers use Fiverr’s search mechanism to find services that they need. Once buyers find a Gig that they think may work for them, they can read the seller’s description of the service, view samples of that individual’s work, and check his/her Fiverr reviews before making a decision. Once a decision to purchase has been made, a buyer can proceed to checkout, where they will be presented with several different payment methods to choose from.

In addition to the cost of the Gig and any Gig Extras that are chosen, buyers are also charged a processing fee on each order. The processing fee is fifty cents on purchases up to ten dollars and five percent of the total price on orders exceeding ten dollars.

If a buyer is unhappy with the work delivered, he/she has the option to ask the seller to revise the work, or that individual may cancel the order and have the money credited back to his/her Fiverr account.

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Fiverr Reviews for Sellers

When reviewing how to sell on Fiverr, it is important to keep in mind that the five-dollar service offered should be something that can be completed quickly and easily by the seller. A good rule of thumb is to offer something that you know you can complete in less than thirty minutes.

When a buyer orders a Gig, the individual is asked to provide the seller with details about the order. For example, if a buyer orders a writing Gig, that individual may be asked to provide the seller with the subject that he/she would like the writing to be about, which keywords to be included, etc.

Once a seller has received this information from the buyer, he/she must complete and deliver the work back within the time frame specified for the Gig.

Like on most sites like Fiverr, buyers pay for ordered Gigs in advance. However, the funds are not immediately released to the seller. Rather they are held by Fiverr until the order has been delivered and the buyer has marked the order as complete.

If a buyer does not mark the order complete within three days of delivery, Fiverr automatically marks it as complete for them.

Fourteen days after an order has been marked as complete, Fiverr releases eighty percent of the funds to the seller and keeps twenty percent as a seller fee for utilizing the platform. This means that for every five dollars Gig sold, sellers retain four dollars and Fiverr retains one dollar.

Fiverr Reviews for Sellers

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Key Question: Is Fiverr Safe?

As with dealing with any online service market place, users should be diligent about protecting themselves from being scammed. Fiverr is made up of individual sellers, opening up the possibility of some intending to use the platform to commit fraud.

You should be extremely cautious when dealing with strangers over the Internet and should never provide personal information to anyone while making a transaction through Fiverr. Anyone asking for your personal information should be reported to Fiverr’s customer service team as a possible scammer.

Take the time to carefully review a seller’s past buyer Fiverr reviews before ordering. As long as you take reasonable steps to protect yourself from any less than forthright people who may be trying to operate on Fiverr, the platform is fairly safe to use. Reviews

There are many consumer Fiverr reviews available online. As with most online service market places, reviews tend to be mixed.

On, Fiverr has an overall two out of five stars based on forty-seven Fiverr reviews.  Many of the low-rated reviews stem from the quality of work received on Fiverr.

In his three-star Fiverr review, one reviewer wrote that “prices are cheap but people don’t realize you get what you pay for.” He went on to add that “you can find good quality work and other stuff is just plain garbage but it only costs you $5.00.”

Poor workmanship seems to be a main point of contention with many buyers, with one buyer leaving a one-star review and calling Fiverr a scam. She contends that she was scammed by a writer who claimed to offer original work but actually delivered a copy-and-paste job. She claims that, another time, she paid for an original logo and was provided with a logo that already existed elsewhere online.

Not all experiences are negative, however. One reviewer left a five-star Fiverr review stating that he has had a great experience buying on Fiverr. He points out that the key to success is being careful who you purchase from.

Let’s take a look at the most common consumer complaints and praises touted in online consumer Fiverr reviews.

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Fiverr Reviews: The Positive

As many five-star reviewers on point out in their reviews, the online service market place does have its positive attributes.

One reviewer reminds users that there are many talented sellers offering high-quality services at a reasonable cost. He says that it is the buyer’s responsibility to take the time to look into a seller’s past sells and Fiverr reviews to be sure that individual has a record of delivering as promised.

Other reviewers point out that Fiverr is a good platform for being able to try out different services, and if it doesn’t work out, then it is only a loss of five dollars, making it fairly low-risk.

Another Fiverr user points out in his five-star Fiverr review that if a buyer has an issue with the services performed, that person can notify Fiverr customer service and have his/her money credited back.

The Negative (Fiverr Reviews)

The majority of the negative reviews left on involve users feeling that they were scammed.

One reviewer wrote in her one-star Fiverr review that she ordered and paid for two blog posts but was only delivered one. The reviewer also pointed out that the seller claimed to have above-par English and grammar skills, but the delivered blog post did not live up to that claim.

Other reviewers complain in their Fiverr reviews about the fact that in the event buyers are unhappy with a service, their money is simply credited back to their Fiverr account to be used to purchase other Gigs from Fiverr and not actually returned to their method of payment.

Another common complaint found in negative Fiverr reviews is that customer service offers little to no support and is seen by many as being unhelpful in resolving complaints.

Fiverr Review: Summary

It is possible to have a good experience using the Fiverr platform, either as a seller or a buyer.

If you are considering becoming a seller on Fiverr, be sure to make your basic five-dollar Gig something that you can easily complete in less than thirty minutes in order to maximize your earnings and make the net four-dollar payment you will receive worth the effort.

If you are considering purchasing services on Fiverr, be sure to pay attention to the quality of a seller’s Fiverr reviews and only order from high-rated sellers with multiple reviews.

Also, be aware that Fiverr does not refund money back to your method of payment, such as PayPal or your credit card, but instead offers a credit on your Fiverr account for purchasing other services from it. This means that if you are unsatisfied with its services and don’t wish to purchase anything else from Fiverr, you will not be able to recoup that money.

As with most sites like Fiverr, there may people with less-than-good intentions operating on the site, so be very careful about who you deal with and be sure to never reveal any of your personal information to a stranger.

Fiverr has its good and bad qualities, but most online service market places do. With some due diligence and attention to detail, it is possible to have a favorable experience with them.

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