What is a Financial Manager? Job Description Review

The financial manager of a company is one of the people who is responsible for keeping his or her eyes on the bottom line.

No matter what line of business a company is in, they’re in it to make money. 

Even non-profits need to generate income in order to achieve their goals.

What is a Financial Manager? Job Description and Review

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What do Financial Managers Do?

A financial manager exists to keep an eye on everything that contributes to the bottom line to make sure the organizations ultimate goals are achieved.

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One responsibility of a financial manager is to keep the other decision makers in a company educated about the financial state of affairs within the organization.

Every department, from research and development to marketing, is affected by how a company’s finances are doing.

A financial manager makes sure that this information is accurately communicated to department heads and decision makers.

Career Process

Financial managers typically start out by training in accounting or finance, and then gaining practical, on the ground experience.

Rarely is a financial manager given that position straight out of school, because a combination of education and practical experience in both the financial operations of a company, and in management is needed to function well in the position.

Because of the management role they play, and how they need to work with the rest of the company, a financial manager needs to work well with others and communicate clearly, in addition to having a great mind for finances. 

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